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    I don't really like Thorax. He seem too wimpy and fragile (but I guess that's the only thing that makes him Thorax), and I thought changelings had a distorted voice when they're not disguised, to distinguish them. I guess he's either changed his voice to fit him or all changelings talk normally, in which case, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I was thinking of making an Abdomen Fan Club in Sugarcube Corner making fun of Thorax but then I realized the mods have to approve the thread, so that wasn't going to go anywhere. But seriously, do you guys want an Abdomen Fan Club? Make our own head-cannon changeling parodying Thorax or something? Thanks.
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    We seriously need a sequel to this episode in which Celestia and Luna join the fun, that's the only way they could possibly top this one! Alrighty, alrighty, alrighty, good afternoon everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! Sorry about being late to getting to this review, just been busy with some things since the episode. Thankfully, this morning's episode is not one which requires a massive review, namely because (1) it was so good, and (2) one need not thoroughly detail every which way in which it was good. Without further ado, let's begin, this is "Dungeons and Discord." Me after this episode: "Was it good for you too?" So before this episode debuted, if you had asked me what I thought was the funniest episode of the season so far, I would have said without a doubt "Saddle Row Review." That has since changed. Oh my goodness, has it ever. "Dungeons and Discord" is easily not just the funniest episode of Season 6 so far, but also one of the funniest episodes of the show ever, made all the more impressive by the fact that it was carried entirely by secondary characters, the closest to a main character being Spike. Honestly, I can't possibly cover every which way in which it was funny, simply because that would be an impossible task. It's a fantastic example of what can be done when (1) the writers are on their A-game, (2) you have a great combination of characters for an episode's purposes, and (3) you have some phenomenal voice actors who simply OWN their roles at this point. The writing, oh goodness, from a comedic stand point it was top notch in every single way. "Saddle Row Review" might be more impressive in its structure, but "Dungeons and Discord" is more impressive in the stunning variety of ways in which it was funny. You had Discord bits, you had Spike bits, you had D&D bits (or should I say, O&O bits), you had Big Mac bits, you had Mane 6 bits, and best of all, tons and tons and TONS of humor referring to the wider world of Equestria, something we're seeing more and more in Discord episodes. From the opening scene, I could tell this was going to be a treat for a couple of reasons. First, John de Lancie was clearly on his A-game here, even in the opener. It's easy to forget that this guy is a world class actor in general, not just a great voice actor, but performances like this remind you of just that. He was given some great material to work with and he owned it every single step of the way. On top of that, the fact that they were willing to go with a joke as crazy as the Opposite Equestria one told me that this was going to be a visually stunning episode, and it most certainly was, there were a RIDICULOUS number of different settings for a 22 minute episode which only helped to enhance the insanity of everything going on. Between this and Celestia-mane cat, I'm not sure which is more terrifying, though I have no doubt they'll both be showing up in my nightmares soon enough... I must say, however, that I simply cannot get enough of sassy Fluttershy and her no-nonsense attitude with Discord I have a theory that AJ is intentionally going out of her way to look as basic as possible because if she didn't, she knows she'd actually be the most attractive pony of the Mane 6! I mean, look at what happened to Trender Hooves, and she wasn't even trying to look good then! Besides that, it was just fun. The lesson was nice enough, and it was nice to see that Discord still has plenty of problems (namely his ego and unwillingness to reach out to others besides Fluttershy and some of her friends), but really, this episode just wanted to cut loose and have a TON of fun. When it comes to Discord, you have to strike a fine balance between his penchant for doing whatever he wants and whatever lesson he's supposed to learn. This episode struck the balance perfectly. It was amusing seeing a game of all things confounding the Lord of Chaos, both its rules and the nature of using one's imagination to bring it to life, not to mention the fact that we learned that Discord has a very limited idea of what it means to spend a night on the town or having fun with the guys (which made for some excellent adult humor as well, such as his list of the rowdiest establishments in Ponyville). It's easy to forget that not only is friendship new for Discord, but his very perspective of the world is different from any other character's considering he can do things that no one else can. Living your whole life like that, it's not surprising he's developed such an ego about himself. Two things I need more of right away: (1) Zoot suit Discord, and (2) 1920s swinger ponies!!! Come on, ya'll know you want to see this quest as much as I do But like I said, overall, this episode was a love letter to two things, (1) D&D, and (2) the idea that the show can sometimes just sit back, relax, and have a downright fun episode without a very serious lesson. In fact, I have literally only one complaint, and it is a super, super tiny one. RD and Pinkie's joining the fun at the end, while harmless enough (and their costumes were pretty awesome) seemed a bit forced, just a tad. I hate to say this, but it almost felt like