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    Whoa. I step away for a little bit to answer the phone and .... you all unlocked another goal. Sweer lord I love you guys!
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    Don’t wake me! I don’t want to miss a thing!
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    Hey there everypony, it's your girl Supreme Leader Rarity back for another episode of Inconsistent Posts, Christmas Edition. Only kidding, I plan on staying for a little while this time around, in the name of the holidays. Also, if you're confused about my current username, it was merely the result of a freak auto-correct accident, so I'll get that changed as soon as possible. Yeah...that's about it. Good to be back.
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    Magic Crafter's background music has always been my favorite from Spyro the Dragon.
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    I just woke up! That's what I get for staying up until 5 am playing Pokemon!
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    Line up everypony! @Rikifive is giving out free hugs! *hugs @Rikifive warmly!
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    Rainbow: Don’t you want to dance?
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    Does anyone here know about the Disney movie Treasure Planet (2002)? I saw it recently and I have to say it is one of my favorite Disney movies now. Highly underrated, it has a very cool offbeat feel to it. The trailer doesn't show one bit how good the movie is with the character development etc. It's one of those movies you really have to watch in order to understand why it's so good. And the dialogue is top-notch.
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    Today marks the long list of Christmas avatars I'll be deploying till the 25th. First off with this!
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    Why are so many people leaving? I just saw @Gone Airbourne's status. Seriously. Why? Is it because people stop liking the show so then they no longer want to hang out here with great friends? Or are fights breaking out and are people being ill-spoken about and mistreated? Or do we just have no idea? No matter what, it truly is a shame. There are so many that I was hoping to become good friends with that left with nothing more than a status update. Or not at all.
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    Good morning everypony! How's it going? Yesh, four day weekends always seem so short. Oh well! Round two of holidays are just around the corner.
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    Going out for birthday dinner, since I work on my birthday. I'm starting to feel as old as celestia.
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    THIS puts a smile on my face :') :3
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    Welp the my little pony Christmas specials are already playing.
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    A severe blizzard is supposed to hit. I hope it actually does and doesn't pass over us like every other storm.
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    Aww, I love Tionsha from Monster Musume! She's such a big sweetheart! She doesn't talk much (side character, after all) but she handmakes the costumes for her team, loves shopping & sweets and genuinely cares for everybody... even if it's so clear she's way out of her social depth! "I don't know what I'm doing here... am I supposed to...?" She's strong, good at what little she's good at, but she's blatantly honest & as emotional as her bulk! She's one kind of girl I'm attracted to & also the kind of girl I want to be! ...a-and yes, those two concepts are wholly dependant on each other! Sh-she makes me feel better about the big, sappy goon & lout I am! *Sniffle!* Aw, here I go again!!
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    Alright, I'm currently using a borrowed IPad, so I'd better give it back. I guess that means goodnight. Thanks for the warm welcome back everypony! Sleep well, and sweet dreams!
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    Here's a nice Owl City PMV for a Sunday! Even if you're not Christian, it's got ponies!
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    Yeah, this sold out in under a minute. Vaporwave collecting is like that.
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    @TwilySparky Have fun singing that Hearths Warming song my dude
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    Good morning to you all Hope you all are doing well
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    The sweet embrace of sleep. Basically when you hide under a blanket.
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    I have found myself reading and watching again about the internet destroying EU-mistake that is Article 13, and I just remembered ancient saying someone once told me. "Two things only the people anxiously desire — bread and circuses." People are happy as long as they have their bread and circuses, EU is now risking to take away our circuses..and some of us have hard time getting our bread....so.all I have to say is that if things go south, I will buy heaps of popcorn with what little money I have and watch as the unenviable result of this absolute shitstorm of a world. These were thoughts of a constantly sleepless, painfully anxious(atm) and generally empty feeling catpone at 2 am.
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    WHAT!? Shane Van Gisbergen has been given a drive-through penalty!?!?!? NO F*CKING WAY!!! YES!!! ^^ Karma BITES them in the arse once again!!! Apparently, the penalty was for the fuel nozzle. They still had it in the car when they dropped it. WOW!!! Link: https://www.supercars.com/news/championship/van-gisbergen-loses-win-with-pitstop-penalty/ That means Scott McLaughlin has officially WON yesterdays race despite running out of fuel on the last lap and because of the penalty, Shane Van Gisbergen finishes in 5th place Oh, that's f*ckin beautiful So he NOW has a 53 point lead instead of a 2 point lead over Shane Van Gisbergen. That REALLY good news. *whew* god ^^;... There's a qualifying session at 12PM, they'll be a Top Ten Shootout at 12:50PM and the race starts at 3:40PM...and it'll all be live on Channel 10 for Australian viewers EDIT: "The key equation is that McLaughlin can seal the championship by finishing in the top six even if van Gisbergen wins." Oh, well that's easy all he has to do is drive a clean race he doesn't have to fight for the race win. THAT is a MASSIVE sigh of relief ^^;
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    We are finally here folks. It pleases us to bring to you this year's Making Christmas Merrier Fundraiser. We are back to supporting the BC Children's Hospital and staff is waiting with baited breath on their fates. FOR THE KIDS!
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    @Sparklefan1234 is turning into a mermaid
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    When you get a notification while you're writing in a topic:
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    Okay time to own up! Who did it? Who stole my weekend?!?!?!
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    The rooster is gonna go and try to get some sleep. Take care all, I love you. <3
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    A scene from this week's exciting next chapter of AJBS! Do enjoy!
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    Morning pones. Pones morning. I detact a large deposit of a lazy Sunday ahead.
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    Of all the 3rd party franchises in Smash, Cloud is the only one that feels like a bonafied guest while the rest feel organic and well integrated into the Smash universe
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    Scott McLaughlin is the 2018 V8 Supercars CHAMPION!!!!!! Link: https://www.supercars.com/news/championship/mclaughlin-wins-championship-reynolds-finale/
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    Can Nightmare Moon induce sleep and, to an extent, cause nightmares? (We know her name is Nightmare Moon, and Luna can create a Tantabus....so could Nightmare Moon ALSO effectively create nightmares?)
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    Time to work on my scootaloo fanfiction. story plot: Sick and Tired of her mom Stratus’s Constant abuse, She runs away to Canterlot in Search of a new family
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    I might be a big metalhead, but hell, even I can appreciate classic rock/southern rock like this.
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    Hello to all who will read this message! I will have to keep this fairly short, as I am still very busy. I have not been very active lately due to many things that have happened recently. I've been really busy with school and tennis. I also got the flu a few weeks ago, then I got strep throat really bad (so bad in fact, that I had a 104 fever, migraine and nausea so bad I blacked out a few times), but that's over now. Then I had a tennis tournament last weekend followed by another one this entire week, and I have found it to be quite difficult to spend very much time on here catching up with friends and the recent happenings. Hopefully things will slow down for me soon so I can be on here more often. So don't worry, I haven't left without warning!
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