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    Finally done with the episode. It was a complete chore to sit through. Fluttershy and Dash were great. Twilight, Spike, Opal, and Rarity were good in their limited roles. The moral itself about how to stand and confront your fear of failure is very admirable, and I appreciate its mature tone it was trying to relay. But it screwed up a ton on three major points: Zephyr, the moral, and the "freeloader" implications. Zephyr is a colossal asshole. Stereotypes are one of the show's biggest flaws. Often, when DHX uses them, they're at their own disadvantage, and they RUIN the story, not help it. The only time season six handled a stereotype well was when cartoon shenanigans made a mockery out of Garble; the jokes worked because he deserved them. The stereotypes killed the episode here. Zephyr is a combination of two classic stereotypes: the diva and the freeloader. A diva because he was flamboyant to the point of over-the-top, selfish, and manipulative. As the episode progressed, Zephyr became more and more insufferable. Him not shutting up is a problem already. But when he knowingly destroyed his parents' cloud collection and flowers and not even give a damn, Zeph turned into one of the most hateable characters of the show. I don't give one shit how he "made up" at the end. You don't have the right to destroy anyone's property, prized or not! If he truly cared about his family, he wouldn't dare attempt this garbage! But in Act 2, he gets worse. When assigned jobs by Fluttershy and her friends, does Zephyr even bother trying to get any work done? No. And keep in mind, these jobs are very simple in Equestrian standards; any competent pony can accomplish these goals. Zephyr is completely capable of cleaning the windows, dying the cloth, and kicking the clouds. Instead, what does he do? Weasel his lazy ass into duping others to do his work while he watches. When he was threatened if he tried to weasel his way out, he quit! And the episode's telling me he feels completely incapable of doing them? Give me a break! The moral is fantastic and is something all of us feel and experience. One of our biggest fears, if not the biggest, is failure. No one wants to fail. And it can be very devastating when we fail. I don't wish it upon anyone. But FB executes the fear of failure so poorly, because everything that happens up to this point completely contradicts it. Zephyr behaved so terribly to his family, periodically returns to his house to freeload, intentionally destroyed his parents' sentimental possessions, and didn't bother trying to work on the simplests of tasks. He claimed that he was struggling in mane therapy because he feared he'll fail, but given his lackadaisical arrogance throughout the first two acts, then that's not fear of failure. That's laziness. So when the episode rushes in the idea that by trying and succeeds in the face of his fears, his triumph lacks any satisfaction. Instead, it gives me the impression that I'm watching two separate ideas merged into one. Rather than flowing through, the story is a mess. There are serious implications in the conflict's delivery, which @@PuppyKit pointed out here. Fluttershy mandates that he can stay until he finds a job. But because Zephyr's a freeloader stereotype, the episode paints a false impression that everyone who lives with their parents, friends, or roommates is lazy and and takes everything from their parents because they can. It's a complete lie. Were in an economy where living alone has become more and more expensive. Not everyone can live on their own. Parents and adult kids live together all the time, and in cities where rent can cost so much, sometimes they have to. When the child is disabled, then sometimes they have to live with their parents or live off them, for they can't make a living on their own. One of my closest friends is intellectually disabled and relies on his mom to help him. To echo @Wind Chaser, if Flutter Brutter didn't pull off such offensive stereotypes and treat the conflict with genuine respect, then Zephyr's fear of failure would feel more genuine. Let's say we see him try and fail and isn't narcissistic. With the efforts, he fails, but each time he fails, it becomes worse to the point where he feels like doing nothing will be more helpful than not helping at all. That way, when he tries and succeeds, then it's rewarding. The TUGS episode handles the fear of failure way better than FB. It has some highlights, but the bad outweighs the good. Out of all the episodes in this show, Flutter Brutter is personally the most difficult to watch, because I hate Zephyr so damn much. He represents everything I hate about a character and amplifies it. Not even Princess Spike was this difficult. FIM's supposed to deliver likable characters who we're supposed to root for. Fluttershy is the Mane Eight character here, but this is a Zephyr episode, not Fluttershy episode. How am I supposed to root for him when he's more hateable than villain!Sunset (yet not as hateable as Radiant Hope from IDW's Siege of The Crystal Empire) and doesn't give me any good reason to root for him? In short, a terrible episode. Source: S06:E11 - Flutter Brutter
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    I guess an explanation is in order. You may have noticed my sudden resurface in activity. I have decided for the last time that I cannot simply leave this place and be done with it. I have friends here that I simply can't abandon. You know who you are. Not to mention I still can have some good discussion here, despite some of the issues I have here, and this is the first forum I called home. I have been on and off lurking for the past 3 months because I felt sort of homesick. Also, Scarlet's Web is a fantastic forum and I love the cozy feel of the community. However I cannot deny this forum is great for prolonged discussion and the friends I've made here who want to stick around. And I mean it when I say Celli is here to stay.
