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    There's several degrees of mediocre and -20 degrees of awful. Since Wonderbolts Academy, Dash episodes have become Spike episodes. The only difference is Gauntlet of Fire is objectively good. Daring Don't, Rainbow Falls, and Tanks for the Memories are pitiful. Newbie Dash easily competes with No Second Prances as season six's worst episode and may be the worst one after this season's done with. What went wrong? Rainbow Dash's sense of maturity is completely nonexistent. One of her best traits is the ability to put her pride aside in favor of doing the right thing. WA is her best performance, because it put out the best in her from the middle onward. You knew it was about to come. Instead, she's become a very flanderized shell of herself with a monumental ego that has to be pegged time and time again. She marginalized her very own integrity by shooting it off early, embarrassing herself in front of the Wonderbolts, and being incompetent. Simultaneously, who can blame her? The Wonderbolts used a nickname that scarred her, and — what else is new? *eyeroll* — the Wonderbolts themselves were complete assholes! This is the third time that a group that she idolized acted like jerks in which she would want nothing to be a part of, yet she blows it aside. Consider Dash's history of when her confidence shatters. She wants to impress, but the more she gets hit with that insult, the worse her confidence gets, and the more she tries too hard. The dialogue is a mess. So much of it is contrived exposition. Again, when you exposit, you ruin the impact of the message and the overall. Show, don't tell, especially in child-friendly media. Take a good luck at how much the terrible dialogue ruined Rainbow Falls, Trade Ya!, EQG1, and McColts. The humor is a mess. The Spikabuse wasn't funny then and sure as hell isn't funny now. DHX, do the fandom a favor and knock this shit off! Pinkie Pie is flanderized again. *thumbs down* She's more than this. We're supposed to laugh at Rainbow Dash impersonating her friends, but it really failed. I don't know if the humor was in response to Dash's Twilight impersonation from Griffonstone or not, but whatever the case is, there is a huge difference between 'em. In Griffonstone, the joke worked because Dash was agitated when he impersonated her. In Newbie Dash, she impersonated them because she genuinely wanted to impress them. Consequently, Dash's impersonations in the latter comes across as cringeworthy and stupid, not funny. Jesus Christ, the moral. What the hell?! First off, let's talk about hazing, specifically rookie hazing. It's a very common tradition in many fields to "haze" newcomers. Hazing, for that matter, has had so many controversies. Some teams will haze rookies because to them, it's good ol' fun. But not everyone receives hazing very well because what comes across as good ribbing to the veterans can come off as bullying to the rookies. And when you look at the news articles of investigations related to hazing, the resentment is very valid. For several years, hazing has been on the news for really, REALLY bad reasons. People have been bullied, hurt, and killed by people who use these hazing rituals. A lot of the time, hazing deals with abusing someone under the context of "good fun" or "tradition." The abuse ranges from being taped up to a wall or pole to paddling to being raped. There's a movement to ban school hazing and some governments criminalizing hazing. Why? Because to haze is to bully, and it's not okay. What made this moral reprehensible is how Newbie Dash tolerates and embraces hazing. Why? "Because it's good fun." BULLSHIT! Rainbow Dash has every right to feel insulted and not take "Rainbow Crash" lightly. It doesn't matter if Spitfire or anyone else took their insult in stride. Not everyone does, and they have every right to say no. By being complacent, the episode tells the viewer their feelings towards insults don't matter. Words can hurt, and words can kill. Rather than ignoring it, be aware of it. Just because it's a common thing in the Wonderbolts's culture doesn't mean it's okay. Despicable moral! In short, this episode is garbage! Source: S06:E07 - Newbie Dash