the writers were VERY quickly trying to hammer in the idea that just because it was a "guy's night" doesn't mean the girls couldn't participate. Look, I know the nature of the show (or at least a big part of it) is to show that there is no single way to define what girls do, but when the show is at its best at doing that, it's when it's not being clumsy about it. Rarity is just great at fashion because that's what she loves, just like RD is great at sports because that's what she loves. This though, it actually felt in a very minor way like the writers were afraid that if they didn't let the girls (or at least some of them) participate in the O&O fun, then they'd be telling people that D&D is just for guys. Again, it's a super minor complaint because it happened for about 2 seconds, but all the same, I just have to say that they never should have worried about that in the first place. Firstly, it was nice actually seeing a guy-centric episode, especially centered around secondary characters, for a change, and definitely helped the episode stand out. Secondly, it just felt unnecessary. Guys have guy nights sometimes no different than girls have girl nights sometimes; you're not sexist if you enjoy doing something like that, that's just the nature of some get-togethers. So like I said, minor complaint, but most of all I just don't think the writers should have worried about it at all; they saw a problem where none existed and through in something really quick to fix a non-existent problem. It would have been neat to see Pinkie and RD in the whole episode, sure, but when they showed up at the last second like that just for what essentially was a promo-shot, it came off as forced. Like I said, THIS EPISODE NEEDS A SEQUEL WITH CELESTIA AND LUNA PRONTO!!! All in all, however, as a comedic episode, this episode was perfection. Great writing, great voice acting, and stunning animation all came together for one of the greatest comedic episodes the show has ever had. I for one can't wait to rewatch it and laugh twice as hard the second time. That's all I've got for you, everypony, this week, until next time this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit* Can we seriously get more of this trio? Please? Also, that's THREE great episodes for Spike this season, HOLY CHEESE!!!
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    Good episode, weird pacing but who cares. I rate it a fedora out of 10.
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    I wish i didn't have to put a restraining order against my father but he pushed to the edge and i have tried everything to get my dad to listen but failed every time cause he would say i'm lieing or blame my friends for this mess that i'm in I just want a family that would be nicer to me and respect my choices in life that make me happy and i have done so much for my parents and i get nothing in return all i got was grief and suffering and also my only brother wanted to punch me in the face for coming out as gay when I'm transgender and my parents don't believe anything i say anymore it's all pointless to talk to them.
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    You're fun to talk to! By the way did you get dissed by someponies on forums and want to make ammends? Or was it "BlueJay" that dissed you and you want to make ammends with? Someponies can be mean! But you're a great person and I don't hate you!
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    I will forever associate it with Angry Joe's stamp of "approval":
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    So I watched The Legend of Korra... ... Anyways, Welcome, one and all, to the season two wrap-up of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! This is it. The final episode before the two-part finale of their second season, "A Canterlot Wedding". Let's see if the lead-in to the conclusion is worthy. Spoilers ahead. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - So this episode ope-wait, shit I forgot to lock my car. *VWARP* *VWARP* Huh. Never expected to see Jesus in Hell....................... So this episode opens up with a kick-ass looking cake that requires the entire main cast plus Big Mac to carry without seeking ruin. Um, here's a good idea: use a wheelbarrow. Wow, a logic fuck-up already and it's only the prologue. Sounds swell. After the title sequence does unspeakably horrible things to me physically that would make it impossible for me to continue to function and therefore write this entry in the first place for the sake of hilarity, we see that Pinkie Pie is taking the cake to Canterlot for a competition, and has subsequently invited her friends along. This cake is pretty complex shit, with all it's meringue and mascarpone madness, which visibly tempts the other five. They all want to lick and gobble down the C. However, some douchebag griffon comes in and claims his eclairs will win the competition instead. Err....I think a quadruple-decker marzipan mascarpone meringue cake takes ten times more effort than something you can buy at Dunkin' Donuts. Perhaps you should griffon the fuck off. Ah, that joke is still classic. Anyways, more assholes bring their contest entries, including Donut Joe with his city of donuts (actually, that one's the most creative, so that would probably win) as well as some stupid mule's chocolate moouse moose. There is a brief bickering battle as the train takes off, and Twilight breaks everything up by suggesting everyone go get a good night's rest for the competition. ... Good night's rest? What the fuck? You're going to Canterlot, right? The ponies can literally walk from Canterlot to Ponyville in a matter of hours as shown in the season two premiere. Hell, you can see the fucking city from Ponyville, why would it take more than 12 hours to get there?! Not even finished with the first act and we're piling up on logic fuck-ups. In the midst of this, Pinkie Pie