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    A few months ago, I said I was packing to leave because of the culture of abuse plaguing behind the scenes. I had been preparing to leave, but as the abusive guard left their posts or departed from the site, my plans halted. For the past two weeks, I have been visiting this forum more and more. Today, I'm giving this place one more chance. This place has been an online home for me for far too long, and I'm not gonna jump ship yet. Now, I'm going to repeat what I wrote in that blog here. Poniverse (specifically, much of the old guard), your actions were absolutely reprehensible. They breach fandom and affect real life. To call it an "internal matter" suggests you have something to hide. You were a lawsuit waiting to happen. The lack of transparency makes it impossible for me to trust the administration as a whole. "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me" applies here. Poniverse, even though the old guard's gone, hold yourself accountable, or another exodus will likely happen again. This time, I won't stick around.
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    I am happy you decided to return DQ. Personally, the last month or so has allowed me some unique perspective - to be to look back and be thankful that I came back for the MCM since my wife actually had an opportunity to participate. Here is to good times ahead sir!
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    Hope you find lasting peace of mind here.
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    Whatever your issues with the staff and others and the site were DQ, I do hope you get things sorted out and find peace. Most of all I'm very glad to have you back. Its great to see old members return and your insight adds invaluable flavor to discussions. To good times ahead of us!
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    Welcome back. Sounds like I missed a lot.
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    Trolls and idiots on Twitter believe being suspended and banned from there violates their freedom of speech. Protip: It doesn't. It isn't a government agency; they have specific rules to follow, and the website has a huge infestation of unchecked hate speech, bullying, and other forms of communication that make others feel unsafe. Twitter can't prosecute you, but they can take your tweeting privileges away as punishment. Twitter must come down harder on bullying and hate speech. Unless Twitter takes control of this bullying culture there, it'll be like Tumblr and slowly die.