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    Whoa. I step away for a little bit to answer the phone and .... you all unlocked another goal. Sweer lord I love you guys!
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    Don’t wake me! I don’t want to miss a thing!
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    Hey there everypony, it's your girl Supreme Leader Rarity back for another episode of Inconsistent Posts, Christmas Edition. Only kidding, I plan on staying for a little while this time around, in the name of the holidays. Also, if you're confused about my current username, it was merely the result of a freak auto-correct accident, so I'll get that changed as soon as possible. Yeah...that's about it. Good to be back.
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    Magic Crafter's background music has always been my favorite from Spyro the Dragon.
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    I just woke up! That's what I get for staying up until 5 am playing Pokemon!
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    Line up everypony! @Rikifive is giving out free hugs! *hugs @Rikifive warmly!
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    Rainbow: Don’t you want to dance?
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  12. Well, looks like we are close to the $500 mark. Only $120 away as of currently!
  13. Say, when is the Pudding going to be served?
  14. $50 Goal is unwrapped - Element of Generosity Badge This is awarded to donors who contribute at least $5.00. The badge above is given to anypony who donates at least $5 toward the charity. These are given manually (for now) so it can take a few hours for one of the Admins to get to it. Feel free to PM me if a day has gone by and I haven't gotten to it. The badge will be there as your rank until January 25th so that all users that donate can at least have it for a full month. Note that this rank badge is overridden by any staff badges and specialty badges. If you have one of the rare specialty badges you can opt to take this one instead (Like the Canterlot Artist). Staff unfortunately are stuck with your staff rank. That said ... man I say that a lot ... anyway .... all donors will be awarded a award badge that will be a permanent variant of the above rank so that you will always have that on your profile. Thanks for all your support.
  15. Well, I'd just donated $20 to the donation goal. May we get ever quicker to our goal. @Jeric Oddly, this screen didn't appear to me at all. I hope I can get proper credit for my donation. For the record, @Jeric, I used this link, when I went to make my donation. https://mlpforums.com/clients/donations/11-making-christmas-merrier-vi/ I just didn't get the screen above at any point, despite getting a confirmation email right after my donation.
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    Does anyone here know about the Disney movie Treasure Planet (2002)? I saw it recently and I have to say it is one of my favorite Disney movies now. Highly underrated, it has a very cool offbeat feel to it. The trailer doesn't show one bit how good the movie is with the character development etc. It's one of those movies you really have to watch in order to understand why it's so good. And the dialogue is top-notch.
  17. We'll make you eat those words Goodness me I love this time of year~
  18. Ha! So I am working on the $100 stretch goal post we just past $250 ... keep me busy folks. I don't mind.
  19. /)_- My fault. I'll fix those links. This is the inhouse donation page https://mlpforums.com/clients/donations/11-making-christmas-merrier-vi/
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    Today marks the long list of Christmas avatars I'll be deploying till the 25th. First off with this!
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    Good morning everypony! How's it going? Yesh, four day weekends always seem so short. Oh well! Round two of holidays are just around the corner.
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  24. Only if you sing for it in a cockney accent, you little scamp!
  25. Wish I could get this cool badge, but my staff badge overrides it. Oh well, good luck to all the others though!