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  1. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has given many of us years of entertainment, laughs, tears, friends, and memories. This project will be our way of saying thank you to the show staff, Hasbro, and even the characters. This project will be compiled into three categories. General Thank You (Video or Audio) - A simple statement of you saying "Thank You" Responding to a Prompt - There will be several questions or prompts that you can create a video to reply to. Dear <Insert Character> Letters - This is a text entry of you writing to a character on the show in the same style as how Twilight would write to Celestia. Here you can talk about what the character means to you or thank them for teaching you something. These text files can be uploaded as an audio file or you can opt to have an individual on staff read them for inclusion. https://mlpforums.com/event-team/thank-you-project/ Above is the submission system for videos, audio, and letters. You may do one or all three. Around the airing of the finale a final edited video of all of these submissions will be posted here, submitted to EqD, and also sent to show staff directly as I have a few on DM. This is your thanks to say thank you, and maybe tell them how the show changes your life. Below are several prompts that will help you if you decide to make a video file. If you decided audio, please submit your OC as well so that there is a visual to go along with your voice. Please try and submit clean audio only as it is hard to hear you if you are talking into a potato. Video / Audio questions How did you discover Friendship is Magic? What does being in the fandom mean to you? Have you made friends do to the show and community that came from it? What is your favorite memory of the show? What is your favorite memory of the fandom? If you could shake the hand of any of the creative team behind My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, who would it be? Favorite character / Best Pony Favorite Episode Favorite Song Favorite Lesson Finally for those that record an audio or video reply, please end with a short statement of thanks. It can be general, to a part of the DHX team, or to a specific staff/crew. If a question doesn’t apply there isn’t a need to answer it.
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    So, quick update just before I take myself off to bed. From this moment onward, until around mid-to-late June, I'm not going to be around very often. Tomorrow, my GCSE's begin, and while I typically take a very laid-back approach to exams, tests, school in general, these are the most important school anything, that I have ever endeavored in my entire life, up to this point. Bottom line, as much as hate to admit it, I HAVE to revise from now on. I HAVE to bring my A-game, get a good night of sleep, focus my spare time to my education as much as I possibly can. So, I'm sorry in advance. This is somewhat of a temporary goodbye. I may pop in whenever I see an opportunity to do so, but please don't expect anything that major. So, before I make my departure, please take these complimentary boops and cuddles, hopefully enough to make up for the lack of them in the near future. With that in mind: Boops (AND) Cuddles for @Rainy_days, @Sparklefan1234, @Foxy Socks, @Lunalicious Alexshy, @goofyg65, @Fluttershy Friend, @Mickey Adaptus, @Sketchy Tune, @Holiday Agnaktor, @Leere, @CypherHoof, @CrystalBloodMoon, @SolarFlare13, @Larrydog, @Barpy, @meck-can-ik pony, @Rikifive, @DashYoshi, @ChB, @Cyralicious, @Baymax, @Nightfall Gloam, @MiragetheChangeling, @Midnight Blaze 98, @SoberStarlight, @TigerGeekGuy, @Lore Finder, @TBD, Scoffer of TBA, @Duality, @SparklingSwirls, @iNachos10, @Wannabrony, @Prospekt, @Azul Maya, @Valencia, @Flutterstep, @Sherbert Music-Guard, Scoffer of Shortbread, @Nye, @ZethaPonderer, @Alexshy, @Techno Universal, @PoisonClaw, @luftschloss, @Summer Breeze, @Pvt. Cerberus, @Connie, @Nature Tune, @ultrairongorilla, @ShinGoji, @ShootingStar159, @Hierok, @WiiGuy2014, @TheRockARooster, @Faulty Circuit, @UltimateGhost3, @Alpakachii, @Kyoshi, @Cherry-Pie, @Chrysalis14, @Dreambiscuit, @Drunk Not I Am, @Frostcrystal, @Ganondorf8, @Lunar Echo, @Mlppotterwhoovian, @Mirage, @Silent, @King of Canterlot, @Yoye Wolfgrel, @Arid_Blitz, @Mesmelicious Rize, @kimba90, @Zachary, @CHA0SXIII, @ThunderCrush, @Gabosor, @Deae Rising Shine~, @Titans08Mariota, @Sylvester, @RainbowDashPrincess, @Morose, @meme, @We_R_VeNoM, @cuteycindyhoney, @Gone Airbourne, @Jonny Music, @Johnny1226, @Misty Shimmer, @Denim&Venom, @Snake Eater, @Vintjack Greasymane, @Olly, @Dark Horse, @Sherem, @Sunset Rose, @IronM17, @Panzy, Scoffer of Rings, @Simcity11100, @SkyPie, @DasCapschen, @Tempest Feri, @Tao, @Catsle, @NightmareLuna1996, @Penguinbrony2409, @Divine plywood, @Frostgage, @Yumekai, @Kitty_Cat, @Jeric, @Rhythm Red, @Kronos the Revenant, @Trotteur Sauvage, @Snake Eater, @A.V., @Lucky Bolt, @shadowwarp940, @Cyclone 1066, @strongwilled_pegasus, @Momento Mori, @LPS MLP, @Dark Qiviut, @Sylveon, @Captain Clark, @The Shyest One, @princess celestia2, @Recherche, @Widdershins, @Tacodidra, @Moondancer is best, @Matraxial Artemis, @marc trainfan, @Rising Dusk, @Butterscotch Pony and a true, true friend, @The_Gobo. (Boops and cuddles TOGETHER?! Revelution, I know.) So, with that out of the way, goodbye and goodnight everypony. Trust me, in the time that we are apart, I will miss you all greatly. I have treasured the moments that I have had here in the last year or so, and I am so looking forward to our next encounter, in a time not so long from now.
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    @Alphabet Soup, @Anti-Villain, @applesjck, @Arc Flash, @Astral Vision, @Bastian, @Blivy, @Cagey, @Cash In, @CatCat, @ChB, @Crimson storm, @Crosswind, @Dark Horse, @Darksword66, @dashie2020, @Deae Rising Shine~, @Derpy Pon-3, @DivinePony1000, @DJ Wolfe, @Dreambiscuit, @Dynamo Pad, @Emerald Heart, @EpicEnergy, @EquesWrestlingEnt, @EtherealSpectre, @flutterJackdash, @IronM17, @J.T., @Lil'Cinnamon, @Lord Valtasar, @Meemfestivefox, @Mellow Mane, @Mirage, @Misscellanio, @Muffinnz, @Nsxile, @Operetta, @Pastel-chan, @Phosphor, @Prospekt, @Randimaxis, @RaraLover, @Regal Shadow, @Rikifive, @Rising Dusk, @Samurai Equine, @Serenity Sunbeam, @SolarFlare13, @Sparklefan1234, @Splashee, @StarrySkyDash, @Stone Cold Steve Tuna, @strongwilled_pegasus, @Tacodidra, @TBD, @TheRockARooster, @Totally Nyx, @Treeglow Flicker, @Troblems, @Windy Breeze, @Zero You guys are awesome and I hope you know that! I enjoy reading your posts and receiving your comments, it makes it a very welcoming community. I know operetta isn't there anymore but they welcomed me here very fast. Rara & Taco & Nyx.. damn you guys gave me lotsa brohoofs Blivy & Ducky I love being around you
  4. We have always been protective of those who post in there, so now is a good time to remind everyone what it is for and what it isn’t for. This is going to be one of those times that staff are going to be accused of being draconian or promoting some sort of political movement nonsense. Let me get right out in front of that now. No matter how strongly you disagree with how we have run that section, no matter how wrong you feel we are, it isn’t changing. This isn’t a negotiable part of MLPF. In short, we are 100% comfortabe with how we approach Life Advice. Don’t life that? Ignore the section then. Now that that is out of the way There are three general reasons people would use Life Advice 1. Mental well being help. Basically someone is feeling lost afraid or needs someone to talk to and are comfortable doing so in public. It isn’t a place to say you will commit suicide, but it can be a place to say that you struggle with that. No, no one on staff is a Licensed Mental Health worker, and most times we can and do point you to resources to help. The community is likely not equipped to help you with serious mental health issues. What we can do is listen, be supportive, and be friendly. Remember those three words. 2. Venting. Usually people just want to get something off their chest and it is too personal to do so in a blog. Life Advice topics do not show up in search or on the index or on google. It is a protected forum for this very reason. It has been for many many years. Venting doesn’t mean that the person wants a reply. Just getting something out in public can be cathartic and a stress release. It is not and has never been an invitation to challenge the persons view point. Listen, be supportive, be friendly. It is NOT a debate section. If someone’s vent is related to personal opinions that you disagree with, you don’t have a pass to rebut them there. We have dozens of forums on MLPF where you can strongly disagree with a viewpoint. This isn’t one of them. Don’t like it? I really don’t know what to tell you. 3. General adulting and Advice. Say you are dealing with something that isn’t a mental health issue but you need advice. Major selection, telling a friend you are gay, how to adult, remove pests from your house, etc. Advice. Easy. You can post general “How do I adult” topics here too. And people can offer advice, and even counter suggestions. What you shouldn’t do when you reply to this area is engage a responder in a full on debate on why his advice is wrong. You are here to talk to the OP. Keep that in mind. Listen, be supportive, be friendly. It simply comes down to this — if you have nothing nice to say — stay out. Alternatively there is this amazing feature called Messages that allows you to engage someone directly instead of publicly. If you honestly feel that the person needs a direct and honest opinion, maybe try that route. After all you came there to help right? So a personal one-on-one with that approach is far better than a self-serving public reply that feeds into the general psychology of “I wanna be seen as smart and right”. If you are honestly trying to help, go offline. Final comment on this before I post and lock this topic (this isn’t up for debate) ... if you genuinely see advice someone is giving in there that is dangerous or harmful by all means report it. Like I said, we heavily monitor that forum, and I personally read every post. That said a well thought out report could make us see where a post is not that helpful. That’t about it. Be good to each other guys.
