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  1. This is a digital picture I made in the program GIMP of Pinkie Pie looking delightfully at a pink delicious cupcake with hearts on it, illuminated by a spotlight. I hope you enjoy and feel free to offer any thoughts you might have.
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    Hey there. I'm typically sporadic in my activity on forums, so I may be here a bunch and then ghost or lurk for a while (depends on what I'm up to!) I'm excited to see where the future seasons of FiM journey to, really liking S7 so far. Anyway, nice to meet everyone!
  3. DHX did a concept that could've gone so wrong in such a hurry, but not only did they do the concept well. It far exceeded my expectations. Best episode of the season so far!
  4. Okay, i will say that i really like this episode and i can really see where Rainbow Dash is coming from, because i sometimes also feel embarassed about my parents. Every normal parent only wants the best for their child and they do everything to cheer them on. For their child it might be a bit embarassing but they and sometimes this might blow over, like we saw rainbow screaming at her parents. We all feel sometimes angry because of our parents behavior, until we realize how much we actually mean to them and Rainbow realizes that and nowadays, i appreciate my parents more then ever, eventhough i felt embarassed sometimes. This was a really funny and adorable episode.
  5. I like to have my new pony once a week. It allows me to digest the last episode (think about it, talk about it, search for images related to it, etc) and have something to look forward to every week. But with the early Canada release, I have to be looking out for spoilers like never before, keep getting confused as to which episode we're on in the US and I feel like the fandom's divided into people who watch the show early and the people who don't, so we're not all on the same page. Thoughts? Agreements? Disagreements?
  6. Been doing a ton of thinking lately about myself, how I want to change things up. With that thinking, I have now officially started that! I present to you...Kyoshi Remastered. Looking a bit different eh? More fabulous hair, older, but still cherishing that which I love. And what's that? A Cutie Mark? Yeah, went with something gaming related for that since I have no true talent. Finally something for the rump though. What you all think? I am personally pretty happy with it. There are some bits and pieces I can spruce up but this is the first real vector I have done in a while so, there is that.
  7. I've been a fan since some time mid-late 2012 and have already used this site but I stopped using it and just remembered about, had some issues signing in so I decided to make a new account and meet new people im glad to be back and I hope I can make some new friends derpy best pone
  8. Dash's dad admitting he installed the door-opening music by himself is the best joke of the season so far. XD
  9. Best episode of the season, so far, by far. Firstly, Rainbow's parents, really liked them a lot. Even when they were at their maximum overload of enthusiasm they never exactly annoyed me or anything. Scootaloo was also perfect here. Seeing her devotion, those wonderful faces, worked out well and she made a good fit with the parents and we got a simple, but surefire reason why Rainbow never told them. Even the overall moral was great as it was kinda two morals in one. Also seeing Scoots take a picture of everything for her book was kinda hilarious. Seriously, she put a friggin' sandwich and a diaper in her book report. That, is dedication. I find it kinda hilarious that Cheerilee pointed out the moldy sandwich and not the diaper. XD So yeah, simply put, this episode was what I hoped it would be and even more, thanks to Scootaloo being so good. I do feel bad for her because, well, as others have said, this episode pretty much confirms that she is an orphan, which is something I was surprised to see. I don't think they could have made this episode any better if they tried their hardest because it was so top-tier. 10/10 from me, easily.
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    Welcome to the forum... enjoy your stay here among us.
  11. Your monitor is so dirty. Let me help you! And maybe this picture?
  12. I hate when people throw stuff on the ground, when there's a trashcan no more than ten feet away!
  13. @ScruffyTheStallion @The Cerberus @Mickey Adaptus @Lyra Feri All your Avatars are 10/10!
  14. Near-100% show-accuracy, as well as a pleasing watercolor look. Double-win for you.
  15. I feel the same way. I was originally not going to watch the early releases, but I know they exist and I can't help myself. Just wish they'd stop airing these early episodes in Canada and just go back to normal. I hate how everything is divided like this.
