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    First off, don't worry, this is NOT a cancellation of Batmare Begins and I am NOT leaving MLP Forums or anything like that. I have every intention of getting back to my fic as soon as I possibly can (which will hopefully be sometime this week) and remaining an active member here. But I need to be open and honest with you right now, since I owe you an update given how patient you've all been. Well, no easy way of saying this, so let me just be frank: I've bucked up. In a lot of areas of my life, this past month. Things are just pretty rough right now, in general, and most of it's self-inflicted. I've been frivolously wasting my time doing things I know I shouldn't be doing, which leave me with not enough time to devote to both my real life work and things I care about very much like Batmare Begins. I haven't been to church in quite a while and am currently not devoting enough time to God or my Christianity. One of my cats at my mom's house had to be put down this past weekend, and since she's almost three hours away I wasn't able to say goodbye to him (not that I'm angry at her about that, it was very sudden and took all of us off guard and it's still sinking in that I'll never get to see the little guy ever again). And I've been worrying way too much about my future to the point that I have paralyzed myself into inactivity in almost any endeavor I truly care about. In short, things are just a mess for me right now, and a lot of it is just because of poor decision-making and use of my time on my part. I need more self-discipline and self-control in my life, and that's not the case right now. Now, I'm not asking for your help. You don't owe me anything. I just felt I need to be honest with you all since I've kind of been off the grid for some time. I needed to let you know why, mostly to get it off my chest and to give me some good incentive for getting back on the right track. I just need to do better at motivating myself right now to use my time better and make better decisions in my life, and I think being open and honest with friends like you, people who have been there for me in this fandom for a long time now, is a good place to start. So now that you know what's up, I promise you that I am working hard to turn things around, and that includes regularly showing up around here, getting back hard at work on Batmare Begins and getting these latest updates up as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued support, and once again everyone, I'm very sorry.
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    OS - Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit CPU - Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 @ 2.83GHz, Yorkfield 45nm Technology RAM - 8.00GB DDR2 Motherboard - Intel Corporation DG35EC (LGA 775) Monitor - HP L1745 (1280x1024@60Hz) Graphics - 640MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS (NVIDIA) Storage - 232GB Hitachi HDS721025CLA382 ATA Device (SATA), 149GB Seagate ST3160815AS ATA Device (SATA), 465GB Western Digital WDC WD5002ABYS-02B1B0 ATA Device (SATA) They aren't the best specs, but I don't currently have plans to run anything super heavy on it like Fallout 4 or Crysis 3. I might upgrade some of the parts in the future though, including the monitor.
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    One thing I think about rather often is space. The glorious blackness in the universe that contains all that we know. Looking out at the stars at night, thinking, "Wow, we are just a tiny little pixel compared to all that is out there. Standing on a rock that is dwarfed by the massive star that we orbit." It is a rather humbling feeling but also it fills me with determination (save point), a sense of wonder. Kinda makes the hairs stand up if I think about it. Thinking about the things that make us so small. The Sun has no interest in our petty politics The Sun is a massive ball of gas and flames that is a million times larger than the Earth. It is something we have no power over whatsoever, the star can destroy us at any instant. Yet, this makes me feel humble. Space humbles me. One day, it would be amazing to see a gas giant planet up close, to witness the behemoth that has size that we humans can barely even comprehend. A skyscraper is massive compared to any of us, what about Jupiter? Image staring at it, close to it, what would that look like? Earth has hurricanes. Jupiter has these. The Great Red Spot is an ongoing cyclonic storm that you can fit 3 Earths in. Rambling aside, this is just me talking about one of my obsessions. The wonders of space and the fascination that I continuously have. Imagining all that is out there, knowing that we humans aren't even a blip on the galactic radar. Endless wonder So yeah, there it is. Me rambling a bit about space. Gushing my own obsession. How weird. Kyoshi, me, is weird isn't he? Isn't I? Me. Now, I need to go play some Elite Dangerous. *-*
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    Life is too short to give a shit about things that don't matter. Forget the little things right now. Move on.They won't matter. Look forward to the future and focus on the good life ahead
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    I wouldn't say I liked Philomena, but I wasn't disgusted either. She just rubbed off as another plot device, so I treated her as such. Cool that we can both agree that this is a pretty "meh" episode.