  5. October 3, 2011 .... less than a year after launch of the show ... a young man named Kurtiss and Feld0 launches this site. It’s easy to take things for granted, but if not for these wild eyed enthusiasts seeing a need for a forum based community in those early days of the fandom, a few lives would be different. Maybe not for most users, but for a few. With the show wrapping up this month, I think now is a good time to take a step back and consider how far you’ve come as individuals. Have you met any friends here? Had a fun time or two? Won a couple of tense debates? What were some of your favorite moments on here? Most of you know my own story by now, so I won’t make this about me. I do want you to also raise a glass to a user that is no longer here that you want to remember. This site was built on the words and personalities of many people who have left over the years. Some fell away from the site, some were hit my the life bus, some passed on. Take a second or two to remember those individuals today, those are whose voices still echo in these halls even today. Raise a cider to them and smile that there were once a part of this ridiculous yet fantastic group of nutcases
  6. Alright everyponyone it's our turn to provide water for cloudsdale again this year, but many ponies are on vacation during summer, so i decided to recruit you all on these forums, we have about 700 wingpower with those that remain here, so we'll need you to provide the extra 100 minimum, if you have no wings, don't worry, Twilight has developed a device that who knows how it works, but it lets you do it, so let's do this! , i'm counting on you after we're done, free pillows for everyone who helped so they can rest after a day's hard work (that pillow will be on badge form, good luck)
  7. To celebrate the 7th birthday of MLPForums, we will be holding a casual voice chat party on our Poniverse Discord server. No grand plans, just a bunch of friends and fellow bronies hanging out and talking about the history of MLPF through wonderfully frosty rose tinted glasses. We never tried this sort of thing before, so I have no idea how chaotic it will be, but here's hoping for some fun memories. Where - Poniverse Discord When - October 3rd, 2018 6:00 PM EST till ???? Who - You! Hopefully.
  8. These are now posted and can be read by clicking on the Guidelines link in the menu bar. Most of the rules are the same, we just simplified them. You still cannot be an asshat to other users, asking for or giving our links for illegal downloads, NSFW, shitposting, plagerizing art, posting links to eBay, slurs, and the like. We've added and condensed some things too. Making similar topics because you are on a tirade against a specific whatever will now be treated is spam. Explicitly stated is something that was never done before in text. Don't treat our staff like garbage. We aren't going to count your characters in a post, but we can address a trend of short text content and such as low quality, spammy, junk. Basically the biggest rule here is don't be an ass to others. Also, if you are doing something that is just plain annoying and not covered by rules (spoiling episodes, screamers, css breaking text, going batshit crazy with text colors), we can tell you to chill or knock it off. That's about it. It won't take you more than a minute or two to read the rules. Each section that has it's own subset of rules will have an separate easy to see post and page will similarly simplistic language. Also, points previously fell off a little at a time. Now all points assessed during a warning will drop off after 90 days. The Future Coming down the line are several changes that don't have to do with rules. More events. Updated rank badges. and Fan Club posts will count toward postcount (again) while returning to its original purpose of friendly fan-centric discussion of a specific character. Banner submissions will be simplified. Roleplay and Octavia's Hall will undergo some streamlining with OH gaining a focus on learning, Awards will be implemented for using MLPF in new ways, the character database and sheets will updated, a new database for FanFics, and a lot more. It's going to a busy year as we take this community and bring it closer. We may be smaller than we were a few years ago, but with that comes opportunities to evolve MLPF to become a greater nexus of friendship. Pony on!
  9. Community, This will be short, but expect a long well thought out post from me later this weekend. As you all know we received final confirmation that Season 9 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will be its last season. It’s been a ride of amazing moments for a lot of us. Two things I need to mention - this community will go on. We are smaller and more quaint these days, but I’ve come to know, respect, and enjoy you all — yes even the ones that give me heartburn. We will go on. We will evolve as needed. Secondly, this last season will be our chance to do some things on here to tip our hat to the creators and each other for everything this show has meant over the years. The memories. The friends. The heartache and the blessings. I have had ideas in my nursery since I came back to staff. Pay attention to the Throne Room. For those that have no anxiety with video and audio clips get ready. And all of you get your OC’s prepared. We will Brony On.
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    I know you are pretty down atm. But no matter how hostile everything seems to be, you will always have a place, and this place is here. Even if you don't think anypony cares about you, we do. The MLPF community. We want you to have a happy life. Don't give up, even if it isn't easy. We believe you can be happy, too! I won't give up on you either. Just a short list of ponies that care about you, and I can assure you this is far from being complete: @Partialgeek514 @Cash In @shyabetes3939 @Tacodidra @Rikifive @DivineGlow1000 @Crosswind @Raririsu @Crimson storm @Fluttershy Friend @Twilight Luna @Sparklefan1234 @Ice Cube Magick mix @OptimisticNeighsayer @Phosphor @TwilySparky @Mellow Mane @Deae Rising Shine~ @DivineGlow1000 @DJ_Vinyl.Scratch_3 @Egg-3 @EpicEnergy @Ethan Tran @EvilMarioDragon123 @Gone Airbourne @Jeric @Kevin Tang @Leonhart150 @Lord Midnight Madness @Luna's Admirer @MidnightDawn @Prospekt @qwerE @shyabetes3939 @Sherbert MGS @Snowflurry @Stinky Pinkie @TheRockARooster @Tylad @PiratePony
  11. Making Christmas Merrier VI I never get tired of telling this story. Back in 2011 a status update from a well meaning user caught the eye of the Great @Feld0. This user wanted to leverage the generosity and charity of the Brony fandom and the holidays and do some sort of fundraiser. Well the staff at the time did just that. The MCM was born. Over the five previous years the Making Christmas Merrier charity fundraiser has evolved. The staff continues to find new creative ways to embarrass ourselves for the good of others. We've worn cosplay, sung, had rap battles, read for you, been banned, had pies shoved in our faces, all for charity. Welp, the crazy continues. Making Christmas Merrier is returning on November 24th to run through Christmas Eve. We will have a $2000.00 goal with the proceeds benefiting the British Columbia Children's Hospital. Many of you are new so you haven't yet experienced this sort of event. The launch post with go into a lot of detail such as how to donate and so forth, but in general there will be a series of stretch goals that have perks and prizes as we meet them. As we reach $50 as a community, something new unlocks. $100 something new unlocks. Some will be giveaways that benefit donors, some will trigger polls and events like forcing a staffer to singe a pony song, and other amusing (and hilarious) tasks. Some will open benefits for all users. Ranks, badges, emotes, reactions, holiday parties on Discord Chat, embarrassing follies, marathons, and more await us this year. Some users will actually be able to volunteer along with staff to receive the love of the community. I hope you all like pie! So ... see you after Turkey Day.
