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    My holidays are over; I got school tomorrow, uugghh . It's back into that routine again. I'd probably won't get much chance to go on MLP Forums often. I'm doing year 12 so I need to focus mostly on my studies. I will try to hop on the forums at least once everyday. Anyways, goodnight everypony! Hope y'all have a nice day/rest. May your favourite ponies visit your dreams tonight!
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    Well, I’m home. So worn out.
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    Goodnight everypony! Be sure to keep your favorite pony warm tonight!
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    I really should invest in a AC adapter for my dslr camera. On the night of the lunar eclipse, I noticed how weak my batteries were in the freezing temps.
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    I think my area received about a 1/4" of sleet overnight. Also got a message earlier this morning stating that my work is closed today, so I'm off duty. How's everypony doing this morning?
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    Remember those warm and cozy summer afternoons? Princess Celestia remembers!
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    Good morning eveypony. How's it going? Greeting from Hump Day! I made it safe and sound, if a bit tired. Okay, a lot of tired...
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    So, I'm in my staff work room right now and it is a party with people hanging out and eating their lunch😂!
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    Who would you say is the cutest pony in all of equestria?
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    I wish you all a restful nights sleep
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    There are 100 billion cells in your brain. Every one of these cells is alive and a distinct organism in and of itself, and you do not have any centralised part of your brain dedicated to organising the workings of each other part of your brain into a single psyche. Yet you are a unified consciousness.
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    Funko Scootaloo arrived in the mail today!
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    Roostie has to leave now. Take care and see you all when I return.
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    So... Tired... Need.. Sleep...
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    "Sometimes life happens." Then what is happening the rest of the time?
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    I've been having these weird thoughts lately. A scattered dream that's like a far off memory. A far off memory that's like a scattered dream. Like, is any of this for real, or not? I want to line the pieces up. Yours and mine. Never forget that they can take your world. They can take your heart. Cut you loose from all you know. But if it's your fate, then every step forward will always be a step closer to home. After so much time waiting for the day to arrive, Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally here. I remember playing this game with a couple of friends and I was instantly hooked into the game. After so many years, the final game to the Xehanort saga is finally in my hands. I'm really looking forward to what this game has to offer. May your heart be your guiding key. Commissions made by @MidnightFire1222 and @Lord Valtasar
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    for all, NEW MLP Short(MLP, not EQG)
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    We now return with more dead meme: the Weegee edition:
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    And a fine good morning to you all out there in ponyville I have decided that I’m taking a day off today Hope you all are doing well
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    Good morning all. I’m only gonna be here for a little while, have to get ready for my appointment soon. I hope you’re all well.
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    Part of me doesn't want to finish season 8 because then there wouldn't be any more ponies to watch.
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    What is this a my little pony YouTube short with actual ponies and not humans? We must have crossed into Twilight zone. I think I really enjoyed Rarity, even though I thought Twilight was still cute too.
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    You ever get your hands covered in flour, clap... then watch as the resultant, tiny explosion spreads thousands of individual motes, clearly specked upon reality, each with its own ethereal existences unto itself, yet so short lived? It reminds you of how so very many things can be spaced out from each other, yet come together to form such a pretty pattern. Like creating galaxies by only your own mirth. Makes one glad to be able to take in input & energy. To see the everything in everything!
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    I didn't know that Discord had been working for the Umbrella Corporation. Awesome. Good morning everyone.
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    Hi guys, hope everyone is having a wonderful time! Anyone up for some chat. Feeling kinda bored and can really use some company. And even if no one available at the time, you guys are still awesome! Hope you always stays that way. Good day/morning/evening/night to everyone. Here's a Rainbow DASH.
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    So apparently, alongside 100% completing Jiminy's Journal, I also have to complete all the Gummi Missions. Now 100% them, of course, but clear every single one. But I'm gonna do it in STYLE, and use the old Donut Block method!
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    You know you've been working on your job for too long when you start singing a stupid little tune and snapping your fingers to it. :p "Give me insurance or give me death." *snap snap* I CAN'T GET THIS OUT OF MY HEAD NOW AAAAAAAAAA
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    I'm off for the night, im gonna need it. Because tomorrow im gonna have to deal with a bunch of men with white hair and an old man with a god complex. (Kingdom Hearts 3) Catch ya later!
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    When Scootaloo said "I can't fly," that got to me.
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    My mom fell asleep while we were watching Wreck-It Ralph so now we have to watch the entire movie over again.
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    Updated my notification settings, I unfollowed some users, and I will no longer get notifications about things I have no part in, at least that is the plan.
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    When I post about something that would only be interesting to me:
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    I got a muffin badge but I haven't received Derpy's hat, what did you do to get the hat badge?
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    Practice makes way for improvement! No matter how suck you were at the start, getting better just takes practice. Also an obligatory picture :
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    I am so happy for having regular grid intersections.
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    Only a few hours left till the Kingdom Hearts 3 release. As a fan since day 1, who almost played every game in the series, my hype knows no boundaries. After all these years, the final chapter has finally been reached. Pre-ordered it about 2 months ago. I just look at the time ticking down on my PS4.
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    If any of you live in the midwest of the US, please be extremely careful with the incoming extreme cold. If you don't have to go anywhere, don't.
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    Today I cleaned up the creek adjacent to my church because I felt like doing something productive with my afternoon. I got a full trolleyload of rubbish out of a couple dozen meters of creek (the trolley was also in the creek), including four ten-pound lumps of solid iron, two armfuls of nails, bolts and cutlery, several road signs, a scooter, and what appeared to be assorted components of a hybrid microwave-fusebox. Most notably, I found 46 coins, 32 for my coin collection and 14 for my piggy bank, along with 7 metal keys for my key collection. Quite a haul for 3 hours of work.
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    Latest Organ Cover/Arrangement:
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    I miss when we first joined this site, I miss the site before the updates. I miss the thriving community of people, I remember when you'd have people viewing your profile constantly, instead of almost barely. I miss those days. I can't really look at the site the same, and I know you have a hard time doing so too.