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    "Christianity is not a what, but a who." In case you guys missed out on the live-streams of the casual, thought-provoking, youth-focused seminar series (as shown on the entry image) which has come to a close, I will link all 6 sermons for you guys down below for your convenience. God bless. 1. Is God Necessary? ( ) 2. The Tree. What Did We Get Ourselves Into? ( ) 3. Jesus Is The Answer. What Is The Question? ( ) 4. The Ultimate Workout ( ) 5. The Way Back ( ) 6. Choose Your Course ( )
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    So yeah, i really did a thing here. I took 47 Forum Members, that are either famous or have a good connection with me, plus Kiba, who is a good friend of mine and pretty much made a Hunger Games Simulation with them. Here are the Participants: District 1 Mesme Rize Jeric Eloquence Clever Clover District 2 Dark Horse Spirit Rush Koukatsu Stormfury District 3 Froggit Kyoshi Feld0 Yozer247 District 4 Sby SFyr FlutterstepHD GrayTyphoon District 5 Green Spirit Mentis Soliloquy Mr.Dash PathfinderCS District 6 Meson Bolt Ponylaces Puckersterv Troblems District 7 Nuke87654 Red Laser Sby Special Enemy Temmie District 8 Randimaxis Riganthor TwilightAqua Steel Accord District 9 Unicorncob DenimandVenom Wind Chaser -Nobody- District 10 Wingnut Attack of the Pwns C.B Deae Rising Shine District 11 AURAequine cmarston1 Evil Derpy glitterbomb District 12 Crecious Dark Qiviut Gone Airbourne Kiba Good Luck and may the force be with you...i mean, may the odds be ever in your favor. The Bloodbath: As the tributes stand on their podiums, the horn sounds. Stormfury severely injures Mentis Soliloquy, but puts him out of his misery. TwilightAqua breaks Wingnut's nose for a basket of bread. Dark Qiviut runs away from the Cornucopia. FlutterstepHD and Froggit fight for a bag. Froggit gives up and retreats. Steel Accord runs away from the Cornucopia. AURAequine is unable to convince Yozer247 to not kill him. Jeric clutches a first aid kit and runs away. Evil Derpy runs away from the Cornucopia. GrayTyphoon, cmarston1, and Special Enemy Temmie work together to get as many supplies as possible. Deae Rising Shine, Unicorncob, and Kiba work together to get as many supplies as possible. Riganthor finds a backpack full of camping equipment. Mr.Dash and Troblems fight for a bag. Mr.Dash gives up and retreats. Randimaxis runs away from the Cornucopia. Dark Horse and Red Laser fight for a bag. Dark Horse gives up and retreats. Spirit Rush grabs a sword. Green Spirit runs into the cornucopia and hides. Attack of the Pwns grabs a shovel. glitterbomb runs away from the Cornucopia. Kyoshi and Sby fight for a bag. Kyoshi gives up and retreats. Puckersterv takes a spear from inside the cornucopia. Nuke87654 stabs Gone Airbourne with a tree branch. -Nobody- sets an explosive off, killing Feld0, C.B, and Meson Bolt. Eloquence grabs a backpack and retreats. PathfinderCS runs away from the Cornucopia. SFyr snatches a bottle of alcohol and a rag. Mesme Rize snatches a bottle of alcohol and a rag. Crecious snatches a pair of sais. Ponylaces severely slices Clever Clover with a sword. Sby, Koukatsu, Wind Chaser, and DenimandVenom share everything they gathered before running. Day 1: Green Spirit attacks Eloquence, but she manages to escape. Steel Accord picks flowers. Deae Rising Shine overhears Koukatsu and Ponylaces talking in the distance. DenimandVenom tries to sleep through the entire day. Mesme Rize and Kiba hunt for other tributes. TwilightAqua begs for Randimaxis to kill her. He refuses, keeping TwilightAqua alive. Yozer247 begs for Spirit Rush to kill him. He refuses, keeping Yozer247 alive. Troblems attacks Wind Chaser, but he manages to escape. Jeric is pricked by thorns while picking berries. Attack of the Pwns attempts to climb a tree, but falls to his death. FlutterstepHD explores the arena. Froggit throws a knife into Red Laser's head. Puckersterv practices his archery. Crecious catches -Nobody- off guard and kills him. Wingnut makes a wooden spear. Kyoshi travels to higher ground. Sby strangles Nuke87654 after engaging in a fist fight. Evil Derpy