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    Wow, it's almost 6am yet I'm kind of in a good mood. Oh well, time for bed. Night all!
  2. We brought IP.B back to the current version thanks to @DDR and his capable hooves. As with any upgrade there are features and elements of our themes that tend to break. We have noticed issues with Prefixes, Status Updates, navigation bar missing, and colors for usernames. Please advise if you notice anything besides those. Thank you.
  3. Blank Flank permissions have been altered to allow them to access profile pics, profile edit, and status updates. To prevent spammers and trolls for immediately slamming the site, they will be temporarily set to have their initial posts requiring approval. The moment the first post is approved by a staffer then the account is tagged as safe and the queue ends. Due to the historical issues with individuals coming back and ‘erasing’ content they have on MLPF, posts now have a time limit on the editing. The time limit is set to one month. I want to allow users to be able to edit ongoing discussions, but want to protect our historical conversations from being erased en masse as people leave the fandom and want to erase everything they posted here. We are currently evaluating additional perks for Subscribers. To start off the file size allowed for avatars has been increased from 150kB to 300kB. More is planned. They also have unlimited display name changes added to their perks. I am also going to be instituting a way of recognizing tenure on MLPF for users who have been a strong part of this community for a while. Rank badges are all well and good, but we need to find other ways to acknowledge our appreciation. Look for more information later.
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    I wish for at least one more Applejack song in season 9.
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    Luna: Would you... dry my mane for me?
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    Fluffy Luna is Best Luna!
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    Good morning, my friends! May your day be wonderful Happy Haiku Day!
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    These are really pretty in UV. Can anypony identify these? I am no expert on flowers.
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    I've gotten off work late everyday this week. I am so glad I saved my vacation hours. I'm off Thursday and Friday and plan to get some much needed rest!
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    Chrysalis: You're not going anywhere, little pony!
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    Replaced the throttle body gasket in the truck, took it out for a little joy ride and it runs like new again! A little cheap repair that goes a long way. And yes, expect many more truck updates from now on.
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