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    With me, I've been having feelings of leaving upright and just focus all my time other stuff. There is a reason that I'm not doing that and that is because I like people here too much to do that at all. I originally came here just because I wanted to be with people who had a like mind interest in ponies as I do. Sure, my interests have drifted off elsewhere slightly but not completely away from ponies! For me, I think I just worry too much. If I do apply myself and don't be a lazy piece of shit like I am being right now, I think I actually make it to where I want to be in life. True, I may have motivation problems but I think for me it's that I need to be pushed in the right direction a bit more. If I have the drive to do something, I know I can do it! Yeah bud, I remember when you were the most active and were winning every day left and right. I've come to realize after all this time that winning days and farming brohoofs means jack shit. Oh sure, I have over 15k brohoofs, but what does that show to me as a person? That I am popular or was once popular? People who farm follows or brohoofs just need to sit back and rethink their priorities because in the end it means nothing. But yes, don't worry about me too much. I know what I need to do, it's just that my anxiety takes over my ability to reason sometimes. For your first point for me it has almost always been music. I have a problem with something called "time anxiety". I have anxiety about how time passes. I guess for me I just need to not think about all too much and just tend to what I need to get done instead. y I have been told that I should allocate my time into a calendar of some sort, but I just feel this is a bit drastic in my case. I've never liked ththe concept of a calendar so I've always tried to shy away from it. Though, I could give it a try since it won't really hurt anything doing so. I guess for me, I just don't know exactly what to expect from work. Sure, it can be boring but like I stated above all I am concerned about is potentially looked at as an idiot of some sorts if I mess up at all. But hey, I've always had confidence issues so this is something I need to work on to get better at! Is it really much easier than university? I would like to hope so. I've been drained of my sanity somewhat because of my schooling. But it is true that I wouldn't want to be unemployed at all. It's draining doing nothing with your life and just sitting around all day not being productive. The thing with burnout, it's mostly because I am just lazy in a way. Yes, I have medication for anxiety but most of the time it does help that much. I have been thinking of leaving for many months and coming back when I'm all dandy again but there are too many people here that are important to me for me to just upright leave them.
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    I understand how you're feeling... While I doubt this helps that much, I can say you're far from the only person with those worries! But as far as I've understood, you seem to be doing well with your studies and know a lot about your field – that means a lot already! And while I wish you were more active, I understand you completely in that regard too. It's better not to force yourself to come to the forums when you're not motivated! And about the interests... yeah, that's a very familiar feeling to me too. Not here on the forums, as pretty much everyone here likes ponies and a few of my friends share my other interests too, but elsewhere...
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    You know, in some respects, I feel the exact same way you do, although maybe not to as great extent as you do. Anxiety has been a constant problem of mine, my entire life. I too, have no clue what the fuck I'm going to do after I graduate. I have no passion for what I'm studying, hell, before I even started college, I was ready to enroll in Recruit Training for the Royal Marines, that was my plan. But alas, I chose instead to study something in STEM, because I was completely aimless. I really shouldn't have, looking back, since I'm needing to work 2 part-time jobs on top of college to support my family. I've found that the best way to effectively combat anxiety was through self-improvement, my method of self-improvement was exercise. There are many ways in which you can find something to distract yourself with, for your betterment that is, all it takes is branching out and trying new things. It can be anything. You mentioned something about making music, well, that sounds like a decent starting point. Set yourself some personal targets and goals, allow it to be your escape from the struggles of everyday life. Just keep this in mind; Rome wasn't built in a day. If you find something to distract yourself from your anxieties, and you aren't immediately seeing results, don't just quit and throw in the towel, stick at it for a while and give yourself time to decide if it's what you need/if it's really your thing. If not, try something else, it'll find you eventually. As for the job-hunting, well, the common philosophy is that if you're passionate enough, you can work in anything. Passion for something is what strives you to learn more, passion is what shows employers that you're willing to bring something new to the table. You are completely justified in being nervous about this, it's a pretty big step from what you've known as a student. But, here's the thing; the ability to demonstrate that passion is what makes the job-hunting easier, and makes the work-life that much more satisfying and engaging. So TL;DR, if you enjoy what you're studying, you'll have better luck finding a job in a relevant field. Don't let these struggles get the better of you, buddy.
