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    I'm feeling better now. My friend, @ShadowDash13 gathered these pictures of Spike and Thorax to represent our friendship. We both agreed that I'm Spike and he's Thorax, due to our situations. Also, I want to thank @Kyoshi for giving me the perfect banner of my OCs.
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    Hello Ponies, hope you have a good day! Tank of the day! Magach 6
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    Me right now after classes:
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    You know what's sad? It took me 2 years to figure out what to do in Link's Awakening when you first enter the Mysterious Forest XD
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  7. I am Pastafarian. All hail the Flying Spaghetti Monster!!!!!!
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    not the biggest fan of this song but check out this animation ¦D
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    Krunkest tune back in the day:
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    Being hypnosnekpone is great. You can boop anyone, without them complaining under a trance. :3
  11. Sounds like all of you were trying to ban me at once! You're all banned for that!
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    Me in the middle of the day... I couldn't fall asleep last night and that's what happens... Pretty much ironic, heh...
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    I don't know about you ponies but I'm sicced for Star Wars Battlefront 2.
  14. I agree. Amending Fences is still an awesome Twilight Sparkle episode, though, IMO.
  15. I Don't Like to Sleep Alone... Sunset by The-Butcher-X
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    So, ahhhh... when I said I'd have that Applejack pic ready by tuesday... Well, its hard for me to get on things, you know. Making headway and swore i'd dedicate today to it, but i'm making headway at least. It'll be a while yet, to be sure.
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    Getting a custom-made chocolate cheesecake from a friend at my dad's job. Judging by how awesome his grape cheesecake and one or two others were. I'm expecting I won't end up disappointed.
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    @ShadowDash13, this one's for you.
  19. Sorry to be that person, but atheism is not a religion. Atheism is not a religion anymore than the term theism is. Anyway, I am an atheist and do not practice any religions. Never found any reason to. Church was so boring when I was a child, and now when I go to someone's church service it is unnerving to me. Not all churches, of course! But to be blunt, I just can't believe in or follow that stuff, it's just so contradictory to each and every facet of reality as I've seen it.
  20. The Toys"R"Us Facebook has posted a short clip from the MLP movie.
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    Hoo~~* I don't know what it is. I just love eating Braeburn. ...apples. Specifically that too. I had heard somewhere's that it is entirely possible to eat the whole of an apple. So that's what I've been doing is training myself to just swallow Braeburn seed. Still a bit of a gag reflex there, but it's well worth it. Braeburns are just somehow both meaty, sweet & juicy at the same time. There's just nothing quite as filling as eating Braeburn. Sure the juice kinda spills all over me a little bit each time, but I like to think I get more seed in me than on me, hah-hah! ...What? I just really, really love eating so much. I'm like this with all my favorite foods!
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    Life is like IKEA furniture. Sometimes you have to take it apart so you can put it back together the right way
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  24. @Mirage77 Banned for convincing me I was wrong to question my choice in avatar. @Hierok Banned for being faster than me.
  25. @HierokBanned cuz Trixie deserves the whole of your avatar. @Sparklefan1234 Banned for even thinking of removing cute blonde for all of us to enjoy.
  26. Banned for not having Rapunzel cuddling Twilight as your avatar.
  27. @Hierok Banned for making me want to put Twilight Sparkle back as my avatar...Maybe.
  28. Banned for having not one pony in your avatar. You only got a... beautiful... young... ... ... Go on.
  29. @Hierok Bannned for having multiple ponies in your avatar.
  30. banned for accusing me of being a tattle tale when its true xD
  31. @Lucky Bolt Banned for being a tattletale. @Mirage77 Banned for dancing.
  32. @WiiGuy2014 Banned for making your Birthday a BIG DEAL. (happy birthday )
  33. Varying levels of Want by GrapheneDraws
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    Good Meowring fellow creatures.
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    When our hope, sounds our trumpets And our pride, charges for’ I’ll be left here, crying softly At the grave of my family I mourn One by one the seats were emptied, And one by one they went away; After the family has parted, Will we be complete one day?Will the circle be unbrokenGlory and strife, live and die?Is a better home awaitingIn the sky far from my side? -Will The Circle Be Unbroken / The Pacifist's War Cry
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    Wonder how many people there are out there who like Sunset Shimmer as much as me. As a side note, uggghh... my plushie did NOT show up today.
  37. Punishing Starlight would be a really stupid decision by the writers. She regretted the decision right off the bat and was punishing herself in her nightmare to the point of needing rescue. To hammer in MORE punishment adds salt into the wound.
  38. I don't practice any religion or worship any God... though I do believe in the afterlife. I try to keep my distance from the church and religious people, I don't like some of the things they consider sinful and I'm tired of being told I'm gonna go to hell.
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  40. Banned for calling me out for not making enough references.
  41. @ScruffyTheStallion Banned for finding my reference funny!
  42. Banned because, I confused you. @ShadowDash13 Banned for having a two toned mane.
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    This is the single greatest O.C. I have ever seen. Someone make a fanfic based on them already.
  44. Banned for assuming my age. As if assuming my gender wasn't bad enough.
  45. Banned for not making ENOUGH references