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    i dont really remember what i used to do here all that time other than scrolling and waiting for something to happen when in reality there isnt really much that can happen at all i just spend time sitting around posting in topics would be fun but there arent many topics that genuinely interest me anymore. or there are but when i try to say something i cant seem to be able to write sentences that even remotely make any sense my writing ability just isnt on the par on what i would like to say and it frustrates me engaging in meaningful conversation is a long shot since people only respond into topics once and state their opinion and thats it. What i want to do is to provide insight that other people can build on and they can feel that something was really written there and not just another empty post.
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    Honestly I just check my notifications every once in a while and then go back to what I was doing. That's a good part of the reason why after being here for 3 years I only have 305 posts.
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    *think = thing in Jericese
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    RFC is a think ooBrony. I'm all about meaningful discussions, which is why I sometimes toss out questions framed in a more 'philosophical' manner? I agree that the internet and most asynchronous discussions tend to invite opinion dropping, but I would happily engage you in a topic if I saw you post.
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    well oobrony, starting a new conversation is a great way to do that. Also these blogs are a great platform. Also....RFC!!!!! RFC!!!! RFCCCCC
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    I hear ya. I feel the same. Hopefully we shall both reignite the spark.
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    I have had the same problem with most social media I join. I go in thinking I can make friends, get followers, or be more involved in whatever social circles that use it but then I find it isn't easy to just make friends anonymously over the internet even if you share the same fandom; it takes too much commitment to get so much so as a thousand followers for little reward; and if I am not close with someone in the flesh following them on the force known as "the internet" does not make us any closer... and then you just sit there remembering the reason you made the account while aimlessly looking through posts and profiles only to be so annoyed by how futile your attempts to keep using the site is and just stop using it. Sure, you can get into good discussions on certain topics, but you have to wait hours sometimes even weeks until they respond. Sorry about stopping the messages on deviant art, by the way. After a while of not messaging you I sort of got nervous to go back... I just felt like I should return for this entry.
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    You want fame? Could you handle it? What would you enjoy about it? How would your life change? What would you have to do to get there? How much work would you have to do, how much art would you have to do that you want to do, compared to whats popular? Is it worth it? If it is, get on all the social media, and youtube, and be active, and keep producing. And learn to not get down from hate mail or death threats. Learn to handle criticism, especially constructive criticism. And do what you know works, even if others disagree, but make sure it does work and isn't some sort of confirmation bias produced from hopeful thinking. Also, check out how far other artists got with mlp, and take into account the times it happened at. It died down some. And is that the life you would enjoy, then go for it. If you want meaningful and popular art, your style has to be presented well, like translated into that demographic, to try to be true to yourself, and popular. Grains of salt, and give or take.