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  1. Been doing a ton of thinking lately about myself, how I want to change things up. With that thinking, I have now officially started that! I present to you...Kyoshi Remastered. Looking a bit different eh? More fabulous hair, older, but still cherishing that which I love. And what's that? A Cutie Mark? Yeah, went with something gaming related for that since I have no true talent. Finally something for the rump though. What you all think? I am personally pretty happy with it. There are some bits and pieces I can spruce up but this is the first real vector I have done in a while so, there is that.
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    Have a cute everyone. :3
  3. Ninjas. Ninjas Everywhere @TrotteurFuneste Banned because... @ScruffyTheStallion Banned because Scarface Ninja strikes again. D=
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    Good morning fillies and gentlecolts! The sun is shining, it's a perfect 72 degrees outside, and there's a nice gentle breeze blowing throu- *looks out the window* Wha?!? Rain? 50 degrees and not a breeze to be seen? Pegasi I was counting on you! D: Oh well, there's still a new episode in 40 minutes and with all I have planned it's gonna be a great day, rain or no. Happy Saturday everypony!
  5. I think the real question is "Who wouldn't want to hug her"?
  6. Probably it was posted before, but I don't remember. Anyway- I saw that artwork some time ago and I really like it, for obvious reasons. Would you like to hug her? The Best Gift by blueSpaceling
  7. When Fluttershy mentioned she was going to get a friend in to help with the sanctuary, I totally thought it would be Discord. Like he'd just show up and snap the sanctuary into existence for her. That's what I'd do if I had a nearly God-like Chaos spirit for a friend anyway. Wasn't expecting one of the McColts, that's literally one of the last characters I'd have ever expected to return. Liking the continuity this season. This one didn't have much of a real "Story" to it, it was kind of thin, but man did it show off Fluttershy's development well. She was assertive and firm with what she wanted the whole episode, even though the experts didn't listen to her. It seems all those confidence lessons have really, truly sunken in now. This is one of those episodes that made me feel a strangely real sense of pride for Shy. I liked it.
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    I was intending to sign up here a while back but the thought clearly slipped my mind. I'm "User", a community administrator for the EQD Discord/forums/steam group. Outside of my EQD activities I enjoy traveling to new places, especially conventions and meeting all kinds of new people. Other interests of mine including business, baseball, investing, and typically more "traditional" activities like a good ol baseball game. Only person I'll know from here is probably Tinker so I hope to get to know more of you! Favorite pony is Trixie, followed by Glim glam, Sunset, and Lightning Dust.
  9. drawing MLP characters is alot harder than it should be... so I drew Fluttershy, my second fave, because she´s good at staying in one place. anyway, enjoy the drawing I did. was making 3-4 different backgrounds, but they all sucked, so I let it be transparent. and I know the pose is weird, just go with it -:P
  10. What you are saying are assumptions. If you prepare yourself to hate this episode, of course then you will. But i for myself just see a synopsis as a teaser. a good synopsis can become the worst episode and a bad synopsis can become the best episode, so i don't take a synopsis very seriously. I watch the episode and then i will judge it.
  11. Story wise their interests are changing, so they are growing up. The models are the same height from what I can see, but I could be mistaken. We'll find out next week when Big Jim answers questions about the episode. There are things I loved about the episode, small touches like the last scene with the larger sundaes, Rarity lamenting her career is now an obstacle in keeping up with family, and some dialog snippets. There felt like something was missing here. The moral about growing up and letting go and evolving with the person is great and all, but it wasn't exactly communicated the way it should work, or how it does work. Even though we all grow out of things, we still keep some childhood activities close to our heart. The last scene seemed to reinforce that. The childish elements of the ice cream sundae were kept, but it was just bigger. It seems like the opportunity for a smart curveball was missed. Tastes change as we mature, some are replaced, and some are evolved. What I am glad for is that Sweetie Belle didn't go to the "Rarity you are embarrassing me!" angle. Instead there was a focus on, "I've grown. I'm different. Why don't you know that?" As a parent I can absolutely appreciate that, and especially when a career does make for a reason something falls into your blind spot. A 'not everything changes' line before the last scene would have gone a long way I think. Good episode that I liked, but it didn't stick the landing for me.
