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  1. Well, my cold has gone, so it's now safe to do this! *Hugs @shyabetes3939 @Sparklefan1234 @Tacodidra @Arc Flash @Goofyg22 @Mellow Mane @Snow le Canard @TheRockARooster @SithsShadoW @TBD @Rikifive *
  2. Where can I get that copy?!? Aww. Thanks, Flutters. I love you too. Feast your eyes on this picture of heavenly beauty and innocence.
  3. I'm really conflicted on this picture. On the one hand, it's undeniably beautiful. On the other hand, it breaks my heart every time I see Flutters in tears.
  4. Unfortunately I must disappoint you here my friend at least when it comes to the "interesting content" including Fluttershy's acts. Just a cover. Each main character of our ponies has his own issue of "Playpony": https://www.deviantart.com/tag/friensship
  5. Ech. I haven't got that one issue of the newspaper. I've asked in every shop. Alien has not chances in confrontation with Her famous stare! *posts this picture and simply waits at @FlutterGuy999 comment*
  6. https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/lunar/2019-january-21 I plan to setup my Celestron C8 and modded dslr for the eclipse. With that camera, I can image in color and near infrared. I also want to video it with my thermal infrared camera. I'm mainly curious about how the Moon will appear in IR wavelengths at the moment the Moon turns red. So far, the weather forecast looks good. What are your plans for the lunar eclipse?
  7. Well I guess we made a mod mad, oops
  8. I think exactly in the same way.I can't look without sad emotions at Her tears.
  9. Thanks for share. Really nice picture. Have the other one, my friends: Don't cry my Yellow Angel! *hugs Flutttershy tightly and wipes all the tears (even if they are beautiful)*
  10. 460928 I'm great, thanks What about you?
  11. I would have guessed pic 1 is from the BCCH page, not counting any donations made though the PV microsite.
  12. Well, I got 28. That's a pretty big number for me, as I am probably 16-17 years old.
  13. I'm pretty sure the forum you are describing is Sugarcube Corner. It even says it in the description:
  14. OK @Catpone Cerberus. Have a Flutters and cats.
  15. Exactly! Maybe some day...... Today post is dedicated especially to you @Alexshy Please smile my Luna and find a way to limit your royal duties to have more time for yourself. *cuddles* I know about it my princess, however..... .....sometimes for every dilligent and talented writer..... ....it is the best place of work........ .....to avoid tiredness..... .....and set optimal proportion between work and rest to achieve happiness. I sincerely wish you this, my friend!
  16. I love this song so much! I also love Maddie Ziegler''s dancing. It's the perfect complement to Sia's singing.
  17. *Hugs @Treeglow Flicker @Sondash Studios @Tacodidra @Dark Horse @Lord Valtasar @Lucky Bolt @MidnightFire1222
  18. Dynamo turns to Jade, who said he could tag along if he wanted. "I guess it could be good to go. It's always good to go with strength in numbers. I also agree with what you mean. If they want to intimidate us, then they can. All the more reason to either underestimate us, or they can show us what they can do." He says, but knew that it was okay to feel fear. He managed to get out of his seat as he walked towards Jade. However, he stopped as he turned to Tricis, who had told them it was pointless to head towards the arena. He opened his mouth to speak, but stopped as the coach called Frostflame over to speak to him. The gaming unicorn could only sigh as he turned back to his captain. A look of confusion and wonder was present on his face. "So, what do we do now? If we can't head to the arena for any matches, then what are we to do? I guess there's always training and maybe getting to know one another." He says, thinking of what the plan of action could be.
  19. Honestly, I would be completely confused. I've been told that FiM would end in season 9, and I've been worrying about it ever since. I wouldn't be disappointed, but just wondering why Hasbro would troll us like that.
  20. While I'm not a fan of it, I don't understand the amount of hate it gets.
  21. Looks like Fluttershy was combined with a mutation of King Sombra and Dracula from the Castlevania Netflix show. I don't mean this in a bad way mind you.
  22. Hi Rainbow Dash Are you going to go fashion shopping with Rarity?
  23. the counter i post is the one we have on the forums, and it combines both ways of donating, so the goal was reached, and surpassed, and surpassed again after new rewards were added at 2,5, and while you could still go donate if you'd like,(charities ran all year round after all, not only during the holidays) we won't be having any more events for it, nor will we be asking you to. everyone did well. thank you.