  16. Okay, Scootaloo's happy screaming when seeing Dash's parents could be irritating to some ears. But WHY is it also so CUTE?! WHY-H-H-HY?! */Rarity whine*
  17. Humor + Parents + Realistic conflict + Scootaloo focus + Rainbow Dash development = Fucking great episode Really hope he writes more episodes this season.
  18. Holy shit a stealth duet episode with Scootaloo, this episode is fucking hilarious so far
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    That animation sequence is great, haha! Thanks for the warm welcome, everypony
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    Hello Meeps and welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy all this place has to offer. If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to send me a message anytime.
  22. Havent had internet for a few weeks so didnt have the opportunity to post my favorite Pinkies!
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    Hey guys

    I was intending to sign up here a while back but the thought clearly slipped my mind. I'm "User", a community administrator for the EQD Discord/forums/steam group. Outside of my EQD activities I enjoy traveling to new places, especially conventions and meeting all kinds of new people. Other interests of mine including business, baseball, investing, and typically more "traditional" activities like a good ol baseball game. Only person I'll know from here is probably Tinker so I hope to get to know more of you! Favorite pony is Trixie, followed by Glim glam, Sunset, and Lightning Dust.
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    you all are awesome Brohoof!!!! /)
  25. The only reason guards appear like a bunch of incompetent idiots in combat is because the only time we ever really see them fight is against a super powerful force.
  26. I keep going back and forth on how to say what I feel about this episode. I have popped in here about six times now. I was watching this episode with the kids. I was enjoying the hell out of Scootaloo's interactions with RD's parents. Dad made the door joke. My oldest kid said, "That's so you dad." I chuckled. A few minutes later, I hear my youngest say, "Oh wow." I glanced at her, already aware what had happened. She had tears in her eyes. I saw it too. There were shades of her mother in Windy Whistles. Then the parents started supporting Scootaloo. It was at this point that how I look at the episode changed on a dime. I can't objectively rate it. I've tried. The kids and I saw many echoes of our own family dynamic, albeit over the top versions. Including the fact my late wife and I have been the supportive parental figures for my daughter's best friend since her parents ... well ... suck hard. This was a highly personal episode for each of us. I expected to look at this episode through my own filter, but not like this. As it stands it is my favorite one of the season. It may be in my top five overall. It definitely had the strongest emotional reaction. GG Pony Show.
  27. Rainbow Dash's blowup at her parents is Putting Your Hoof Down's notorious berating scene done correctly. PYHD: Fluttershy went after Rarity's and Pinkie's passions and reasons for living with a cruel-looking face. The way she said it and HOW she said gives the implication that Fluttershy was very deliberate in cutting into them very deep. PG: Here, Rainbow Dash blew up, because Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistle went overboard, and she was at her limit. While what she said was absolutely wrong, her reasons were understandable. In addition, Rainbow Dash immediately regretted what she said and wanted to make things right.
  28. The release is early from your (the USA) perspective. I think it's the normal Canadian release of a partially Canadian show. Naming nuances aside, I personally don't mind 2 episodes a week, considering the fact that I watched the first 4 seasons digesting 3-4 episodes a day. The only possible drawback I see here - a little less attention to every single episode from the artists and analytics. For those who prefer watching one episode per week, I can say: spoilers are not a huge problem, MLP is a family cartoon, not a detective/mystery movie. As long as quality of the show is good, spoilers can't ruin it.
  29. The KING is glorious here! http://eosphorite.deviantart.com/art/Babscon-2017-King-Sombra-Origins-677700914
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    Fun Fact - Parental Glidance aired the same day as Newbie Dash
  31. Mane 6 can't be developed, they said. There is nothing left to tell, they said. Where are your comments now Starlight fanfoals? It's not just the character, it's the pen.
  32. That is so cute Love the style too. Great job!
  33. doesn't matter to me. I like watching ponies quicker. And though the season may end quicker, there's lots of fanstuff to hold us over in between seasons. Its not as if you can't go back and rewatch the previous episode, t look out for things you might've missed the first time watching it, or to change your opinion about something in the episode, after a week's time. The only downside might be spoilers, for those only wanting one episode a week, but just stay off pony sites. Easy enough.