  12. Good afternoon everypony. I have an announcement to make! It is with great pride that I bring to you all today, the grand opening of the Golden Oaks Library! (psst...click the image) The library will be the home base for an ongoing event that the ponies of Poniverse will be hosting. For this event, ponies of the library will read their favorite stories aloud to others in a show of great community fellowship. The library used to be my cozy home, so it would bring me great pride to see this become a success. See you all there!
  13. Well, my nickname is Dadmin 2018 was a rather interesting and somewhat experimental year for MLPF. We decided to leverage additional staff, new tools, and a smaller community to make some minor and major changes to this place. We introduced Events and an entire team to manage them. We took the World Cup to a much larger and longer year long event, we launched a pilot program for fanfiction readings, regular art contests, set up a few community voice chats, pushed the reaction system to something that keeps it fresh and fun, streamlined some rules, and brought back the annual charity event known as Making Christmas Merrier. Many old staffers returned to the forum and jumped back on staff. Names like Artemis, Chaotic Discord, Passion, Ody, and even myself came on-board again along with a few new faces . Basically, 2018 has been a busy year with a LOT of new things. I said experimental earlier in this post for a reason. We learned a lot during these little pilots, and some of them will be tweaked as we move through 2019. I wanted to give the community a peek at what to expect in 2019. First things first, we have to wrap up the MCM and conclude the World Cup. Expect the World Cup to resume in a week. After that the full launch of Golden Oaks Library will hit with a new initiative that will include pre-recorded stories, comic book readings, and user submitted readings. The long awaited Roleplay rework will start rolling out, simplifying things, and making it more approachable for new users, while adding some cool features for those that want a more in-depth experience. The badge system will be fully opened in a new way, having special badges for exploring the site and interacting with each other in new ways. Fanfic contests, banner submissions, and ranks will also be redone. You can also expect that we will have some BronyCon related fun coming your way for those than can't attend, and some nifty community related projects that I'm conjuring in my head at the moment. What we begun in 2018 was an effort to try and add the community feel back in this forum. We will continue that approach to managing this, our little home away from him. Administration is also going to be looking at reviewing SOME old bans and try to initiate a dialog with these old users and see if they are interested in rejoining the community. People change, and we should recognize that. We have changed over the years too, and who knows ... maybe we will get to welcome back a few familiar faces. Here's to a productive and exciting 2019 of Pony!
  14. That vague title should be perfect enough to suck in everyone. So this will be unlike a lot of announcements on changes to how we manage a rule. We aren't looking for feedback here. This only really impacts a handful of people anyway. In the past we have gone back and forth on reactions because some use them to poke another user needlessly. We used to have a "crazy" reactions but that was basically used to react to people others didn't like. The main people who complained then were those who actually made it an issue. Since then the laugh reaction started to be used in its stead. If someone posts something you disagree with, it is usually a good idea to not use the reactions to make your point. Use the reply feature instead. Or do what every other internet user does and think to yourself how smart you are in comparison. And yes, before people start going, "But how do you know what I was feeling?" ... it takes a few clicks to easily figure that out since your history with the individual is fairly public, as is your views on the subject matter. That line of reasoning didn't work when you were 10, and it doesn't work here. It's common sense. If you were face to face at a protest, you wearing a Biden shirt, and the other guy was wearing a MAGA hat but had a funny sign, you wouldn't just walk up to him and laugh in his face and expect him to know you were laughing at the sign. Same concept here. I trust that I don't need to walk you, the reader, how to use the forum to say, "Okay I disagree with everything you said, but that crack about Biden actually made me laugh." I'm going to have the laugh reaction put back. Most people use it for the intended purpose. I'm done penalizing the community because of a few people. If you are one of those individuals and you continue to use the reactions as a stand-in for a down vote, it will be considered abuse. However, instead of a warning, you will likely get a reminder from staff in your inbox to stop. If you do it again, you will find that your ability to give and receive reactions will be removed until you commit to using them as intended. Note that emoticons and reactions are NOT the same. I'm not going to really get on someone who is actually passive aggressive about some things and uses emotes along with text. This isn't a call to action for the sensitive types here to report people they don't like for using reactions and emotes. If I have to jump through logical hoops to see the same thing you see, it certainly isn't something that needs staff to be involved in. Okay, I think that is it.
  15. I have to offer an apology. I have been on vacation visiting family. My intent was to try and run both the noir event and dedicate time to my sister ands her kids. I was unable to manage both within time. The grayscale was perhaps the most important element of revealing the final clues, however due to quite a few complaints that it has outstayed its welcome, and as I am not going to ignore family for an event, I have postponed the Noir event until I can better regroup, though at this point it may be best to simply call it a failed experiment. So, color has returned. Going forward events like this that require Administration support with special knowledge will not go forward unless 100% effort can be given.
  16. Well, how time flies! This "oldbie" has been on the MLPF since mid-season 2 in 2012. During that time, I became one of the loudest haters of EQG (tho it's apathy instead of hate these days for this spinoff), Fame & Misfortune, Princess Spike, and the EQG Holiday Special comic, and then one of the loudest supporters of Season 8, Starlight (plus her reformation), FIM's post-S4 direction, and Shadow Play. During that time, I became a prolific FIM reviewer. Whereas the reviewer/analysis community here shrunk, I stuck around, refined my craft, gained better understanding of some episodes I was more cynical towards (i.e., Look Before You Sleep), and shed my more negative, caustic shell despite writing an occasional negative review still. During my time, I gained quite a few friends, and at BronyCon this year, many of those same people I met face to face IRL. Folks such as @~C. Discord~ and @Creamy Arty I met before, but @Dark Horse, @Egg-3, @Jedishy, @PathfinderCS, @skysweep, @Jer, @Troblems, @Spooky Brony 42, @Denim&Venom, @Dynamo Pad, @Senko, @BornAgainBrony, @Soren Peregrine, and (the Man!) @Randimaxis I met for the first time. ( @Nas, I think we met before, but I don't fully recall now; either way, you're really cool. ) I wanna give a big shoutout to some of those who I don't see too often anymore on here, but are all awesome people: @Nyactis Mewcis Catlum, @MLPFanatic34, @Captain Clark, @Wind Chaser, @Nuke87654, @Guest90210, @Miles, @DryGuy84 (Inactive), @DND, @Batbrony, @TailsIsNotAlone, @Wingnut, @Gone Airbourne, @Dolphanatic, @Captain Whirlwind, @Eloquence, @Cleverclover, @Hibiki Kuze, and @Querch. And I wanna give another big shoutout to a bunch of other great friends in this forum: @Mesme Rize, @ShadOBabe, @Tacodidra, @Sparklefan1234, @Cash In, @Cwanky, @ChB, @Renegade the Unicorn, @PoisonClaw, @VG_Addict, @ggg-2, @Snow, @Meemayfox, @TheRockARooster, @Wolf Guide, @Nightmare Recherche, @Twilight Luna, @Kyoshi, @Bas, @Phosphor, @Anti-Villain, @Passion, @Fhaolan, @strongwilled_pegasus, @TheAnimationFanatic, @Buttonmash1973, @Sunny Fox, @Ganondox, @Frostgage, @Music Chart Fan, @Justin_Case001, @Lightwing, @Odyssey, @KH7672, @Lambdadelta, @Alexshy, @Adamgreen (happy birthday! ), @Truffles, @OptimisticNeighsayer, @Dark Rider, and @Angus Delaney. I apologize for missing some folks. It's been a fun seven and a half years since joining here. I intend to stay. Happy 8th birthday, MLPF!
  17. We will be reorganizing several forums with the intention of making things cleaner. In the past we had more users and it required far more subforums. This is what we will be attempting to do Put Pony Section First - We are a Pony focused board. Pony needs to be much higher in the grand scheme of things. Archiving old Cons and old Events - Old conventions and old events that have their own forum will be tucked away in their own Archive Category. For recurring events like World Cup and MCM new forums will be created each year. Review of OH and RP .... these are specialty areas and one is in active rebranding now. We basically want to preserve the focus on these and still give them high visibility. That said, some reorganization and emphasis is needed here. Canterlot will be found lower on the index page but any new announcements like this one will be posted on the front page. This will be unlocked for a time to gather some feedback. Welcome Plaza was moved into the Pony Section so that it is the first forum you can access. Canterlot Team will still "own" management of it.
