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  1. No, it wasn't. She: Lured Twilight and Co. into a trap in Tartarus. Kidnapped a faculty member. Held a Government Bureaucrat hostage. Incited a riot. Watched as six students and the aforementioned faculty member were almost sucked into a vortex. Nearly destroyed the school. Willingly conspired with Tirek to steal all of the magic in Equestria. And she did all of this without a shred of remorse or regret. If Gideon Gray from Gravity Falls ban be arrested for conspiracy and manipulation, so can Cozy Glow.
  2. I have a sticker of Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark on my largest telescope.
  3. *boops @Alexshy @Rikifive @Cypherhoof@Rising Dusk @Jade Fire @Totally Totally @Yoye Wolfgrel@Phosphor270 @Supreme Leader Rarity @Sparklefan1234 @Tacodidra @TigerGeekGuy@Spooky Woona @meck-can-ik pony Please friends vote for Fluttershy Team: Thank you friends who voted already and friends who will do it today!
  4. Today probably in a few hours there will be match between Yellow Wonder and her friends vs Midnight Blossom, Sci-Twi, Midnight Sparkle, Sunburst. Please vote for Her and encourage your friends to do the same! And new pictures *sighs* This Fluttershy on the picture is simply divine! Nice picture. Really sweet!
  5. Are we 100% sure she's a filly? Looks can be deceiving.
  6. Please friend our beloved pony needs your votes!
  7. Voting for the yellow pone of course, but still... is it just me that finds a lot of the fun being sucked out of what was a lighthearted competition by this new, high stakes storyline?
  8. A little bit more suggestive Fluttershy than what's been previously posted here, but still beautiful and in good taste as far as I'm concerned.
  9. Do you have pony related artworks on your things that you carry around, such as your desktop background, computer stickers/skin, notebooks, cellphone, bags, etc? Here's the artwork I use as my desktop background: I just love this picture - the expression on her face, the absolutely AMAZING hair and tail with the shiny feel, and the simple yet natural background, I just can't help but close all my windows to look at it once in a while (when no one is looking of course)
  10. Nope. Unlike most of the other villians, she showed no remose. I already mention that other jerks like Diamond Tiara. Starlight, and Discord showed remose for their actions, but Cozy Glow revels in being a bitch in sheep's clothing.
  11. The Tree of Harmony testing the Student Six in 'What Lies Beneath' makes more sense now that we've seen the finale. The tree knew that something was going to happen in the future and so it set a plan in motion that would prepare the six for what was to come. Had they failed their tests, they wouldn't have been able to stop Cozy Glow's plan as they would've lacked that certain quality that the Mane Six possess... namely, having a strong bond of friendship. Perhaps in season nine, more will become clear and the Student Six will become the successors to Twilight and company. This isn't necessarily a positive thing though given how the fandom is divided when it comes to the Student Six.
  12. Hi everyone ^^ Today I wanted to do some watercolor painting, so I did a Celestia paint and a Nightmare Moon one. I'm still very newbie with watercolors, so I still have to improve way a lot ^^" In the Nightmare Moon paint I did some editing with Krita as well. I will put the original in spoilers.
  13. What’s that like? Fried chicken? I hope not Could be the Australian flag too And like a dozen other flags
  14. Doogal is on the line of "so bad it's good" to me. The level of incompetence in the script (and the subsequently bizarre and incoherent final product) is actually sort of hilarious if you're in the right mood.
  15. @Unicorncob @reader8363 @Dynamo Pad @dragon4111 Frostflame turns to O'Mally "I was arrogant like you once" Frostflame lifts up his hat and stares into his eyes, before looking back at the table. "Criminals you say" he goes over the scrolls. "How could a ragtag bunch of convicts possibly be stronger than literal demons." Frostflame thought to himself.
  16. RULES Pony Creator - MLPForums does not consider using services like Pony Creator as art for the purposes of this section. Pony Creator ponies can be shared in other areas of the site, but this particular area is devoted to sharing art that required actual effort. Pony creator and similar services do not. Do not solicit art from artists in this area - That can be done in Requestria and obviously for paid Commissions. This is not a place for you to beg for free stuff, and we have a section devoted to artists willing to sell their services. Feedback is only allowed if the artist solicits it - If you do not see an explicit request for critique, DO NOT GIVE IT. It there is no explicit request you may ask the artist if they want feedback. If they do not respond, or they decline, DO NOT GIVE CRITIQUE. Note that this does not apply to positive feedback, only critique. Note to artists, critique can be extremely helpful for you to improve. If you opt-in to critique, and that critique is respectful, do not become defensive. If the crique is abusive and toxic in nature, then report it and do not engage in a fight.