  34. Right there with you on that. This new format will make the season go by too quickly. They clearly are wanting to get things ready for the film but Ifeel this isn't the best way to do it.
  35. Alright, if there was one nitpick, I guess RD's parents can be a bit too much, but otherwise that was fucking amazing, especially considering it had a new writer Nah, I think her parents are just neglectful. Lauren Faust said her parents have "high demanding jobs" and are just never around. Then Big Jim more or less confirmed it UPDATE: To say the new writer has a good track record is an understatement http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2624720/
  36. Banned for eating me. That's what you get.
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    Good morning everypony! I'm still excited after the Kentucky Derby yesterday. We had a contest at work, everyone in the company drew out a horse at random and there's a prize for the winner. I won!
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    I love being able to sleep in~. uwu
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    Good morning everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! Well today I have good news and bad news. The good news is that this review shouldn't be all that long, but the bad news is it probably won't be that long because I thought this episode overall was just... eh, OK. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't amazing either, and I've seen far better episodes before about Fluttershy becoming more assertive or gaining confidence. But let's not go over all of that here, instead, let's dive on into the full review itself, this is "Fluttershy Leans In." So last week's episode, "Rock Solid Friendship's," biggest flaw was Pinkie Pie with a ton of OOC behavior, and while that was a BIG problem, the episode as a whole was still very likable. This episode, while it didn't have such a glaring flaw, had a bigger issue with the episode as a whole that brought it down to being just an OK episode: a contrived conflict. Now it wasn't the need for an animal sanctuary that was the problem, uh-uh, but rather the issues that arose on the way there. Frankly, it just felt entirely unnecessary that the three "experts" that the Mane 6 recommended to Fluttershy to bring in to help build her dream animal sanctuary be brought in in the first place; the only one of them who had any kind of expertise with animals in the first place was Wrangler, but even her talent for animal enclosures and herding had virtually nothing to do with building an animal sanctuary. Hard Hat it should have been pretty clear only knew how to construct buildings and nothing else, and it seems like a landscaper or exterior designer of some kind would have been a far better choice to help than him. And finally I have no idea what Dandy Grandeur was even doing there; it's not that the animal sanctuary didn't end up having interior "structures" or features of some kind, but I have no idea why Fluttershy or Rarity would have thought a guy who clearly seemed to know nothing but high end interior design would have anything worthwhile to contribute to an animal sanctuary project. So when Fluttershy got mad at all three of them, I really didn't find myself getting mad at them either; if anything, Fluttershy kind of came off as douchey when she did because she just shouldn't have let them get involved in the first place. Wrangler, Hard Hat, and Dandy Grandeur at one point before anything even began all seemed to know they didn't know what they were doing in this project, when they shared very nervous glances with one another. But they tried to help anyway because they were happy to help a friend of Applejack, Pinkie Pie, or Rarity, respectively, so it's not like there was any malicious intent behind their buck ups, they just shouldn't have been brought in to help at all in the first place. Frankly the Mane 6 deserved more of Fluttershy's ire than these new ponies did; the new supporting characters largely didn't know Fluttershy at all and were just doing what they knew how to do best, so technically as far as what they're good at, they were putting their best hoof forward. The Mane 6, on the other hoof, kind of seemed to dump off helping Fluttershy on these three, and not only did that lead to all of these issues, but it was completely unnecessary and avoidable in the first place. The Mane 6 when they work all together are more than capable of tackling a project like this, and as the episode ended up showing, in the end, that's all that was needed. Fluttershy had a clear vision of what she wanted, and all they needed to do was follow her lead and give her the manpower she needed to bring it to life. It was gratifying when we got to see