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    Hello Chryssie, you look so beautiful today... as you do every day!
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    I'm going to bed now. You all have a wonderful night! Music below:
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    It is incredibly difficult to image cloud details on Uranus. Tonight, I succeeded. I am so excited!!
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    Telescope should be cooled down by now. Got my camera set up with the red filter for tonight. Hope Luna isn't too bright tonight. Uranus only shines at magnitude +5.7 (near limit of human vision)
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    Hi! I just would like to wish you a nice day my friends! Something that will improve the mood. Laughter is good for health. And it seems that not only laughter!
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    Who is the most popular/used Mane 6 pony for MLPF banners? I say Twilight Sparkle or Fluttershy.
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    I really like the new banner! Love how I can see Twily everytime I go on the forums.
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    Princess Celestia is the *real* villain.  Who banishes their sister for refusing to raise the moon?   Celestia did just fine after Luna went on her "mooncation".
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    The look you will get if I see someone mistreating those who are close to me
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    @Woohoo @Mirage Where my rockers at! And anyone else who wants to join it /)*
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    Heh...I always knew she was a marshmellow
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    Just watched 5 deer up the hill from my door for 10 minutes straight until they moved on. @PathfinderCS is preparing for invasion. Fascinating creatures to watch though.
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    Just finished spending about 20 minutes working on a PMV. I've been working on it very slowly all year. It's not looking as nice as I wish I could make it and my motivation's low, but maybe I'll finish it one of these days. Of course, unless I pick up the pace, it will literally take 4 more years to finish. lolz
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    Goodnight everypony! May your favorite ponies come to life in your dreams!
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    My mom's homemade bread pudding is the best
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    I've been worrying so much lately that I haven't been able to enjoy the present. It's a tough life when you let your mind go rampant on all the different situations you can fail!
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    Now, that’s an awesome banner.
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    Finally, all that's left in Birth by Sleep is the Mirage Arena! Tomorrow's the big day, so I've got to Rise Up! The process of 100% story completing has been more convoluted than the Legend of Zelda timeline, but it'll all be worth it in the long run!
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