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    Hey guys, it's me again. It's been a LONG while since i've posted anything here, apart from status updates. Also, that Song of The Week blog that I made a few months ago? I decided to abandon that. Unfortunately i can't really keep a weekly routine and end up forgetting everything. Haha. Ok, now i want to talk about something serious. Ever since I was like, 5 or something , I was a huge fan of cartoon animal characters that could walk and talk like people. As you know, there are TONS of kids shows that featured walking and talking animals that I was a huge fan of when I was younger, such as Looney Tunes, Flushed Away, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, and many other great shows and movies that I enjoyed I cannot possibly fit into the list. I was also a fan of video games that included animals like Sonic The Hedgehog. So yeah, my early life was pretty much dominated by colorful kids shows with anthropomorphic animals and would spend hours everyday watching them. During 2013, that's when I started to forget about my obsession with anthropomorphic animals. I didn't lose interest, i still had it. My obsession with kids shows with animals was just "packed away" for some reason. That was also the year that I discovered what a Furry is. All because I was being such a close minded idiot I just decided to stereotype them as sexual predators who would do stuff children or some shit. Because I was close minded, I would often go on furry videos on YouTube and troll them in the comments section, telling them to kill themselves, and how they were pedos and rapists etc. Even in real life I told all my friends and misguided them into making them think that furries were a bunch of sick f**ks and needed to be killed for doing stuff to animals or something like that. They were all horrified by how I described them so they were hating on them too. However, during this year, 2016, something flicked a switch in my head. Disney released a trailer for a new animated film featuring anthropomorphic animals. The movie was Zootopia (i'm pretty sure you guys know what it is). That's when I learned the word 'anthropomorphic'. I knew there was a fancy word to describe cartoon animals that dress up and act like people and that's when I remembered my early days when I was hooked onto stuff like that. I flashed back to the days I would watch Kung Fu Panda and Looney Tunes on a daily basis. I got so much nostalgia and suddenly unleashed my obsession with anthropomorphic animals once again after so many years. I was like "No way! I seriously gotta see this movie!". So i did. I watched the movie with my friends and I have to say, Zootopia is by far my No.1 favourite movie. It was better than anything i've seen in my life! Ever since that day, I was proud to call myself a Furry. However, I remembered all the stupid shit I said about furries in the past online and in real life. I the realised what a furry truly is. They weren't sexual predators, pedos, or murderers. I decided to open my mind more and look at the positives. The furries were actually the nicest and most open minded and caring communtiy when I learned MORE about them. Things got even better. I also discovered that this entire furry community has the exact same interests as I did! They were also fans of Looney Tunes, Sonic the Hedgehog etc. just like myself! I no longer felt alone. I could finally be a part of one HUGE community full of people who enjoy the same stuff I do and interact with them! Looking back at what I had done in the past, all of that stupid shit I said about furries online and in real life, i utterly regret it. All the damage that I have done, I don't think I can fix it. Typing up 'furry' in the search bar on youtube, the too results are cringe conpilations, which are a collection of awkward and embarrasing stuff people do. Before, I was laughing at these videos, but now, it saddens me. It reminded me of the monster I was in the past to these guys. I decided to tell my friends to forget about what i said about the fandom and told them truth about it. Hen I told them that i'm one myself now. In conclusion, I just want to say that i am truly sorry for being a close minded asshole to you guys, if you are a furry. And if you don't forgive me, i don't blame you. I've been a total ass and I admit, I f**ked up real bad. Right now, i am trying to find out how i can make uo for everything and i just want to say that, i'm proud to be a furry and promise i'll never look down upon you ever again.