  18. I wanna hug and brohoof @Averie Aurelia @Rainbowfan45 @Tacodidra @Tylad @DivineGuard1000 @Nsxile @TBD @Lucky Bolt @Twilight Luna @Dynamo Pad @TheRockARooster @lyrabetes3939 @Phosphor @Partialgeek514 @Mellow Mane @Rising Dusk @R.D.Dash @Sondash Studios @FalconBrony @TigerGeekGuy @strongwilled_pegasus @Regal Shadow @Prospekt @Dawn-Sunlight @Totally Lyra @Flutterstep @Ember Crescent @SpongeBobsLittlePony @Arc Flash @THRILLSEEKER @Sherbert MGS @Lord Midnight Madness @Unimportant Pony @FlareGun45 @TheAnimationFanatic @Splashee @Deae Rising Shine~ @Ragland Tiger @Treeglow Flicker @Maya-san 🌹 @imawesome @Cash In @Iam @Outnick @Renegade the Unicorn @DashYoshi @Monado_Dash @OptimisticNeighsayer @Celli @Cwanky @Photon Jet @Jeric @EpicEnergy @Bakugou Is My Man ❤ @Rikifive @TheTaZe @ChB @TrixFan @Will Guide
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  20. Do to a rash of trolls in the last month, from a handful of repeat offenders, we have temporarily limited new accounts until they reach the 5 post threshold. Blank Flanks will not be able to send PM's, upload attachments, create status updates, and edit their profile until they have met the five post minimum to be promoted to Muffin. As things quiet down we hope to be able to relax these restrictions going forward. For those that are experienced users who have never reached 5 posts, now is a good time to engage the community in other areas. 5 posts is rather insignificant so it shouldn't be that difficult of a change.
  21. Since we opened shop here back in October on 2011, MLPF had a general mission of connecting fans to discuss ponies in a less caustic and more friendly environment. Like most communities that last any reasonable amount of time, MLPF evolved. As the months became years we never lost sight of our mission, however, we did find ourselves falling into a trap. As unique situations with the community presented themselves to staff, we would address the problem and more often than not, create a new line in our FAQ or community guidelines to address that unique problem going forward. The intent what to have something in writing to point our users to so that rules can be clarified and understood. There is an inherent flaw in this honest endeavor though. For one it makes the rule book more expansive and so massive that it is no longer serves a practical purpose. A simple one page common sense document has a tendency to grow into a wall of text in which the casual user cannot be reasonably expected to read them all. Also equally important is the fragmentation of the rules. You have the community guidelines, dozens of FAQ entries, and rules for specific forums. Heck we even have thread specific rules. While some specific rules for areas like Debate Symposium and Octavia's Hall are important, there is an opportunity to streamline how they are communicated. Another unfortunate effect of the dense overly-wordy rule book is that it creates this illusion that Administration is bound by the text of the guidelines. Smug statements of, "this or that isn't listed in the rules therefore I did not break the rules", become more and more common. Let us clear that misconception up so we don't have that muddy the water. Administration are stewards of the community. We look at the big picture. Our general rule -- the most important one -- is that we should encourage behavior that supports the mission of a friendly and enjoyable community, while discouraging behavior that detracts from that enjoyment. This is why Administration will act on topics and posts that might not violate a rule, but are obviously annoying for the rest of the community. In short, staff are masters of the rules, and not the other way around. Then there is the worst element of a rule book that is overly long. It can stop common sense fun around the site even when the initial intent is benign. A few off-the-cuff comments become removed because they went off-topic slightly, even though there was no harm in one or two asides. A member who wants to launch a Pokemon tournament is shut down because it feels like it is "Official". Here is the thing about those moments, we as staff want those posts to stay. We want those unique fun elements to thrive. We fell in to our own trap though, and some enjoyment was left on the table. Ou crazy compendium of rules, built over years of ad-hoc management of this site, has become limiting. So what are we to do? Joking aside, in the coming week we will be posting revised, and shortened, Community Guidelines. One that is focused on a few simple principles: Don't be an asshole, don't be annoying with your posting habits, and it is okay to have a little lighthearted fun. The FAQ's will be focused more on how to use the site and on section-specific rules and exceptions rather that a tome on how to not be an jerk to other users. Are any rules changing or going away? Some are, but not in order to give free license to those who are petulant, boorish, and obstreperous. We are basically removing the rules we tend to ignore, or are rarely issues anyway, but reserving the right to address them as needed should they become annoyances to the community. We also don't need twenty paragraphs to say, "Stop being a dick or a bother to others or you are going to be contacted by staff". Some changes will actually be a loosening of some policies that were implemented just to address one user long ago in the site's past. Stay tuned MLPF users.
  22. Okay, okay! So, I'm usually not one for these public announcement things. Usually, it's Twilight who's good at all that boring stuff. But, I just had to come here as soon as I heard this AWESOME bit of news! So, look, we all know that I'm the most awesomest pony there is, no competition! But, there are some others who do get preeeeety close. Heck, when you're a Cloudsdale pegasus, you're already more than halfway there, then you just gotta show that you can keep up with the best! To be the Pony, you gotta beat the Pony! ...Now, the thing is, SOMETIMES we get a little, umm... 'out-of-hoof' with our competitiveness. A little too... unsporting. What I mean is; we step outta line. Hey, I'm a Wonderbolt! It's just in our nature! But my point is: anytime we do go a little overboard, there's always been one Pegasus who's been there to bring us back into line. His name is @TheTaZe and he is unquestionably, UNDOUBTEDLY, awesome~! Seriously, he spots trouble like, a MILE away! You could be down in Ponyville and causing trouble, I guarantee he'd be there in 10 second flat! Well, sometimes it's actually his 'OC' that shows up (umm.. whatever that means?) but, trust me on this; you turn around and see this pegasus waving at you: Then you had BETTER make sure that you're not doing anything to upset the other ponies! (Seriously! That wave is your only warning!) But it gets even better! See, I just heard that because he's so cool at what he does, he's been brought on to help the ponies over on MLP Forums as an official Staff Sectional! AWESOME!! So, he'll be helping to moderate things over in the 'Friendship is Magic' section (my favorite!) and you can bet your wing feathers they'll be happy to have him there! So you better watch out, Mares and Stallions, because a new Wonderbolt has just suited up, and things are about to get 20% cooler! (Ha! Can't believe I'm still saying that.) --- All the best in your new role, @TheTaZe.
  23. I think that we have been pretty good with spoilers lately with all the airings. With Aussies airing the finale by the 9th of September now is the best time to remind you all that we will not be nice about spiking the show before the US airdate. ANYTHING that confirms ANYTHING in the last three episodes must be in the Season 9 Spoilers forum. That means no references in a post, blog, or status update. I don’t care if you put a spoiler tag or not, sometimes the area loads before the tag hides the text or image. No titles should contain any spoilers even if it’s posted in the Spoiler Forum. No art. No fics. No vlogs and reviews. I’m sending out this message to all active users via email, making sure Buffy and our Welcome PM states this as well. Don’t be that guy. Don’t ruin the end for others that want to wait. And by not being nice, I mean that any spoilers about the last episodes made outside of the Season 9 Spoilers can carry a temp ban until the US airing is over. That is all.
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    𝓖𝓾𝓮𝓼𝓼 𝔀𝓱𝓸'𝓼 𝓫𝓪𝓬𝓴~? So I suppose you all missed me quite a bit, huh? Jokes aside... boy, that was one Hell of a week... it rained pretty much every day, a trailer for Godzilla: King of the Monsters released, I experienced more mood whiplash than I have in ages, I ended up getting a pretty wretched headache yesterday, and I even started to play Batman: Akrham Knight again (which I'm quite enjoying so far). I'll admit; I wasn't feeling very well for a majority of the week... but if today is anything to go by, then that's water under the bridge now! So, with that out of the way... good morning, guys and gals! How were your weeks while I was away?
