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    My holidays are over; I got school tomorrow, uugghh . It's back into that routine again. I'd probably won't get much chance to go on MLP Forums often. I'm doing year 12 so I need to focus mostly on my studies. I will try to hop on the forums at least once everyday. Anyways, goodnight everypony! Hope y'all have a nice day/rest. May your favourite ponies visit your dreams tonight!
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    Well, I’m home. So worn out.
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    Goodnight everypony! Be sure to keep your favorite pony warm tonight!
  5. This will serve as an alternative thread to the other one I have. Only here, I'll be drawing ponies. I drew Sunset Shimmer first. She's one of my favourite characters and was pretty fun to draw up.
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    I really should invest in a AC adapter for my dslr camera. On the night of the lunar eclipse, I noticed how weak my batteries were in the freezing temps.
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    I think my area received about a 1/4" of sleet overnight. Also got a message earlier this morning stating that my work is closed today, so I'm off duty. How's everypony doing this morning?
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    Remember those warm and cozy summer afternoons? Princess Celestia remembers!
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    Good morning eveypony. How's it going? Greeting from Hump Day! I made it safe and sound, if a bit tired. Okay, a lot of tired...
  11. Hey, yeah, me too. My nose is the only part I really dislike. It's got this awkward bump. Kinda looks like a toucan. I hate it. Oh, damn, man. Good answer! I was only thinking of appearance. I'm changing my answer. I'm now saying my brain because it makes my life a living hell. Hey, yeah, me too. I don't really mind my male-specific anatomy, though, but I really wish I had been born female. It would suit my personality so much better. Send it this way. I'll take it! Matter of fact, I'll trade ya! All creepiness aside, like I said, I really wish I had been born female.
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    So, I'm in my staff work room right now and it is a party with people hanging out and eating their lunch😂!
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    Who would you say is the cutest pony in all of equestria?
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    I wish you all a restful nights sleep
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    There are 100 billion cells in your brain. Every one of these cells is alive and a distinct organism in and of itself, and you do not have any centralised part of your brain dedicated to organising the workings of each other part of your brain into a single psyche. Yet you are a unified consciousness.
  18. Fluttershy spreading Her wings. Nice pose. I guess that She is in this way drying Her wings after bath.
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    Funko Scootaloo arrived in the mail today!
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    Roostie has to leave now. Take care and see you all when I return.
  22. *boops and hugs his great friends @Alexshy @Rikifive@Yoye Wolfgrel @CypherHoof @FlutterGuy999 @ZethaPonderer @Longhaul @Mirage @Sparklefan1234@Raririsu @TigerGeekGuy @Phosphor @ChB Apples are so tasty!
  23. Hasbro uploaded a new short to their YouTube channel titled Rarity's Biggest Fan.
  24. I'm not kidding, this is finally happening for real. https://screenrant.com/ghostbusters-3-release-date-2020/ And of course, the same people who complained about the people whining about the 2016 reboot are hypocritically whining about this and even trying to turn it around to make them look like the hypocrites. https://screenrant.com/ghostbusters-3-sequel-leslie-jones-reaction/ Do I even need to comment? They're just movies. I'm sick and tired of movies getting ruined by idiots who want everything to be about politics.
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    So... Tired... Need.. Sleep...
  26. If that's your definition of "pathetic," then I can't wait to see your definition of "decent."
  27. That’s a really good job. It’s better than what I could come up with. It looks like you have the basic shape down. Keep practicing and watch drawing videos on YouTube.
  28. Looks pretty good to me. The only thing I can draw are electrical diagrams. lol
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    "Sometimes life happens." Then what is happening the rest of the time?
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    I've been having these weird thoughts lately. A scattered dream that's like a far off memory. A far off memory that's like a scattered dream. Like, is any of this for real, or not? I want to line the pieces up. Yours and mine. Never forget that they can take your world. They can take your heart. Cut you loose from all you know. But if it's your fate, then every step forward will always be a step closer to home. After so much time waiting for the day to arrive, Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally here. I remember playing this game with a couple of friends and I was instantly hooked into the game. After so many years, the final game to the Xehanort saga is finally in my hands. I'm really looking forward to what this game has to offer. May your heart be your guiding key. Commissions made by @MidnightFire1222 and @Lord Valtasar
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    for all, NEW MLP Short(MLP, not EQG)
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    We now return with more dead meme: the Weegee edition:
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    And a fine good morning to you all out there in ponyville I have decided that I’m taking a day off today Hope you all are doing well
  34. To be honest, that is really good! (And way better than my first Rainbow Dash drawing considering she looked like a mutant spider)
  35. *boops @Sparklefan1234 @Rarity the Supreme @Fluttershy Friend @Alexshy @SolarFlare13 @Mirage @Duality @Jade Fire @TheRockARooster*
  36. I am not sure if you know about it, but from "certain reason" I am sure without any doubts that the second picture!
  37. I always thought of waifus as characters that if real, the person proclaiming them as such would fall in love with. I have three. Oddly, I don't have any husbandos, even though in real life I have a husband. Yomiko Readman AKA The Paper. Her intense love of books reminds me of a certain pony That certain pony Last, but not least. The Major from GITS. She's just so cool!
  38. After the 2016 trash fire, there's really nowhere to go but up. They'd have to try to make something worse
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    Good morning all. I’m only gonna be here for a little while, have to get ready for my appointment soon. I hope you’re all well.
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    Part of me doesn't want to finish season 8 because then there wouldn't be any more ponies to watch.
  41. While this may be a problem, I think it's unfair to blame it on sexism. Women's bathroom have longer lines then men because women generally spend more time on the toilet than men. And there's really no effenciant way to fix that. One could build more women's bathrooms, but most places doesn't have the space to build more if they wanted to. Plus it's not that cheap/easy to just build more bathrooms even if one had the space for it.
  42. I'm not very good at drawing as demonstated by the contents here but here are some drawing attempts of non-pony artwork I've made, the less bad ones anyway:
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  44. A couple weeks ago, I picked up a vacuum tube tester at one of the antique stores near my work. Got it cheaper than I would have on Ebay and I was needing one too, since I was finishing up 2 radios at the time. (The tube in the pictures tested good) Also bought a capacitance meter, mainly to test new caps to confirm quality. I only test old ones for fun, as I replace them regardless. (The old capacitor in the picture has drifted in value considerably.) I'm hoping to get either an oscilloscope or signal tracer next.
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    When I post about something that would only be interesting to me:
  47. Consumption of plastic is incredible. Soon we are able to swim in it!