is pricked by thorns while picking berries. Dark Qiviut makes a slingshot. glitterbomb falls into a frozen lake and drowns. Stormfury chases Sby. Dark Horse travels to higher ground. cmarston1, Riganthor, Unicorncob, and Mr.Dash raid GrayTyphoon's camp while he is hunting. SFyr makes a slingshot. Special Enemy Temmie poisons PathfinderCS's drink. He drinks it and dies. Fallen Tributes 1: Mentis Soliloquy District 5 AURAequine District 11 Gone Airbourne District 12 Feld0 District 3 C.B District 10 Meson Bolt District 6 Clever Clover District 1 Attack of the Pwns District 10 Red Laser District 7 -Nobody- District 9 Nuke87654 District 7 glitterbomb District 11 PathfinderCS District 5 Night 1: Riganthor loses sight of where he is. Spirit Rush receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor. Green Spirit, Crecious, and Unicorncob sleep in shifts. cmarston1 thinks about winning. Dark Qiviut destroys Wingnut's supplies while he is asleep. Sby and Mr.Dash track down and kill SFyr. DenimandVenom, Evil Derpy, and Dark Horse cheerfully sing songs together. FlutterstepHD thinks about winning. Sby passes out from exhaustion. Deae Rising Shine and Koukatsu hold hands. Randimaxis attempts to start a fire, but is unsuccessful. Jeric lets Eloquence into his shelter. Ponylaces bashes Kiba 's head against a rock several times. Troblems and Steel Accord run into each other and decide to truce for the night. Stormfury is awoken by nightmares. TwilightAqua, Kyoshi, Wind Chaser, and Special Enemy Temmie tell each other ghost stories to lighten the mood. Mesme Rize cries himself to sleep. Froggit severely slices GrayTyphoon with a sword. Yozer247 lets Puckersterv into his shelter. Day 2: Dark Qiviut overhears Eloquence and Riganthor talking in the distance. DenimandVenom constructs a shack. Randimaxis unknowingly eats toxic berries. FlutterstepHD fishes. Evil Derpy bashes Spirit Rush's head in with a mace. Jeric diverts Deae Rising Shine's attention and runs away. Kyoshi stalks Green Spirit. Mr.Dash overhears Sby and Puckersterv talking in the distance. Froggit ambushes Unicorncob and kills him. Mesme Rize runs away from TwilightAqua. Crecious steals from Koukatsu while he isn't looking. Troblems sprains her ankle while running away from Special Enemy Temmie. Wind Chaser, Stormfury, Ponylaces, and cmarston1 raid Sby's camp while he is hunting. Wingnut camouflauges himself in the bushes. Steel Accord tends to Yozer247's wounds. Dark Horse tries to spear fish with a trident. Fallen Tributes 2 SFyr District 4 Kiba District 12 GrayTyphoon District 4 Randimaxis District 8 Spirit Rush District 2 Unicorncob District 9 Night 2 Mesme Rize begs for Dark Qiviut to kill him. He reluctantly obliges, killing Mesme Rize. Puckersterv bleeds out due to untreated injuries. DenimandVenom receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor. Wind Chaser thinks about home. FlutterstepHD, Deae Rising Shine, Ponylaces, Mr.Dash, and Sby sleep in shifts. Stormfury receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor. TwilightAqua and Jeric hold hands. Sby thinks about home. Crecious thinks about home. Green Spirit questions his sanity. Yozer247 cooks his food before putting his fire out. Froggit receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor. Evil Derpy is unable to start a fire and sleeps without warmth. Riganthor and Koukatsu huddle for warmth. Kyoshi thinks about home. Dark Horse receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor. Troblems receives clean water from an unknown sponsor. Steel Accord is unable to start a fire and sleeps without warmth. Wingnut receives clean water from an unknown sponsor. Eloquence, cmarston1, and Special Enemy Temmie start fighting, but cmarston1 runs away as Eloquence kills Special Enemy Temmie. Day 3 Stormfury receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor. Dark Qiviut practices his archery. Deae Rising Shine receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor. FlutterstepHD practices her archery. Dark Horse searches for firewood. cmarston1 receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor. Mr.Dash severely slices Steel Accord with a sword. Jeric fishes. Sby makes a