  17. @Lucid_Nightlight @Emperor Blu Traincrown and I tend to have our OC crush on each other Perhaps Servant Will Guide can fall in love with Emperor Blu?
  18. @PinkiePie97 Hope you don't mind if I use this as the official discussion thread for the special.
  19. The rook is all about the end game. Once the board becomes more clean and it is no longer impeded by pawns, it becomes a very powerful piece on the board. In relation to Cozy Glow, she waited, biding her time until all the right pieces were off the board before making her move. A rook can easily get stuck if too many pieces are left on the board. While probably a minor point, the rook represents the castle, more specifically the seat of feudal power. To her, Friendship was power and the School of Friendship was the seat of that power. One of the biggest tools she used to get ponies on her side was the treat to the school itself, which could be viewed as her castle.
  20. *hugs his princess* More freckles Interesting stare. I feel the same.
  21. At work: Paperwork, emails, and reports. I don't like sitting for long periods of time. Thankfully, I don't do a lot of desk work. At home: Oh this one is easy! Cutting grass. I hate doing it because my property is rough. I have to run low pressures in my tires or else the mower will bounce me to death.
  22. A Rockhoof and a Hard Place: A+ The Break Up Break Down: A+ The Hearth's Warming Club: A On the Road to Friendship: A The Washouts: A The Mean 6: A Surf and/or Turf: A Grannies Gone Wild: A Sounds of Silence: A- Horse Play: A- Molt Down: A- What Lies Beneath: A- Friendship University: B+ Marks for Effort: B+ The Parent Map: B+ The End in Friend: B School Raze: B School Daze: B- Yakity-Sax: B- Father Knows Beast: B- The Maud Couple: C+ A Matter of Principals: C- Non-Compete Clause: D- Fake It 'Til You Make It: F
  23. I tend to have a screenshot of whatever MLP eppy I've seen on my desktop - usually with crazy faces. My tablet's lock screen is Spike giving a thumbs-up from the Cutie Re-Mark, and my phone's lock screen is Derpy dancing through a field of rakes, and a painting of Celestia on homescreen. Nothing wearable, though.
  24. Look, I'd watch a show all about Cadance. I want more Cadance. And I dunno, I like what they've done with Celestia lately.
  25. My guess = Mane-iac, given her costume in Movie Magic:
  26. Yes,cozy glow deservers her fate guilty of her crimes. Although a filly she needs to be kept an eye on for a good long time
  27. Banned for trying to impose your taste in food on the canniba... I mean other players.
  28. 449525 I’d like to join in on the conversation as well days been rather lonely and really quiet to be honest...
  29. Challah can be pretty good but it can be a hit or miss with some bakeries, a good jewish bakery is where it's at. It's a good bread, perfect for French toast imo...
  30. Cedarwood, incense, burning sage, new book smell, old book smell... Also, some colognes, I don't like buying them just when someone wears a REALLY good smelling cologne. The most cologne-y smelling thing I have is a linen spray and it smells GOOD, too bad it doesn't last longer...
  31. I love the smell of evergreen trees, especially when I brush next to them while cutting grass. They smell so good!
  32. 449376 Same here been trying to get more hours at work.
