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    I tested the tubes in one of my radios and found a really weak one, a 6AV6. This little tube is tired, so it was replaced with one of my spares. My reception greatly improved afterwards too. You can see the burnt crusty appearance in one of the close up shots.
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    Rarity always dresses in style.
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    I think in the Friendship is Magic series finale, Fausticorn will appear & admit to controlling *everything* that has happened to Twilight Sparkle and her friends over the past nine years.
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    Imagine if after becoming a Princess, Twilight Sparkle said "No, thank you." & asked to be turned back into a Unicorn. If you think about it, Twilight was basically forced into her role by Princess Celestia.
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    Wow, so that’s what sleep feels like Hope you all have a awesome da!
  6. Well, my cold has gone, so it's now safe to do this! *Hugs @shyabetes3939 @Sparklefan1234 @Tacodidra @Arc Flash @Goofyg22 @Mellow Mane @Snow le Canard @TheRockARooster @SithsShadoW @TBD @Rikifive *
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    Ive been sitting here for the past hour or so...transcoding and editing all the 4K video files...why did I shoot in 4K again?
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    What should I buy for dinner tonight?
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    Does anyone know how to move this part of this watch strap?
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    Good morning everypony! How's it going? Happy weekend! It's cold and snowy out today, so great day to snuggle in.
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    You know, I remember seeing a particularly odd-looking amiibo when I was at EB Games / Blacktown Shopping Centre I think they had a Mr. Game And Watch that was tilted sideways / up-side down in its box...and it was BRAND NEW!!! O_O After watching this video, I should go and get this thing for bragging rights X'D (I can't believe they are selling these things for a VERY high price on Ebay :P)
  12. Where can I get that copy?!? Aww. Thanks, Flutters. I love you too. Feast your eyes on this picture of heavenly beauty and innocence.
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    This is hilarious! Another reason why the RT is garbage. Radio waves simply lack the energy to damage DNA. Now, you can get a burn if you touch a transmitting antenna but not cancer. Oh and calling something "shortwave" doesn't mean it's extra dangerous.
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    *boops @Alexshy and @shyabetes3939*
  15. I'm really conflicted on this picture. On the one hand, it's undeniably beautiful. On the other hand, it breaks my heart every time I see Flutters in tears.
  16. Unfortunately I must disappoint you here my friend at least when it comes to the "interesting content" including Fluttershy's acts. Just a cover. Each main character of our ponies has his own issue of "Playpony": https://www.deviantart.com/tag/friensship
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    I'm going to sleep now Nighty-Night, Everypony
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    The week is mercifully over and I made it home before the big chill settled in. I foresee a weekend of lounging and hot chocolate in my future.
  19. Ech. I haven't got that one issue of the newspaper. I've asked in every shop. Alien has not chances in confrontation with Her famous stare! *posts this picture and simply waits at @FlutterGuy999 comment*
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    So this snow storm is supposed to hit where I live. Here’s hoping it hits hard!
  23. https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/lunar/2019-january-21 I plan to setup my Celestron C8 and modded dslr for the eclipse. With that camera, I can image in color and near infrared. I also want to video it with my thermal infrared camera. I'm mainly curious about how the Moon will appear in IR wavelengths at the moment the Moon turns red. So far, the weather forecast looks good. What are your plans for the lunar eclipse?
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    I am thinkng about writing a story, featuring Mesme Rize and Sandbar. I have a few ideas, but it still needs some polishing. I mean, it shouldn't just be "hypnofic LOL"
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    Wind is picking up. Temperature is dropping. Rain is increasing. Seems walking uptown might not happen today.
  26. Well I guess we made a mod mad, oops
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  28. I think exactly in the same way.I can't look without sad emotions at Her tears.
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  30. 460928 I'm great, thanks What about you?
  31. I would have guessed pic 1 is from the BCCH page, not counting any donations made though the PV microsite.
  32. Well, I got 28. That's a pretty big number for me, as I am probably 16-17 years old.
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    Season 1 over! All 9 episodes complete! There's a lot of really good content in all nine. The last one really feels like a turn of a brand-new chapter waiting to be discovered once Netflix releases the second half. And that turn… In short, Netflix Carmen has a great first half. May the second be just as good.
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    Time for bath time followed by sleepy time. May tomorrow be warmer! Seriously, it's been like waking up inside an igloo lately!
  35. OK @Catpone Cerberus. Have a Flutters and cats.
  36. Exactly! Maybe some day...... Today post is dedicated especially to you @Alexshy Please smile my Luna and find a way to limit your royal duties to have more time for yourself. *cuddles* I know about it my princess, however..... .....sometimes for every dilligent and talented writer..... ....it is the best place of work........ .....to avoid tiredness..... .....and set optimal proportion between work and rest to achieve happiness. I sincerely wish you this, my friend!
  37. I love this song so much! I also love Maddie Ziegler''s dancing. It's the perfect complement to Sia's singing.
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    I want to see start Friendship is Magic Season 9 start with the Season Finale & work backwards to the Season Premier.
  39. *Hugs @Treeglow Flicker @Sondash Studios @Tacodidra @Dark Horse @Lord Valtasar @Lucky Bolt @MidnightFire1222
  40. Awwww that's so nice of you.
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    Finished Ep. 4 of the new Carmen Sandiego, starting the fifth. Now, one thing to say about this show (confined in spoilers because of important details):
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    The party password is rudabega We need more of bug queen in season nine
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    Just started watching Carmen Sandiego on Netflix. I'm in the middle of Episode 2 (of 9 in S1). Not gonna spoil anything, but it's looking to be really good so far.
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  46. Honestly, I would be completely confused. I've been told that FiM would end in season 9, and I've been worrying about it ever since. I wouldn't be disappointed, but just wondering why Hasbro would troll us like that.
  47. While I'm not a fan of it, I don't understand the amount of hate it gets.