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    Portal was a game that was initially packaged in with "The Orange Box" collection from Valve, and was used as more of an experiment that anything, but it ended up getting great reviews, which led to the creation of it's highly anticipated sequel, Portal 2. Now, before 2011, I was surprisingly not that interested all that much in video games. Sure, I loved playing games like ROBLOX, Pokemon LeafGreen, Sonic 1 and a bunch of weird virtual pet games on my GBA, but other than that, I honestly wasn't too interested in video games until I bought Super Mario World for the GBA again and loved playing that. I was more into collecting wooden trains and making train sets. Yet oddly enough, the first Portal was one of the games that sort of drew me to the industry. Usually, my brother played lots of FPS games (most notably Call of Duty) on his 360, which didn't really interest me at the time, and yet one day, when he bought the orange box, which of course contained Portal, for some reason it drew my interests, and I even got him to let me play it, which I of course had tons of fun with. Since then, the series has been hands down my favorite Valve series. Both of the games contain interesting stories and some really fun puzzle strategy. And when I first heard a sequel to Portal was being released, I was pretty hyped for it. Despite that, however, it kind of went under a trend that a lot of my other favorite 2011 games (i.e. Sonic Generations, Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7) went under, and that was essentially a case where I wouldn't be able to play the games until around 3 to 4 years after their release, due to me not really having a good PC or Steam account, and there wasn't really anything that made me want to buy it for my brother's 360 either for some reason. However, the 2015 Summer Sale came, and my mom let me have $25 for the sale. I was looking at the catalog, and with just my luck, a bundle containing both the Portal games was only around $5 or so, and I bought it instantly, with no hesitation. And let me tell you, that was one of the best game purchases I've ever made. This review comes from the opinions of the poster himself. This does not reflect the opinions of the rest of the gaming community. Plot Summary: Hundreds of years after the events of the original Portal, Chell is woken up by Wheatley, a personality core and during their escape, they end up waking GLaDOS, who's up for revenge. However, after finding her again, Wheatley replaces her, puts her in a potato and takes over Aperature Science Labs. Like it's predecessor, Portal 2 is a first-person puzzle platform game. In the single-player playthrough, you play as Chell to explore and interact with the environments and use the portal gun to try to solve puzzles and make it through each level, which can be used in different ways, from simply going to different platforms to finding ways to launch yourself, helping you get to different parts of each level. It sounds simple, pretty much what the first game introduced, but it also introduces a few new mechanics to keep things interesting. As you play through the game, you find new objects that help you make it through the game as well. There's lasers (or Thermal Discouragement Beams), tractor beams (or Excursion Funnels) and Hard Light Bridges, as well as 3 different types of gels - the orange Propulsion Gel that allows you to speed up across sections, the Repulsion Gels that allow you to bounce and increase your jump and the Conversion gel that allows you to place portals on surfaces you usually wouldn't be able to put on. All of these are used throughout the game, and you use them to figure out ways to advance through the game. With these new mechanics in mind, the first-person puzzle gameplay is improved upon even more from the first game. Again, the portal gun is brought back and the mechanics are greatly expanded, and the puzzles here tend to be pretty challenging, especially as you go through the game. And to be honest here, it kind of hit me what makes the Portal games gameplay so great and challenging - it really depends on what perspective you're looking at. If you're stuck on one level, chances are it's because you might not exactly see the puzzle in the right way or in the right perspective. The puzzles throughout the game require a lot of good thinking as well as quick reaction times among other things to solve them. Sometimes you really need to explore the level to get an understanding of what you're supposed to do, but what also helps is the game's well-balanced with it's difficulty. Sometimes there's puzzles that are pretty obvious, other times you'll have to think a bit, as well as test a bit of trial-and-error. This is really what makes the Portal games fun and challenging to me, as they're good examples of puzzle games that require a lot of thinking but aren't just challenging due to poor design choices, and that's only improved further with this game, with it introducing new mechanics, helping it add more variety to the game, and the levels and puzzles are well-designed and well-crafted around all the new ideas and improved mechanics this game brings. To add to the great gameplay is also the 2-player co-op mode. It continues the game from where it ended, but this time, you and a friend work together to get through another set of challenges this game puts out. This time, you have 2 portal guns and 2 sets of portals, and it as well requires a bit of thinking and communication to make it through, and once again, you and the other player have to