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  1. We found @TheTaZe secret mix tape since he is such a old school tech fan. Here were some of his tracks on it. Rainbow Power Metal Lurking for a Living Banned in the USA Everypony Wants to Rule the Board Another Troll Bites the Dust Sweet IP’s (Are Made of This) Obey The Moderator Don’t You (Complain About Me) After finding this there was no reason to delay further. You see a legend was once foretold that the egg of a forlorn troll would one day hatch and become a great threat to the ponies everywhere, and only a great defender would arise to protect the community from this troll who would posses the power of duplication as he was blessed with the gift of IP Warging! I henceforth anoint TaZe from House Wut as Lord of Banner Men and Protector Of The Pony Realm. Will he be the Prince Who Was Promised or become the Mad Mod and burn our forum to the ground? Time shall tell. But as he ascends to take on his new role as a Global Moderator I have only one question for you all .... What do we say to the God of Death? Also we found this in his mix tape too. He is also the Watcher on the Wall!
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    It is going to take some getting used to see my name in purple. After being a sectional for almost a year this is kind of a big change.
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    Hello ponies! I'm on Twitter now, if any of you are interested. It's a pony-only presence, and I'm trying it as a test run to see if it is fun or not. I don't want any involvement with politics or pop-culture crap. My life is peaceful, and I wish it to stay that way. @Mirage773 I hope to be included amongst the fun-loving Twits out there, and perhaps I can help bring some love and happiness too. Also, if your ID is different than you Twitter, please be kind and let me know who you are!
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    My truck is officially CycBolt-ified @Cyclone1066 got me the sticker about a year ago, and I’ve been waiting and waiting to finally have a vehicle to put it on!
  6. Hugs @Averie Aurelia @Rainbowfan45 @Tacodidra @Sondash Studios @Totally Lyra @Lucky Bolt@Partialgeek514 @Twilight Luna @Nsxile @TBD @Flutterstep @DivineGuard1000 @Mellow Mane @R.D.Dash @TheRockARooster@Dynamo Pad@Treeglow Flicker @Phosphor @TigerGeekGuy @Rikifive @Mirage @lyrabetes3939 @strongwilled_pegasus @ILoveRara @Deae Rising Shine~ @Rainbow Cloud @Bakugou Is My Man <3 @FlareGun45 @Jeric @PathfinderCS @DragonFlyer @Callisto @ShadowGlider @Arc Flash @TheTaZe @DashYoshi @BornAgainBrony @SolarFlare13 @ChB
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    My about me is still stuck in 2018. Not sure what to update it to...