wooden spear. Troblems chases Ponylaces. Sby practices his archery. Evil Derpy makes a wooden spear. Yozer247 receives clean water from an unknown sponsor. DenimandVenom runs away from Wingnut. Kyoshi sprains his ankle while running away from Wind Chaser. Green Spirit receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor. Crecious, TwilightAqua, Koukatsu, and Riganthor form a suicide pact, killing themselves. Froggit searches for a water source. Eloquence receives clean water from an unknown sponsor. Fallen Tributes 3 Mesme Rize District 1 Puckersterv District 6 Special Enemy Temmie District 7 Steel Accord District 8 Crecious District 12 TwilightAqua District 8 Koukatsu District 2 Riganthor District 8 Night 3 Deae Rising Shine stays awake all night. Kyoshi fends Eloquence, FlutterstepHD, and Dark Qiviut away from his fire. Ponylaces ambushes Green Spirit and kills him. Sby, Wind Chaser, and Froggit sleep in shifts. Dark Horse goes to sleep. Yozer247 throws a knife into Jeric's chest. DenimandVenom convinces Stormfury to snuggle with him. Wingnut is awoken by nightmares. Sby cooks his food before putting his fire out. Mr.Dash cooks his food before putting his fire out. cmarston1 and Evil Derpy hold hands. Troblems sees a fire, but stays hidden. Day 4 Deae Rising Shine questions his sanity. Sby explores the arena. Froggit bashes Evil Derpy's head in with a mace. Wind Chaser runs away from Mr.Dash. FlutterstepHD, DenimandVenom, Eloquence, and Dark Qiviut hunt for other tributes. cmarston1 injures himself. Dark Horse runs away from Wingnut. Sby defeats Ponylaces in a fight, but spares his life. Yozer247 practices his archery. Troblems attacks Kyoshi, but he manages to escape. Stormfury discovers a cave. Fallen Tributes 4 Green Spirit District 5 Jeric District 1 Evil Derpy District 11 Night 4 Wingnut bleeds out due to untreated injuries. Eloquence pushes Deae Rising Shine off a cliff during a knife fight. Dark Qiviut looks at the night sky. Dark Horse, Troblems, Froggit, and Sby tell each other ghost stories to lighten the mood. Ponylaces tries to treat his infection. Mr.Dash climbs a tree to rest. cmarston1, Sby, and FlutterstepHD sleep in shifts. Stormfury falls into a frozen lake and drowns. DenimandVenom, Yozer247, and Kyoshi start fighting, but Yozer247 runs away as DenimandVenom kills Kyoshi. Wind Chaser receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor. The Feast The cornucopia is replenished with food, supplies, weapons, and memoirs from the tributes' families. FlutterstepHD, Troblems, Yozer247, and Froggit team up to grab food, supplies, weapons, and memoirs. Ponylaces dies from an infection. Mr.Dash destroys Eloquence's memoirs out of spite. cmarston1 decides not to go to The Feast. Sby attacks Wind Chaser, but Dark Horse protects him, killing Sby. Dark Qiviut severely slices DenimandVenom with a sword. Sby decides not to go to The Feast. Day 5 Dark Horse constructs a shack. Yozer247 makes a wooden spear. FlutterstepHD chases Troblems. Sby discovers a river. Eloquence stalks Dark Qiviut. Froggit receives clean water from an unknown sponsor. Wind Chaser receives clean water from an unknown sponsor. Mr.Dash defeats cmarston1 in a fight, but spares his life. Fallen Tributes 5 Wingnut District 10 Deae Rising Shine District 10 Stormfury District 2 Kyoshi District 3 Ponylaces District 6 Sby District 4 DenimandVenom District 9 Night 5 Dark Horse kills Sby with a hatchet. Yozer247, FlutterstepHD, and cmarston1 cheerfully sing songs together. Dark Qiviut tends to his wounds. Mr.Dash and Froggit run into each other and decide to truce for the night. Eloquence thinks about winning. Wind Chaser thinks about winning. Troblems receives medical supplies from an unknown sponsor. Day 6 cmarston1 sprains his ankle while running away from Dark Horse. Wind Chaser receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor. Eloquence decapitates Dark Qiviut with a sword. Froggit receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor. Yozer247 travels to higher ground. Mr.Dash's trap kills FlutterstepHD. Troblems picks flowers. Fallen Tributes 6 Sby District 7 Dark Qiviut District 12 FlutterstepHD District 4 Night 6 Dark Horse defeats