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    Note: This contains spoilers for season 7's preview, found here. Read at your own risk. Many users here know that Starlight's one of my favorite characters. To this day, I stand by her reasons for which she eventually became the way she was in Re-Mark, the need to have her become a student rather than be sent to jail, and The Crystalling for being a good start to her arc. However, after The Crystalling, Starlight just didn't have a very good season six. Lots of people were turned off by her and rightfully so. There are three really big problems surrounding Starlight. After The Crystalling, DHX returned to its old habits of writing their season arc when it needed to. Ever since season one, DHX has had one successful season-long arc: Starlight's vie for revenge. Twilight's ascension was marred by a terrible premiere. Season four's key arc has two really bad episodes (Breezies, RF) and a finale marred by the Idiot Ball. You get the drill. But the show was able to get away with it at some capacity, because you didn't need to have half the season be confined to an arc. But season six was the WORST time to return to it. She wasn't merely a secondary character anymore. She became a Mane member. You're adding someone completely new to the wheel. Thus, it's DHX's job to present her as likable, approachable, and (because one of the show's primary demographics is children) a role model to the audience. After Tail, Starlight dropped off the map aside from six episodes, two of them cameos, two the finale. If you don't use her more, then how will you make people care? The last two episodes she starred in painted her in a really bad light. Every Little Thing She Does is clearly inspired by Lesson Zero, but like 28 Pranks Later, it doesn't understand why people loved it it. Most importantly, one piece of detail: how to make her sympathetic. LZ: Before Twilight cast "Want It, Need It" on the CMCs and everyone else in Ponyville, she spiraled out of her control and clearly wasn't in the right mind. She was at her lowest point in the episode (as well as the whole show) up to this point. ELTSD: Starlight was clearly in control of herself and decided to hypnotize her friends — who have no chemistry with SG whatsoever, yet we're supposed to assume they get along — at the first possible outcome. All with a smirk on her face. She performed a tactic usually by antagonists, but we're supposed to see her as the good guy. She didn't get to her lowest point until the end of Act 2. You're NOT going to get people to like her if she appears in episodes far apart AND have her perform villainous tactics in her return. Why? Because to the audience's minds, she comes across as slow to learn and too dangerous to be around with. If she's capable of casting nasty spells in the right mind, what would happen when she's not? And in To Where and Back Again, the audience is supposed to be convinced that she's changed. Unfortunately, the writers tried to convince us she changed through exposition. That won't do. TWaBA relies on the audience to follow season six from beginning to end and wants us to trust it that she redeemed herself. One: Show us that she changed from the very beginning of the episode and move forward. Two: Show us in many previous episodes where she not only evolved, but also where she used her personality strengths to her advantage. A two-part premiere and three self-contained episodes (with only one within a sixteen-episode stretch) won't cut it. Secondly, Starlight's motive to choosing Trixie was out of character. Remember, she chose Trixie because she believed Trixie was a better friend than Twilight. Why's that a problem? SG shares better chemistry with Twilight than Trixie, and despite Twilight being a really awful teacher, the season showed an evolution in their friendship over time. If instead SG chose Trixie because she felt she could get out of her comfort zone, then it would make sense. Why? Because it would show to the audience that Starlight has changed by believing she has the courage of her conviction to expand her horizons. @@Prince Sidon has this in his back pocket: Because John Cena is turning 40 next month and may retire in the near-future, Vince McMahon has been pushing for a new, younger talent. Roman Reigns is who he believes will be that new face. Unfortunately, since The Shield disbanded, he's been marred by a wooden in-ring personality and horrendous booking (including being caught in an overrun heel!authority angle), leading the audience to boo him more than cheer. Since he a damn good wrestler, that's a damn shame. There's a Roman Reigns-like parallel to Starlight. DHX and Hasbro are pushing Starlight on the audience in hoping people will like her. But when you write her as a protagonist really poorly, you won't get people to like her. In contrast, you'll only make people grimace when her name appears. And during a time where she's still really green, that paints an awful first impression on her. And earlier today, a teaser of season seven was released with Twilight "graduating" Starlight. Twilight spent three seasons and then some before she "graduated" into princesshood, but SG may be "graduating" in as little as one season. Clearly, she has a long way to go before she truly understands the value of friendship, so it doesn't make a lick of sense to rush in such a momentous party. Whether season seven's premiere will really be like this or not I don't know, but I feel very hesitant at this point. Obviously, most of us bronies want Starlight to be a really good character. And she can be. The Crystalling was really good at presenting Starlight as sympathetic. But if DHX keeps making very big mistakes with Starlight, then bronies will collectively sneer and cringe at her name or presence, and, in turn, many will skip it. DHX's decision to write Newbie Dash a Rainbow Dash torture porn with an intellectually offensive hazing moral is FIM's biggest stain. If DHX doesn't rebound with Starlight, it'll have another.
