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  1. Interested in creating an episode thread like this? Read this first! Title: The Beginning of the EndAir Date: April 6th, 2019Written By: Lady Writers (Joanna Lewis & Kristine Songco) Twitter | Site | IMDB (Songco , Lewis)Synopsis: In the back-to-back season premiere titled “The Beginning of the End,” Princess Celestia and Princess Luna decide to retire and hand off the ruling of Equestria to Twilight Sparkle and her friends, which sends Twilight into a tailspin of self-doubt. Meanwhile, an ancient villain bands together a legion of nefarious characters to conquer all of Equestria, challenging Twilight Sparkle and the rest of the Mane 6 to step in and save the day. Watch Live and chat with us on EquestriaTV in the CMC Clubhouse Episode Links Yandex Episode 1 Episode 2 Weekly Comic (Casting a Villain - Spoilerish) Bingo Thread - Click here to join in (just for fun) Bingo Results this week - The predictions that came true are (Grogar, Sombra, Twilynanas, Taste the Rainbow, Ponyville Devastated, Doctor Whooves, Chrysalis, "Awesome", and Starswirl New Spell) Pick a Flaw Thread - Here Highlighted User Reactions - Coming Soon Fan Clubs Generated - Coming Soon User Blog Index - Coming Soon Notable Fan Art - Coming Soon Notable Fics - Coming Soon Possible Reaction and Emote Thread - Here Tweets from the Staff and Crew regarding the episode New Format We have come a long way haven't we? Some of us have been there since the beginning and some of us came a little Tardy to the party (like me). As we begin the 26 episode conclusion to this journey of friendship and fandom, we will be doing some new things with the episode threads. As you can see from the opening there will be various sections and links to other threads within the forum that will be collected up above. I want to give a brief rundown of each, though some or self explanatory. Users that create these threads, I will go in and edit these additions in your OP, so you don't have to worry about the legwork. Here are the categories. YouTube/Daily Motion Link - Link to watch the episode. Pretty much that Spoiler Forum - A place to discuss spoilers for up two weeks after the show airs. This will be removed from the thread here when all related posts can be moved into the traditional Show Discussion forum Weekly Comic - In prior years I would occasionally toss up something funny or comical about the episode either leading up to it, or after it aired. This is where this traditional will continue. Bingo Thread - Click here to join in (just for fun). The main Bingo Thread. Yes even if you jumped in late I will still generate you a card, but it will not have predictions that have already come true. Bingo Results this week - This is where I will list out the predictions that came true so you can mark them off your cards. That or you can watch the main thread linked above Pick a Flaw Thread - Mostly a humorous take on episode and character flaws found in each episode. You pick something from a poll that you feel sticks out with the episode. All these will be obviously subjective, but I want this tradition to return Highlighted User Reactions - Funny or genuinely notable comments from the users about the episode may be quoted here User Blog Index - For those MLPF users that do episode reviews, I will collect them here. Notable Fan Art - Self explanatory. Exceptional art that is inspired from the episode will be collected here. Notable Fics - Self explanatory. Exceptional art that is inspired from the episode will be collected here. Possible Reaction and Emote Thread - Every new episode I will have a thread where I will take suggestions on creating a reaction set theme for the episode and maybe emotes. Once done we will have them up for one week. Please note that these will likely be a week behind new episodes (we will always catch up during the mid-season hiatus). Event based reactions may also cause these to run behind. That said, there will be 24 reaction sets created for the final season. Tweets from the Staff and Crew - Fun Tweets from the show staff may be collected here. They sometimes add some nice tidbits about the episode. HOW DO YOU SUBMIT ANYTHING YOU WANT COLLECTED IN THE OP? Send me a PM and I'll review and add it as long as it is within the first few weeks of the episodes airing (or is really really amazing)
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    Finally I found it! Mommy Cadance in for the wammy! Shout out to @Lunar Echo who was a huge fan of Cadance, and helped me out a lot when I first joined the forum. Your kindness won't be forgotten.
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    I worked hard on this edit of my profile picture. How did I do?
  4. And Zephyr Breeze unknowingly being a part of Spike and Luna's plan was a nice touch since all 3 of them are the younger siblings.
  5. Very funny and adorable! I loved how everyone played a role in the story, and even showed new sides of the Mane 6' personalities from their own ideas to break through the castle. Shining got some much needed development, it's honestly nice to see more of him and to know that Twi and Shining never always got along (no cadence is seen either actually). Same deal with Luna and Celestia, we get to see them both argue like sisters again, and it is so hilarious. And the plan between Luna and Spike is great too. And little tidbits like baby Spike, baby Apple Bloom, Maud, Zephyr, etc.. All of it is unexpected, and it's what makes it so fun. This was a great 200th episode
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    Well, the rooster is gonna be going offline for the rest of the day. Take care all and stay safe. *hugs* Thank you all for being my friends and I love you all. <3 <3 <3
  7. So the 100th episode was for the fans, and the 200th episode was for the writers...and the fans. I refuse to ever believe that twist ending featuring the most glorious image in the entire show was not also done for the fans. Luna is a James Bond villain, Spike is a femme fatale, it even brings everything with the spy stuff full circle to tie it back to the title. Sparkle's Seven...007. I love how even watching the after-interview before the episode didn’t sully the pleasure of that twist, because this episode just gets better and better the more you go back to it and feel things click in your head better. They even address the issue of predictability and have predictability vs. unpredictability as part of the plot’s conflict. Wonderful. Even if you don’t get this episode at first, it’s still an endearing, funny gem that you’ll want to come back to to understand more and more.
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    It was just pointed out to me by @Sondash Studios that I have now hit over 5000 brohoofs!! Thanks to you all!! You guys rock!!
  9. This will probably go down as one of the funniest episodes in the entire series.
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    So .... I’m here. Both of my kids are officially 18. I usually have a lot to say ... but now I’m just sitting here realizing that the next phase of parenthood is the wise helper. Happy birthday @Salty Sweetness You’re in charge now!