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    Couldn't agree more. We get like, 3 episodes of her in season 6, with only the finale showing her in a good light and she already is moving up the ranks? It seems very wonky to me.
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    Since we don't know the resolution or moral, I am still optimistic. I can see how they can play this off masterfully, and I hope they do!
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    Except it was confirmed that Twilight won't be doing any outliving.
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    It's hard lose an an animal friend. I',m so sorry.
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    I can agree with this, seeing how MLP may possibly end in the near future. Also, TootsieRoll4Ever made a video on this, and I think you should watch. It doesn't really have a theory, it just talks about how and why it's going to end. I'll leave the link i my next reply.
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    I'm sorry to hear that you lost your best friend and dog and family pet and I know how it feels to loose a pet that has been around for ages *hugs you tightly* and if you need someone to talk to I'm here and also everyone else is too.
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    I would honestly just make a whole new FB account and make posts about stuff that your parents don't agree with on that account. On the current one just post regular stuff that will not anger your parents. Use an alternate name for the other account of course and just keep the two accounts separate. It's the only solution I can really think of since it seems like your parents are dead set on their beleafs.
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    You could try pushing your point across to her even if she doesn't listen there is a chance that if you upset someone's beliefs enough they won't want to argue with you anymore and just give up