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    I like challenging activities(Osu SC2 DevilDaggers SkullGirls) but I did a wpm (word per minute) reading test first and got 241 with 91% accuracy. Average for computer was something like 200wpm 60% accuracy, but I have alot of practice being meticulous, even if sometimes I misphrase things. My comprehension was high, probably due to reading when I was younger and excessive forum discussion time. So far with speed reading though I end up understanding what I read a second or so after I read it. Then sometimes I accidentally miss a word, but my peripheral vision deciphers what is is now when that happens. I also have enough time to daydream but daydreaming is more movement related sorta like you are producing the movie, instead of watching a movie, so its somewhat more real time, and I might not care to imagine some parts like meticulous details, or read some parts if its going very off on a tangent I don't particularly care about, like a more detailed explanation into what I already understood the first time. The imagination can be inconsistent, but I tend to dwell on the parts I enjoy more, rather than say imagining every lip movement. Also I view it as related to this study http://www.rochester.edu/news/show.php?id=3679I am somewhat busy tho so it might not be the precise article I wanted to share which was comparing it to turn based games which only improve accuracy not accuracy and speed. So I view it like playing speed chess compared to playing chess with no time limits. This means my processing for imagination will be just as accurate but get faster, thus I can cram more imagination per second. Also I didn't think reading would improve decision-making but I was wrong, because I need to choose which parts to imagine and for how long, so its probably the best thing I can do, if it were not for the dry eyes issue.
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    Isn't it hard to speed read though? Are you able to take in all the information you receive from reading every single word so fast?