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    Greetings everypony, I hope that you are all having a GORGEOUS day! Amazing how the time flies, huh? I remember over a month ago, writing that post about taking a break, thinking about the slog of having to sit through my exams, pondering what awaited me in the near future. Well, I am ecstatic to say that my return to the forums is imminent, and that every single exam of mine has now been completed. Save for one (sadly). On Friday, I will sit my Product Design exam, my final exam, and then it's back to business as usual. I want to take a moment to thank every single person who has supported me during this...taxing period, and for being patient with my lack of content. Not posting for so long was genuinely unpleasant, and I am SO excited to get back to doing something that I enjoy. And so, until then... Gratitude Boops AND cuddles for: @Rainy_days, @Sparklefan1234, @Foxy Socks, @Lunalicious Alexshy, @goofyg65, @Fluttershy Friend, @Mickey Adaptus, @Sketchy Tune, @Holiday Agnaktor, @Leere, @CypherHoof, @CrystalBloodMoon, @SolarFlare13, @Larrydog, @Barpy, @meck-can-ik pony, @Rikifive, @DashYoshi, @ChB, @Cyralicious, @Baymax, @Nightfall Gloam, @MiragetheChangeling, @Midnight Blaze 98, @SoberStarlight, @TigerGeekGuy, @Lore Finder, @TBD, Scoffer of TBA, @Duality, @SparklingSwirls, @iNachos10, @Wannabrony, @Prospekt, @Azul Maya, @Valencia, @Flutterstep, @Sherbert Music-Guard, Scoffer of Shortbread, @Nye, @ZethaPonderer, @Alexshy, @Techno Universal, @PoisonClaw, @luftschloss, @Summer Breeze, @Pvt. Cerberus, @Connie, @Nature Tune, @ultrairongorilla, @ShinGoji, @ShootingStar159, @Hierok, @WiiGuy2014, @TheRockARooster, @Faulty Circuit, @UltimateGhost3, @Alpakachii, @Kyoshi, @Cherry-Pie, @Chrysalis14, @Dreambiscuit, @Drunk Not I Am, @Frostcrystal, @Ganondorf8, @Lunar Echo, @Mlppotterwhoovian, @Mirage, @Silent, @King of Canterlot, @Yoye Wolfgrel, @Arid_Blitz, @Mesmelicious Rize, @kimba90, @Zachary, @CHA0SXIII, @ThunderCrush, @Gabosor, @Deae Rising Shine~, @Titans08Mariota, @Sylvester, @RainbowDashPrincess, @Morose, @meme, @We_R_VeNoM, @cuteycindyhoney, @Gone Airbourne, @Jonny Music, @Johnny1226, @Misty Shimmer, @Denim&Venom, @Snake Eater, @Vintjack Greasymane, @Olly, @Dark Horse, @Sherem, @Sunset Rose, @IronM17, @Panzy, Scoffer of Rings, @Simcity11100, @SkyPie, @DasCapschen, @Tempest Feri, @Tao, @Catsle, @NightmareLuna1996, @Penguinbrony2409, @Divine plywood, @Frostgage, @Yumekai, @Kitty_Cat, @Jeric, @Rhythm Red, @Kronos the Revenant, @Trotteur Sauvage, @Snake Eater, @A.V., @Lucky Bolt, @shadowwarp940, @Cyclone 1066, @strongwilled_pegasus, @Momento Mori, @LPS MLP, @Dark Qiviut, @Sylveon, @Captain Clark, @The Shyest One, @princess celestia2, @Recherche, @Widdershins, @Tacodidra, @Moondancer is best, @Matraxial Artemis, @marc trainfan, @Rising Dusk, @Butterscotch Pony and, I eagerly await our reunion, @The_Gobo.
  26. In light of a recent event, a conclusion has been made that an announcement should be made on this topic. As you are all well aware, posting/sharing/discussing NSFW content is forbidden. This can be expanded on by viewing our site's guidelines here: https://mlpforums.com/guidelines/ To narrow it down for you, here is the rule in plain text: NSFW content - Any content seen as fetishistic, pornographic, or has explicit depictions of violence and gore is not permitted anywhere on this site. We have thirteen year-old kids here. Innuendo in small doses, and PG-13 saucy pony pics are allowed. NSFW content can also be shared subtly, such as in a meme or a joke. If you see a post like this and you worry it goes against our rules, REPORT IT. Do not engage by making equally subtle sexual, violent, etc. replies, as that "fuels the flames" and encourages other inappropriate replies, some being even more explicit. We don't need posts like this gaining unnecessary attention and spreading unsuitable material. As the rule mentions, innuendos in small doses is okay. There is a big difference between: "That's hot " and "I want to **** a **** it's so hot ***" There is a line that can easily be crossed, which is why we encourage reports if you are unsure. It's better to report and find out it's not a problem than to not report and see an issue exacerbated.
  27. It's been a little while. Time for some boops! *Boops @Tacodidra, @Rikifive, @Deae Rising Shine~, @Supreme Leader R, @Sparklefan1234, @TwilySparky, @Snowflurry, @Kyoshi, @EpicEnergy, @Flutterstep, @Fluttershy Friend, @Alexshy, @PaulBron, @Lucky Bolt, @Partialgeek514, @DivineGlow1000, @The Recherche, @LittleMistakes, @Tylad, @Holly Jolly Ody, @Stone Cold Steve Tuna, @AveryGamerDude, @Deae Rising Shine~, @Cash In, @Gone Airbourne, @Raririsu, @Celtore, @Twiggy, @FizzyBubbleTea, @Duality, @Literatel, @Jedishy, @Merry Brony 2A, @Ethan Tran, @Jaspers, @Artemis, @Arc Flash, @DEFENDER, @DJ_Vinyl.Scratch_3, @Sleet Heat, @Snow, @Mellow Mane, @Nightfall Gloam, @Califorum, @TheRockARooster, @Lord Valtasar, @Crimson storm, @DarkShadowPonY, @Twilight Luna, @R.D.Dash, @Rhythm Red, @AJ2489, @Prospekt, @Wannabrony, @Thuja, @Luna's Admirer, @Midnight Solace, @Spacey, @J.T., @Phasereale, @ILoveRara, @Lord Midnight Madness, @Berry-Bliss-Sundae, @Berry Punch, @Kind Claw, @Bas, @ChB, @CloudMistDragon, @Nye, @Jakeduhcreeper, @Crow2, @Stinky Pinkie, @Prometheus, @Dabmanz, @Totally Lyra, @lyrabetes3939, @Longhaul @Randimaxis *double boops @Midnight Solace (quit being a stranger, lol)
  28. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Executive Producer -- Nicole Dubuc It brings me great pleasure, (and many squees of delight) to announce that a guest of honor will be popping in to help spread holiday cheer. As part of our Making Christmas Merrier Fundraiser, MLPF and Poniverse is excited to host My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Executive Producer Nicole Dubuc, who will be conducting a live Q&A on our very own forum on Saturday, December 15th, at 5:00 PM EST. Perhaps one of the most pedigreed creative minds in children's entertainment, Ms Dubuc started her career as a child actress, appearing or staring in television shows such as ALF, Our House, and Major Dad. Graduating Yale with as a pre-med earning her Degree in English, Ms Dubuc ventured to California and worked as a staff writer on Kim Possible. Since then she has written, produced, and co-created several high profile properties, from My Friends Tigger & Pooh, Transformers Rescue Bots, Star Wars Rebels, and ... enough shows to make you run out of breath less that a quarter of the way through. Her hoof in Pony started before she came onboard the show as Executive Producer, working alongside her partner in pony crime, Mike Vogel, co-authoring Ponyville Mysteries. To say that we are hyped to be able to host Ms. Dubuc is a gross understatement. Personable, witty, and approachable, she is looking forward to answering our questions regarding Pony and the recent holiday special Best Gift Ever. Join us here in the Making Christmas Merrier forum on Dec 15th to participate! Hope to see you all there. Thank you all for your continued support of the BC Children's Hospital in Making Christmas Merrier for all of the patients there.
