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  1. Luna hugs for everypony! Feel free to cuddle and snuggle with your Princess of the Night @Tacodidra @TwilySparky @Rikifive @Twilight Luna @Phosphor @DEFENDER @Luna's Admirer @Dynamo Pad @Mirage @Mellow Mane @Partialgeek514 @Fluttershy Friend @shyabetes3939 @Lord Valtasar @Ganondorf8 @Jeric @Venomous @PathfinderCS @AJ2489 @Raririsu @R.D.Dash @The Recherche @Cash In @Kevin Tang @Lord Midnight Madness @Jade Fire @SolarFlare13 @Sondash Studios @Chrysalis89 @Alexshy @Midnight Solace @Crimson storm @Arc Flash @CypherLink and @Deae Rising Shine~
  2. *hugs @Phosphor, @Tacodidra, @TwilySparky, @Pip plup, @Sliding Bolt, @Mellow Mane, @Arc Flash, @Crimson storm, @AJ2489, @Merry Brony 2A, @shyabetes3939, @Lord Midnight Madness, @Midnight Solace*
  3. Well holy moses smell the roses you guys blew past the $750 goal. I just posted the first $250 goal thread. At this point I'm gonna be a stinker and tell you that I'll catch up in the morning. This has been the strongest start to the MCM, I am deeply moved as is the rest of the staff. What a night.
  4. I've been looking forward to this since two years ago! It was so much fun last time, I plan on contributing soon enough. (Let's continue that streak of not being affected by these goals )
  5. $100 Goal - Hearth's Warming Helper "Best Gift Ever" So when brainstorming about new stretch goal ideas, it just so happened that the recent pony holiday special aired. The concept of a Secret Santa is something that we love, and new for this Making Christmas Merrier is something in line with Hearth's Warming Helper. If you don't know where I am taking this, then stop reading and find Best Gift Ever and watch that. It's great. Anyway, all donors from the launch of the MCM until December 15th will be matched with another donor ala a Secret Santa system. Instead of a physical gift, you will tell one of the MCM Team what gift you think that person would like. The event team will then use this idea to create a customer award badge for the member to be given to them on December 24th - from them to you. To simplify, say you draw @Lord Valtasar, and know that he likes Lord of the Rings. You privately message me or a list of other staff that are helping to coordinating this, and then tell them that you want to give them the "One Ring". LV or myself will design a special one-of-a-kind badge just for that other donor. Then on Hearth's Warming Eve, Aurora, Bori, and Alice will show up to help hand out the gifts that came from your heart. The badge can be anything as long as it isn't NSFW. There will be a second phase of this that will include donors later, but delivery will have to be after the fundraiser so that we can include everyone. We will call the second round "Little Hearth's Warming Eve". Yes you can opt out of this. All donors will be messaged to confirm they are interested. To make things easier, there will be a field added to your profile that will allow you to list things that you enjoy so that the user can have an idea. You don't have to do this though. Personally, I like the idea of people trying to figure out what each person would like and think of that perfect gift. So the main question is ... who is going to be the person that gives the pudding? Art by @Holly Jolly Ody
  6. Hugs for @Midnight Solace, @R.D.Dash, @Raririsu, @Woohoo and @Tylad!
  7. *Hugs @TwilySparky @Midnight Solace @Luna's Admirer @Raririsu @Rising Dusk @DivineGlow1000 @Cash In @shyabetes3939 @The Recherche @Sparklefan1234 @Alexshy @Mirage @Tacodidra*
  8. $250 Goal B - Staff Name Change / Giveaway Drawing Another fun tradition that we have always had was the ability for a community member to troll a staffer and make them change their display name, title, and avatar for a week. This fun little tradition continues. How this works is that on Dec 24th (Hearth's Warming Eve) a live drawing will take place that will include numerous silly prizes. One of them is a name change ticket. For every $5.00 you donate you will receive your name added to the giveaway drawing. Some basic rules ... prizes cannot have material value ... so no physical prizes. Also unlike prior years prizes that have multiples can only be won once per donor. We wanted to spread the fun of things like the name change ticket. I can't go into further detail without giving away anything else coming down the line, but keep the donations coming folks.
  9. Deer! Deer deer deer deer deer deer deer deer!!!!
  10. Well, looks like we are close to the $500 mark. Only $120 away as of currently!
  11. $50 Goal is unwrapped - Element of Generosity Badge This is awarded to donors who contribute at least $5.00. The badge above is given to anypony who donates at least $5 toward the charity. These are given manually (for now) so it can take a few hours for one of the Admins to get to it. Feel free to PM me if a day has gone by and I haven't gotten to it. The badge will be there as your rank until January 25th so that all users that donate can at least have it for a full month. Note that this rank badge is overridden by any staff badges and specialty badges. If you have one of the rare specialty badges you can opt to take this one instead (Like the Canterlot Artist). Staff unfortunately are stuck with your staff rank. That said ... man I say that a lot ... anyway .... all donors will be awarded a award badge that will be a permanent variant of the above rank so that you will always have that on your profile. Thanks for all your support.
