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    Good morning ponyville It was 4am this morning...but it’s done.. im beat... hope you all have a awesome day
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    When I post about something that would only be interesting to me:
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    My girl (left) and her bestie (right) chilling at the beach!
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    Keep calm and party on! jk It won't be like this, but it's so messy it's fun. Seriously though, there'll be different effects after upgrading. And sweet Celestia, making sound effects and music will take AGES!
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    You came all the way here just to see Celestia? How flattering!
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  8. Possible situation at Luna's work after weekend. I think that coffee will help you survive Monday at work, my princess. Have peaceful day at work. Although not too peaceful - to avoid variant above.
  9. I'm new. Yep, that's pretty much it. I don't know what else to say.
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    Only a few hours left till the Kingdom Hearts 3 release. As a fan since day 1, who almost played every game in the series, my hype knows no boundaries. After all these years, the final chapter has finally been reached. Pre-ordered it about 2 months ago. I just look at the time ticking down on my PS4.
  11. While this may be a problem, I think it's unfair to blame it on sexism. Women's bathroom have longer lines then men because women generally spend more time on the toilet than men. And there's really no effenciant way to fix that. One could build more women's bathrooms, but most places doesn't have the space to build more if they wanted to. Plus it's not that cheap/easy to just build more bathrooms even if one had the space for it.
  12. Fluttershy in Assassin's Creed getup. Knowing her, she'd more than likely kill people with cuteness than anything else. Case in point.
  13. Cute Woona enjoying some fast food. Luna has had a little too much coffee.
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    Funko Scootaloo arrived in the mail today!
  15. Urinals just don't take up as much space, and part of the unspoken bathroom code for men is to be as quick as possible.
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    Good morning all. I’m only gonna be here for a little while, have to get ready for my appointment soon. I hope you’re all well.
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    Rating your own intelligence, kindness, and attractiveness by yourself will result in a biased result. Never judge the quality of yourself, let other people judge it for you. Because that's where our true score in the society comes from.
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    If any of you live in the midwest of the US, please be extremely careful with the incoming extreme cold. If you don't have to go anywhere, don't.
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    Good morning everypony! How's it going? Airport pony here chilling at the Airport. Going to be a long day for this pone, but ya'll stay awesome and I'll see ya'll when I get back to the future!
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    Goodnight all. I’ll answer my messages tomorrow or whenever I can, sorry. I have to be up early tomorrow for an appointment. Take care all, I really love you all. <3
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    I'm going to share with you all yet ANOTHER one of my short but cute and cuddly stories. This one, I especially am proud of! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/372108872296431617/539321949332045824/A_Chapters_Beginning_and_End.rtf For those who don't want to download it, here you go -
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    Good morning everypony! I just received my (very late) Christmas present. Was supposed to get this on Christmas but the delivery took longer than expected. So much for "7-10 days shipping". It's my Coloratura plushie!!! *squeal* *happy kirin noises*
  25. Why is it that there always seem to be lines for women's restrooms, and never for mens? Quite simply- and apparently, women relieving themselves just wasn't a concern. source: https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2019/01/women-men-bathroom-lines-wait/580993/
  26. Looks like there are Sunset images that I missed. Methinks I need to keep better tabs on Derpibooru... more than I usually do. Anyway, on with my usual contribution. I'm surprised that it took this long to finally make a joke out of this with Sunset. Many of you should know what this image represents. Obligatory Sunset swimsuit image... in suggestive. There are a couple of other versions of this one with Sunset wearing different attire but I feel that only one version is enough for this place. The parallels between the Rainbooms and Mystery Incorporated are getting more and more obvious all the time. Well, minus the whole solving mysteries thing and being chased about by various monsters. Another suggestive image and one that involves Sunset wearing her pajamas. I guess you can make anything suggestive under the right context. A semi-classic shot from Friendship Games.
  27. You can fit more urinals than cubicles in the same space, the ladies room has only cubicles whereas the gents has a mixture of both. So facilities of equal size will have more toilets for men than for women, add to that the fact that men don't take as long and the general rule of etiquette that you don't talk to other people in the gents and the throughput is much higher, hence no queues.
  28. OK, I had this discussion about a field latrine one time, and it got pretty heated, so I'm gonna just say this. The male latrine and the female latrine were the same size as far as square footage went. The female latrine had six toilets, and the male latrine only had three. The difference was that the other half of the male latrine was one big collective urinal. :/
  29. Occam's Razor. The simplest solution is most often the correct one. Which sounds more likely? That men just spend less time in the restroom than women, or that this all goes back to sexism in the 19th century? Seriously.
  30. I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt (given he isn't really around to defend himself) and believe that he really just wanted to have a childhood he was denied as an actual child - and isn't Pony at least partially about escaping to a simpler, cleaner world like that? I think he would have been happy as a Brony.
  31. *boops and hugs his great friends @Alexshy @Rikifive@Yoye Wolfgrel @CypherHoof @FlutterGuy999 @ZethaPonderer @Longhaul @Mirage @Sparklefan1234@Raririsu @TigerGeekGuy @Phosphor @ChB Apples are so tasty!
  32. Thank you! I hope this is an amazing place!
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  34. *hugs and boops @Fluttershy Friend @CypherHoof @Longhaul @Jade Fire @Catpone Cerberus @Yoye Wolfgrel @Twilight Luna @TheRockARooster @Mirage @Totally Lyra @Duality @Rising Dusk @TigerGeekGuy @Prospekt @Deae Rising Shine~ @Valencia* I'm still alive. mine valorous friends!
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    A sign of adult Bronyhood, when you buy this: and fully intend to eat it only yourself.
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    Today I cleaned up the creek adjacent to my church because I felt like doing something productive with my afternoon. I got a full trolleyload of rubbish out of a couple dozen meters of creek (the trolley was also in the creek), including four ten-pound lumps of solid iron, two armfuls of nails, bolts and cutlery, several road signs, a scooter, and what appeared to be assorted components of a hybrid microwave-fusebox. Most notably, I found 46 coins, 32 for my coin collection and 14 for my piggy bank, along with 7 metal keys for my key collection. Quite a haul for 3 hours of work.
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    After several months of issues with my 3d printer. I finally figured out what the problem is. The technician didn't realize that he needed to print with PLA to get the problem I was getting. Now that I know the error I can work around it and I will be doing some more printing. :) I have plans on making some stuff (pony related).
  38. I thought so. *hugs* Anyway coffee still is good idea. *prepares his own cup of black liquid*
  39. Alexshy

    Luna Fan Club

    Alas, mine day today is arrant not peaceful, so dost not worry, I shan't fall asleep at mine workplace. Tis closer to the actual situation *giggles*
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    Trying to finish a project that wasn't needed for another month..and now it needs to be done by 9am tomorrow...oh boy...
  42. Somehow I am not surprised by your answer. To himself "347 not published Fluttershy pictures in folder...what to choose..." Yesterday was Worstday today Monday - not better so maybe something funny? Nice picture titled "Lesson of flight" Yeah. Twilight can feel totally safe in companion of her yellow friend. Discord - do what Fluttershy "suggests" you - kiss Celestia and became her ally - instead enemy.
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    Autumn Blaze lives up to her name. BUUUUUURN!
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  45. That assumes people that are banned would want to come back here. Oof. See what I did there? Got em. <3
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  49. I've never played Metal Gear Solid before, but let me just say this. I'm glad Snake came back to Super Smash Bros Ultimate.