  29. Hugs for all my awesome friends  @Averie Aurelia @Rainbowfan45 @Tacodidra @Tylad @DivineGuard1000 @Nsxile @TBD @Lucky Bolt @Twilight Luna @Dynamo Pad @TheRockARooster @lyrabetes3939 @Phosphor @Partialgeek514 @Mellow Mane @Rising Dusk @Maya-san 🦄@R.D.Dash @Sondash Studios @FalconBrony @TigerGeekGuy @Regal Shadow @Prospekt @Dawn-Sunlight @Totally Lyra @Flutterstep @Ember Crescent @SpongeBobsLittlePony @Ninetales @Arc Flash @Sherbert MGS @Lord Midnight Madness @Unimportant Pony @FlareGun45 @TheAnimationFanatic @Splashee @Deae Rising Shine~ @Ragland Tiger @Treeglow Flicker @DashYoshi @imawesome @Cash In @Iam @Outnick @Cwanky @DashYoshi @Monado_Dash @OptimisticNeighsayer @strongwilled_pegasus @THRILLSEEKER @Photon Jet @Jeric @EpicEnergy @Rainbow Cloud @Bakugou Is My Man ❤ @Rikifive @TheTaZe @ChB @Dark Qiviut @Emerald<3
  30. If some have noticed a massive delay in projects and replies, I personally apologize. I didn't want to make an announcement about this, however there have been recent complaints internally and externally that things are not getting done in enough time. I'll briefly explain my end of this equation. My youngest daughter recently graduated, and is starting college soon. Around this time I initiated a treatment plan for a malignant grade II diffuse-astrocytoma. Basically ... glioma based brain cancer. As of today I finished a full round of chemo and also 10 bloody sessions of directed radiotherapy. I played it down to staff, but I felt like garbage, and the effect was rather significant physically, emotionally, and has even impacted my ability to pay for a trip for a friend. I tried to do what I could here and could only work for very short periods. That led to some things I took ownership of going to pot. I owe you all an apology if I ignored anyone, or let anyone down. While I will be waiting a few weeks for the final results on the treatment (and whether I need to undergo surgery), I will be working my ass off to catch up and get the projects back on track. I do not feel sorry for my situation, it's no big deal. It's just another hurdle. I gots my jumping boots on. There are some things that I may struggle with at times, but taking days off at a time is something I that I am done doing. Breaks over. Jeric is back, and anything I didn't do I take full responsibility .... broken brain or not. Let's get things done! Office Hours are open And yes I have seen the recent episode. I know what you are thinking. Shush.
  31. It's the show's birthday, and to celebrate it, there's a slow but steady marathon starting, where we'll attempt to re-watch the whole show an episode each day (or two if it's a two-parter). * updated to watching Season 1 only since attendance seemed pretty low* Many of us, while still in the fandom, have gotten disconnected from the show that stated it, or just watch the latest episodes and need some refreshment on the older ones, or maybe just for fun, whichever the case, you're all invited in this marathon. Note that this is not a stream, you’ll have to find the episode and watch it on your own, whenever you have the time and if you miss one, you can always watch two the next day to catch up, you can, of course, join in midway, just be sure to check which episode everypony else is at so that we're all on the same page. you are encouraged to leave your opinion on that episodes thread, this is more of a lounge thread to discuss stuff than for lengthy reviews. Let us rekindle our love for the show which is after all what got us all here together in the first place, and knowing how things will play out, may enable you to see the older episodes in a different light. Episode of the day: S1 E26 The Best Night Ever note that this is the last one i'm going to update to, but you can still go ahead and continue the marathon if you want,
  32. ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE? *not a real event Story Time With Jeric So for several years one of the most helpful individuals on MLPF helping users out hasn't been staff. It's been one of the most friendly, least aggressive, and probably one of the best visual in-joke comedians on this site. Obviously we wanted this guy on staff. I jumped back on board as an Admin almost a year ago and within a few days I was like, "We need this guy! This guy's fantastic." Everyone agreed. We contacted him and he seemed interested ... so I said to myself I need to get this guy interviewed ASAP. I'll get him set up on staff in a week. How well did that go? This is not an exaggeration. Joking aside, I am pleased to announce @Rikifive will be stepping into the role of our dedicated staff for Canterlot, focusing on Site Questions and Feedback. I hope to work really closely in the coming months to improve communication and maybe even solve a few minor annoyances. Even though Riki is going to be our help Pone for the community, recently he has been helping out with some event related items. On a very personal note, this was my first MLPF staff role here. Since then only a few have filled that spot and all have been major players on MLPF over the years. Riki, doesn't have to fill shoes though, he is already a major player here. I genuinely can't think we have ever had a better person for the Canterlot section since I've been here, and that includes me. Riki, you already own this section. Spread them wings.
  33. There are six rupees hidden around the forum that you will find as you perform relatively normal forum functions. Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, Red, Purple. Finding all six will unlock a purse to hold them all. One hint: Find and talk to the thing that helps you track time.
  34. The next person that posts a topic giving away anything about the new special that doesn’t have a spoiler tag or spoils anything in the title I am going to make a Generation 3.5 Scootaloo badge for you and change your name to Miss Nibblestinks! This is a rule people!
  35. Earlier today, or yesterday depending on where you are from, a member posted a major spoiler without warning or notice. I'll be kind and assume it was unintentional, however it brings something curious to light. When you want to post a spoiler from another site, you may feel that giddy rush of wanting to be the first to share it. I don't understand why, because MLPF is usually not the first place people hear about breaking pony news. Basically, those that want to know about the spoilers and want to avoid the spoilers usually have gotten linked to it in a discord chat, or have read it on Equestria Daily, or on social media. Don't rush to be first here guys. You aren't first, and rushing is going to open you up to making mistakes. If you do post something that should have OBVIOUSLY been spoilered and wasn't, we can and will address it as a violation of what we feel is harmful to the community. Not only that, but you may find your topic being replaced by other users in the process (yes we have that ability). I've seen this happen way too often over the years so as the show slowly reveals some bigger bucket list items .... we are going to treat this more seriously. Don't ruin other's fun.
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    Fads are phenomena that have always fascinated me. Isn't it kinda funny how quickly something can be shone under the spotlight, only for it to be old news shortly afterward? I'm not quite sure why, but I find this pattern to be oddly... hypnotic. I once spoke to an individual in a YouTube comment section, and long story short, he compared Celebrities and passing trends to fireworks; very colorful, energetic, and exciting... but also very short lived and easy to forget about. While this is an apt example, there's one small crevice in this analogy; what it leaves behind. That is to say, once the dust settles and the next big thing comes along... there will still be remnants of the previous trend, in the form of its core audience. If you ask me, we're currently undergoing the transition right now. While we as a community have been on a decline for quite some time, the final nails on the coffin are being put into position, and the hammer is about to strike. Stores have stopped carrying brony related merchandise, the show's views have taken a dip, the movie didn't quite live up to its financial expectations, MLPF and EqD have taken a hit in terms of web traffic... you get the idea. Though there have been debates regarding this, most can agree that bronies were a fad. Considering this, there's only one question left to ask: how many remnants will there be, and how long will they last? Well... I can't directly answer this question, but there are quite a few factors which will play into this (both for and against us). There is one thing I believe will be the determining factor to the future of the MLP Community, though... Generation 5. In my opinion, this will most likely be the decisive period which will decide everything. While My Little Pony will be around for quite a while with or without us, I believe Generation 5 will decide the size of the brony community in the coming years. As I said; there are a lot of things playing into this, so I'll list the ones I believe to be the most significant. FOR US: Initial Generation start hype. For the sake of example, look up comic book/graphic novel sales statistics on long-running franchises, and you'll find a pretty consistent pattern: the first entries in a series will usually be the top sellers, alongside the finales. In the eyes of the average consumer, a comic labelled "Batman No. 1" is a lot more approachable than "Batman No. 277." Not to mention; first impressions are everything, so if Hasbro plays their cards right with the marketing, they could very well kindle a spark that could last quite a while. The brand name's value. This one is self-explanatory, though it's worth pointing out: My Little Pony is (and has been) a very iconic name in the general public, and thanks to the brony community, we might have an