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    I've seen worse done by this series too. The reason why this episode is lambasted by fans is because it's a crap episode that can be considered the progenitor of Spike's episodes. They often have him getting crapped toss his way despite his efforts as the episodes seem to stack against him just for the sake of humor or often repeating lessons for Spike to learn despite how either events were beyond his control, caused by other ponies that get no blame for it, and he does go ooc in some of these episodes. It's mostly the fandom negatively reacting at how often poor his episodes are and a desire by fans to see him get good ones in exchange.
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    Yes, this is another product placement. Go ahead and sue me. I haven't posted anything this week and i really lack any real originality to write something really great. So i just thought "hey, i had the network for over a month now and i already looked at some really classic PPVs." So yeah, why not talk about some great and awful PPVs i saw on the Network? The WWE Network has all the PPVs from WWE, WCW and ECW and it really feels like an archive of everything that is good about Wrestling and everything that is bad about Wrestling. Let's celebrate both. They are not in any particular order and i wouldn't consider them the worst and best. These are simply PPVs i watched since i have the network. BEST 1. WCW Superbrawl III This is probably, one of the best WCW PPVs i have ever seen and puts everything that the WWF was producing at the time to shame. The card was almost without any sort of errors. 2 matches that really stick out for me at this PPV, are the match between 2 cold Scorpio and Chris Benoit and the strapmatch between Sting and Big Van Vader. It was also the PPV in which Ric Flair came back to WCW after being in the WWF for almost 18 months and the debut of the British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith. Only Critique i really have about this PPV, is the US Title match between Maxx Payne and Dustin Rhodes, because Payne is just lacking any skills and putting him in a title match is beyond me. Still, i can only recommend it. 2. WWE Backlash 2000 Fun Fact, i watched this PPV with my buddy Dark Horse a few weeks ago. Much probs to you man. After the not so good Wrestlemania 16, the WWE really needed a PPV of this calibur. The Lightheavyweight title match between Dean Malenko and Scotty 2 Hotty, was probably the best Light heavyweight match at the time. Jericho and Benoit is always great, although there are certainly better matches between them. But the highlight for me, was The Rock vs. Triple H for the WWE Title, where Rock finally got the title, that he should've gotten at Wrestlemania. Again, only negative thing was the Dudley boys match against T&A because nobody gives a damn about T&A. 3. ECW Heatwave 1998 Hands down, the best ECW PPV of all time. There is really nothing wrong with this PPV. This PPV had some of the best matches of that year and the rest was also wonderful. One legendary moment happend during the match between Bam Bam Bigelow and Taz, where Taz DDT'd Bam Bam through the entrance Ramp. And i also loved the tag match between Sabu and Rob Van Dam vs. Hayabusa and Shinsei Shinzaki, which is one of my favorite Tag Matches. Say what you want about ECW being too violent and being just gore and glory. Watch this PPV and maybe your opinion of ECW might be different. 4. WWE Money in the Bank 2011 We sometimes like to make jokes from time to time about WWEs change to PG in late 2008 and how the WWE has become bad since then. But this PPV will give you a rude awakening. Both the MITB matches where very excellent, especially the one with Daniel Bryan, because he deserved it. Big Show vs, Mark Henry was a surprisingly decent match, if you consider how old and big both of them where at the time. The world title match between Randy Orton and Christian was good until the end, but i won't tell too much. But the match between CM Punk and John Cena is a modern classic for me and still John Cenas best match to date. This PPV proves, that if the WWE really tries, they can still do some 5 star PPVs, even today. 5. WWE Wrestlemania 17 Seriously, who hasn't watched this, missed a piece of wrestling history. With this PPV, they did everything right with this PPV. All of the matches their are worth watching. Benoit vs. Angle, Triple H vs. Undertaker, Stone Cold vs. The Rock, even the gimmick battle royal was fun to look at, with all the old stars from the 80s. It's kinda hard to write something about it, because every Wrestling fan wrote about this event. I can't recommend it enough WORST 1.WWE King of the Ring 1995 I think they should've get rid of the King of the Ring PPVs, after this Disaster. This PPV is first class Junk. They picked the totally wrong tournament winner with Mabel, instead of going with Shawn Michaels, who just came back from his injury, after WM 11. Savio Vega came in place for the hurt Razor Ramon and he went to the final against Mabel and no one in the crowd (including me) gave a damn and they chanted during the final "EC DUB, EC DUB, EC DUB." Also, the kiss my feet match between Bret Hart and Jerry Lawler was just weird. One of the bookers probably had a foot fetish. Just please, stay away from it. 2.WCW Halloween Havoc 1995 Looking over to the competition a few months later, WCW wasn't doing that much better. A PPV not one passable good match. Sabu was having a match against mr.JL (better known as Jerry Lynn) but that was way too short. The rest of the PPV was just nothing, with the highest emotional point being Flairs turn against Sting, which was merely a storyline tool at the end of their tag match. But of course, we had the main event between Hogan and the giant and of course THE YEEEE TAAAAY. I must say, it's so bad that it's good. But the PPV is still bad. If you need something to laugh, go ahead. But this PPV just shows how bad mainstream wrestling was in 1995. 3. WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Yes, i need to talk about this again, because it really tore my heart to shreds. I don't want to talk about the Rumble match again, because i made a very indepth analysis, on how bad this cluster of a match was. But short, if this match fails, you can already forget the whole PPV, considering the Rumble is build on the Rumble match. Besides the very good title match, is the rest just an absolute nothing. The Divas do their same lame shtick like they always do and we get 2 boring tag team matches. I know that there are probably worse PPVs out there, but this one will always remain in my mind for me. 4. WCW/NWO Fall Brawl 1998 MVP of the night where the fans that chanted "we want Flair" I will give the PPV this. The match between Raven and Saturn was nice and i kinda liked the story behind it. The rest of it, was just bad and nothing to talk about. Especially the match between Scott Hall and Konnan was just making me ill. And then, we had the wargames, with new stupid rules. None of the Wrestlers gave a shit. Nash just sat their. Bret Hart obviously had no interest, Stevie Ray has no talent and Luger and Sting also had no interest. All eyes where on Hogan and Warrior, which was also shit. Worst Wargames ever and a bad PPV all around. 5. Wrestlemania IX This is the ultimate show, for Hogans gigantic Ego to shine. Nothing in this whole PPV was good. Nobody gave a shit about the Main Event between Bret Hart and Yokozuna, which wasn't even good, Undertaker vs Giant Gonzales was...whatever that was supposed to be and then we had 2 Doinks...2 Doinks...But the kicker came, when Hogan came out after the WWE title match and he was immediatly challenged by Yokozuna. You know how it went? Hogan Punch Hogan Boot Hogan Leg Hogan Win Hogan Pose Thank you. No Refunds.
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    Hate this episode mainly for starting the whole spikeabuse episodes for how everything goes wrong for him while owlicious's motivations seem nefarious if one where to analyze it. it just seemed the whole episode was stacked against him.
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    That's definitely progress, as far as them accepting you. However, they may be pretending the problem doesn't exist in interest of saving their relationship with you. I would probably suggest not bringing it up though, give them time to deal with it internally. When they eventually do want to talk about it, stay calm and if it seems right, explain that you are in an online relationship, the distance may actually help them understand a bit better.
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    I'm glad to hear that.
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    At least Hogan ended up paying for it at King Of The Ring 1993: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGZaqMgjWAo As one comment put it: "No matter what anyone says about the match not being won clean, Hogan got buried big time. Yoko kicked the s*** out of him the entire match, took 3 big boots to go down, and then kicks out of the leg drop at the 1 count. And then after the match Hogan gets the s*** kicked out of himself some more and has to be dragged from the ring in defeat, looking old, weak, skinny, and utterly destroyed. If anything the fireball was an obvious bone to throw to Hogan to not make him look like utter s***."
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    I do, and he's such a sweetheart <3 He surprised me today with a Princess Luna plushie, card and an oversized heart balloon.
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    I didn't wanted to fill my list with bad Wrestlemanias. I wanted to balance this list out a bit. But i understand what you mean with WMIV.
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    I didn't hear about this game until now, and I'm guessing that's a good thing! It's really a letdown that Nintendo would actually make something like this. There was also another pay2win game by Nintendo called Rusty's Real Deal Baseball. It's also free to download, but to advance the story you have to buy a bunch of mediocre baseball games that are sold ingame. It's not as much of a cash cow as this one, but it's still bad.
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    I have a husband. He bought me cake and flowers. <3
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    I've never touched Nintendo Badge Arcade on my 3DS myself, nor do I really plan to. It's such a real shame to see how much of a scam this game is, but then again this was the year where they were desperate to rip off as much money as they could. Let's hope that things get better this year and see what the NX has to offer.