Fluttershy lecture the other five at the end when they almost pulled the same crap that Wrangler, Hard Hat, and Dandy Grandeur did, but really she should have been even angrier at them. I mean, she left things off with those other three badly, and for all we know they might be on bad terms with Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity too now, and once again, this was all avoidable if the Mane 6 had just offered to help Fluttershy instead themselves in the first place! So overall, I just really didn't buy into the primary conflict in this episode. It was contrived and completely avoidable, it's only purpose was to force Fluttershy to be more assertive (which she has done plenty of already in past seasons and in far better episodes that taught such a lesson far more effectively), and it felt forced to the point that I just didn't feel like picking sides like the episode wanted me to. So as I said earlier, while Pinkie Pie was REALLY bad last week, I honestly felt like the contrived conflict that affected this entire episode brought this episode down far more than Pinkie did in last week's episode. Eheheheheh, ya sure ya want us getting involved? I mean, just so you know, we may not know anything about what you want us helping you out with, but OK, if you insist that this plot goes where it will inevitably go if we stay involved, fine, we'll play along until it blows up in your face. Also, can we please get more of Wrangler at least? I don't know why, but I just really dug her design, the colors, the clothes, it all just worked for me. Other than a really contrived and forced conflict, the rest of the episode was largely harmless. Besides how her assertive moments felt forced and needless, Fluttershy was very sweet and I really thought the best trait of hers on display in this episode was her kindness and how that translated into a beautiful dream becoming a reality. My biggest takeaway was that her kindness, her love for all her animal friends, was what kept driving her, even when things got difficult, to finally make her dream of building an animal sanctuary a reality, and it was great seeing those simple, basic elements of Fluttershy on full display here. Also it was pretty hilarious that it was her fault that all these animals were overrunning Dr. Fauna's clinic in the first place because she just couldn't help but recommend her to all her animal friends that she met all over Equestria. Talk about word-of-mouth getting out of control. Dr. Fauna was actually quite delightful, and like Nurse Redheart a couple of episodes ago, it was really nice seeing her in such an expanded role so unexpectedly. She didn't contribute to the problem at all, in fact like I said it was really Fluttershy's fault that she had too many patients to handle in the first place, and she clearly loved animals about as much as Fluttershy did, it's just her expertise was more directly about animal health itself rather than their overall care like Fluttershy's is. In fact, as far as new elements in this episode go, I'd say she was my favorite one; I know she wasn't a new character, but it was just nice seeing the writers so positively utilizing a supporting character in Ponyville when so often the Mane 6's problems either revolve around themselves or supporting characters are just there for comedic gags. This time the Mane 6 helped make a permanent change to Ponyville that benefited the entire town, and one resident of Ponyville in particular, because she and her animal patients needed their help and intervention. I honestly wish we saw more often the Mane 6 helping out Ponyville residents like that as part of their episode lessons, it'd just be a nice, simple way to get more of the entire town involved in their adventures. The return of Big Daddy McColt was quite a bit of fun as well, (though it did beg the question even more as to why Fluttershy didn't just bring him in in the first place since she knew he had expertise that could actually aid her in this endeavor, thereby further undermining the contrived conflict of this episode, but I digress), and it was great to see him paying the help that Fluttershy and Twilight had given him and his family in the first place forward with kindness of his own. So kudos DHX on both Dr. Fauna and Big Daddy McColt, this is exactly how you should be handling supporting characters in the show and involving them in it! Now that's a brohoof I never thought I'd see in this show The animals throughout the episode were pretty cute overall. I did get quite a laugh out of Angle Bunny hurting himself in, of all things, a bucking parkour accident, and even better still being a rotten bastard to everyone afterwards. I shouldn't be so happy about this, but I am... ...and that is why. Most of the animals