  12. IRL Umm, hey! My name's Venus, (Laura IRL) I'm a pegasus, I'm 14.5 years old, and I'm from Texas! I love creating OCs and stuff like that. I play the oboe at a semi-professional level, and I'm an aerial acrobat as well. I also love to sing, dance, and act. My favourite of the mane six is Rainbow Dash (obviously, she's the best!), and Zecora is another one of my favourite characters. PONY LIFE My personal OC's (me) name's Lollywing Venus, I'm a pegasus, my pet is a chameleon named Xemmo, and my cutie mark is a cloud next to glasses and bubbles. I'm a student who works at an apothecary!
  13. Will be making a donation later today. I also make donations to St. Jude’s throughout the year. Edit: Just made my donation. All the ponies here and the kids at the hospital, rock.
  14. Hugs @Kyoshi, @Batbrony, @Sparklefan1234, @Lightwing, @SparklingSwirls, @Gone Airbourne, @TwilySparky, @Tacodidra, @Jeric, @PathfinderCS, @Midnight Scribbler, @Snowflurry, @Yellow Diamond
  15. So far, we're already over $800 and it's only been a few hours since this started. You guys are amazing, no, excellent, for giving to such a worthy cause.
  16. Now it's up to three according to the results.
  17. I've definitely wanted a chance to be more giving, without feeling tied to just doing it because my family's doing it. Making the conscious decision on my own feels so much better and I am happy to contribute to Making Christmas Merrier for the children.
  18. Well, I'd just donated $20 to the donation goal. May we get ever quicker to our goal. @Jeric Oddly, this screen didn't appear to me at all. I hope I can get proper credit for my donation. For the record, @Jeric, I used this link, when I went to make my donation. https://mlpforums.com/clients/donations/11-making-christmas-merrier-vi/ I just didn't get the screen above at any point, despite getting a confirmation email right after my donation.
  19. We'll make you eat those words Goodness me I love this time of year~
  20. Ha! So I am working on the $100 stretch goal post we just past $250 ... keep me busy folks. I don't mind.
  21. /)_- My fault. I'll fix those links. This is the inhouse donation page https://mlpforums.com/clients/donations/11-making-christmas-merrier-vi/
  22. $250 Goal A - Staff Solo Song Time for one of the biggest MCM traditions to kick off. Each year staff toss their names up to basically embarrass themselves by singing a song (usually very badly because very very few of us can carry a note). From here on the songs will unlock in most of the future levels in some form, though each will have a specific themes to differentiate them. In years past we avoided doing the same song twice, so we will try to do the same thing here, though there may be a repeat from older years. Staff names can and will occasionally change as new staff is added and removed. In some cases there will be specific staff groups assigned. A good heads up that at some point in the near future, you may be invited to jump in, so consider that. For any staffers that haven't volunteered (irrespective of your role and site you help run), your talents would be appreciated. How this works is that first we pick the staffer via poll, then we pick the song. Some staffers are quicker to record than others, so please be patient. Without further ago, this specific theme is solo based and will be one of the Hearth's Warming and Christmas inspired Pony songs. That means a solo song from Hearth's Warming Tale or the Christmas Album It's a Pony Kind of Christmas. Keep that in mind. The staff poll will go up first. Yay one vote for @PathfinderCS bless you
  23. Hey, my offer to write a poem or short story as prize still stands. I'm all outta practice in visual art, but maybe I should even include a lil sketch? This should motivate me, and may even give ideas for the theme. Either way, I'm gonna go donate now. Then I'll plaster links all over the Universe.
  24. This is where people are going to have fun choosing who will end up singing, and yet, I applaud you for wanting to go through with this. This is a brave thing but for a very good cause as you already know. Hopefully, you can carry some kind of tune long enough to make it a memorable experience.
  25. Hm. That an offer to put yourself up for singing or something else coming down the line.
  26. C'mon guys get donating for this great cause! Lets make christmas merrier!!!
  27. Only if you sing for it in a cockney accent, you little scamp!
  28. Amusingly enough, that is tangentially connected to the $100 goal.
  29. Very nice looking badge there. Those who have it are truly generous people for helping those in need and for that I salute them.
  30. Wish I could get this cool badge, but my staff badge overrides it. Oh well, good luck to all the others though!
  31. As far as other pony things about me, I ADORE Diamond Tiara. Best pony! Then, Now, Forever. I am her biggest fan, and I defy anyone to challenge me on that. I also love Pinkie Pie and the CMC, as well as Silver Spoon and Princess Cadance. Not a big fan of most of the rest of the Mane Six except for RD. And Yona is best Student Six. Best Episode for Me: Ponyville Confidental Worst Episode for Me: Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep
  32. So it is either Path or I. I nominate @PathfinderCS.
  33. Pathy... I do believe thou art being proffered as the Deer Vocalist we expect to hear from.
  34. Would they have figgy pudding for hearths warming eve?
  35. Nice. Always good keeping traditions. I will donate once money comes in my bank account.
  36. Glad to see that already we have reached the first two initiatives. This is going to go a long way towards helping those who truly need it.
  37. Well, that was quick. We have unlocked the $100 award. That one is special and bit complicated so be on the lookout for that thread. Here is a hint of the $100 Stretch Goal
  38. Yesssssss, here we go. I am pumped after last year not happening. This will be so great. Doctor Mesme is on the case. Fighting that dreadful Cancer