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    The elites have emotions and can appreciate aesthetically pleasing things, so they presumably prefer good-looking servants to less good-looking servants.
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    I can't even post on Facebook without getting bad comments and all I get is religious comments and comments saying its bad.
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    I lost too many friends this year and i hope next year will not be the same as this year
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    I just got a message from my mum and i'm not happy right now.
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    Wow. What a review. It's almost like The Nostalgia Critic reviewed this movie. Nevertheless, we all do have different likes and dislikes and we all need to respect them. For me, I thought it was a good movie. The real reason why Equestria Girls was made because there was a lot of art featuring the Mane Six as humans. So I think we were the first bunch of ponies who made Equestria Girls.
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    For the heck of it, and because their culture seems to value strict attention to detail, which often goes hand in hand with caring about appearances and presentation. Isn't that a big plot point with Pearl, how she was designed to be pretty and a status symbol?
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    That's why the block button exists.
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    (bro hugs) im still here bro, been really busy but im still here for you ok
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    your brother is still being an ass and your mom is easly confused, don't take it hard from your mom. I et she's more confused then angry or anything like that at you. Its better then drugs or crime or ect. you got this bro keep your head up
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    your brothers an ass ignore him, that or hes probably jelly he dosent have a plushi too
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    I'm sorry to hear your brother did that to you. He shouldn't be doing that to you, telling you off for having a bunny plush and especially in front of your boyfriend like that. I'm here for you, too, my friend.
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    Your brother is a Principality of evil. I'm here for you dude. I'm starting to think that restraining order would have made sense
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    Truly strong individuals don't fear showing their more gentle side only the ignorant and weak believe otherwise
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    That's so unfortunate, people just don't think you have the right to do certain things that don't hurt anyone because it makes them cringe. That's a reality that neither of us seem to like.
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    You will never lose me. *hugs*
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    You're not losing me either, I'm here for you. *hugs*
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    And you're not losing me either. You're a good friend, Mythic Night. *hugs*
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    You're not losing me either my friend
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    I honestly want to say some fairly horrible things about her right now, but for the sake of you I won't. All I can say is, she is entirely, %100 wrong and if she doesn't like this aspect of you, then she can just deal with it. Her religion gives her absolutely no right to hate anyone for being LGBT.
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    Hey, listen. I'm a Christian and I don't think it's wrong. I fully support you and your right to have whatever feelings you want! If you wanna chat, feel free to PM or ask me for my Discord.
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    Horrible. Someone should welcome your mom to 2016 if she won't accept you for who you are.
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    The most important day of the year is upon us once more! ALL HAIL THE ONE TRUE PRINCESS!