work together, again using the mechanics of the game to make it through the levels. It's a pretty fun co-op mode to play with friends and gives you a way to continue playing even after you've beat the main part of the game. Along with the gameplay, the plot is also improved even more from the first game and this time is more focused on it's story and character development than anything. Chell and GLaDOS are both brought back from the original game, but we also get an expanded cast with a few new characters, most notably Wheatley, a funny yet stupid core who at first tries to help you advance throughout the area, but in the end backstabs you by taking over the laboratory. GLaDOS, this time around, is given a lot of depth and development to her character, as throughout the game you learn a lot more about her backstory and really makes you feel how tragic her backstory actually is, with her essentially being a brain forced into a robot. We also learn a bit about the backstory of Aperature Labs, with that in mind and some of the other details we find out as the game progresses. The plot itself is well-paced and well-executed, by letting the story "unfold" as you play the game, and the writing is really clever. There's also a lot of good dialogue between the characters, with a lot of humor and gags being shared throughout the game. The voice acting is really good here, with Stephen Merchant playing Wheatley, J.K. Simmons playing Cave Johnson and Ellen McLain returning to play GLaDOS, and they all give the characters great voices, and I can just tell they had fun voicing in this game, plus the characters themselves have great personalities and are developed well. The music of this game is also really good in it's own right. There's a lot of "techno" that fits in with the environments, not to mention the end song "Want You Gone" was extremely catchy. The visuals look good as well, by making the settings and environments pretty detailed, and it's pretty interesting what they can do with the Source engine. I feel like the only problem I personally really had with this game was the loading times. It might just be me and the fact that I'm a non-SSD peasant, but the game tended to take a few minutes to load on both computers I played this on. Other than that, there wasn't really much I disliked about this game. Overall Opinions: Aside from Undertale, Super Mario World and Freedom Planet, I'd have to say Portal 2 is probably my fourth favorite game of all time. Well, either this or Sonic Generations, but the latter's another review for another time. But like I was saying, Portal 2 is overall a well-crafted and really fun game. The gameplay's great and contains a lot of improved mechanics from the original, the story is well-written, and overall the game is fun and presented well. If you haven't got this game yet, I'd recommend buying it, especially if you liked the original game. It doesn't really require that great of a PC to run well, and overall it's definitely worth getting. 10/10 Also, here's a little tip: When life gives you lemons.. don't make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back. GET MAD. I DON'T WANT YOUR DAMN LEMONS, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THESE? Do you know who I am? I'm the man who's going to BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN.. WITH THE LEMONS. I'm going to invent a combustible lemon that BURNS YOUR HOUSE DOWN.
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    I like cartoons. You might have noticed. But there is a trend that sometimes drives me pretty nuts. Whenever you have a pair of main characters (of opposite gender or sometimes of the same gender), there is this tendency to somehow entangle them romantically. No matter how much ship tease the mains have with less central characters, it somehow seems that the two of them always end up together. Case in point... And it almost never works... unless the relationship upgrade happens at the very end of the story (e.g. Korrasami in Legend of Korra), or it's clear from the start that the two only have eyes for each other from the very beginning (e.g. Bob and Dot in ReBoot). Why does it work in the first instance? Because we can let our imaginations go wild. How will they interact from here on out? What problems will they solve together? What will the children look like? The possibilities become endless. If the story continues after the mains have hooked up, all that potential is necessarily pruned, since we see what canonically happens during the "happily ever after" phase. We get the real life that happens after the honeymoon, and really, who wants to see what Reality Ensues? Why does it work in the second instance? Because we see what they went through to be together. That's inspirational. They broke through all barriers to be together in the end. We feel that we too can become the kind of person who deserves the love of another compatible person, and that nothing will stop us! So, the upshot of all this? I've been watching Star vs The Forces of Evil. I don't want Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz to end up as a couple (like... ugh... KP and RS). They work better as Marco X Jackie, and Star X ???. Can't we just have two friends who kick ass together and remain simply friends?! Star vs is already slated for a second and third season. I hope Star and Marco can stay "friends who will do anything for each other" rather than mucking it up with unnecessary romantic feelings for each other. I ship (when I ship @ all) Marco X Jackie. Plus, Jackie is totally a secret mermaid. Anyhoo, stay sunny side up!