even better head start here. Regardless of what happens, most of us can agree that Generation 5 will sell well, though probably not quite as well as Generation 4. Either way, My Little Pony is a household name, and that alone will drive sales and the general fanbase upward. The large former fanbase. Due to the fact that MLP was such a huge sensation which as since ended, this means that MLP has a few potential "reserves." Though many people have simply moved on with their lives, some may be itching to return, but haven't had a prime opportunity to yet. This leads to the last (and probably most powerful) aspect... Nostalgia. Believe it or not, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is approaching its 7th anniversary. Though this isn't ancient, this is quite a significant time gap; young girls who played with Gen 4 MLP toys are approaching their adolescent or teenage years, which is about the age where they will experience nostalgia for the first time. Not only this, but thanks to the aforementioned former fanbase, Hasbro might be able to play into their nostalgia as well. This doesn't even cover the even older MLP communities which may display an interest in Gen 5, but the Gen 4 fanbase is the most significant. Regardless, Generation 4 has left a profound impact on countless people, and it has created memories which will be cherished by many. If Hasbro is smart enough to recognize this and capitalize... we could see something truly amazing rise form the ashes. AGAINST US: Lack of similarities to Generation 4. Unfortunately, any long running franchise with a large enough following will start to create more and more subdivisions in its own community. There have been many in the brony community already; Twilicorn, Starlight Glimmer, villain reformations, The Friendship School... you get the idea. Though these are definitely significant, I don't think any of them will be as monumental as Generation 4 moving onward into Generation 5... and whether we like it or not, the transition is going to turn a lot of people off, due to the fact that it won't be what they initially fell in love with. The smaller initial community. One of the main reasons that Gen 4 became so popular is because its popularity became a closed loop; it was popular, so more people became interested in it, so it became more popular, so more people became interested in it (...). Though the MLP name carries a lot of weight, the initial draw of Generation 4 isn't going to apply this time around. Hasbro can be as clever as they want, but it simply won't work as well during this phase. Why? The lack of surprise. Another huge reason that MLP became a huge sensation was due to the demographic subversion on a nigh-unprecedented scale, which genuinely caught the general public off-guard. This lead to many people investigating the issue, and sometimes even becoming MLP fans themselves. The thing is... people liking ponies again won't catch anyone off-guard this time; that has happened once already, so they know to expect it now. There will always be new bronies to enter the fray, of course... but most of the people who will ever be interested have already come and gone during the golden years. We can't rely on shock value anymore, so we're going to need to play by the standard rules from this moment forward: remain a good franchise, or slowly wither away. Overall loss of interest. Let's face it; the MLP fandom has died down for a reason. The fandom rose to prominence, and now it has fallen out of it for the reverse reason it rose: it was getting less popular, so more people lost interested in it, so it became less popular, so more people lost interested in it (...). Not to mention, being exposed to something long enough inevitably leads to one losing interest in it after a period of time; we can't like the same things forever, after all (not many of us, anyways). While the show itself was something that most bronies enjoyed quite a lot, and definitely a key factor in the franchise's rise to prominence... the central reason we were so huge was due to the community. Without this, we have lost our greatest strength, and the primary reason we were ever shone under the spotlight in the first place. Needles to say, I personally believe that Generation 5 will be a turning point in the franchise for these reasons... but whether we like to admit it or not, the golden years are never coming back. Nostalgia has been described as "delicate, but potent" many times in the past, and this statement is very true; we are naturally hard-wired to view the past through rose-tinted glasses, no matter how truly good or bad it may have been. Naturally, this will lead to folks wanting the MLP Fandom to return to its former glory... but in my opinion, this isn't a very healthy mindset to hold. I'm sorry, but while MLP certainly has an excellent opportunity to become popular again, it will never reach the heights of Generation 4, due to the aforementioned factors working against us. In my opinion, the best thing we can do here is hope that Hasbro plays the hand it has been dealt well, so the MLP franchise and community can remain healthy after its prime. I have compared the brony community with Sweden many times... and I always get the same strange look until I explain myself. As many of you know, Sweden was one of the greatest powers on Earth in the early 18th century, and very few nations could challenge it... but as the natural cycle goes, it eventually collapsed. I like to place our community's priorities alongside Sweden's due to this: should we desperately cling onto our glory days, hoping to birth a new era which simply can't happen due to the circumstances that surround it... or should we make the best of our situation, and be sure that we as a group stay happy and healthy throughout the many years to come? Either way... thank you for reading this ramble of mine, and have a nice day~! May the brony community live a long and healthy life!
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    Alrighty then, I have an announcement of sorts. I'm going to be taking a break for the forums for a while. I know that this seems to have come from nowhere... but this has been in the making for a while, believe it or not. While I can't say exactly how long I'll be gone... I'll probably post another update in about a week or so. If you want any further details, then you can check out my latest blog entry. Regardless... 𝓢𝓽𝓪𝔂, 𝓯𝓪𝓫𝓾𝓵𝓸𝓾𝓼, 𝓮𝓿𝓮𝓻𝔂𝓸𝓷𝓮~! 𝓘'𝓵𝓵 𝓼𝓮𝓮 𝔂𝓸𝓾 𝓪𝓵𝓵 𝓼𝓸𝓸𝓷~!
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    Greetings Everypony, I hope that you are all having a great day! Although exams are not quite over yet, school (at least in a normal sense) is now officially completed. And I just had to come back to the forums, my second home, to thank each and Everypony who has helped me along my way here. I started the forums back in January 2017 as a confused, unstable and afraid 14 year old with no self-confidence or social skills whatsoever. An now, in May 2018, I am leaving secondary school with a newfound sense of confidence, assertiveness, passion, and friendship. You all made that happen. Coming here, meeting all of you, getting the pleasure of talking to you, interacting with you, it gave me the courage to put my self out there. It changed me for the better, and I am SO grateful to you all for sticking by side, in times high and low. Life can be rough sometimes. If you blink for even a moment, it can knock you off of your feet. But going forward, with all of you by my side, someway, somehow, I know that I'll always be able come through. The next step awaits me. I cannot wait to see what lies in store for me in the upcoming years. And with that, an exuberant load of Boops (AND) Cuddles for @Rainy_days, @Sparklefan1234, @Foxy Socks, @Lunalicious Alexshy, @goofyg65, @Fluttershy Friend, @Mickey Adaptus, @Sketchy Tune, @Holiday Agnaktor, @Leere, @CypherHoof, @CrystalBloodMoon, @SolarFlare13, @Larrydog, @Barpy, @meck-can-ik pony, @Rikifive, @DashYoshi, @ChB, @Cyralicious, @Baymax, @Nightfall Gloam, @MiragetheChangeling, @Midnight Blaze 98, @SoberStarlight, @TigerGeekGuy, @Lore Finder, @TBD, Scoffer of TBA, @Duality, @SparklingSwirls, @iNachos10, @Wannabrony, @Prospekt, @Azul Maya, @Valencia, @Flutterstep, @Sherbert Music-Guard, Scoffer of Shortbread, @Nye, @ZethaPonderer, @Alexshy, @Techno Universal, @PoisonClaw, @luftschloss, @Summer Breeze, @Pvt. Cerberus, @Connie, @Nature Tune, @ultrairongorilla, @ShinGoji, @ShootingStar159, @Hierok, @WiiGuy2014, @TheRockARooster, @Faulty Circuit, @UltimateGhost3, @Alpakachii, @Kyoshi, @Cherry-Pie, @Chrysalis14, @Dreambiscuit, @Drunk Not I Am, @Frostcrystal, @Ganondorf8, @Lunar Echo, @Mlppotterwhoovian, @Mirage, @Silent, @King of Canterlot, @Yoye Wolfgrel, @Arid_Blitz, @Mesmelicious Rize, @kimba90, @Zachary, @CHA0SXIII, @ThunderCrush, @Gabosor, @Deae Rising Shine~, @Titans08Mariota, @Sylvester, @RainbowDashPrincess, @Morose, @meme, @We_R_VeNoM, @cuteycindyhoney, @Gone Airbourne, @Jonny Music, @Johnny1226, @Misty Shimmer, @Denim&Venom, @Snake Eater, @Vintjack Greasymane, @Olly, @Dark Horse, @Sherem, @Sunset Rose, @IronM17, @Panzy, Scoffer of Rings, @Simcity11100, @SkyPie, @DasCapschen, @Tempest Feri, @Tao, @Catsle, @NightmareLuna1996, @Penguinbrony2409, @Divine plywood, @Frostgage, @Yumekai, @Kitty_Cat, @Jeric, @Rhythm Red, @Kronos the Revenant, @Trotteur Sauvage, @Snake Eater, @A.V., @Lucky Bolt, @shadowwarp940, @Cyclone 1066, @strongwilled_pegasus, @Momento Mori, @LPS MLP, @Dark Qiviut, @Sylveon, @Captain Clark, @The Shyest One, @princess celestia2, @Recherche, @Widdershins, @Tacodidra, @Moondancer is best, @Matraxial Artemis, @marc trainfan, @Rising Dusk, @Butterscotch Pony and a companion who anypony would be lucky to have, @The_Gobo. (P.S, I'll be back to the old schedule after June 22nd. Until then, thank you Everypony, for helping to light my way to where I am now. I would never have gotten to this point without all of your kind words and support!)
