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  1. Have a nice day ponies! Stay health and warm especially if temperature in your place of living could be higher *boops and hugs warmly @Alexshy @Rikifive @Mirage @Jade Fire @CypherHoof @Midnight Solace@DivineGlow1000 @Sparklefan1234 @TigerGeekGuy@Crimson storm @Phosphor @Rising Dusk @Tacodidra @longhaul @Out of Service *
  2. Why thank ya@DivineGlow1000! *Boops Back* Also Boops: @Tacodidra @Zayfen @Sherbert MGS @Goofyg22 @DEFENDER @Mirage @Divine plywood @Sondash Studios
  3. Rapid fire boops incoming! *locks and loads boop gun* @Tacodidra @TwilySparky @Rikifive @Twilight Luna @Phosphor @DEFENDER @Lord Valtasar @shyabetes3939 @Fluttershy Friend @Partialgeek514 @Mellow Mane @CypherHoof @Cash In @Luna's Admirer @Jade Fire @R.D.Dash @Kevin Tang @Dynamo Pad @PathfinderCS @AJ2489 @Midnight Solace @MidnightDawn @Crimson storm @Mirage @Alexshy and @Ganondorf8 Hugs and snuggles to @Princess Celestia and @Princess Luna I'll even boop myself: @DivineGlow1000
  4. Get Boopt. @Tacodidra @shyabetes3939 @Gone Airbourne @TwilySparky @Rikifive@Matraxial Artemi @Sparklefan1234 @Partialgeek514 @DivineGlow1000 @Twilight Luna @Lord Midnight Madness @EpicEnergy @Fluttershy Friend @LittleMistakes @Gone Airbourne @Crimson storm @qwerE @Raririsu @Tylad @Arc Flash@Leonhart150 @DJ_Vinyl.Scratch_3 @Mellow Mane @Deae Rising Shine~ @Sherbert MGS @MidnightDawn @Egg-3 @Arkadios @S. Fury@Prospekt @Kevin Tang @Luna's Admirer @Crosswind @EpicEnergy @EvilMarioDragon123 @Apple Bloom @Twilight Sparkle @Fluttershy @Rainbow Dash @Princess Luna @Princess Celestia @Nightmare Moon @Pinkie Pie @Starlight Glimmer @Sunset Shimmer *Boops*
  5. Knowing how much Celestia likes sweets it is very probable theory. Luna, the foal and polishing. https://www.deviantart.com/beavernator/art/Bath-Time-476028075 It is really time for certain tasty coffee. Tongue boop *White Envy*
  6. *Boops*   @ChB @Baby Dashie @Princess Aurora Wolf @Celli @Totally Lyra @Hierok @Denim&Venom @Mesme Rize @TheRockARooster @goofyg65 @Lucky Bolt @hopkey123 @Rising Dusk@Steve Piranha @Lunar Echo @NightmareLuna800 @The Cerberus @Rikifive @Wolfgrel@SoberStarlight @TBD @Frostgage@StrawCherry @Rarity the Supreme @DashYoshi @Cherry-Pie @Dark Horse @Randimaxis@TwiTracker@Lightwing@Yellow Diamond @Nightfall Thunder@.Wolfe. @Totally Nye @Connie @Arid_Blitz @ultrairongorilla @RainbowDashPrincess @Kreamer @Loyal Defender @rainbow dash13 @Scootaloved @Blivy@RarityKchu@Rarity's crush @Recherche @Dreambiscuit @JustNyu @Midnight Solace@Undoubtedly Babyyoshi309 @TheTaZe@Lord Valtasar @shyabetes3939 @Starlightglimmer15  @Chrysalis89 @ScruffyTheStallion @Dark Qiviut @Tilgoreth @AmarisNsane @Mirage77 @Fluttershy Friend @Jeric @ooReiko @PiratePony @Kyoshi @PathfinderCS @Leere @Stormfury @Missklang @PoisonClaw @TigerGeekGuy @GrimGrimoire @Tacodidra @Nature Tune @ShootingStar159@Azul Maya @Storminess @SolarFlare13 @Flutterstep @Valencia @Pink Feather @CypherHoof @Chrylestia600 @Ganondorf8 @Prospekt @Alexshy @Deae Rising Shine~ @Trotteur Sauvage @KashikoiPai@Trottermare Galamane @Twilight Karamel @IronM17 @Lunar Glow  *Boops* @Duality
  7. I got turned down by THREE healthcare companies. I had to sign up for Medicaid to get disability. My mom says I don't really need the money, but only Medicaid would take me. I heard that if you earn too much, you can lose your disability. The healthcare system in America is a complete joke.