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    I actually liked philomena and never cared for how 'disgusting' she was molting I believe. This was a very average episode for me otherwise.
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    Names so far: 13 different names(+0) Profile statuses: 250 pages(+14) = 3.745 statuses(+207) Brohoofs received = 618 pages(+2) = 14.631(+62) Brohoofs given = 3.909 pages(+19) = 58.885(+302) Actual friends = 272 friends(+0) Topics = 26(+0) Polls = 1(+0) Given votes = 69(+2) Counting Posts = 1.966(+43) Profile Views = 116.917(+6.483) Time actually = 2 years(+1 month) Last 5 Visitors = Dawning Demon, n00bUltima, The Derpy Hooves, Square Deal, PonyTimeLord Blogs(With this) = 4 blogs(+0), with 53 entries(+7) and 137 comments(+18) PMs = 22% filled(+12%), 56 PMs(+30) Posts in "Count to a million" = 58.426(+0) Posts made in "Count to a million" since I was banned ... = 12.568 posts(+4.694) Fics: 3 completed(+0), 1 uncompleted(+0), 0 Unsubmitted(+0) Hope you enjoyed those useless stats, see ya next month.
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    I actually have a review of all ones from last year https://mlpforums.com/blog/1673/entry-19166-rising-shine-in-numbers-1-year-anniversary/
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    It has been exactly 1 Year now, that I started my randomn blog "Rising Shine in numbers". In each monthly blog I wrote down my stats and if they raised(+), stayed the same(+0) or sinked(-). Now exactly a year ago I started it and looked up the stats from each month in 2015 and january 2016. Enjoy n.n Names so far January: 7 different names February: 7 different names(+0) March: 8 different names(+1) April: 9 different names(+2) May: 9 different names(+2) June: 9 different names(+2) July: 10 different names(+3) August: 11 different names(+4) September: 11 different names(+4) October: 12 different names(+5) November: 13 different names(+6) December: 13 different names(+6) January: 13 different names(+6) 6 different names since last year. Profile statuses January: 105 pages 1.567 statuses February: 106 pages(+1) 1.585 statuses(+18) March: 123 pages(+18) 1.830 statuses(+263) April: 143 pages(+38) 2.142 statuses(+575) May: 145 pages(+40) 2.175 statuses (+608) June: 159 pages(+54) 2.374 statuses (+807) July: 170 pages(+65) 2.537 statuses(+970) August: 181 pages(+76) 2.702 statuses(+1.135) September: 193 pages(+88) 2.894 statuses(+1.327) October: 206 pages(+101) 3.078 statuses(+1.511) November: 213 pages(+108) 3.184 statuses(+1.617) December: 225 pages(+120) 3.372 statuses(+1.805) January: 236 pages(+131) 3.538 statuses(+1.971) 1.971 new statuses in 131 new pages since last year. Brohoofs received January: 445 pages 9.996 brohoofs February: 450 pages(+5) 10.110 brohoofs(+114) March: 465 pages(+20) 6.972 brohoofs(Error) April: 495 pages(+50) 11.400 brohoofs(+1.404) May: 496 pages(+51) 11.441 brohoofs(+1.445) June: 510 pages(+65) 11.925 brohoofs(+1.929) July: 542 pages(+97) 12.800 brohoofs(+2.804) August: 570 pages(+125) 13.527 brohoofs(+3.531) September: 584 pages(+139) 13.832 brohoofs(+3.836) October: 594 pages(+149) 14.083 brohoofs(+4.087) November: 602 pages(+157) 14.264 brohoofs(+4.268) December: 614 pages(+169) 14.499 brohoofs(+4.503) January: 616 pages(+171) 14.569 brohoofs(+4.573) 4.573 new brohoofs received in 171 new pages since