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    Good afternoon ya'll, so sorry I didn't get this up earlier, been busy with the Ward Jenkins Q&A and some other Poniverse business. Anyways, welcome, welcome, welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews" and me oh my do we have a splendid episode to go over today!!! I really need to watch this episode again before I can determine whether or not I think it's the best of Season 6 so far, at least in my opinion, but I would say for sure that I definitely believe it to be the most exciting episode of the season so far. To put it into the appropriate perspective, longtime viewers like myself have been waiting for this episode, THE return of the Changelings in some capacity that actually affects the MLP setting and the Changelings' place in it, in a major way since the end of Season 2. This was a species that immediately grabbed our attention because of how unique they were in the setting, and to this day they have remained a fan favorite group, as evidenced by all the fan art and fan fiction centered around them. Today, we finally got that, and I have to say it did not disappoint in the least, in fact, it pretty much delivered as much as it could have. The only way it could have been any better were if it were a two-parter episode, but that was clearly not necessary here. Without further ado, this is "The Times They Are a Changeling," let's begin! "Oh, thank goodness it's Spike! For a second there we thought you were Carrot Top; man, that guy is the worst, not funny at all!" What? Seems legit, I'd ship it! Cadance, you... you do realize you can't use that as a test for ANYPONY ELSE right? Gosh, no wonder they were all freaking out, pony security against Changelings is apparently still crap! So let's start with our main character, Spike. Oh Spike, your character has developed so, so, SO very well at this point! Spike for way too long has been a character that the writers were inconsistent with, for good reason to be fair. He started out largely as a comic relief character; it wasn't mean-spirited comic relief, on the contrary it usually made sense since he's, well, a baby dragon with a different level of maturity. But given how long the show has been going, he obviously could not stay the same, and as early as Season 2 I would say the writers started playing around with how they could advance and develop. It was still hit and miss and that point, though plenty of highlights have come in Seasons 3, 4, and 5 for the lil' guy. Season 6, however, has probably been his most consistent season ever where it has been most evident that this is clearly no longer the same Spike as in earlier seasons. In fact, he's not even just another Mane 6 member; Spike has a very distinct understanding of friendship that is unique to himself, namely because of his dragon heritage. He is very much aware that he has (up until he met Princess Ember, that is) been one of a kind among his own kind, and in large part because, by a fluke of fate, he had the opportunity to grow up among ponies. What's normal for them couldn't be further from the norm for his kind, and he appreciates the opportunities he's been given and the friendship and love that has been extended to him his whole life. This has never been more apparent than in "The Times They Are a Changeling," even if his heritage did not ever once get directly addressed. We've seen already Spike's capacity, stemming I believe from his appreciation of the opportunities afforded to him, to give others a chance or second chances. This season alone, he has extended kindness and friendship to both Starlight Glimmer, being one of the first in Ponyville to really warm up to her and try to help her in her friendship lessons, and Princess Ember, giving in effect his entire species a second chance at changing for the better by helping Ember ascend to Dragon Lord but, more importantly, learn the value of friendship for herself and dragonkind. Yeah, I won't lie, I loved this gag This time around, however, saw Spike's bravest act of kindness and friendship yet in his entire character's arc through all six seasons. Neither befriending Starlight nor Ember ever risked Spike's place among ponies; Starlight had already been forgiven by most everypony, and with Ember the biggest risk involved was losing any support or chance at friendship among his own kind, not ponies. But in this episode, Spike risked A LOT. The fact that this took place in the Crystal Empire was very important for a couple of reasons. One, the place has a very good reason for being as paranoid as it was about Changelings; for starters, the Crystal Ponies have never had to deal with Changelings, at least to our knowledge, but to make matters worst, their rulers were the ponies most negatively affected by the Changelings the last time they attacked ponykind. So right off the bat you have two ingredients for a paranoid populace the second any news about Changelings crops up (doesn't help that the royal family had a newborn foal as well to worry about). Second, Spike's best reputation in all of Equestria is in the Crystal Empire; he's not just beloved there, he's a friggin' two-time national hero!!! There was a lot on the line for him in trying to befriend a Changeling and get others to do it, and his faltering in the second half of the episode makes a lot of sense. Who would be willing to risk as much personally as he did for a total stranger he just met who's a member of a reviled group? But in the end, he stepped up in what is easily his finest moment in the show yet, yes, even better than his saving the Crystal Empire, befriending Starlight Glimmer, and befriending Princess Ember. He didn't just apply the lessons he's learned his whole life, he used them to teach his own friends who needed some reminding about what makes them so special in the first place. Friendship and extending it to others isn't always supposed to be something that's easy or second-nature; it should be hard to do sometimes, as should be believing in others, especially when those others have either let you down in the past or been downright malevolent. In a beautiful