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    A reminder that buying the cheapest thing doesn't always mean it's the best for it's value. Do your research on a product before you buy it EVERYTIME! This is a PSA from Twily, you're welcome.
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    Time to go see what Mars is up to.
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    I'm going to bed now. Night. Also, if you would. Please look at my new blog post.
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    This is a beautiful horse. Pet this horse.
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    Is me or does Luna look more beautiful without her Princess gear on? Also, pony with a ponytail!
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    Greetings my friends! The vote has began! Please give Fluttershy and Her friends your support! https://mlpforums.com/topic/180623-world-cup-trottingham-vs-las-pegasus/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-5436251 Trottingham Team needs your help to win!
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    I hate it when YouTube videos have a spoiler warning in the title, only to just have the thumbnail spoil everything anyway.
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    What makes Luna so special to me? Everything!
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    Let’s see here... I’m about to go to bed, I’m really tired, and I’m on mlp forums. You know what that means... A good old-fashioned Rhythm Red goodnight poem, just like the good old days, that’s what! So here you go! Off to bed I go once more, I’m really tired, hope I don’t snore! Work today was quite the bore This line here? Well, it’s line four! I know that line was lazy as heck But I don’t mean no disrespect I’ve got this painful crick in my neck So I’ll get some rest and then I’ll check To make sure that it’s feeling alright And if it ain’t, then hold on tight, I’ve got something that’ll work just right Something that’ll never give up the fight What’s this miracle tonic, you ask? Not medicine, lotion, or even a mask To get one isn’t a difficult task, It’s pizza. That’s right. Pizza. Goodnight, everypony! And remember, every second of life you live, you’re one second closer to your next pizza. Hopefully that’ll keep y’all going! Ok, g’night!
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    Well I was right last night. My Monday WAS good! I finished work early and I get a late start tomorrow!
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    Good morning everypony. How's it going? Tis yet another rainy day here, but luckily I should be inside for most of it. Oh well, hopefully the sweet Sun Princess can chase the clouds away.
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    Status updates don’t save anyone (or the search function is broken). I wanna see my first ever status updates.
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    I'm blanking. Did Starlight Glimmer have a solo episode in Season 8?
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    Hmmm, Mars is getting a bit far away to image well. I think this will do it for the 2018 apparition. See you in 2020, Mars!
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    Goodnight everypony, and may your favorite pony visit you tonight!
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    What do you do if a topic requires "yes" or "no" answers & you haven't reached the character limit?
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    Nightmare Moon? Who’s that? All I’ve ever known is Lovely and Divine Luna
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    I'm glad that I've amassed such a large tea collection. I have so many choices to choose from. Earlier I had some orange pekoe tea and now I'm drinking blueberry green tea.
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    Good afternoon everyone Hope this Monday is treating you well
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    Good morning everyone! How are y'all doing?
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    New signature I did just a bit ago:
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    Chryssie deserves some time off at the beach!! Wish I could join her!
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    Oh, cool, looks like I might be able to get that job, just...got to say I'm available seven days a week and then work five days a week for like 8 hour shifts. >:c So...full-time or nothing, part-time doesn't exist. -3-
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    Team Trottingham is offering free cookies for supporters. Please vote!
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    Sonic and Shadow: Eternal Rivals!
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    Waiting to talk to that one certain person be like >\\\\\>
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    here a link to live gameing session every pony it's does go to a website but i'm not advertiseing it i just doing a live gaming session so path this is fine i want to make sure https://mixer.com/tjawesome46 i'm not advertiseing this website
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    Good night everypony! Tomorrow is gonna be a busy day at work.
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    I wish you all a goodnight ill leave you with this shot of my Candy Apple Zoa
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    Tried to find a good Rarijack picture and I think I've got it, goodnight eveyone
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    Oh my gosh that is scary. Especially for a kids show, ya know?
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    Well, I have to be up early for work tomorrow. Goodnight yall.
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    I hate that everything has to be done a certain way when applying for jobs/filling applications . Never do it some other seemingly acceptable way that there's nothing wrong with that should be acceptable .
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    Anyone else want to see a spinoff series based on these ponies?
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    Updated signature; not happy with the new, dark backstory, please help the Element of Kindness to survive! Cute yellow pegasus pony is fighting to survive! please vote...
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    I watched the 2018 Trailer trash up by the toon sandwich, and there was this Solo movie scene where Han says: This ship is like an ancient but majestic bird. I am going to call it, The Century Sparrow, and then Chewbacca replies Brrrrr. Honest mistake happens to everyone. Hold on Ill just drop the clip here... and done. I think that video is PG 13 so it's fine right?
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    Happy birthday. Also, your avatar is lovely.