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  1. Effective today we will start releasing the new rank badges, and the first new addition to the rank badge system in years is Reformed Changeling This is unlocked now my reaching 1500 posts, basically the rank after Evil Changeling. This is requiring some adjustment to the surrounding ranks so post count requirements will be adjusted to allow the new ranks to be added. Since some of the users have already passed this threshold several times over, we have decided to make this the default badge for a a few days, something that we will do for each new rank announced, culminating in the 10,000 post rank. When all ranks have been added we will start working on the process to allow users to move down to other rank badges if they prefer to stay at a specific rank. This was one of the MCM stretch goals and I'm glad we can start revealing these now.
  2. This is the thread to talk about your experiences of BC and what it meant. Linking to blogs is also acceptable. Mine will come in a day as I need to find the proper words to describe the indescribable. I’ll share this small thing. You know why you came when a friend looks you in the eye with tears welling and says how they feel about your friendship with an earnest and sincere outpouring of love. This happened as I bid farewell to @Troblems who epitomized all five elements of harmony on this trip. The individual and three way embraces that were shared were a cap on a such a magnificent week that I’m still going to smile and cry each time I think back on this moment ... a simple 60 seconds that will be felt for my entire life. Small things can have a high impact and penetrate the soul.
  3. P-Pharynx, you can't just post things like this in the Canterlot area, this is the staff update forum! Also, since when has this been such an issue for you!? I thought you were fine with the community when I pointed it to you, after I discovered it!
  4. Oh, this is just wonderful! I can't wait to show the other changelings these new badges, what a kind, thoughtful representation of our new way of life in the hive! Thanks, Jeric!
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    My two favorite ponies!
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    My Queen will never be without love again!
  7. Hugs for @ChB, @Emerald<3, @TheRockARooster, @Splashee, @RaindowDashQueen, @TheAnimationFanatic, @Tacodidra, @strongwilled_pegasus, @Cash In, @KH7672, @RainbowDashFan124, @Mellow Mane, @Partialgeek514, @Twilight Luna, @DivineSoul1000, @THRILLSEEKER, @KingMorgana, @Lightning, @CosmicSpark, @Bas, @IronM17, @FalconBrony, @Cwanky, @Deae Rising Shine~, @PoisonClaw, @TigerGeekGuy, @DashYoshi, @FlareGun45, @Prospekt, @Phosphor, @Unimportant Pony, @Sondash Studios, @Lord Midnight Madness, @lyrabetes3939, @Tylad, @Nsxile, @CypherHoof, @Flutterstep, @Treeglow Flicker, @EpicEnergy, @Ember Crescent, @Dynamo Pad, @Lambdadelta, @Monado_Dash, @Will Guide, @Aqua The pegasus, @Rising Dusk, @R.D.Dash, and @Sepul-Coloratura.