  12. Her eyes...!So CUTE!I can't look away!
  13. A gorgeous candy-themed blue and pink dress for a gorgeous pink party pony, I love it! Even the look on her face is beautiful and cute as always, too, with those eyes.
  14. Well, things have changed. If you click on the link, notice how the bottom paragraph's crossed out now. The more I think about it, the bigger the issues surrounding the conflict come up. What helps create an engaging story is not just the conflict in itself, but also the depth of the conflict. When you have both sides being right and wrong, you help create interest for the viewer. Fluttershy is very assertive here, which she should be after the people she hired turned their backs on her. Yet, her and everyone else being in character doesn't make an episode or story good in quality. There are some huge additional problems with the conflict. It's extremely bare, if not nonexistent. Even though the pacing is really slow (which I'll get to), there's almost no tension here. Whatever tension is there is wiped away because the antagonists are one-dimensional, stereotypical, or both. When there's no tension, you tend to feel annoyed or cross at the antagonists if they do something bad just for the sake of it. If you're going to make an antagonist a really big dick, add another vessel to enhance that conflict. Two episodes do this right: Rarity Takes Manhattan and The Main Attraction. In RTM, Suri plagiarized Rarity because she believed that the only way to make it to Manehattan is to take no prisoners. Rarity was visibly shaken and took it out on her friends even though they did nothing wrong. Why? Because she feels psychologically and emotionally betrayed. Rarity's feeling of betrayal and lust to get back at Suri adds depth and tension to the conflict, catapulting when she realizes her friends weren't there and believes her actions cause a fallout. Moreover, there's a small B-plot with a lot of visual storytelling: Coco visibly regretted being involved in Suri's scheme in every scene she was in leading up to the ending. Svengallop is Equestria's biggest jerk, and Applejack has to prove that he's manipulating Rara. But even though he's self-absorbed, he helped her rise to stardom, and Rara gave out valid reasons to believe him and stick with him directly to AJ. It took AJ's stubborn instincts and help from her friends to catch him in the act. Both episodes spend their time developing their conflict from the beginning to the end. That doesn't happen in FLI. She hires ponies to help her develop the sanctuary, and when she isn't looking, they go behind her back, and leave after getting caught a few minutes later. Conflict goes in and out. The pacing is really sluggish. When does the conflict begin? About eight minutes in. Remember, each FIM episode is only 22 minutes long. Beginning the conflict more than one-third of the way through is really late. And it's not like they're stuffing in so much detail in the beginning, either. The story leading up to the conflict is extremely straightforward and took plenty of time preparing itself. When your pacing is that slow, then people are gonna get bored. When people get bored, they may stop, fast-forward, or change the channel. No good episode can dawdle to a sterile conflict. I'm not sure if that truly happened here, but the final product feels over-edited. It's so one-sided when it shouldn't be. Fluttershy is portrayed to be one-hundred percent in the right the entire time, when she should've borne some responsibility for this mess. Fluttershy met them together only once to explain what she wants. Then when she and Hard Hat talk together, they spend no time planning or preparing a blueprint. She gives them her ideas and vague guidelines, and that was that. For Dandy, the same thing with the colors she expects. She doesn't talk a lot about what type of patterns she wants, what type of material she wants, whether the material will be safe for the animals. For Wrangler, Fluttershy could've talked with her about not just the cages, but the size and height to keep them all safe and not worry about them running away prematurely. Fluttershy can work with Wrangler alongside Twilight and even Starlight (and perhaps Sunburst) into creating enclosures that can potentially repel Everfree creatures humanely. If she worked with Hard Hat, Dandy, and Wrangler and took their time conversing with each other, then they could've cooperated with each other better and understood Fluttershy's expectations and standards. This episode feels like it's trying to ride Suited for Success's coattails, this time in the client's point of view instead of the freelancer's. Unfortunately, the primary moral of sticking true to your creative vision even if others try to get in your way doesn't work here. What if Fluttershy has conceptual flaws in her sanctuary? Is everything safe for the animals, and can the sanctuary keep dangerous fantastical animals out? How can you plan it so you have the right measurements, acres, height, and area? Can they test it? Since these animals have some level of sapience in it, and Fluttershy can communicate with them easily, she can ask the animals for advice and be the middlemare to build the best sanctuary possible. There's no such thing as a perfect project. Everything can improve. Because of its shallow, sluggish conflict and Fluttershy's careless mistakes that any responsible client or contractor should pay attention to, the theme and moral they're trying to teach really ring hollow. After sitting back and thinking about the episode, the flaws become more and more exposed. It did many things right, yet has some major issues with the conflict, both in its plausibility and weight. If one of your most important parts of telling a story has major issues, then your whole story begins to collapse. Is Fluttershy Leans In bad? No. But is it good, either? No. It's the weakest episode conflict-wise since AJ's "Day" Off, and I would even say FLI's a little worse. At average, it's the worst episode of the season so far.