cmarston1 in a fight, but spares his life. Eloquence questions her sanity. Wind Chaser, Yozer247, and Mr.Dash cheerfully sing songs together. Troblems climbs a tree to rest. Froggit passes out from exhaustion. Day 7 Mr.Dash searches for a water source. Troblems silently snaps Froggit's neck. Dark Horse discovers a river. cmarston1, Wind Chaser, Yozer247, and Eloquence hunt for other tributes. Fallen Tributes 7 Froggit District 3 Night 7 Eloquence, Troblems, Wind Chaser, Mr.Dash, and cmarston1 sleep in shifts. Yozer247 climbs a tree to rest. Dark Horse tends to his wounds. Day 8 cmarston1 tries to sleep through the entire day. Yozer247 stalks Troblems. Eloquence searches for a water source. Mr.Dash dies from hypothermia. Dark Horse sprains his ankle while running away from Wind Chaser. Fallen Tributes Mr.Dash District 5 Night 8 cmarston1 poisons Eloquence's drink. She drinks it and dies. Dark Horse kills Yozer247 for his supplies. Troblems is awoken by nightmares. Wind Chaser thinks about home. Day 9 Wind Chaser goes hunting. Troblems dies from thirst. cmarston1 strangles Dark Horse with a rope. Fallen Tributes 9 Eloquence District 1 Yozer247 District 3 Troblems District 6 Dark Horse District 2 Night 9 cmarston1 is unable to convince Wind Chaser to not kill him. The Winner is... Wind Chaser https://mlpforums.com/user/24452-wind-chaser/Go and congratulate the sole survivor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORphKZpHe1s
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    lmao what a rollercoaster -nobody- was savage with that first triple kill
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    That wasn't traditional collegiate or newbie hazing. An already established and well documented relationship centered around mutual respect creates an different dynamic than one would find as a new recruit in most other scenarios. So this falls under friendly ribbing that is often witnessed between friends and close colleagues. Because of this previously established relationship, the blame shifts to Dash herself. You see, if a friend or well known colleague calls you something that offends you, you have a responsibility to communicate that feeling as the respondent. When this was finally done during the resolution, and Dash explained voiced her motivation ... her opinion changed when she realized that the genesis of the 'Crash' nickname was closer to a term of endearment. Sort of like when the wife calls me 'dork'
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    To be honest, I agree with many of the points except that I didn't initially make the connection to hazing. The only thing that really bothered me is the revelation that the Wonderbolts use their derogatory, incompetence-implying nicknames in public. That may amount to hazing to some, but I see it as an issue for practical reasons. This sort of culture could lower their ability to function as a team unit and lower public perceptions of them as well. Rainbow Dash could have used the "Rainbow Crash" name as a badge of honor in a way, because of the fact that it was used before by the bullies in flight school. She overcame it once and she'll overcome it again. The episode doesn't take full advantage of that and the ending doesn't really do it justice. Overall, the episode has one of those solidarity type of endings and it doesn't really feel like it belongs.
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    I think I could help, but I'm still at work, so it'll have to wait.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbTUhJUWT_M One second opinion on No Second Prances, coming up!
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    Hey gang, I'm currently in a research methods in psychology course. Part of the requirements of that is that I need to conduct a survey and use the data to write a paper. Video games have always been an interest of mine, so the survey is gathering data about video game use and feelings of aggression. It's completely anonymous and shouldn't take more than a few minutes. If you guys could do me a favor and take the survey, I'd appreciate it! Here is the link: http://fullerton.qualtrics.com//SE/?SID=SV_dpBTb4W9rLF5dmB