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    well i think i'll need some time off from this site . interface here has grown against me and my habit of being and it interferes my posting abilities i, i also sense too much unhsppiness around in near me and i need to breathe though i will miss welcoming new happy members here most since it really brightens my day to greet them so i might still come in and greet them sometimes though postingh topicsand posts feels too tough because of the stuff going on wit my posts i come back when i fel more happy but i'll be in skype and deviantart under the same name if anyone needs me
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    I know the feeling Taking a break away was super refreshing for me, and I hope it'll be much the same for you. Don't worry about welcoming people if you're not feeling up to it; with all the positivity you've spread on here, you really deserve some time to relax and recharge. Take as long as you need and wish, and we'll be here for you when you come back~ <3<3<3 Oh, and some happy Rarity pics for you
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    Come back soon, there is Rarity worship to be done! Take care!
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    The all e time you need to recover, ooBrony! We’ll all still be here when you get back!
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    Hope to see you again soon buddy *Hugs*
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    We'll miss you! I hope you feel better!
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    Hope you'll come back soon, take care ooBrony. *hugs* thanks for everything my great friend.
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    Hope we'll see you back soon ooBrony
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    Awwww. Hope to see you soon again!
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    It might take a bit to clear your head, but trust me - once you come back you'll know it was worth it. Little breaks like this allow us to appreciate what we love with renewed intensity. Untill then, stay positive!
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    Love you, cuz! BBS! <3
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    Now, before I get going, let me say that, despite these major issues I've had with my own PC. Windows 10 is actually a really good operation system. Ever since I was able to upgrade for free, I've been running into a whole slew of problems. These problems are Sound Driver: My sound driver would literally stutter then die. The only way to fix this is to restart the PC. Video Driver: The source of so many Windows 10 Blue Screens of Death for me. Not to mention that Minecraft runs like absolute crap on Windows 10 for me, but runs smoothly on Windows 8.1. Wake Alarm: What's that? It's the driver that tells your PC to come out of sleep mode when you open your laptop, move your mouse, touch your keyboard, etc. it barely worked on my laptop under Windows 10. This would cause my hard drive to spin up then spin down, resulting in a rather gnarly crash and file corruption. Wireless Driver: Before upgrading, my wireless never had problems. But under Windows 10, I was frequently booted from my home network. Freezing: Under Windows 8.1, I've never had my OS lockup on me completely. Under Windows 10, however, my OS would frequently freeze and require a hard shutdown. Now, keep in mind that my PC is rather new (it's not even two years old) and that, while I was running Windows 10, I had all of the latest Intel, Realtek, and HP drivers installed onto my computer and I was still having problems with Windows 10. I heard that Microsoft is releasing their big Threshold 2 update in the first week of November. After it's released, I might (MIGHT) give Windows 10 another try.
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    This Tuesday, my aunt died from a cancer she struggled with for over a year, and I got a bit of emotions out of it. To be honest, I wished for her to die, these three last weeks have been nothing but pure pain for her. The therapy damaged her lungs, and only a half of one was allowing her to breathe. When I saw her two weeks ago, it pained me to see the usually outgoing woman with that face full of pain and barely able to talk. I went to her funeral, and I let many emotions that now I have a hard time feeling: sadness, empathy, pity..... those whose are usually hidden by a facade of apathy, bitterness, hate, solitude.... which I might tell some other time. It saddens me she had to die with such an agony, and it was evident in the expression she bears in her corpse, which woke me up my old feeling of hating seeing people suffer, which I had as a child, and it made me cry not only for her, but my two underage cousins which she left with her passing I'm still a little sad today, but I'm sure I'll get over it in a few days, but still, it's hard to believe a person you know you had alive for so long is now gone...
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    And i will make shure to greet the new members for you!
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    Come back as soon as you can, then i'll welcome you with a drawing i'll miss you much, Bye for now but not forever!
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    Sometimes taking a break is a good thing. I hope to see you back soon. c:
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    I wish you good luck on your break, ooBrony ^.^
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    I haven't been this scared in a long time And I'm so unprepared so here's your valentine Bouquet of clumsy words, a simple melody This world's an ugly place, but you're so beautiful to me
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    Hope to see you again soon! *hugs*
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    Some time off is a good idea; hope to see you soon ooBrony! Take care now!
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    I sincerely hope things get better. Nobody truly important to my life has passed yet, so it's hard to emphathize, but I really do hope that you find a way to move on. I'm sure she would want to you be happy.