stays to guard the cake in the event of theft. Guardians of the Delicacy. However, during the night, three mysterious figures cause some trouble for Pinkie Pie. Having her run all the way from one end of the train to the next, leaving the cake unguarded. She even runs into the conductor's room....and doesn't ask them if they saw anything. Seriously, did logic switch off in Equestria for a day?! Alas, several bites are taken of the cake as discovered in the morning. Therefore, it is up to Twilight and Pinkie Pie to investigate this MMMystery and bring whoever's responsible to justice! This is where Pinkie Pie starts accusing the other bakers of doing it. The episode is probably not smart enough to go this route, but with Pinkie Pie's wild accusations, she herself is a reasonable suspect. As the accusations are told through pop culture references I don't care about, we discover that the other bakers' creations have been mutilated as well. This reminds me of the time I went to the carnival when I was four and captured the recession stand clerk......mutilation was the least of his worries. Now that's more like it. Twilight takes over the case, and starts inquiring Pinkie Pie as to what happened last night. The episode references Pinkie Pie being a possible culprit, but Twilight quickly dismisses this as a possibility and it's never brought up again. WHY NOT? Why would you assume Pinkie Pie didn't do this?! Anyways, Twilight starts collecting clues like a creep and inquires the whole story from Pinkie Pie, retracing steps and finding more evidence. After three discoveries, Twilight calls everyone back for the revelation. The first clue was a blue feather, which Pinkie believes came from the griffon. However, Twilight reveals that it was from Rainbow Dash, the element of loyalty. The second clue was a strand of pink hair in the conductor's hat, which Pinkie thought came from Rainbow Dash, but was actually from Fluttershy, the element of kindness. Egh, my point exactly. If she had asked the conductor if he saw anything, this episode would be practically null. Don't you just love when logic is sacrificed for plot convenience? The final nail clue is a stray fake eyelash from local town slut and element of generosity Rarity. It is concluded that all three of them raped Pinkie Pie's cake. What a loyal, kind, and generous thing to do your friend, you plot-induced stupid, out-of-character motherfuckers! "It looked soooo good" my ass. Fuck this fuckin' episode. But you know what? Pinkie Pie forgives them! Why? Who gives a shit! It's not like they betrayed her trust and walked over her ass, that any reasonable person would've told their "friend" to kindly go find a brick wall in a disease-ridden alleyway and use the rocky, bloodstained corners of the buildings as pleasure devices. Of course not! Then we wouldn't have a main cast! Therefore, this episode wouldn't be worth it, now would it?!? But just hold up a minute! Now we have to force in a dickhead moral about not jumping to conclusions and have Pinkie Pie solve the boring mystery of who ate the other baker's goods. Obviously it's the bakers, and everyone apologizes for their dumb shit as Applejack sits in the background serving absolutely no relevance to the plot. In the end, the bakers combine their remaining treats into one and submit it together. Naturally, it wins the competition. What an abomination. Who the fuck would want to eat that? Finally, Pinkie Pie eats the whole cake. The whole cake. And that concludes "MMMystery on the Friendship Express". -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What a load of shit. This episode is devoid of all logic from the get-go. From the very beginning, having everyone haul the goddamned cake by hand and going to extremes instead of doing something much more sensible, to the jump-starter of the story in having the train take all night to travel somewhere that's within viewing distance, and into the mystery's set-up with Pinkie Pie's negligence to expose the conductor, right down to complete ignorance of questioning Pinkie Pie's suspicious behavior, and finally by forcing Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy to the point of out-of-character betrayal only to have Pinkie Pie say, "oh, sure, it's okay that you've wasted my time, money, and effort for your own selfish gain. We're still totally best FRIENDS." Fuckity fuck this fuckin' piece of fuck that is "MMMystery on the Friendship Express". This is episode is even worse than "Secret of My Excess", because that one set up something beyond itself. This one doesn't even do that, which pisses me off even more. I hate when an episode wastes my time, or disappoints me in every aspect, but it really grinds my gears when it does that and it's completely skip-able. This slop-fest is completely deserving of its 2/10 rating, though at the very least it's not as cringe-inducing as "Crusaders of the Lost Fuck-Up" or "Simple Ways". --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm worried. That episode was complete shit, and this is the lead-in to the finale of season two! What if this finale falls flat on its ass? Most of my praise for season two in the past would completely evaporate. I suppose we'll just have to see next week, but just out of curiosity, who penned this royal sack of duck splooge? ..Wh....What?! A.......Amy Keating Rogers?! I....I...thought..... .....s....so.....................Amy Keating Rogers...is a bad writer?! Everything I know is a lie.
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    Too bad Ride to Hell isn't backwards compatible. ;3
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    My mum rang again and I answered and she told me my nan my dads mother pasted away yesterday then yelled at me and blamed my psychologist about the message I sent them on facebook. :( And she said I should get a new psychologist And she thinks the psychologist is trying to make me cut off them