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    I tried to fall asleep but I had many thoughts on my mind that I wanted to just explode onto a blog post here so I can feel better about myself after talking about it. I've been thinking recently that I don't know exactly how I would feel about MLP:FiM ending very soon. It's somewhat of sad thought since it is a show I have invested a better part of half a decade into and the community behind it. Of course they will be a community behind the show even when it ends for good but it is still a sad thought since I don't want the show to end nor I want the community that the show used to host dwindle away into nothingness. I can't really be the only one who feels this way either, I hope. This place especially has been great to me and it has gotten me through a somewhat hard time in my life, even now. I have been stressing endlessly about not being up to pay with finishing my schooling and getting a job. I'm quite frankly pretty scared that I won't be able to achieve what I want to achieve so I've been actively pushing it off and procrastinating when I should be giving it my all. I don't know why I procrastinate and just put this off but I know I need to do something and I'm quite frankly just scared to do it. Anyways, back to my main point of this blog. I am very grateful for a community like this, I've been hopping communities for years trying to find the sweet spot in between it all and to be fair this is one of my favorites. I've met some people on here that I feel comfortable to talk to and I don't have to hide behind a facade of shitposting either to achieve it. I consider this place my little spot on the internet and the people who interact with me daily really bring meaning to my life. Thanks anyone who has read through this but I just needed to expel all my thoughts into something somewhat coherent.
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    Hey pones How’s life? I hope you’re all doing great :3
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    Winter Wrap Up chorus parody listing my favorite ponies: Lyra Heartstrings! Tempest Shadow! (Twilight Sparkle is Best Pony) Minuette, Sunset! Princess Luna! ('And so are Applejack & Rarity!)
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    Happy birthday, Rikifive! I would've wished you sooner, had I realised. Just goes to show how good I am with dates. Anyways I hope you have a splendid day and that you enjoy some cake.
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    Now I'm going to eat some zebra cake and drink some milk (I love that combination! ) then go to sleep. Isn't that exciting? Goodnight!
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    I'm getting off for the night. I'll see you all tomorrow morning and the such. Goodnight ponies!
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    Wow!!! ...are you serious!? we're getting more new pony episodes here in Australia??? sheesh...I dunno if I have enough space to record ehh...I'll make some Link: https://www.equestriadaily.com/2018/08/australia-continues-early-episode.html
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    happy birthday, may it be as great as if pinkie planned the festivities for it
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    my day started bumpy, with extra hot weather, almost umbearably so, and with my computer deciding it won't work for no apparent reason, some hours later, after taking it apart dusting it thoroughly and putting it back together it now works just fine, so lets hope the rest of the day goes well good morning everypony
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    Pinkie & The Lavender Unicorn Who Puts Up With Her Quirkiness. It's a working title.
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    Happy Birthday, Rikifive! Hope you have a great one!
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    The End in Friend = Non-Compete Clause written correctly.
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    It would be neat if there was an MLP based weather app. Rainbow Dash pouncing on a storm cloud pretty much describes this past weekend and is in the forecast for tomorrow.
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    Good afternoon, and happy birthday, Riki! I would suggest that you consume as much red velvet cake as humanly possible... but I don't want to be the reason you get indigestion, so just be reasonable, yes? Jokes aside, be sure to have a good day today, my dude! You've earned it!