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    Have a happy and safe 4th of July! Don't forget to keep your pets indoors during the fireworks.
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  3. Happy 4th of July, America! Happy 241st birthday and I hope you all have a great day today! I made a special picture to celebrate the day of Applejack standing proudly with the American flag waving right beside her and an eagle soaring through the sky. I hope you enjoy this picture and feel free to offer any thoughts you might have.
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    Good morning, everypony!!! A very Happy 4th of July to all of my fellow U.S. bronies! HAPPY BIRTHDAY USA!!! On this Independence Day, don't forget, Luna wants YOU to join the Poniverse Summerpalooza Fimfic Contest!!! Learn more here and sign up by joining Poniverse Fimfiction: Awesomest Fimfiction Group in all of Equestria
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    Hello Peeps, busy day today, wish me luck! Tank of the Day! T-90 looking awesome!
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    Happy National Hot Dog month, everyone
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    I'm off to volunteering now, see you all later. ^^
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    Never expected it in this sort of version, but i take it.
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    Oooo, new banner day! Very nice too!
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    What kind of pony merchandise does every-pony have? As for me, I've got these:
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    Good Morning fellow creatures.
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    Going to bed, Goodnight.
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    I believe today is the day we celebrate Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum defeating space aliens. Am I right about this?
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    Remember folks, regardless if you're Democrat, Republican, whatever, and even if we have an orange oompa loompa in office, we're all Americans through and through. No need to be ashamed of such. We can get through anything. And keep in mind, Americans have it better than a lot of other countries, so he grateful.
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    I made a new Comic dub recently. Check it out and tell me what you think
  18. Fluttershy isn't feeling very well. Fluttersickby DocWario
  19. Here's one from my dA Watch Although how cute and adorable is this picture?
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  21. The show has changed me a lot to! It's not only set my life goal of creating the ponies but it's changed my mindset into a powerful computer like file network. I can now control and edit things my own personality at will now and that's exactly what I do if I make a mistake at something. I know I've become a being of great potential now and it's about time somebody like me came into existence to save the world!
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    1000 BROHOOFS AYYYY, thanks so much, everyone <3
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    Bad Day, Bad Day. Go out on a walk, find a rusted old Fidget Spinner and, of all things, a discarded Pipe Wrench. I figure I oughtta do the right thing and turn it in. After some half hour of walking in 80 plus degree summer heat and swinging around a yard long pipe wrench, trying to whistle and appear non-threatening, I fail at finding the parks n' rec peoples that's supposed to be running the festivities. Three hours I spent out there! EVERYTHING in the town shuts down because of some stupid Independance day! Even the POLICE STATION! I'M SURPRISED THEY DON'T OPEN UP THE JAIL DOORS FOR A FREE FOR ALL! Guess murder is a-okay today since the cops don't care to be around! I blame this Fidget Spinner! It has cursed me with it's equal & simultaneous amounts of both Fidgetting AND Spinning! An Unholy Matrimony if ever I saw one! I'm angry! Mad! Really cheesed! I need to go sit in front of a dull, repetitive video game now! Augh!
  24. Alright. we can snuggle. But no funny business... that look in your eye... kinda questionable.
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    As of today I have officially graduated from school.
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    Thinking about live streaming some art around 2ish
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    Can't sleep, such an annoyance.
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    That banner looks Awesome!
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    My fellow Americans, have a happy 4th of July.
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    Good morning my friends
  31. Hmm... okay, this time I thought through it. There's no way I can mess up this time. All I have to do is slowly, ever so slowly... lower these VR glasses over her eyes... *finally gets VR Headset on Celestia* There we go. Now, I should be safe to do whatever I plea *gets hit with magic and disintegrates*
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    Goodnight all. And HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!! to all of my friends in the US.
  33. Probably one of the main reasons people like the show is that the ponies would make society on earth perfect if they lived along with us. That's why I'm a brony and I've already got plans to actually create the ponies from MLP in the future!
  34. I have autism! Well, specifically Asperger's. It's kind of a blessing and a curse in a lot of ways. On one hoof I find it very hard to be social and I'm very socially awkward, and on the other hoof I perform very well academically and can quickly learn a lot about any subject that interests me. I'm not sure if I would want to be "cured" or whatever. But help with my social issues is always appreciated. It's not surprising that this show has a lot of autistic fans. It is basically a show which teaches prosocial morals which are easy to understand. The fact that the characters are animals, they're very expressive and their interests are well-defined also probably explains the hype. I don't really care if people want to call bronies autistic. I try not to let it bother me. It's pretty mean to use ableist insults, and those people probably aren't worth my time. With any luck, calling things you don't like autistic will go out of style just like calling everything "gay" or "retarded" past the 2000s.
  35. Banned for not offering pictures of an alternative chef in replacement of Gordan Ramsay. For example, David Chang. Here is a picture of him preparing his most used ingredient, chicken.
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    hElLo eVeRyPoNy wElCoMe tO mY pRoFiLe
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    You'd never say, "It's just cancer, get over it." so why do some say the same for depression.
  39. Banned for not letting me express my feelings and being too COLD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH COMEDY
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    *flops over and purrs* OwO
  41. Twilight Sparkle comforts Spike after he has a scary dream. Nightmaresby dSana
  42. I'm a little hesitant about this one, it might be too shocking for some, c: even though I'm all about tanks.. I also like planes to an alsmost equal extent.