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    Above average conditions are in the forecast tonight. Hmmm, which telescope do I want to use? And which planet? Jupiter or Saturn? I don't think I can pull an all nighter
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    Behold the princess of Friendship.
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    These Magnolias are elusive. I can only seem to photograph them when they're closed The colors on the leaves appear way off. I shot these with a different lens and I don't have a filter for it. Near IR light completely dominates all 3 color channels in an unfiltered camera.
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    Well everypony, today may have left me disappointed and drained, but tomorrow is a new day and I'm determined to make it go right! So life wants to throw a challenge at me? Challenge accepted! And with that, I shall end this day on a high note. Goodnight everypony, I'm off to get some much needed sleep. Y'all have a good night and awesome weekend! <3
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    Congrats to my daughter @Salty Sweetness on her high school graduation. Her mother @Just Jessiwould be proud
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    Well, no Saturn this morning. Some clouds passed thru while doing some test shots on Jupiter and the haze remained. I do have an image and video clip to share tho. It's quite clear I will need an electric focuser at these magnifications. Enjoy! and I'm going back to bed Jupiter_SW16_3xBarlow_ADC_5-25-2019.mp4
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    I am absolutely exhausted. Goodnight all.
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    Hope you all are doing well!, Stay cool out there
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    Turn up the heat, Tia! (Just not too much please)