conclusion for the episode and his own character, Spike reminded his friends and family that part of friendship and befriending others is having the capacity to have faith in others, even when you can't be sure if your faith will pay off. It's about taking risks, not just saying you'll be a friend to those you know you can count on, but being willing to befriend those you can't be sure about either but are willing to believe in. Everyone deserves a chance at friendship, a chance to prove their capacity to be good and kind and decent, and Spike reminded his friends how important that is and also that such an opportunity was afforded to him and a risk taken on him by virtue of ponies allowing him to grow up with them at all. A beautiful moment for his character, definitely the pinnacle of his development thus far in the entire show, and just all around a wonderfully done episode for the little guy, I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Next, of course we have to discuss the new character Thorax, our first ever friendly Changeling! Voiced wonderfully by Kyle Rideout (a VA with not too many acting credits to his name), I feel like the writers came up with a great balance of fan head canon in developing this character and GREATLY expanding on the backstory for Changelings. In his origins, we saw that most Changelings are naturally inclined to a predatory nature, which fits about as many head canons as it doesn't, but works for me personally. At the same time, they conveyed that, as evidenced by Thorax, Changelings are capable of changing by nature, they aren't JUST born "evil," and if they're not just born that way, then, with presumably a lot of work, they could also possibly change as well (although I still hope this doesn't happen with Queen Chrysalis since I believe she has more autonomy than your average Changeling to start with, and did come across as genuinely evil and malevolent). So what we have is a happy balance of head canons; generally Changelings have been depicted as either entirely instinctive to an almost animalistic extent in fan work, OR conversely each is individual and unique in their own ways. I'm sure we'll continue to see this in fan work, but here we have a Changeling who is both instinctive (he had trouble controlling natural urges to predatorily react to the presence of love or kindness) but also a unique individual, a happy balance that I appreciate. In fact, it pretty much fits my own head canon on Changelings; I like the idea that they are capable of feeding off of love in a passive, non-predatory manner, simply by getting it from others who genuinely care about them, and giving it in return. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if we see the writers expand upon this idea in the future. This is... very oddly adorable Oh yeah, pretty sure she's still evil as ever Furthermore, Thorax in general was just super likable, and his plight very believable and sympathetic. This is a guy who's clearly been an outsider everywhere he's gone his whole life. He wasn't like any of his own kind, but he rightfully feared that ponies would never accept him either. Frankly, the fact that he survived this long is rather impressive, almost miraculous, and I anticipate that we're going to see some great fan fiction that does a great job of playing around with his backstory. The voice work on him was great, he didn't ever come off as a Gary Stu (the fact that he had natural urges he had to fight, and even reacted angrily at Spike's earlier dejection in the last third of the episode, definitely ensured that), and the animators and storyboard artists did a WONDERFUL job really conveying his emotions and what made him different from the rest of his kind in his body language. Ward Jenkins (who did storyboard art on this episode) mentioned earlier today that they had to be very expressive with his head/face and body in order to convey his emotions properly, because his eyes can't convey much emotion since Changelings don't have pupils like ponies do. I was very impressed with the job they did in that regard, and it never felt like the show was reaching either or being forced any time he got very emotional to the point of tears. It felt real, it felt earned, and this is how this type of character needed to be introduced. Definitely the best new character of the season thus far, exactly what the Changelings needed in order to advance them like this (and for that matter reintroduce them to the show in a serious manner), and just something I've waited to see for a long, long time in this show. I for one definitely believed moments like these, very well done if I do say so myself The final major element of this episode to cover was the latest song, "A Changeling Can Change." This was something we've been waiting for a long time by virtue of the fact that we've waited over five seasons for Spike to get a solo song. At this point, it had to be a song like this if it were ever gonna happen, it couldn't just be a fun song. It had to be something that hammered the message of the episode away, and on top of that it had to be a damn good message. Well, it was a damn good message in a damn good song in a damn great episode! Spike's vocals are hardly something to write home about, his voice alone ensures that, but that lends to the simple, quiet beauty of the song. The song isn't really beautiful because of the lyrics, or the tune, or the voice work; it's beautiful because it comes from such a deep place for Spike. He's never done this before, and I don't just mean sing a solo; he's never really tried to teach his friends a lesson like this before, ponies he's looked up to and learned from his entire life. On top of that, it was his way of repenting for his earlier failing his new friend, Thorax. And finally, the quiet nature of the song and Spike's impassioned pleas hammered away that this was coming from a very real, desperate, sincere place for him as a character. These elements combined to make a song that is beautiful, unusually so for this show, largely not because of the tune itself, but almost entirely because of the substance of the song and the character of the