  15. Pinks gives you a hug Cute Pinks chases sock
  16. She is all colour styled in Affinity Design, software by Serif. decided to use pattern design to make her stand out more, Challenging fun, every time I see her in the pose it makes me think Daddy little girl/Mommies little girl. I'm new to the software. However loving how simple and easy it is to use and it help my work pop out and stand out a little more. Granted I got a long way to go and a lot to learn. so far how do you like my art style... I'm thinking about ditching Adobe software all together and sticking with Serif software... For my needs Serif software is perfect, No disrespect to those who need or use Adobe software, for me I find it confusing and far to overwhelming at times, Due to my lack of knowledge and understanding it held me back a lot, I know the Adobe software can go over and beyond to help someone achieve their goal to make their art truly stand out, however when you lack understand on how to use the tools, to make it do what you are looking for, it can seriously set you back. Her background and Signature was done in Craft Artist 2 a great software for digital scrap bookers. Thank You for being so kind to read and view her, and Thank You all for the Likes and Replies... Hugs
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    Kidz Bop is fucking dumb.
  18. Perhaps, however a person who takes it too far certainly will not earn as much respect and endearment from others. I sure as hell won't give a person like that a cookie for good composure unless it was said in satire. And as lackluster as some of their work is, they still write better than most people who complain about them, so there's also that. Bitching about writers on that level almost feels as if a person is claiming they could do a better job, to which I say ... lolno you can't.
  19. Banned for being banished by me for the 100th time. o3o
  20. Banned for not showing yourself *boops the shadowy square*
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    Do you like my new dress? by Ms-Rarity
  22. Commission - Shiny Limeyby Helmie-D
  23. Why wouldn't I treat them normal? I mean they would be people of Earth just like every other race here now, to suggest we somehow treat actual humans as inhuman is something that should frankly be left behind in the pages of history. In this fantasy, they would have always been here just like the rest of us I would imagine, so would no longer be strange or unusual.. and just another race and culture of planet Earth that should have the same rights and privileges humans as a whole should have. Also, I know this question is not meant to be taken too seriously and nothing is actually being suggested by it, and that it is more or less meant in good fun.... however it still bugs me after all this planet has been through with slavery, genocide and racial and religious persecution and extermination, and so many of the things we are still going through... that we still get questions asking "what ifs" about situations like these, and then asking if some people or another should be enslaved or eliminated. So many have died in struggles around the world to try and change that way of thinking.
  24. Aww, silly me then. Not sure eh? Yeah, totally. Yep, yep, I know it's made by polish artist. I browsed his gallery some time ago. I also like this one Happy Flutters by blueSpaceling
  25. @Arid_Blitz@Trottermare Galamane I believe I win cutest Sylveon
  26. "yay. Oh I'm sorry. Was I too loud? My mom and dad always said I was the loud one in the house."
  27. Somepony want a wing massage? I'd be glad to assist, love. Love the necklace too...
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    I'm home, gonna lay down for a little.
  29. Amazing artwork Alexshy! For reply I have only this one.
  30. Banned for taking my job, @Sane Marbles you're a genius ! THEY TOUK OUR JOOOOB !
  31. The power of HTML!
  32. "That's no man." It's a misquote.
  33. Is Maud a challenger to the great StarTrix? Or maybe...hmmm... http://uotapo.deviantart.com/art/RIVAL-678880115
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