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    I want to rant about something that has been bothering me lately: Video game publishers. Companies like Activision, EA, Ubisoft, those guys. The ones that pay for a lot of stuff and make most of the big business decisions. These are also the ones that are usually involved with fucking us over. Trying to ruin gaming bit by bit. I have already explained why Activision is the biggest piece of shit in the group, but they all are bad ot some extent. A perfect case in point for this is the Xbox One backwards compatibility. This feature was HUGE when it was announced in 2015. It was awesome and it is awesome. It is such a fantastic feature that it is now a huge selling point for the One. However, it seems a lot of publishers don't like this feature at all. Many publishers are now deciding to instead 'remaster' their games instead of letting us play the 360 games we already own. Most of these 'remasters' are just straight up ports that have an upscaled resolution and that is it. So these remasters allow a publisher to charge near full price for games that are quite old by this point and force us to purchase the game again to play it on the our new system. You know, the Sony way. All these greedy assholes need to do is give Microsoft the thumbs up to allow their games onto BC and boom, Microsoft can begin making that work. That's it. As well as being greedy, many of these publishers are also insanely stupid. The ones that have done backwards compatibility for their games, they have seen drastic sales increases, like Red Dead Redemption experiencing a sales jump of 6,000%. Yeah, that is a lot of money to make from a game that came out in 2009. So they made a ton of money from a game they had already made and didn't have to do any major work on now and people who already had the game got to play it on their new system for free. Win-win. Apparently other publishers don't give a shit. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not completely against remasters if done right, like how Skyrim Remastered is being highly enhanced and will include all of the DLC, but even with that, they need to give people the damn OPTION. Sure, on PS4, you cannot do this, but on Xbox One? We have backwards compatibility for 360 games, LET US USE IT and stop being greedy pricks. Apparently EA is thinking of remastering the Mass Effect Trilogy even though they already made Mass Effect 1 backwards compatible. So, are we just getting the first one? Why? These big publishers make so much money yet they are so incredibly stupid. The worst offender to this is also Activision by the way. Prototype 'remasters' that ran worse than the 360 versions and Marvel ultimate Alliance ports that offered nothing new and at first did not even include the DLC, until Marvel stepped in and said something. Yay for greed. Rant over. Bleh.
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    I trust everyone's played Monopoly, yes? Good 'cause you'll probably need to know what that's like for this story. So I've done a bit of thinking and, it's been two weeks! Congrats to me for sticking it out for this long. Seriously, content is running short after daily blogging. I feel like Flint Lockwood from the movie "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs". Anyway, after a bit of thinking, I thought about extending my "memories" to "beyond bronyhood". Going where no man has gone before with "Reality Publishing's Tales of Unfortunate Tails +". It's special 'cause it has a plus at the end . So that would kinda be a Season 2? I don't know, I'll probably do one more week of this before thinking about a sequel. To keep it going for a full month, y'know? Let me know if I should divide the series in the comments. Either way, I'll probably try to keep going; these covers are fun to make. Anyway, today's story goes back about 3 weeks, before I started doing all this crazy blogging. I was in my room, minding my business when me mum calls me down to play a game of Monopoly with her. I shrug and, because I'm sick of playing MW3, I go right ahead. Now, my mom is one of those people who have to collect every version of the same thing. So we had about 20 versions of the game, Monopoly. Naturally, because of this, I ask her, "Which version do you want to play, then?" She thinks for a bit, before opening her mouth to say, "Let's play your My Little Ponies one." Now, I really didn't object to this and that wasn't too much of the problem. The real issue was that I'm an avid viewer of the show, thus, I'd be the MLP brainiac in front of my mom, who had only seen a single episode in all her life (Hearts and Hooves Day). I went through it anyway. We set up the game, got the money out and went about 2 times around the board before suddenly realizing just how twisted this whole thing was. We were playing as ponies, walking around, buying structures so we can monopolize Equestria. Therefore, we were buying Equestria and not letting anypony else reside within it because we owned it. I had to explain all the landmarks and pony personas like a wikipedia page and, in the end, I won as Applejack. Kinda makes her solo in "At the Gala" a bit more realistic, huh? Lesson of today is to be frugal. Don't spend your money all in one place unless you land on The Crystal Empire or Canterlot. Then build a few houses on there and you're good to go until your opponent milks you with the brown properties. -RealityPublishing (I would've explained the game a bit more, but you really don't want to read four hours of rolling dice and buying crap. Also, buy the Orange properties. If you want an explanation on that, go buy the Monopoly Companion. [it's a book])
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    Trolls and idiots on Twitter believe being suspended and banned from there violates their freedom of speech. Protip: It doesn't. It isn't a government agency; they have specific rules to follow, and the website has a huge infestation of unchecked hate speech, bullying, and other forms of communication that make others feel unsafe. Twitter can't prosecute you, but they can take your tweeting privileges away as punishment. Twitter must come down harder on bullying and hate speech. Unless Twitter takes control of this bullying culture there, it'll be like Tumblr and slowly die.
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    I wish i didn't have to put a restraining order against my father but he pushed to the edge and i have tried everything to get my dad to listen but failed every time cause he would say i'm lieing or blame my friends for this mess that i'm in I just want a family that would be nicer to me and respect my choices in life that make me happy and i have done so much for my parents and i get nothing in return all i got was grief and suffering and also my only brother wanted to punch me in the face for coming out as gay when I'm transgender and my parents don't believe anything i say anymore it's all pointless to talk to them.
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    A bit of both. Its financial growth has been slow. Other social networks, including Snapchat and Giphy, have become more trendy to use than Tumblr. In addition, customer service is a pile of garbage; abuse runs rampant there unfiltered and tolerated. If staff there turns the other way from this type of behavior, then you'll make people want nothing to do with it.
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    Nah, they are probably going to remaster it and call it 'Ride to Hell Retribution: AAARRRGH!!! Edition'. :3 ALSO: *hugs and kisses* <3 Hope your day is going welly love.
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    Too bad Ride to Hell isn't backwards compatible. ;3
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    9 years? Dang. I normally get free laptops from family members that are already pretty screwed (the computers are) up so they only last a few years before I get a new one from somebody else. I still have my first laptop though which still works and that thing is almost 20 years old!
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    Ouch. Yeah, that'd cause issues. Still, it's pretty good it lasted 9 years. Most computers need to be replaced long before then.
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    Surprisingly, your train of thought echoes mine in places. The mind does weird things when it's stressed. You okay?
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    Don't feel bad for your dad's actions. It's not your fault he chooses to be ignorant. You did the right thing and you shouldn't beat yourself up over it.
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    You made the rational decision in this situation
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    You did what you had to do. I hope it helps improve your father's attitude, or at least that he respects the restraining order, giving you the space you need to live your life. If he violates the restraining order, call the police immediately if he seems angry in any way. I suspect that he might not take it seriously at first, do you need to make sure the restraining order holds.