last year. Brohoofs given January: 2.191 pages 32.940 brohoofs February: 2.221 pages(+30) 33.390 brohoofs(+450) March: 2.501 pages(+310) 37.604 brohoofs(+4.663) April: 2.806 pages(+615) 42.226 brohoofs(+9.286) May: 2.816 pages(+625) 42.388 brohoofs(+9.448) June: 3.044 pages(+853) 45.817 brohoofs(+12.877) July: 3.295 pages(+1.104) 49.604 brohoofs(+16.664) August: 3.473 pages(+1.282) 52.285 brohoofs(+19.345) September: 3.592 pages(+1.401) 54.076 brohoofs(+21.136) October: 3.700 pages(+1.509) 55.700 brohoofs(+22.760) November: 3.793 pages(+1.602) 57.099 brohoofs(+24.159) December: 3.873 pages(+1.682) 58.317 brohoofs(+25.377) January: 3.890 pages(+1.699) 58.583 brohoofs(+25.643) 25.643 brohoofs given in 1.699 new pages since last year. Actual friends January: 181 friends February: 181 friends(+0) March: 204 friends(+23) April: 214 friends(+33) May: 215 friends(+34) June: 232 friends(+51) July: 240 friends(+59) August: 253 friends(+72) September: 259 friends(+78) October: 263 friends(+82) November: 262 friends(+81) December: 268 friends(+87) January: 272 friends(+91) 91 new friends since last year. Topics January: 13 February: 13(+0) March: 13(+0) April: 14(+1) May: 15(+2) June: 16(+3) July: 18(+5) August: 21(+8) September: 21(+8) October: 24(+11) November: 24(+11) December: 24(+11) January: 26(+13) 13 new topics since last year. Polls January: 1 February: 1(+0) March: 1(+0) April: 1(+0) May: 1(+0) June: 1(+0) July: 1(+0) August: 1(+0) September: 1(+0) October: 1(+0) November: 1(+0) December: 1(+0) January: 1(+0) 0 new polls since last year. 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December: 1.588 posts(+0) January: 7.874 posts(+6.286) Unfortunalty already 7.874 new post, probably way more now, since my ban ... Fics January: 2 completed, 1 uncompleted , 0 Unsubmitted(+0) February: 2 completed(+0), 1 uncompleted(+0), 0 Unsubmitted(+0) March: 2 completed(+0), 1 uncompleted(+0), 0 Unsubmitted(+0) April: 2 completed(+0), 1 uncompleted(+0), 0 Unsubmitted(+0) May: 2 completed(+0), 1 uncompleted(+0), 0 Unsubmitted(+0) June: 2 completed(+0), 1 uncompleted(+0), 1 Unsubmitted(+1) July: 3 completed(+1), 1 uncompleted(+0), 0 Unsubmitted(+0) August: 3 completed(+1), 1 uncompleted(+0), 0 Unsubmitted(+0) September: 3 completed(+1), 1 uncompleted(+0), 0 Unsubmitted(+0) October: 3 completed(+1), 1 uncompleted(+0), 0 Unsubmitted(+0) November: 3 completed(+1), 1 uncompleted(+0), 0 Unsubmitted(+0) December: 3 completed(+1), 1 uncompleted(+0), 0 Unsubmitted(+0) January: 3 completed(+1), 1 uncompleted(+0), 0 Unsubmitted(+0) 1 new fic since last year. Hope you enjoyed those useless stats XD
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    It's good to see other people are interested in space too, but... No... it's not. The Sun has a diameter of about 1,392,000 km. Earth's diameter is 12,472 km. So, the sun is roughly 109 times larger. About 1.3 million Earths could fit inside the sun considering its volume, but to say it's a million times larger is, in my opinion, a little misleading. It's big, but it's not that big.
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    Still waiting for it to be on Crunchyroll.
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    Cory in the House >>>>>>>>>>> Destiny
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    Cory in the House for the Nintendo DS is in the house of GODS.