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    I tested the tubes in one of my radios and found a really weak one, a 6AV6. This little tube is tired, so it was replaced with one of my spares. My reception greatly improved afterwards too. You can see the burnt crusty appearance in one of the close up shots.
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    Wow, so that’s what sleep feels like Hope you all have a awesome da!
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    Ive been sitting here for the past hour or so...transcoding and editing all the 4K video files...why did I shoot in 4K again?
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    What should I buy for dinner tonight?
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    Does anyone know how to move this part of this watch strap?
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    Good morning everypony! How's it going? Happy weekend! It's cold and snowy out today, so great day to snuggle in.
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    You know, I remember seeing a particularly odd-looking amiibo when I was at EB Games / Blacktown Shopping Centre I think they had a Mr. Game And Watch that was tilted sideways / up-side down in its box...and it was BRAND NEW!!! O_O After watching this video, I should go and get this thing for bragging rights X'D (I can't believe they are selling these things for a VERY high price on Ebay :P)
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    This is hilarious! Another reason why the RT is garbage. Radio waves simply lack the energy to damage DNA. Now, you can get a burn if you touch a transmitting antenna but not cancer. Oh and calling something "shortwave" doesn't mean it's extra dangerous.
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    *boops @Alexshy and @shyabetes3939*
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    I'm going to sleep now Nighty-Night, Everypony
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    The week is mercifully over and I made it home before the big chill settled in. I foresee a weekend of lounging and hot chocolate in my future.
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    So this snow storm is supposed to hit where I live. Here’s hoping it hits hard!
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    I am thinkng about writing a story, featuring Mesme Rize and Sandbar. I have a few ideas, but it still needs some polishing. I mean, it shouldn't just be "hypnofic LOL"
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    Wind is picking up. Temperature is dropping. Rain is increasing. Seems walking uptown might not happen today.
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    Tomorrow I'm going to my grandparents with a fever! I hope my health and body can withstand the hot environment
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    Season 1 over! All 9 episodes complete! There's a lot of really good content in all nine. The last one really feels like a turn of a brand-new chapter waiting to be discovered once Netflix releases the second half. And that turn… In short, Netflix Carmen has a great first half. May the second be just as good.
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    Time for bath time followed by sleepy time. May tomorrow be warmer! Seriously, it's been like waking up inside an igloo lately!
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    Finished Ep. 4 of the new Carmen Sandiego, starting the fifth. Now, one thing to say about this show (confined in spoilers because of important details):
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    The party password is rudabega We need more of bug queen in season nine
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    Just started watching Carmen Sandiego on Netflix. I'm in the middle of Episode 2 (of 9 in S1). Not gonna spoil anything, but it's looking to be really good so far.
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    It would be cool if we could just throw this presidency away entirely and bring in someone that isn't a total shitshow of brain dead arrogance.
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    Do you want a brief explanation of what an acorn is? In a nutshell, it's an oak tree.
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    Well, I’m going now. Take care all.
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    Brekkie time for the Rooster. See you all later.
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    YOU WILL NEVER TAKE MY FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Now... I wish to ask for your personal expertise on a certain subject I know little about. According to a recent pop song, specific memories can be called back up with the usage of not only certain alcoholic beverages, but by specific ways of drinking it. To Whit, when you Chase Tequila. ...Is Tequila so strong that you have to actually run after it first in order to imbibe it? ...I am much confused over how you humans ingest substances for nutrition.
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    Did you just assume that I'm a fully grown 34 years old man? You're broken.
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    I don't know if I can make it till monday cause my illness gave a stuffy nose and a dried throat, I hope I can endure it just for a day
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    Over 1,000 guests. Be on guard, for they far outnumber us at night.
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    Got an Alliance and a Horde to level 120, did all the new dungeons and raids, and it was fun. But I won't be renewing my subscription until Classic drops. For me, vanilla vs. retail is a matter of reward for your invested time. Vanilla: About a week /played (time actually in the game, a couple months in real time) to hit level cap of 60 with a few days /played to get geared for raiding. Retail: About 12 hours /played (In real time as well because I had the day off and nothing better to do) to hit level cap of 120 with about 6 hours to get geared for raiding. No contest as to which one feels more rewarding to conquer. BfA is fun for what it is, but long term play on it just doesn't feel worth it imo.
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    I don't understand how you... don't do things. Like, spending two to four hours veging out on Youtube when you ought be going to sleep because you're trying to forget about your stresses & only riling yourself more. Or spending forty minutes on a game where I gain nothing other than frustration. Sitting there knowing full well those forty minutes I could spend going to the library... reading the books I lament not reading... actually attempting to aid my mental state. I'm not good at... Intentional Focus. ...I always had Mother do all the decisions for me... mostly because she wouldn't let me.
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    Who here is excited because EQG is technically graduating from the high school?
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    There's one thing about Carmen Sandiego that bothers me:
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    Alright, everyone remember to be up on January 21st, around 3:30 AM, because THAT is when the only Lunar Eclipse of 2019 will begin, AND be seen from countries including North America! @Alexshy I'm glad you can do things like this.
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    Tonight, I start working on fixing my life. I need to stop midnight snacking! I need to stop staying up so late! I need to stop doing humiliating, private things that have wasted time during the days! I need to get my YouTube life back on track and fix whatever's wrong with it! Well...the midnight snacking will be hard to fix....I do like a good sandwich at midnight. But staying up late and fixing my YouTube schedule are main priorities at the moment. (And no, staying up and midnight snacking aren't completely related. You can WAKE UP in the middle of the night to go eat.) This isn't a resolution. This is a GOAL.
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    Are you feeling better? I noticed that you were feeling down so I did my best to cheer you up.
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    The best song for the season nine, also I think it would have been a good song to end the series with.
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    Mhm, eeyup. Smart cookie, indeed.
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    Its funny..I set up the discord server with the help of many awesome people, and it was the reason I was up till 3:00am..lol But it was awesome!!
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    Good morning all. ^^ Sorry to say but I won't be on much today, gonna be busy and I might be going out tonight.
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    Good morning ponyville!!! Hope you all are doing well!!!
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    Literally the ONLY Democrat I would consider voting for over Trump is running in 2020. She will be the only candidate who wants to end the forever wars, and for that she will be endlessly shit on by the media and lose the primary to a corporatist. https://www.votetulsi.com/node/25114