in Dr. Fauna's office were cute, but two things did bug me. First, that bear was a cheap, knockoff Harry the Bear and had nowhere close to the amount of swagger that Harry does; he was just a freeloading bum in Dr. Fauna's office and when you have a great bear like Harry already, why even both introducing another one when you know he'll be nowhere near as awesome as Harry is? I mean, seriously, get a load of this bum! You ain't Harry, ya cheap knockoff!!! Second, the giraffe was cute in design, but her presence there was very confusing to me. Equestria is a world where we know that a number of animals are sapient; cows can talk and seem to have their own communities, or to even live among ponies (we've seen them buying stuff in Ponyville before but also seen them in dairy farms, but perhaps that's what they do as their jobs), and even sheep, despite being herd animals, can talk (though we haven't really seen that since Season 1, possibly because the writers don't want to raise anymore uncomfortable questions with it by even bringing them up again). I was wrong earlier that giraffes are related to horses, they actually really aren't, but nonetheless I kind of always thought that if they were ever introduced, giraffes would be sapient animals too. Heck, this giraffe's head resembled a pony's (at least by the show's own animation) so closely (she even had eyes like a ponies with the typical eyelashes they use to denote a female character) that it was downright bizarre not hearing this character talk. So I guess giraffes are just "animals-animals" by Equestrian standards now, but I still find that bizarre. Heck, I don't even know what to think about goats anymore; when we first saw them, sure, they didn't talk, but they were clearly assisting Iron Will with his show, which included running electronics and stage equipment, and yet since then we've seen them treated more and more like they too are "animals-animals" in this world. I guess my bottom line is that in this episode, Equestrian biology and how the animal kingdom works in Equestria just got even more confusing for me. I am so confused! Ah well, at least this episode had a super adorable sloth in it! Sloths make everything better, always, like, not even joking, they just do. And her name was Lola, too!!! Uh, Fluttershy, you, uh, you got something on your leg, there... Finally, while I did have my beef with the Mane 6 as far as the overall conflict goes, besides that they were fine. They really should have just helped Fluttershy build her animal sanctuary in the first place, but they made up for it in the end at least, and it's not like their hearts were ever in the wrong spot. I did think some of the "emotional" moments they had when Fluttershy was describing her dream were a bit forced (like, we get it, you love Fluttershy, but you don't have to be on the brink of tears just because she has an awesome dream and is super cute describing it), but overall this was one of their first group episodes (at least in some parts) this season, and I'm always happy to see them all working together towards something as a group, even if it was only for some of this episode. As I've said throughout this review, the animal sanctuary was a really cool idea and it was really neat seeing Fluttershy make such a cool dream a reality. But as a whole, this episode was just OK; there wasn't really anything infuriating about it, but too much of it was too forced and needless for me to really care about this episode either. I guess in that respect I'm OK with how Pinkie was in last week's episode since, even though I hated parts of it, I at least cared about her performance. I will always take something I care about, whether I love it or hate it, over something I'm just plain apathetic about. Still, an OK episode is still one worth checking out, and this one is definitely worth checking out for Fluttershy and her awesome animal sanctuary alone. That's all I've got for ya'll this week everypony; next week my review may be a little late since I'm visiting my girlfriend on Saturday when we both take a trip to Lansing, but I promise to get it up as soon as I can. Until next time, everypony, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit* I have no idea how I missed this face during the episode, but this face is AMAZING!
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    dude welcome, your awesome HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  41. Banned because I need 1 more Brohoof before 9:00PM! Thanks @Sane Marbles!
  42. Beautiful in almost every style.
  43. Banned because I need a break from this thread.
  44. Rogue One? Never seeen both tbh How many championship titles does Jimmie Johnson have? (I'm probably the only person in here who asks NASCAR questions)