  24. Wow, I guess I kind of forgot about this. That's a pretty good question! I came up with the name about four years ago when I decided I wanted to have some sort of online identity. I suppose I chose the name "partial" geek, because I wanted something to signify that I was a geeky person, but I didn't always feel like I had a "geeky" enough personality. I also didn't feel like being too geeky was a good thing, so I only wanted to be a "partial geek". Looking back, I'm not really sure why I had that exact perspective. The reason I've kept the name is because although I no longer feel the need to avoid being "too geeky", I do feel the need to remember that there's much more to me that one label. If I were to create an internet name for myself today, I doubt I'd choose "Partialgeek", but I keep it because I don't want to forget my past. If this is kind of difficult to understand, that's probably because I don't fully understand the the origin of my internet name myself. The most clear thing I can remember is having insecurities as I created it, but it's part of me now, so I don't expect to change it anytime soon. I'm not sure why I'm anxious. Social anxiety is one of my worst difficulties. I've had therapy and meds though, so I'm doing a bit better these days. Although I have a bigger celebration at Christmas, I would say that Easter is the most important holiday for me. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and when the bonds of death were loosed. His birth was clearly required for that to happen, but His death and resurrection were the climax. I've visited Salt Lake City once. I loved the sights there. I don't think anyone could deny that Temple Square is quite beautiful. The most important part of my religion is Jesus Christ himself. He's my Saviour and because of Him, I and everyone can have hope to return to the presence of our Heavenly Father. My favourite types of music are mostly high energy electric and somber/sad piano or orchestral. I mostly get my music from the pony scene, so I usually listen to artists like Princewhateverer, John Kenza, Black Gryph0n, Exiark, and a variety of others. I know that there's some Christians that don't have the best opinion of my church, but I've never had many problems because of it. I'm not sure if it's because we have more books of scripture than just the Bible, the fact that we believe that God the Father and Jesus Christ are two different people, or something else, but I don't let it bother me too much. We all believe in the same Christ after all.
  25. Hopefully I get to see it. Last time was blocked by clouds.
  26. Continuing the trend of "Sunset looks good no matter what she's wearing", let's begin with some good old Swimsuit Sunset! Next we have Sunset dressed in a maid outfit. Spoiling the image just to be safe... "Can you give me a push?" A well-toned Sunset (AKA, my dream girl) And now, let's end on something adorable.
  27. Usually, I would just stay quiet and hate myself for how stupid I am. I can't cope with it. I would probably never stop thinking about how I was shamed, and it would still haunt me to this day.
  28. The most I could ask for is just to have others that really care about me. To have true friends for once. Someone that could just listen to what I have to say.
  29. 1. Social interaction 2. When things go wrong 3. Losing friends 4. Not being good enough 5. Being embarrassed 6. Bad memories 7. My auditory hallucinations 8. Verbal abuse 9. Loud noises
  30. Wait, isn't a "Swirly" something they do over in American High Schools? Jokes aside, how'd you come up with the name?
  31. I too like to watch the sunrise but usually I'm up from the night before still. Definitely night owl.
  32. Not at all, since Legend of Everfree the Humane 5 have been slightly deviating from their pony counterparts. The shorts series has particularly been great exploring what the girls do in their human school/teenager environment, that alone gives the HM5 a different angle from pony RM5.
  33. This is exactly what I'm talking about.
  34. Why anxious? What is for you more important? Christmas or easter? Was you ever in Salt Lake City or do you want to visit it? What is for you the most important part in your religion? What is your favorite music? I remember to hear that Mormons don't have the best stand under other christian confessions. Is this true? And if yes, do you sometimes get trouble because of your believes?
  35. Hi Swirls, how are you? How is the weather in Washington? How is it living in the capital city of the USA? How do you will celebrate christmas this year?
  36. Ever since I learned it by ear, this one has been stuck in my head.
  37. Well, the MLP Movie is meant to celebrate the characters we know and love, (Mane 6 and Spike) So, I don't see how the secondary characters would fit in. I think that's why other secondary characters such as Discord, Luna and Starlight were not shown much in the show. I mean, even the princesses are useless.
  38. Trixie was just jealous of Twilight, that's what fuelled her to be so egoistic, and caused her to be a showoff in stage magic. After other ponies found out the lies Trixie has told, she was humiliated and wanted to bully everypony in ponyville, particularly Twilight by using the Alicorn Amulet. I don't think Trixie is bad, she just makes bad decisions. She said herself all the things that she did was just because of jealousy. She's working on being a better pony since she met Starlight, her first friend.
  39. I think so. Just look at the top ten MLP characters. Sometimes she is also referred to as a background pony.
  40. I don't know how to say this, but i was disappointed about it atleast at first glance. Just going to say one of the reasons i disliked this season finale and rank it as one of the worst ones of the show. Many other problems i have with this episode, but this one was one of the most transparent.
  41. I don't mind them and don't really have a problem with people who want them