  8. So Im sure most of you have seen this but for the people that havent, behold the greatest video since the dawn of creation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoOW1Vvl2oU
  9. Frankly, any system in which you have to choose between financial stability for you and your family or getting cancer treatment isn't a very good system.
  10. @Sparklefan1234 *boops back teh sparkly pone* @Supreme Leader R *boops teh fashionable pone* @Fluttershy Friend *boops teh friendly pone* @Alexshy *boops teh royal pone* @SolarFlare13 *boops teh adorable pone* @Mirage *boops teh seemingly nonexistent pone* @Duality *boops teh waterhoss* @Jade Fire *boops teh pone*
  11. I'm sure everyone remembers @Lady Kiriness and @Summer Breeze They're really nice ladies and were always very well-loved around here.
  12. Fluttershy and Her friends. Part. II Dashie - you really should appreciate more friendly gesture of yellow pony..... ...because can be worse! https://www.deviantart.com/metal-jacket444/art/Flight-or-Fight-766707370
  13. Andy Price does amazing work. A lot of his prints are no longer being produced like this one. He told me it has been reprinted a few times and always sells out. Hopefully he will change his mind in it. His prints are worth every penny.
  14. Oooo, it's the weekend! You know what that means! Boop time!! *Boops ,@Tacodidra, @Arc Flash, @Tylad, @DivineGlow1000, @Flutterstep, @Partialgeek514, @Nye, @Sparklefan1234, @Artemis, @Matraxial Artemi, @DEFENDER, @DJ_Vinyl.Scratch_3, @shyabetes3939, @Jedishy, @Duality, @Twilight Luna, @Fluttershy Friend, @Alexshy, @Thankful Brony 2, @ChB, @Kind Claw, @The Recherche, @Dabmanz, @Wannabrony, @TwilySparky, @R.D.Dash, @Lucky Bolt, @Rikifive, @Kyoshi, @Raririsu, @Crimson storm, @Mellow Mane, @Lord Valtasar, @Pucksterv, @EpicEnergy, @Twiggy, @KillerKingBakudan, @Narcissus Also boops @Midnight Solace for the 5th or 6th time.
  15. ChB

    Luna Fan Club

    I wonder if there are any good fanfics that give an alternate narrative of Luna's banishment from Luna's perspective, making Celestia the "real villain."
  16. Surely though.... foreach pony in MLPF.Everypony do if pony.has_snoot then pony.boop() endif done
  17. If the sky is clear after sunset, I'm usually outside with a telescope. Saturn is my favorite planet, so I tend to image it the most with my gear. A storm can be seen near the Polar Hex region in the color image. The monochrome image is in the near Infrared spectrum. Enjoy!
  18. Time to boop everypony back, and some new ponies just because. @Wannabrony @Phosphor @Oleks @ChB @TBD @Usager @Pucksterv @Dynamo Pad @Lucha @Sparklefan1234 @Tacodidra @Arc Flash @DivineGlow1000 @TheRockARooster
  19. Well, there isn't much to say really. I'm just your average local artist, I write poetry from time to time as well. I like my alone time, and trust me, with my line of work, I get alot of it. Gives me time to think, whether that be around my next project, poem, or just think in general, it's quite enjoyable to me. Now, that isn't to say I don't like being around people. In fact, that's the main reason I love creating, to inspire the ponies around me with sheer words or a simple picture. It fascinates me. I also appreciate a little fassion. Now, I've never made my own clothes. No, I'll leave that to my designer, Rarity. She makes some amazing vanity items. Now, half the stuff, I wouldn't step hoof in. That isn't an insult, but I like something more subtle. Less freu-freu, you know? If nothing else, I'll simply throw on a scarf. They really do suit me, nón?