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    I just had to post this as a blog. It's amazing how a giant python can become so tame. <3
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    Speaking as someone who regularly games on PC, I agree with Vulon Bii that the 970 is a pretty powerful card. It depends on the game, not the card. I can play current games like Doom maxed out with little issue, and a game like Fallout 4 doesn't perform nearly as well. It all depends on how optimized a game is. As for PC gaming, I'm going to have to disagree and say that it is not a money pit, you can have a decent rig for a good price. You just gotta know what to pick. Don't blame Nvidia for the piss poor performance of games made by people like Bethesda or Ubisoft, who can't optimize a game to save their lives. Also That's not true. You can use the same card for years, even longer than you would a console, and it'll last you a long time. You just need to make sure you take care of your PC.
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    My dad took me to get my groceries and then took me home and brought up the gay stuff again But I told him off for bringing it up again Cause all what he was saying that god has got something better for me The Christmas meet up is going to be at my older sisters place the one who started all this And the whole family is going to be there that includes my brother who wanted to punch me in the face
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    I liked today's episode, mainly because it was about Fluttershy helping another pony overcome their fears. That being said, Zeph was a royal pain in the ass and I can understand why sitting through this episode would be a chore for you.
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    Point 3 was my absolute favorite here and this was the most negative thing I saw in the episode, it really paints a horrible light. Zephyr being used as the example of this is even more horrible. I really, really am on the fence with this episode. By that I mean I can't tell if I want to call it 'meh' or just say that I really don't like it. Or even hate it.
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    This what I got, nothing to out of the ordinary aside from buying so many HOWEVER what I paid for them at Wal-Mart is the amazing part and the explanation for why I got so many (aside from being excited to actually find some more cards)
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    I strongly disagree about Radiant Hope, but can't help but largely agree about Zephyr (though he did upgrade to "somewhat tolerable" status near the end, IMO).
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    This episode honestly just straight up convinced me to hate myself.
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    I'm talking about the nitpickers. The terminally analytical sorts who disassemble and examine an episode as though they were tasting a fine wine (which is ultimately swill) or reviewing an 800 page novel (which is ultimately fodder for a rant at their next book club meeting). The people who commit to "hating" this or that pony or pan an episode before they've even seen it. The painfully serious types who humorlessly criticize and / or review a television series about friendship-loving equines that was - and is still - aimed at children. I also never called it a "simple children's show." But I can't for the life of me figure out just what it is that reviewers and amateur critics THINK it is that they're reviewing. So few Bronies come together to celebrate what it is that they enjoy about the show. The tendency nowadays is to come together to commiserate about some "terrible episode" or pony they didn't like. If that's your cup of tea... You can drink it alone.
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    The 970 was really good for 1080p. as was the AMD equivalent Unless you were trying 1440p or 4k, I have no idea what your problem with it was.
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    As someone who still has a 970 in a box, I call bullshit.
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    Day 6 of taking the medication it's going great so far and I have been taking one every morning.