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    This is Perry. He was a special member of my family and I miss him every single day. So much joy in my life was because of him. There will never be another like him and nothing will replace him. RIP Perry. (Greatest dog in the world)
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    (Testing the waters here, I originally posted this on my blog, seeing how well my method of thinking is received here xD) I propose we may be losing Luna and Celestia soon, and Twilight and Cadance will assume their roles, thus completing a cycle of life that the world of Equestria has had for eons. How did I come to this conclusion? I'll highlight the elements now: According to all “history” we know of Equestria, Celestia and Luna are “immortal”. Through their teachings, the world molded into one based on cooperation, friendship and understanding. However, during the first few seasons of the show, Twilight is regaled with stories of previous foes Celestia and Luna defeated using the Elements of Harmony together. Two sisters. Together. They defeated all the problems in the entire world whenever they arose, is what we're given as fact. Occasionally we hear of Starswirl the Bearded, but no real evidence save the word of Celestia and Luna who are the only living witnesses of that time. For all we know, Starswirl could be an amalgamation of all those that had bit parts to do during these issues? Stay with me now. IF in fact previously, thousands and thousands of years worth of troubles were always handled by Celestia and Luna... why did that tradition change suddenly? Why did Celestia take on a student that she pushed, trained, and taught to be a princess, eventually turning into an alicorn and becoming the “Princess of Friendship” ? If ALL the problems of the world had previously been solved with no issue, and Luna was indeed back from her banishment, would there need to be ANY reason she'd need to have a student? We hear only of one other student she took that had any real “potential” and that's Sunset Shimmer... ....who went rogue and ran off. She never really talks about what happened, just that she left, and was very upset with Celestia to the point she wanted to return and take the world from her. Keep going now, this gets more interesting. I present as the reason this is all happening is that Celestia and Luna are dying, or need to leave for some reason. She's training her replacements in both Twilight and Cadance. I can postulate a few ideas, but one I've always had since around season 3 was that Luna and Celestia are not terrestrial to the world called Equestria. Before anyone goes rolling their eyes, let’s examine this for a minute: both Luna and Celestia have powers no one else does, not even Twilight or Cadance can match these powers. Furthermore, we have never heard them speak of their past as young or growing up together prior to being the rulers. In fact, the history of Equestria given to us by local lore is that there were three bands of ponies that hated each other, and only out of desperation did joining forces prove fruitful. Not once is Celestia or Luna mentioned in these lessons. For being the only two rulers in Equestria… EVER… you'd think they'd have had a footnote in the history that retold every year on Hearth Warming Eve. Perhaps they are merely explorers from the stars that ended up there, trapped, and decided to make the best of it, shaping the world into a utopia the best they could with what tools they had at hand. Perhaps..just perhaps...they inadvertently affected the flow of nature order there and as penance they both decided to stay and watch over the world out of guilt or honor? I put forward the basic idea of the Caretaker in the Star Trek Voyager series. Whatever the reason… TIME… has grown short. That concept in mind I just gave, I propose the reason we're seeing a sudden change in the way things are (Twilight, Cadance, ect) is that Luna and Celestia are not in fact, immortal. They have very long lifespans compared to others, but still, are in fact, dying. They then know that they have little time before their time in the light passes, and Celestia begins to train replacements for when the time comes they cannot serve in the capacity anymore, rather then let the world die. Perhaps they simply think it's their duty now, after having shaped the world, that they leave it with some level of similar leadership, leadership and lessons they instill in Twilight and Cadance. No doubt, somehow towards the end, Twilight and Cadance will be given longer lifespans via magic, that in turn finishes off Celestia and Luna. A symbolic, final gesture by the twin gods of the world. Now, that all being said, this occurrence would be but part of the circle of life on the world. Maybe… just maybe...this is the way it's always been, in a historical sense.Luna and Celestia... two “sisters” who govern the world and have long life spans could easily… easily be turned into two others that do it. Twilight and Cadance would in fact outlive their friends, leaving them to continue on as Luna and Celestia did. In time, as time does, history would forget things, stories would change as they are passed down, seeing as there's no computer records, in the end, all they have is written word and storytelling. The story, of two “sisters”, who are “immortal” with fantastic powers, who live up to the highest standards of friendship, and expect the world to do just that as well, through their teachings. Teachings that are no doubt bestowed on by various students they both teach. Students that, with each time they teach them, they hope to find what Celestia and Luna found in them: the right person to finally take their place, and let them rest, as did their predecessors. The world would still have it's two rulers, and all the basic texts would be true if read without question for the most part. No one tends to question the past, or makes a point to reiterate the idea that history is really only written by those that survive it. So we come back to this full circle, that closes, when Princess Twilight and Princess Cadance, the two sisters, find their replacements, and bestow upon them the same gift… or curse… that was given to them. Now, if you're still with me, let’s wrap this up in a nice little bow: Most, if not all “animated” movies of series are done for the primary reason to tell a story you cannot or would not be able to tell in the span of a regular episode. The 1986 Transformers movie is a good example, as is the G.I. Joe movie of the same decade… both Hasbro I might add. We've watched as Twilight has ascended her position as the Princess of Friendship, and now, with the help of her friends, she's fleshing out and expanding her exposure from the little town of Ponyville to both sides of the Equestrian Map. Learning the lay of the land, and learning of the different cultures, making contacts, fixing problems, exposing her presence to a population that may not entirely be aware of her, but are aware of Celestia. Now that she's done that, we come to a movie, a movie where no doubt something monumental is supposed to happen, because otherwise, it would have just been another episode. Transformers had the death of Optimus Prime to bring in a new toy line. G.I. Joe has the “death” of Duke (who was in a coma thanks to ADR after the Fallout from Optimus Prime kicked Hasbro in the marketing breadbasket) and now… I propose, as said originally, the My Little Pony Movie… will have the death or departure of Luna and Celestia with Twilight and Cadance taking over their positions, and Starlight and the new characters we're meeting in this latest season, assuming the roles they had. After mulling this over with various fans in a chat, I seem to have most of them interested in the idea being right, some even feared I was right and told me to stop telling them my idea. Either way, I think we're heading towards something we may not be ready for, or wanting: the end of an era in the MLP fandom. Hopefully they'll see an ending as a beginning and give the mature fandom base a bone and make a series geared towards us with the girls, but that would make too much sense Thoughts? Love to hear 'em! Thanks to Rivet Rose, Silver Arrow and iPone for their input and 360 degree feedback during my initial theory crafting session that led to this