  20. Some people had told me they thought I was a native speaker; some other, on the other hand, said I have a pretty strong Italian accent, which I definetely believe! That being said, I'm perfectly aware of the fact I normally put an "A" at the end of many English words. Both that and the effort (and please,don't get me started about accents!) I put while pronouncing words make me sound like a typical Italian who attempts to speak English as best as he can!
  21. Hehe, not bad, but it looks more like a proof of concept for a full video! The original, however...
  22. Poof! *appears amidst the herd* The Boopening shalt nev'r end!!! *giggling like a filly, boops @Fluttershy Friend (How dost thou like that part of DT?) @Mirage @Cypherhoof @Jade Fire @Catpone Cerberus @Out of Service aka Longhaul @Hierok (Welcome back, mine friend) @Twilight Luna @Yoye Wolfgrel @Snow @Duality @Valencia @Princess of Snow @Thankful Brony 2 @TigerGeekGuy @Prospekt @TheRockARooster *
  23. As the group of criminals stopped walking before the ring, Dynamo watched as some of them tried to get the captain to enter the ring. He noticed Cumulus had a bit of an attitude as he refused to act as the captain. 'They don't seem to act like a team, but that may be all an act. I don't think we saw them fight in the first round yesterday, but they have to be strong if they got past the first stage. We shouldn't underestimate them.' He thought as he noticed Garnethoof seemed to be intimidated by Cumulus. "That Cumulus might be the captain, but that's a toss up. He made Garnethoof afraid and yet these guys are tough criminals. If not, then there must be someone stronger than Cumulus." He says as Zerra had the chain around her neck removed, so she could walk onto the ring.
  24. I didn't know Summer Breeze very well, but was always nice. Kiri was a great friend here. I miss her a ton. I also really miss @luftschloss, @Lunarpalette, @SpicyDemon, @Messy Mane, @Captain Clark, and @The_Gobo. Some of those folks do occasionally log in, but they just haven't been active for a long time. And of course... @TempestShadow, you will forever be in our hearts.
  25. Unfortunately, smaller government means fewer people doing more things, making more mistakes, being more autocratic and generally not being as capable of doing a good job as a larger group.
  26. True, but at least governments that provide healthcare to their citizens are willing to actually provide for the people they govern, rather than taking their money and spending it on the military (that's a whole other Pandora's box to keep closed here). In my inexperienced opinion, the "for the people" part of the Gettysburg Address was lost long before it was even said.
  27. @Dynamo Pad @Unicorncob Rose tensed up seeing Zerra step into the platform. She knew that it was a bit of her duty to fight her as her father did, to pass and compare to him and his style. She looked at the team and started to pinpoint the weaknesses
  28. I'm in that weird part of North Carolina where about half the people I know have those stereotypical country accents while the other half do not. I don't really have the "country accent", but it comes out sometimes. My parents have subtle ones, and so do my sisters. Sometimes I speak with the twang (it was more prominent when I was younger) but for the most part, I don't. That said, one of my dads friends sounds just like Boomhauer.
  29. Like any other Christmas. Get up, hand over presents, get my own presents, somebody makes some bad inside joke about how all our Christmases are the same, leave, drink lots and lots of eggnog, then have rotisserie chicken for dinner a few hours later. But I kind of like my Christmases just like that, so nobody in my family is really bothered by it. Most of my extended family comes along for Boxing Day instead.
