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  1. Effective today we will start releasing the new rank badges, and the first new addition to the rank badge system in years is Reformed Changeling This is unlocked now my reaching 1500 posts, basically the rank after Evil Changeling. This is requiring some adjustment to the surrounding ranks so post count requirements will be adjusted to allow the new ranks to be added. Since some of the users have already passed this threshold several times over, we have decided to make this the default badge for a a few days, something that we will do for each new rank announced, culminating in the 10,000 post rank. When all ranks have been added we will start working on the process to allow users to move down to other rank badges if they prefer to stay at a specific rank. This was one of the MCM stretch goals and I'm glad we can start revealing these now.
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  3. Who is it? Who's that one person who you hope reacts to your statuses and posts? Who causes that involuntary "squee " when you see "[Senpai] replied to a status update" or "[Senpai] reacted to a post in topic"? Let us know. Let them know. Share. Why not say a little about why we look forward to seeing them respond to us as well. Share a little kindness.