  39. Thunder! Feel the thunder! Lightning and the thunder! Thunder! Every now and again, staff here on MLPF seek out potential candidates to dedicate their time into working with a specific section such as Canterlot or Octavia’s Hall. This helps ensure that these sections remain appropriate and fun for everyone. We put said individuals through rigorous training to prepare them for the challenges of patrolling their designated section! Please welcome the newest Beyond Equestria sectional @Lucky Bolt As someone who was a sectional for BE, I approve of this Lucky has shown nothing but enthusiasm, confidence, and readiness to learn ever since her training began. She is undoubtedly ready to take on Beyond Equestria and the deep, dark trenches of the Debate Symposium! You’re time as a Wonderbolt begins now, Lucky. I have complete confidence in you and I know you will make all of us proud, newbie!
  40. Midnight x Twilight Just a drawing of loving pony hugs. It kinda reminds me of my friends here on the forums as Twilight, comforting me. And again, my stupid photo taking.
  41. Thanks guy, I really appreciate this. It's been a fun ride. Ever since I applied I was nervous, I waited for an interview and I was still nervous, I got the training section and I was still a bit nervous until the wonderful staff helped me with becoming comfortable. I can't thank you guys enough for all the support from the community, the staff, and the friends. This is my way of giving back to the community. Btw, @Dark Horse I love what you did here. It couldn't of been any better.
  42. Happy Balloon Day is upon us, and when this unlocks please take the time to mention someone on this forum that has made you smile or laugh, or someone you wouldn't mind giving them a balloon to cheer them up. Just as a fun little surprise everyone that logs in on Balloon Day (the 13th) will receive the first of many limited edition event badges, and the unveiling of a balloon emoticon created for this very event. New Badge New emote Be careful of this Pony though
  43. Boops to @Rainy_days, @Sparklefan1234, @Foxy Socks, @Lunalicious Alexshy, @goofyg65, @Fluttershy Friend, @Mickey Adaptus, @Sketchy Tune, @Holiday Agnaktor, @Leere, @CypherHoof, @CrystalBloodMoon, @SolarFlare13, @Larrydog, @Barpy, @Rikifive, @DashYoshi, @ChB, @Cyralicious, @Baymax, @Nightfall Gloam, @MiragetheChangeling, @Midnight Blaze 98, @SoberStarlight, @TigerGeekGuy, @Lore Finder, @TBD, Scoffer of TBA, @Duality, @SparklingSwirls, @iNachos10, @Wannabrony, @Prospekt, @Azul Maya, @Valencia, @Flutterstep, @Sherbert Music-Guard, Scoffer of Shortbread, @Nye, @ZethaPonderer, @Alexshy, @Techno Universal, @PoisonClaw, @ShadOBabe, @luftschloss, @Summer Breeze, @Pvt. Cerberus, @Connie, @Nature Tune, @ultrairongorilla, @ShinGoji, @ShootingStar159, @Hierok, @WiiGuy2014, @TheRockARooster, @Faulty Circuit, @UltimateGhost3, @Alpakachii, @Kyoshi, @Califorum, @Cherry-Pie, @Chrysalis14, @Dreambiscuit, @Drunk Not I Am, @Frostcrystal, @Ganondorf8, @Lunar Echo, @Mlppotterwhoovian, @Mirage, @Silent, @King of Canterlot, @Yoye Wolfgrel, @Arid_Blitz, @Mesmelicious Rize, @kimba90, @Zachary, @CHA0SXIII, @ThunderCrush, @Gabosor, @Deae Rising Shine~, @Titans08Mariota, @Total Lunar Eclipse, @Sylvester, @RainbowDashPrincess, @Morose, @meme, @We_R_VeNoM, @cuteycindyhoney, @Gone Airbourne, @Jonny Music, @Johnny1226, @Misty Shimmer, @Denim&Venom, @Snake Eater, @Vintjack Greasymane, @Olly, @Lucid_Nightlight, @Dark Horse, @Sherem, @Sunset Rose, @IronM17, @Panzy, Scoffer of Rings, @Simcity11100, @SkyPie, @DasCapschen, @Tempest Feri, @Tao, @Catsle, @NightmareLuna1996, @Penguinbrony2409, @Divine plywood, @Frostgage, @Yumekai, @Kitty_Cat, @Jeric, @Rhythm Red, @Kronos the Revenant, @Trotteur Sauvage, @Snake Eater, @A.V., @Lucky Bolt, @shadowwarp940, @Cyclone 1066, @strongwilled_pegasus, @Momento Mori, @LPS MLP, @Dark Qiviut, @Sylveon, @Captain Clark, @The Shyest One, @princess celestia2, @Recherche, @Widdershins, @Tacodidra, @Moondancer is best, @Matraxial Artemis, @marc trainfan @The_Gobo @Altastrofae @An Admirer@strongwilled_pegasus And the lovely and gentle @Rarity the Supreme And boops to those i have forgotten, I can only apologise. Well because I been told to not post diapered pony images anymore my buzz for this forum has faded massively, But at least I have facebook and twitter, Plus with all my projects on the go I really don't have the same time here anymore but I will try and make the odd visit to say hello n stuff. *The following diapered pony image above has been censored*
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    I disappeared for a couple weeks and already miss this place. It's good to be back
  45. It has been said time and again that the reason this community site can still exist is because those of you who financially support us, whether with a monthly support subscription, a donation, or even buying commissions from our artists. Because we are a forum, and non-profit, it is hard to figure out ways to recognize and encourage this support. We have some ideas coming down the line, but this was the first one that came to mind. So for all our Subscribers and Donors, you have a new official and exclusive rank badge featuring our mascot Buffy. Obviously this will be optional if you want to display one of the stock badges when that feature launches. But who doesn't want that adorable pone to be displayed for all the forum to see? She's a cutie! For those that subscribe for six months consecutively, you will have the opportunity to have a custom character "Subscriber Badge" of any FiM character or their OC. We are working on the standardized layout requirements. Expect something new on this in September.
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  49. It's been a while since I've done this... But with it being my second forumversary (I can't believe it's been so long!), I can't think of a better day to boop back the wonderful ponies here! Thanks for all the boops, hugs, muffins, snowballs – you name it! @Fluttershy Friend @ultrairongorilla @Leere @ThunderCrush @Sparklefan1234 @Rhythm Red @SolarFlare13 @Rarity the Supreme @meck-can-ik pony @Matraxial Artemi @Sliding Bolt @Outnick @Rikifive @TheTaZe @Maya-san 🦄 @2nd Amendment Brony @Flutterstep @Alexshy @AJ2489 @R.D.Dash @Phosphor @Gone Airbourne @Lucky Bolt @Midnight Solace @DivineGuard1000 @lyrabetes3939 @Partialgeek514 @Raririsu2 @Lord Valtasar @Crimson storm @Rising Dusk @Rixton @Arc Flash @ChB @King of Canterlot @Prospekt @Dynamo Pad @DEFENDER @Mellow Mane @Kevin Tang @Twilight Luna @Woohoo @Tylad @Iam @Cash In @Phasereale @Mirage @Wannabrony @.Wolfe. @Longhaul @Dark Qiviut @Kyoshi @Sherbert MGS @Deae Rising Shine~ @Cyra @The Recherche @Prometheus @Nature Tune @Califorum @CypherHoof @OptimisticNeighsayer @FireworkDash @ILoveRara @TheRockARooster @Sondash Studios @FalconBrony @Treeglow Flicker @Arid_Blitz @PoisonClaw @Totally Lyra @Cwanky @Rainbow Dash Swag @Nsxile @strongwilled_pegasus @Dawn-Sunlight @Splashee and all the other awesome ponies reading this! I hope you all have an amazing day!
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    I apologize for posting another Status Update so soon after the previous one, but I really need to be off to bed now. Tomorrow marks the weekend for many of you guys and gals, so I'll bet you are all looking forward to some well-earned free time~! Not me, though... I'll be busy with my damned schoolwork. It's not a big deal, though; it won't do itself, after all. With that out of the way... Have a great night, everyone~! I hope you all have great weekends this time around~!