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    There is a lot I can say on this one. First you need a way to get out of your own head. Worry only leads to self-sabotage. So find a way to center yourself and step back from your concerns. It could be meditation, mindfulness exercises, zoning out to music, whatever shuts down the thinking part of your brain and lets you just BE for a bit. Further, you need to stop beating on yourself for worrying or not being where you should be. We are never perfect being so take the time to accept yourself as you are right now while planning to improve as you go along. This covers ( lightly ) the mental aspect. As for work you are worried about the great what if. What if your fears of what if are wrong? What if it all goes great? Does contemplating on either really help? What can you do NOW to help you ensure that your concerns are not as likely to come to pass? Learn to write a good resume and interview well. Your college should have resources to help you with that. Learn about leaders in your degree field and keep a file of your top picks so you can know what their companies, institutions, etc are like. Knowing about a jobs culture and history before walking in is a great way to blow the interview out of the water. Now, time management aah my old foe. Heck Im still not great but let me share something with you. 90% of it is just doing whatever it is you need to do and then moving to the next thing. IE just do or do not, there is no try. Now what I am about to tell you is not to make you feel bad but to show you that even someone who sucks at deadlines can make it by ok. At one point I was running a religious group, going to college for a legal degree, working, training 2 apprentices, and coming here. I did it by setting days and blocks of time in a day for each thing. Once you factor in sleep and set aside x hours for work, x hours for study, x hours for forum time etc it all sort of falls into place. The final key is do not be rigid and do not get upset if you fail to keep to the schedule. Each day is a new change to do a little better one day at a time. If you ever need an ear let me know and know that you can do it. Just one foot forward at a time and you will do great. BTW I love metal myself so you are not as alone there as ya think. MTFBWY Jedishy.
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    Well, considering the fact that I am 16, I am not in such a position to give you personal advice regarding career paths. Hell, I am attempting to dip my toe into the workforce as well... to minute success so far, predictably. Just remember one thing: being anxious is completely reasonable in this situation; we as humans are hard-wired to dislike change... so when drastic changes are afoot, we tend to get a bit restless. I only ask you to not let it hold you back: the first few steps may be wretched... but that is the only way forward. In regard to MLPF however.. well, I have but one thing to say: join the club. I have become marginally less active for similar reasons: miscellaneous hobbies, job searching, and not to mention, the overall desolate atmosphere of the modern Forums. Call it a harsh critique, but it is quite clear to me that many members are losing steam, and/or becoming incredibly bored of the Forums. I certainly meet these criteria, so I am sure many others do as well. To be truthful, the only true reason I log in any longer is due to nostalgia, and a few other members which I would like to keep in contact with... and I have relatively little going on as of now, so there is that as well. Should I find a remedy for all of these issues, however... I may decide to permanently depart. Either way, take all of the time you need: I of all people know that clinging on to something you no longer love will slowly deteriorate your sanity... and make you hate the aforementioned thing with undying rage and bitterness. Besides, you clearly seem to have your hands full... so do us all a favor, and tend to your real life. Your prospects are more vivid than they may seem, my friend: if it takes you removing yourself from the Forums to realize them... so it shall be done. May fortune smile upon you, and may you have a lovely night!
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    This may not help you feel better, but I was without a job almost a year after I graduated, and my country is much-much not as that high category than yours, so you should not worry too much about it, you now need to focus on finishing your studies. I did not have any idea where to go to work at that time. Speaking about the burnout stuff, I hope it is just an emotional valley, not the beginning of your leave from the fandom.
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    On the subject of jobs, I certainly had a hard time finding a job* but when I actually got one I found it so much easier than university and far less wearing than being unemployed. At least in my experience, how good you are at a job often depends on how much you apply yourself to it; if you want to do a good job, that does show. Then it's just a case of keeping a record of all the times you went out of your way to do a good job as material for future applications and interviews. Regarding burnout, it sounds like you're nearly across the line anyway - if you can try and schedule the work you need to do as well as rewards for doing the work then perhaps that will be enough to make it? That said, if the feeling persists for a longer period of time, or completely pervades your life^, then it might be worth seeing a doctor - there's still a lot of stigma about it, but mental illnesses are real and can have a substantial detrimental effect on your wellbeing. I wouldn't jump to that conclusion especially quickly; as someone who is prone to worrying I get those feelings from time to time - that's quite normal, but it might be worth keeping in mind if the feelings persist. As to MLPForums, is there a particular reason you feel the need to spend at least a given amount of time on here? I don't do a huge amount here, but I keep an eye on it and interact as and when something catches my interest, but if I don't have time then I won't even visit. You're clearly a busy person, and your education comes first; no-one should blame you for that (perhaps pop something in your signature for the next couple of months, or leave a status update.) At risk of sounding excessively upbeat and optimistic, keep putting in effort and you'll end up somewhere"". Best of luck. *although that's mostly being bad at job applications; it turns out that hand-crafting each job application with background research and a diligent attention to detail doesn't work as well as throwing out twenty generic applications and seeing what sticks. ^so you can't be bothered to do things that you like, or to take care of yourself or so on. ""maybe not where you expected to be (I'm certainly not), but that's something that can be worked over a longer period of time.
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    adressing your 1st part, once you're there, you'll find that most of the times, work is more boring than it os tiring,(provided you're not talking of physical labor on a harbor or smt) and the things you're expected to know, are usually being taught to you on your first week there, so don't stress too much about it, if you apear sure of yourself it will be apreciated in an interview and most likely land you the job, the skills are proven by your diploma, they don't want to see that, but what kind of person you are.(they may still test your skill, but in pretty basic stuff) i can't really offer any advise on the second part i'm moving on as for your 3d part, you're only innactive compared to your previous activity, you're still there pretty much everyday as far as i can see, and that's in no way abandonment. but even if you do take a break, it's only natural, especially since you have both your studies and a job