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    Nintendo. Everyone knows who you are. Almost every gamer out there has played at least one of your systems. Some hate you. Some love. I do not hate you, but I can't say I'm a big fan of you right now Either, why, some ask? To be frank, I dislike their business strategy. It is old and outdated. I feel like the company is run by a bunch of stubborn, ignorant, insular old men with their brains stuck in the 90's. That is how they Are. Nintendo is Nintendo. They do what they want, when they want, where they want, how they want. They make the games THEY want to make, They do not care what their "competitors" do. They don't care what anyone says or thinks about them. For better sometimes, but lately for worse. I dislike how they treat third parties. They barely communicate with them, And when the poop hit the fan with the Wii u they made pretty much zero effort to keep third parties on board. And don't get me started on online network. lastly, I absolutely, positively DESPISE their handling of regions, especailly the NoA branch. NoA has sucked for the last 5 years. Before you attack me, I have bough every nintendo home console and most handhelds. I love Nintendo games...but well, that's it. Everything else just sucks to me. I think I've just outgrown them. I grew up with Nintendo, but I also grew up. And they didn't follow suit. However I also grew up with playStation. -looks at his PS4.- Sorry Nintendo. But I don't think we are compatible. We're seeing other consoles/consumers now i guess. Good luck with the NX Nintendo.
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    I farted.
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    Well the reason i have a female pony as my OC cause i just found out yesterday that I'm not gay but I'm transgender MTF after talking with a few professionals about feelings and thoughts i have been having for awhile.
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    I still think they rule handhelds, but handhelds are becoming less and less popular, so that doesn't mean much. I love my 3DS, still buy games for it from time to time (playing Fire Emblem Fates right now). I agree that their consoles are falling behind the rest in terms of power and games, but I'm a PC gamer so all the consoles are falling behind me
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    Right there with you on this. Now with the rumors that the Wii U will cease production this year, I am losing all confidence in Nintendo. Been pretty tired of their nonsense for the past few years and I am sick of them getting free passes from so many people. I will most likely be selling my Wii U soon. It has been collecting dust and now it is most likely dead in the water. Thanks Nintendo.
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    I've always wanted a black New 3DS (not the XL) in the states because it looked like the coolest handheld ever. Unfortunately, we didn't get the smaller new 3DS model for a while and when we did, it was bundled with a mediocre game and an undesirable face plate that just forced up the price. Nintendo's made some very odd choices these last few years.
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    So over last weekend I announced I was gonna be doing a big race taking place in San Leandro California, (just south of Oakland) So here we go! We started on the road to The Golden Gate bridge Yes. That is a GOLDEN Mercedes SLS AMG Black series for all you super car people (enough cars, More Pony ) We made it to golden gate. Here is my beautiful face Our Team being silly Me, My Coach, and my good friend and team mate Charlie Sawyer Back in the Streets of San Fransisco, we went down Lombard Street (The crookedest, twistiest, city street in the world) We then went on the bay bridge to get to San Leandro where we would stay for the night and run the next day (Yes it's a bad picture ) Pre-race fuel: Scrambled eggs cinnamon roll, annnnnd BLUEBERRY MUFFINS! I'm gonna start a chain of photos for blogs called "Road trip ponies" or "Travel Ponies" by taking an pony plushie I own with me and tag a photo with it in Here is Luna Waiting for me to race as she over sees the the track :comeatus: Well. I wish I had more photos of me racing, but I had a great trip with my team Be back with another race blog soon!
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    Well I am happy that you have found out what it was that was acing you. I wish you the best of luck in your transformation if you are going for that or on any of your future endavours. I hope society will be kind on you
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    This IS big news! I KNEW it had something to do with that.
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    That's awesome Frost I hope your decision works out for you, and remember, don't let anybody change your mind this your choice and not anybody else's :3
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    Huh, this is quite the news. : o I am happy for you though, always wonderful to hear that you are discovering yourself more and more. ^__^ *hugs* :3