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    It's something that was on my mind for awhile now and i thought maybe i shouldn't say this. But i think it's better if i am not quiet about it. It's something that i saw quite alot in this fandom and these are the people who constantly insist, that this ride will never end and that the show will never end, simply because this is everything that they have and that they want to spend the rest of their life with the fandom, enjoying it. I am not here to hurt anybody, because that is the least that i want. But it's better that bronies realize, that this will not last forever and that they should play with the thought, that this show will stop one day and that this fandom will probably not as active anymore, because i will guarantee you that this will happen. I for one already made up my mind and said that i will leave this fandom, once the show is over. You probably might say now "But Mesme, what about G5?" There are a few problems with that statement. One of them is that so many people think, that Hasbro will shoot another MLP show out just like that. It might take another 10 years. Also, it most likely won't be the same show, as we probably have new characters, because Hasbro needs a new line of ponies they can sell. Lastly, i think it won't have the same impact. FiM came when the stars and the planets where at the right formation at the right time. If DHX announces that S6 is the last season (i don't know BTW, but could be) you have to confront this. But i still love you all guys. <3
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    Thank you so much for the support and being there when I'm feeling down and i really appreciate it and you are awesome friends to have and I think this community is awesome. When I joined the community I didn't know what to expect and when I did I was really surprised *BIG HUG TO ALL* especially my boyfriend
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    Eh, I'll still take part in the fandom, and probably watch reruns for the rest of eternity. It's so hard to find anything interesting on TV, this show and Doctor Who are like the only things I've got left. Hopefully it at least doesn't end for a few more years.
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    Saw this joke coming from a mile away -69/10
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    Time for a let's watch/blind commentary/reaction/ to Epic Pony Battles of History, Rainbow Dash vs. Fluttershy!
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    Nice job with your reviews for S1. I consider this episode in particular the best season finale episode this series has had thus far still
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    You, my friend are a cool guy. *hugs*
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    Your 24 years old, according to your profile, you don't legally or in any other way give a crap what your parents say. If they are physically or verbally abusive due to your sexuality report them to the police.
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    25. Super Minecraft Kid 24. Everybody Loves Raymond 23. Captain N: The Game Master 22. Johnny Test 21. Star vs. the Forces of Evil 20. Chowder 19. That's So Raven 18. Sonic Boom 17. Caillou 16. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 15. Drake & Josh 14. Seinfeld 13. King of the Hill 12. Toy Story 11. GoAnimated Grounded Videos 10. iCarly 9. Storm Chasers 8. Call of Duty 7. Equestria Girls 6. Thomas and Friends 5. Windows 8.1 4. Shrek 3. McJuggerNuggets' Psycho Videos 2. Airplane Instructional Videos from the 80's 1. Cory in the House