  30. Your stuff is really beautiful and shows that you really love what you do, I do hope you keep up with your photography here. I've always kinda wanted to take on a bit of a hobby in astronomy, is there anything I should get to start like telescopes or lens?
  31. Which lucky fan is getting this box for Christmas?
  32. Sounds like a pretty crappy experience to me. (Ba dum tis)
  33. Rainbow Dash was born to be awesome. She's brave and loyal, really athletic and super competitive. And she has a black belt in karate. Swag.
  34. I have a few custom pieces from him and they are well worth it. I have several prints as well, but I have picked them all up from cons I have been too. @Twilight Luna actually has one of the best prints he ever made, and yes it isn't being made anymore. @PathfinderCS also is a Price fan and would probably add his own approval. Most of my collectables are in storage, but yes they are definitely quality paper stock and the colors don't bleed.
  35. As mentioned, you must make at least five posts before having the ability to set/change your profile photo. Be certain that you are making posts in areas that will in rease your post count. The areas Welcoming Plaza, Testing Forums, Everfree Planning, OOC & Discussion, and Cloudsdale Colosseum do not increase post count. Once you reach five or more posts, follow these steps: 1. Clock "Profile" on the top right corner of the screen. Click "Profile" from the dropdown menu 2. Click the small, square icon 3. Click "Choose Single File" 4. Select the photo of your choice, ensuring it is the proper dimension of 150x150 5. Click "Save" 6. Click "Save" again
  36. Boops @TwilySparky @Lord Valtasar @Loud Opinion
  37. Boops again! What is this madness? *boops @Phosphor @Midnight Solace @Tacodidra @DivineGlow1000 @shyabetes3939 @HarmonySparkle @Mellow Mane @EpicEnergy @Rikifive @LittleMistakes
  38. I'm a lot like Rainbow Dash, I realize that more with every passing day But I'm also very similar to Maggie Rhee from the TWD. So, both I guess
  39. I done been booped.. With ponies .boop() End With
  40. Here's something you need to consider. What are they eating? Actual horse dung doesn't have a strong smell to it because they're fed grains and grasses. Other animals like pigs which will eat just about whatever you give to them will produce some foul smelling stool. The one exception I've found to an animal that produces waste that wreaks while having a very plain consistent diet is chickens, but birds do all of their business from the same hole and for the most part at the same time so I think that's why they smell so bad. I would expect the ponies to have a fairly diverse diet so they might stink up a storm if they just left it about in the streets but I'm pretty sure they don't do that. Places like Manehatten I'm sure have proper indoor plumbing, Canterlot is set on a mountain so a makeshift stream or spring powered system could be in place washing everything down to some treatment facility at the bottom, and I suspect Ponyville like we saw at Dodge junction, has the use of outhouses. These might be set to up to where they just empty buckets into carts everyday and it's someone's job to dump it far off. Still wouldn't want to live there though.
  41. Great question! My answer is pretty deep though. And a bit weird. To many ponies, this is the symbol of the element of air. But to my understanding it has multiple meanings. The 3 sides of the triangle represents fantasy, (I'll explain later) And the line across represents reality. That line is the balance between truth and lies because if there is no line there, there would be 3 lines left. The number 3 is my unlucky number and I absolutely hate it. If the line across is there, there are 4 lines it also means I live a life without hate. Without the number 3. This symbol could also mean the 4 princesses. At first, there was only 3. (Bad) But when Twily came, it made my life better. She is the line across the triangle, getting rid of all my fears. (And also becoming the pony Midnight loves) The number of lines are now 4 (Good) Which equals balance to Equestria and myself. Midnight got this as his cutie mark for becoming really great at flying, but after some time he broke his wings and hated his cutie mark. What is the point of having a cutie mark that represents that you're good at something when you can't do it? This represents me being happy once in my life, but soon bad things happened and I hated my life. Also, an upward pointing triangle represents male, and a downward pointing triangle represents female.
  42. @TBD "Why must every eleven minutes of my life be filled with misery."