  33. Dynamo didn't really know what else to say except to sigh and nod in acknowledgement. He just wanted to look out for the well being of the team. He knew he was tired, so he hoped he would be ready for tomorrow. Seeing Rose and the others look tired only seemed logical in his thought process. He raised an eyebrow at Shining Armor's mention of getting a longer break. "So, I guess we just have to live with what we got? I guess this tournament has it's own rules, so anything can happen." He nodded in agreement to Tricis' mention of mismatched teams. Some teams looked strong, while some were diamonds in the rough. He could only hope that he and the others would be able to keep moving forward. He winced as Shining Armor told him to ease up on the questions. He couldn't help in wanting to know everything he could. He was tired, but he wanted to be prepared as much as he could. 'It doesn't help that I want to make up for my loss. Everyone else got a win, but I feel like I'm the weak link of the team.' He closed his eyes to try and drown out the doubt in his mind. He took a deep breath and sighed softly. 'Hopefully I can redeem myself tomorrow. It doesn't help that I can't ask Tricis for help. I doubt she would given what just happened moments ago.' He thought as he looked towards the ground. 'I don't even know if I'll be able to use that trick Ray used earlier. I guess I would have to wing it.' The blue unicorn looked back up as Shining Armor explained one of the members to the team. He felt a little sickened by this guy. He assumed it was because of what got him to where he is today. That, or the fact that he only did these experiments. "I hope I can clear from that guy. I don't need any experimentation on me. It doesn't help that my horn is curved and no like a regular unicorn's horn. This guy might have a field day tomorrow." He mumbled quietly to himself.
  34. Discord finds the little Alicorn's destructive tendencies hilarious and proceeds to do all he can to encourage her to cause trouble and use her magic to it's fullest, to Shining and Cadance's dismay. After playing chaotic little games with her and destroying half the empire, he takes a genuine liking to the foal and takes up a role as her "Uncle of Chaos". Fluttershy thinks this is sweet, everypony else fears the coming apocalypse.
  35. @Dynamo Pad@reader8363 @dragon4111 @Snow Frostflame "That's just the thing," Shining Armor said, "You're fighting again tomorrow. There are two more matches today, Team Tsunami versus the Shadow beasts, and Team Crimos versus team Cleave, but the team you're up against tomorrow already won their round in the time it took you to get back to the hotel room! We don't have a lot of time before you fight again tomorrow afternoon, but we lucked out on one thing. The next team you'll be fighting was very easy for me to research." He placed the scrolls down on the coffee table in the center of the couches. "Team Lockdown is your next opponent, and their team is made up entirely of criminals serving a life sentence or worse. If they win this tournament, they're set free! But that's not the worst part. This is a rough bunch. I had contacts from Canterlot pull all their files and I had to warn you as soon as I could."
  36. Also the rook has to have visibility of the field to perform a proper castling
  37. It's a rook and that statement is why I feel it fits her perfectly. She waits and manipulates, has a very narrow focus on her world view, and when she sees an opening she strikes. The rook is often underutilized by novices, and underestimated as well. It is a very dangerous piece, and most people don't get that until it is too late.
  38. Yes... Somewhat. Hmm... Are you a fan of ponies with socks? How about her?
  39. Mine isn't as dramatic.. I have school-related dreams pretty often (though I don't even go to school anymore), and they are almost always unpleasant. Usually about being late for class, sometimes about subjects I didn't like (PE or shop class) or having an exam I didn't study for.
  40. Applejack: Fashion is stupid. *Gets slapped by Rarity.* Applejack: Did you just slap me? Rarity: Sorry, that's a reflex when ponies trash my career. Look I asked for someone to be practical. If I wanted a zealot to tell ponies what to wear, I would have asked Starlight Glimmer instead. Starlight Glimmer: Spike, what are you doing on my bed? Spike: I finally decided that you will be my number 2. Starlight Glimmer: Number 2? Spike: Yeah, the second pony I'll fall back on when it doesn't work out between Rarity and me. It's a great arrangement. So what do you say? Starlight Glimmer: Get out. Applejack: Look at Rarity trying to catch another tail again. *Looks to the side to see Spike stealing her rope.* Spike! Put down my rope! Dagnabbit, he's trying to do it again!
  41. Princess Celestia: Here I am alone, now to find a pony to save. Oh my, is that one of those dreams I heard about. So naughty, but I can't look away. I can definitely see how the male population thinks of us, princesses. That one over there has the whole collection, he must be basement dweller. *Laughs.* Rainbow Dash: There was a breaking point, where my parents went too far. Scootaloo: Which was? Rainbow Dash: Potty training. They had to make it known to the whole world. Sugar Belle: Big Mac, tell me something about yourself. Big Mac: I dressed up as a lady for my young sister. Sugar Belle: That is so progressive. Do you like role playing? Big Mac: Yep.
  42. I am! Iin a wonderful relationship with @Macintosh Plus, I met him on these forums and I am so happy that I did. He makes me so friggin happy. ^-^ He is wonderful, cute, and accepts me despite all of my many flaws and I couldn't be more thankful for that.