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    dear blog i have started this blog to ponies who would like to know events going on in my life. currently i am still a closet brony trying to come out,but the road is far from over for being free to watch mlp in nnonsecrecy. loneliness is starting to creep into my life,as im not sure if this is the result of being a loner. blog entry 1 shiningarmorcadence
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    Alright, so this would be a blog I will (attempt to) post every week on Thursday or Friday. I'm mostly a member that stays around the RP and Everfree sections (and sometimes on the heated Debate Pits), though occasionally you might see me mingling around on other sections as well. This blog would focus on certain ideas I would like to throw out but are usually too narrow to place onto certain topics. I might voice unpopular opinions or act a bit more spiteful, so if you don't like the content of this blog you should stay away from it. That being said, on to the main topic! Everyday I usually hear the same statements over and over again, and honestly it annoys me at times. Well, to be more exact, it's statements I really want people to stop repeating and I wish to deconstruct. Not very "free speech" and all, but it's just so...overused. And it is an opinion blog. So, starting off... 10. I live in a society where I'm the only sane and intelligent person. This statement implies so much "special snowflake", sounds whiny, and is usually used to avoid actually bothering to search for actual, real life friends or partners. If you actually have nothing to do because you live in some remote town, I can still accept that, but you have no reason to generalize your entire local population as ignorant xenophobic bigots. Or...you could just go to other nearby town or city rather than periodically complain about how you feel so left out. 9. We should do XXX because it's 2016. Usually used as a way to justify something or complain about something that is missing because...um, it's the current year? I really don't see the logic in this. Rather than try to actually list reasons why you should do XXX, it's supported by an irrelevant fact that really serves nothing. 8. My proof is scientific. This statement is generally used to basically claim that their point is infallible because the sole, sheer power of science backs it up. That's not the case. While empirical proof is great, empirical proof does not equal reliable proof. It's also used as a cheap cop out from actually citing or linking sources. Saying that "science backs my point" is really no different than saying "my point is right because God". 7. Meh. Horribly rude, annoying, adds nothing to the discussion, and overused. I really don't have much to say about this. It's pretty stupid. 6. The system is rigged. This statement might actually have some truth to it given certain circumstances, but it's generally used to blame another organization or entity for your own faults and problems. Forgot to pay your taxes? "It's the government's fault and it's rigged against me!" Your car has to go through repair bills. "The economy is rigged and extorting me!" Scapegoating is bad no matter who it is targeting in my books. Don't do it. 5. XXX should be supported because it's morally correct! It's really irritating when morals get into issues which have absolutely nothing to do with them. If you're addressing morals you're making the topic irrelevant and turning it from voicing opinions into "this thing is right and you're wrong and heartless for going against it!" 4. Any sentence that compares something to Hitler, fascism, or Nazis. Seriously, if you're connecting something to a genocidal totalitarian dictator, then it really indicates that you have nothing besides ad hominem and that you're already losing the debate. Godwin's Law prevails. 3. There is nothing I can convince you to reveal that you're wrong. Because you don't bother to convince people in a polite and constructive way? This is just really rude, especially in a debate, and people should avoid demonizing the other side. The point of a debate is to exchange ideas in a civilized manner, even though you might not convince many to switch. Don't turn it into a flame war. 2. Don't ask me how to deal with this problem. Especially annoying when someone is trying to inform you of something yet absolutely resign yourself when asked how to deal with it, or shove the responsibility to someone else. People are expecting you to come up with a solution, not evade the question and continue complaining. The other scenario where it is used is no better and simply implies dimissal of the other person's ideas and just speaks ignorance and arrogance. 1. I have lost my faith in humanity. Ugh. This one irritates me to the death. People use this so much...to complain about their mounting pessimism by getting anecdotal evidence of a few people, a few hundred or thousand at most, to represent the entire 7.2 billion people on the planet as scum of the earth that deserves to die. Except, for course, yourself, because you're excluded from that wipeout. Generalizing is bad no matter how you put it and just because you dislike a certain trait that some people have or a certain group that hardly gives enough justification to hate the whole world and hope it dies. That being said, why don't you bother to actually put in the effort to help the oh so destructive and hateful humanity get better? It speaks hypocrisy to me. Bonus: I'M MOVING TO CANADA! More recently a lot of us has been preparing for the great Exodus towards the promised land of Canada...to evade dealing with problems in the U.S. and deliberately ignore positive traits at the same time while ignoring the negative traits of another country. Sounds like self-hate bias to me. That being said, moving to Canada isn't even all that easy and the border stations aren't going to approve you in because "this election sucks and the US sucks". You need a real legitimate reason like work or family to actually move to another country. But hey, let's continue the tradition of threatening to go to Canada like we have for the last 200 hears!