one singing it. Great song, I'm sure it'll be a fan favorite for this season, and I can't wait to listen to it myself. Of this episode I really have no complaints, just things that I believe could have SLIGHTLY improved it. For one, I wouldn't have minded Spike's dragon heritage being mentioned at some point, but I believe that the idea of it playing a role in his development in this episode was still plenty there beneath the surface. I also kind of wanted Cadance rather than Twilight to be the first pony to listen to Spike and reach out to Thorax; I didn't mind that Twilight did and it made sense since she's both a sister and mother to him and also the Princess of Friendship, but I thought there might have been an added element of weight to it seeing the pony who most suffered because of the Changelings last time around (and probably has some trauma from that ordeal still considering she was abducted and held hostage, essentially) being the first to forgive them and try to make peace with at least this one, but again, it worked out just fine. It was great seeing Sunburst and Starlight Glimmer again, especially because, as some have pointed out, Starlight could very much relate to this Changeling seeking redemption, friendship, and just a place to call his own, to call home. Seeing Flurry Heart as well was great, she's as adorable as ever and I loved getting to see her make nice with Thorax too. I also thought it was impressive that none of the ponies ever came off as unreasonable, which would have been really easy to do here; I mean, let's face it, they had plenty of good reasons to be afraid of a Changeling infiltration. Some of the visual gags, like the mirror one (which Ward Jenkins said he drew inspiration for from I Love Lucy) were a lot of fun to see, as well. BEHOLD, a baby! No, before you ask, you cannot eat the baby Overall, this episode I would say was exactly what we wanted it to be. I don't think anyone wanted the entire Changeling race to be redeemed in a single episode or story arc, but to see that they have the capacity for good is exactly what we wanted. This baby step in that direction is exactly how one should do something like that, and it reminds me of similar treatments that both dragons and the griffons have received, although neither of them had quite the same stigma attached to them by ponies that Changelings do. I really hope we get to see more of Thorax in the future as well as further stories with the Changelings as a result of this episode, but for now, let's just revel in how very well done this episode alone was. This is exactly what MLP is supposed to be all about folks, doesn't get much better than this. That's all I've got for this week everypony, until next week this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit*
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    When somebody says “home”, what do you imagine? What set of particular visions illuminates in your mind? Do you perceive a physical place? Or an object? Or something entirely different? “Castle Sweet Castle” explores these interesting questions through a series of thought-provoking concepts. “Twilight's Kingdom” saw Twilight's home, the Golden Oak Library, which Twilight resided in during her life in Ponyville, destroyed in a monumental explosion. Perhaps we didn't realize it at the time, but a part of Twilight's world was shattered at that moment. Initially, the sight of falling debris and wreckage was a shock to her, but Twilight managed to hurdle those feelings of loss by channeling excitement about her new home which sprouted out of the box – with it came new opportunities for adventure and exploration. But time doesn't heal all wounds, and the wound inflicted by the loss of her home – the home that sheltered some of her most precious memories – was deeply stricken. Experience shows that the truth is, sometimes you simply don't know what you had until it's gone. The sense of loss and discomfort inevitably resurfaced, this time rendering Twilight incapable of feeling comfortable in her current residence. Her shiny new Castle only served as a reminder of what used to be. A shallow, empty collection of beautiful but dull corridors, a place that served as a house, but not a home. A roof, but not a shelter. In the same way that a clock does not create time but merely represents it, a house does not create a home, it merely tries to represent one. The ReMane 5 quickly take note of Twilight's bizarre change in behavior, and realize that something feels seriously off. Twilight does not like her new place, so much so that she'd prefer anything over having to spend time inside. The 5 have to figure out why. After sending her off with Spike, the cast of friends get to work making the Castle feel as welcoming and comfortable as possible. The fatal flaw in their plan is that they understand the issue, but are self-centered in their solution. While Twilight certainly loves and appreciates her friends, a collection of things that her friends enjoy is not necessarily going to make her feel at home. They created what appeared to be the perfect home – but the reality of the situation is that what makes a “home” is different for each individual. Instead of formulating Twilight's vision of a home, they subconsciously channeled their own vision. After stalling for more time, the friends rethink their approach. They realize that cramming in a bunch of objects, even if they were objects Twilight would appreciate, won't work. It's not about quantity, it's about quality. What Twilight misses most from the Library isn't necessarily the size and shape of the rooms & corridors, or the objects inside, but rather, the memories ingrained in those rooms. Some things in life are priceless. Memories are one of such things. They cannot be bought, sold, or traded. They simply are, and where they reside depends on where they were made. After a super catchy song and its reprise, Twilight's Castle breathes new life with the addition of a chandelier made out of the roots of the Golden Oak Library, with gems immortalizing the Libraries memories attached. No longer was the Castle seen as a burden. It was now an