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    It's been awhile since I've made one of these, eh? Well, I've had something I wanted to let out for awhile now. It's my anxiety on entering the professional workforce soon. I am in the middle of my third semester of college right now and I graduate some time midway next year. I have anxiety of how it could possibly be after I finish my schooling. This comes from the fact about finding a job and seeing if I can actually land that said job. My anxieties even extend to how well I would do said job or if I don't actually know something; how will be looked at when it comes to that time? Being a 20 year old is difficult in that regard. Society expects you to know your shit by this age but I'm having trouble wondering what the fuck I'm going to do after I finish school. I may just be blowing this out of proportion but I think my anxieties have at least some merit to them. On another topic all-together though. I am struggling to allocating time to my work since I feel burnout on the amount I receive. I'm a full time college student, so that means I have a shit ton of work to shift through right now. I know I can do the work but actually have the motivation put forth to doing it is what is holding me back in that regard. I may need tips on how I can better allocate my time to my work and how not to stress over menial stuff like worrying if my essay is perfect. I look at myself as a worrywart in this regard. Now, to the final thing I want to talk about here. All of you may or may not have noticed that I have not been as active as I have in previous month. This is because of a multitude of reasons. The first reason is that I sometimes forget to come here on the forums because I am talking to other staff members via discord most of the time. Second reason is because I can just have a lack of motivation to come here. I know I shouldn't push myself to brink of emotional burnout but I can't really help myself sometimes. Third reason is because I just don't have the time to do it as I used to. I have been swamped so much in schoolwork and even work itself. The Fourth reason would be because I have been pursuing other interests lately. This can include video gaming, watching videos on YouTube, or creating music again. Nothing against any of you guys here but my interests like Metal aren't very common among members here. I feel left out in that regard and usually just keep to myself about it. This may be a stupid reason, I know, but I just can't help feeling like that most times. Anyways, that is it for now. If you had read through this all than I thank you very much listening to me ramble on about what is on my mind.
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    It is in our nature that things that other people do affect us. Or so I thought until I started investigating deeper the reasons why do I feel the way I do in certain situations. I found out that it is you yourself who is allowing those things to affect you, everything starts from yourself. Every feeling and affection that seems to come from somewhere else has its roots in yourself. Now how do fix myself if I don't like the way I feel about something. To do that you'll need to be able learn to control and see yourself, your emotions, feelings and understand from where they are coming from. After that you'll be able to observe the process as it works and see exactly what is going on with you. To be able to control your feelings I think starts from observing your current feelings and what affects them and I think one big factor that is affecting how you feel about things is the importance and effort you devote into different things. Effort and importance two things that you can control pretty easily I think are the first step to conquer moving toward controlling yourself completely. One good rule to remember is to not to give importance or waste effort on things that aren't relevant to your current state of being or situation. Which brings us to the second point of the subject the situations. To be successful in a given situation some importance and effort are needed so how can you manage yourself if those turn against you? The answer is situational sequencing and backseat perspective on the situation. Firstly it is important to change your perspective to so called backseat perspective which allows wider and more objective approach to the situation. While you have this perspective activated plan is to sequence multiple instances of yourself parallel to each other into that situation to gather the overall information on what is going on in the situation. Which in turn allows you to act according to that information and allows managing yourself even when giving out importance and spending effort.
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    Even though I have mentioned that I am Bi, It has occured to me that I haven't actually like properly came out, and I haven't told my story, so I'm going to start off with the part with me coming out... I'm Bi! Now that part is done, I'm going to start my story... I'm going to start my story with the year 2017... MY STORY: So, that was my story, And I know it's a little after national coming out day, but I felt like I should make this post on my blog! And I hope that someone that is struggling with this, can get some help from my story. And I also hope that you that aren't struggling with your sexuality that you liked how I went from being homophobic to being bi
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    Here is Spear of Justice (from Undertale) on the organ. Enjoy.