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    Eh, I'll still take part in the fandom, and probably watch reruns for the rest of eternity. It's so hard to find anything interesting on TV, this show and Doctor Who are like the only things I've got left. Hopefully it at least doesn't end for a few more years.
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    Saw this joke coming from a mile away -69/10
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    While you are correct that FIM will end, I can't say your G5 statement is likely to be true. Hasbro make a lot of money off of MLP. For that reason I highly doubt they'd go such a long time without giving some form of continuation. And they will want a show to promote said toys. So I can say it's highly likely that a G5 show will premier within at least 5 years of FIM ending. And G5 will get attention. Yes whilst FIM's popularity was largely a chance event on 4chan MLP is now associated with the word "good". People won't just forget about after it ends. Plus when taking into account the fact that people are inclined to see reiterations of things they've seen before I can promise you that bronies will at least look into G5. May I suggest you watch Steven Universe or Wonder over Yonder? Those are really good (and in my opinion better then MLP).
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    Nice job with your reviews for S1. I consider this episode in particular the best season finale episode this series has had thus far still
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    You, my friend are a cool guy. *hugs*
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    You're very welcome. I'm always happy to help.
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    This used to be my favorite ship.
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    Your 24 years old, according to your profile, you don't legally or in any other way give a crap what your parents say. If they are physically or verbally abusive due to your sexuality report them to the police.