addition to the memories, and not just a sore reminder. It may only be a fraction of the old Library, but it's enough to make a dramatic difference for Twilight. My only complaint about the tail end of the episode, however, is the removal of the picture of the Mane 6. That would have been a nice touch. The old saying rings true – home is where the heart is. With the help of her friends, Twilight found her home once again. It was no longer a place to be avoided, but rather a place to confide in. A true “home”. This episode works on many different levels. The humor works (Twilight's crazy salon mane style, Spike's one-liners). Spike's role is welcomed, and executed well. I appreciate the notion that not only did Twilight lose a home, but so did Spike. He and his feelings mattered too, and its good to see the episode bring it up. The truth behind what makes a “home” is one of the most interesting, mature, and important morals in FiM. “Home” can be whatever you make it out to be, and whatever matters to you, whether its a physical place or not. I can relate whole-heartedly to Twilight's inner feeling of homesickness. I've bounced around from home to home throughout my life. Two out of the many houses I've lived in I've considered comfortable, real homes. The rest, like the one I currently reside in, felt more like roofs than shelters. The feeling of loss that occurs when you lose a home can feel like everything is falling apart. You lose a sense of safety and identity. It makes you question who you really are, and what you aspire for in life, and what you feel you're missing, what kind of spark you need to feel welcome again. Re-finding a home is like regaining that spark. To conclude this review/discussion/introspection of Castle Sweet Castle and its core message and concepts, and how its relatable, I'll say that I find the episode to be notably underrated. It's one of FiM's best and most mature episodes, one that can be appreciated by a lot of people.
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    I may not call myself a furry, but here's a little quote that I came up with. "Solve problems as problems themselves arise." As someone said above, there's no need to apologize. Mistakes happen and your deeds are redeemed by how much you've changed, not by how many words you type. As long as you feel you've changed and are willing to show you're a better person, people will forgive you.
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    You're not alone, I used to be the exact same way with bronies, look at me now lol We all do things that we regret but that doesn't make us bad people, it just makes us human. What happens in the past stays in the past and the biggest effect it has on us in the present day is teaching us how to work around our mistakes and how to not make them again.
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    I honestly don't think you need to go and try to make things right, everybody makes mistakes. As long as you own up to thode mistakes, then I believe that you should be on the right path of things, but if you feel that it's necessary to make up for it, just spread the positive message of the Fandom, showing others that many stereotypes are incorrect and to inform them of the truths behind it. Anyways, you seem like a good person and you shouldn't let your past control your future. *hugs and what not* ~ Tempest ~
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    Aww.. I can see you've done a terrible dead back then but it's okay. I made the same mistake too. When I was young I thought these creatures were like angels from above. As I grew up, I disliked them because they were getting too overrated and I saw them everywhere. I decided to abuse them and call them "fake" But in 2015 I changed my ways and became one myself. I still feel guilty for doing what I did.. I know you feel guilty as well but.. Like in the song, she says "I keep falling down, I keep on hitting the ground but I always get up to see what's next" or "I keep on making them everyday, those new mistakes."
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    You are not a bad person! I didn't talked to you that much (chance, to be honest, i wouldn't mind talking to you at all, i would probably like it, in fact!), but from what i've seen, you look and sound like a good person c: It's just that world is dumb, that's all, don't let that to bring you down though!
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    Zootopia is an amazing movie, it gave me so much happiness, like MLP, I have always been a furry, but I did have the same though about bronies, before I watched the show, now I have come to admire this fandom. As a furry I say, don't fret, most of us do not hold grudges, and are quick to forgive, just like Nick forgave Judy and became friends again, you are a fine example of exemplary human honour.
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    Now if only people like Hillary Clinton would finally have similar humility, maturity, remorse, etc.
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    You're awesome, DJ. Everyone makes mistakes. I've made too many in my life. *hugs* You're a great guy. My brother.
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    thats really bad from your mom.. dont let her bully you.. sorry to hear about grandma, rest in peace.. when my grandpa passed away 2 years ago i was feeling so sad too
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    No, not at all. You make the website more fun.
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    I don't know you - but you seem coolies. =)
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    Sorry to hear about your grandmother.. I myself have experienced the pain of loss, with my Grandad passing away earlier this year.. I'm here for you if you need support, just PM me if you wanna talk..
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    I'm so sorry about your nan. "hugs" Don't let your parents bully you. Fight until they leave you alone. Be persistent and don't lose hope. Always be hopeful for a new day. Let them know they can't control you.