  45. I think my reputaion is pretty good. Maybe a little childish but a lot of ponies seem to like my art!
  46. Well, things have changed. If you click on the link, notice how the bottom paragraph's crossed out now. The more I think about it, the bigger the issues surrounding the conflict come up. What helps create an engaging story is not just the conflict in itself, but also the depth of the conflict. When you have both sides being right and wrong, you help create interest for the viewer. Fluttershy is very assertive here, which she should be after the people she hired turned their backs on her. Yet, her and everyone else being in character doesn't make an episode or story good in quality. There are some huge additional problems with the conflict. It's extremely bare, if not nonexistent. Even though the pacing is really slow (which I'll get to), there's almost no tension here. Whatever tension is there is wiped away because the antagonists are one-dimensional, stereotypical, or both. When there's no tension, you tend to feel annoyed or cross at the antagonists if they do something bad just for the sake of it. If you're going to make an antagonist a really big dick, add another vessel to enhance that conflict. Two episodes do this right: Rarity Takes Manhattan and The Main Attraction. In RTM, Suri plagiarized Rarity because she believed that the only way to make it to Manehattan is to take no prisoners. Rarity was visibly shaken and took it out on her friends even though they did nothing wrong. Why? Because she feels psychologically and emotionally betrayed. Rarity's feeling of betrayal and lust to get back at Suri adds depth and tension to the conflict, catapulting when she realizes her friends weren't there and believes her actions cause a fallout. Moreover, there's a small B-plot with a lot of visual storytelling: Coco visibly regretted being involved in Suri's scheme in every scene she was in leading up to the ending. Svengallop is Equestria's biggest jerk, and Applejack has to prove that he's manipulating Rara. But even though he's self-absorbed, he helped her rise to stardom, and Rara gave out valid reasons to believe him and stick with him directly to AJ. It took AJ's stubborn instincts and help from her friends to catch him in the act. Both episodes spend their time developing their conflict from the beginning to the end. That doesn't happen in FLI. She hires ponies to help her develop the sanctuary, and when she isn't looking, they go behind her back, and leave after getting caught a few minutes later. Conflict goes in and out. The pacing is really sluggish. When does the conflict begin? About eight minutes in. Remember, each FIM episode is only 22 minutes long. Beginning the conflict more than one-third of the way through is really late. And it's not like they're stuffing in so much detail in the beginning, either. The story leading up to the conflict is extremely straightforward and took plenty of time preparing itself. When your pacing is that slow, then people are gonna get bored. When people get bored, they may stop, fast-forward, or change the channel. No good episode can dawdle to a sterile conflict. I'm not sure if that truly happened here, but the final product feels over-edited. It's so one-sided when it shouldn't be. Fluttershy is portrayed to be one-hundred percent in the right the entire time, when she should've borne some responsibility for this mess. Fluttershy met them together only once to explain what she wants. Then when she and Hard Hat talk together, they spend no time planning or preparing a blueprint. She gives them her ideas and vague guidelines, and that was that. For Dandy, the same thing with the colors she expects. She doesn't talk a lot about what type of patterns she wants, what type of material she wants, whether the material will be safe for the animals. For Wrangler, Fluttershy could've talked with her about not just the cages, but the size and height to keep them all safe and not worry about them running away prematurely. Fluttershy can work with Wrangler alongside Twilight and even Starlight (and perhaps Sunburst) into creating enclosures that can potentially repel Everfree creatures humanely. If she worked with Hard Hat, Dandy, and Wrangler and took their time conversing with each other, then they could've cooperated with each other better and understood Fluttershy's expectations and standards. This episode feels like it's trying to ride Suited for Success's coattails, this time in the client's point of view instead of the freelancer's. Unfortunately, the primary moral of sticking true to your creative vision even if others try to get in your way doesn't work here. What if Fluttershy has conceptual flaws in her sanctuary? Is everything safe for the animals, and can the sanctuary keep dangerous fantastical animals out? How can you plan it so you have the right measurements, acres, height, and area? Can they test it? Since these animals have some level of sapience in it, and Fluttershy can communicate with them easily, she can ask the animals for advice and be the middlemare to build the best sanctuary possible. There's no such thing as a perfect project. Everything can improve. Because of its shallow, sluggish conflict and Fluttershy's careless mistakes that any responsible client or contractor should pay attention to, the theme and moral they're trying to teach really ring hollow. After sitting back and thinking about the episode, the flaws become more and more exposed. It did many things right, yet has some major issues with the conflict, both in its plausibility and weight. If one of your most important parts of telling a story has major issues, then your whole story begins to collapse. Is Fluttershy Leans In bad? No. But is it good, either? No. It's the weakest episode conflict-wise since AJ's "Day" Off, and I would even say FLI's a little worse. At average, it's the worst episode of the season so far.