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  1. Hey, yeah, me too. My nose is the only part I really dislike. It's got this awkward bump. Kinda looks like a toucan. I hate it. Oh, damn, man. Good answer! I was only thinking of appearance. I'm changing my answer. I'm now saying my brain because it makes my life a living hell. Hey, yeah, me too. I don't really mind my male-specific anatomy, though, but I really wish I had been born female. It would suit my personality so much better. Send it this way. I'll take it! Matter of fact, I'll trade ya! All creepiness aside, like I said, I really wish I had been born female.
  2. Fluttershy spreading Her wings. Nice pose. I guess that She is in this way drying Her wings after bath.
  3. *boops and hugs his great friends @Alexshy @Rikifive@Yoye Wolfgrel @CypherHoof @FlutterGuy999 @ZethaPonderer @Longhaul @Mirage @Sparklefan1234@Raririsu @TigerGeekGuy @Phosphor @ChB Apples are so tasty!
  4. Hasbro uploaded a new short to their YouTube channel titled Rarity's Biggest Fan.
  5. I'm not kidding, this is finally happening for real. https://screenrant.com/ghostbusters-3-release-date-2020/ And of course, the same people who complained about the people whining about the 2016 reboot are hypocritically whining about this and even trying to turn it around to make them look like the hypocrites. https://screenrant.com/ghostbusters-3-sequel-leslie-jones-reaction/ Do I even need to comment? They're just movies. I'm sick and tired of movies getting ruined by idiots who want everything to be about politics.
  6. If that's your definition of "pathetic," then I can't wait to see your definition of "decent."
  7. That’s a really good job. It’s better than what I could come up with. It looks like you have the basic shape down. Keep practicing and watch drawing videos on YouTube.
  8. Looks pretty good to me. The only thing I can draw are electrical diagrams. lol
  9. To be honest, that is really good! (And way better than my first Rainbow Dash drawing considering she looked like a mutant spider)
  10. *boops @Sparklefan1234 @Rarity the Supreme @Fluttershy Friend @Alexshy @SolarFlare13 @Mirage @Duality @Jade Fire @TheRockARooster*
  11. I am not sure if you know about it, but from "certain reason" I am sure without any doubts that the second picture!
  12. I always thought of waifus as characters that if real, the person proclaiming them as such would fall in love with. I have three. Oddly, I don't have any husbandos, even though in real life I have a husband. Yomiko Readman AKA The Paper. Her intense love of books reminds me of a certain pony That certain pony Last, but not least. The Major from GITS. She's just so cool!
  13. After the 2016 trash fire, there's really nowhere to go but up. They'd have to try to make something worse
  14. While this may be a problem, I think it's unfair to blame it on sexism. Women's bathroom have longer lines then men because women generally spend more time on the toilet than men. And there's really no effenciant way to fix that. One could build more women's bathrooms, but most places doesn't have the space to build more if they wanted to. Plus it's not that cheap/easy to just build more bathrooms even if one had the space for it.
  15. I'm not very good at drawing as demonstated by the contents here but here are some drawing attempts of non-pony artwork I've made, the less bad ones anyway:
  16. At the risk of falling asleep due to not enough sleep, I found a Glimmybug.
  17. @Cash In that's not bad. You should have seen my garbage attempt.
  18. Don't call it pathetic. You're far too hard on yourself. That's not a bad attempt. The legs and neck need to be shorter, and the head and eyes bigger. Start with extremely simple shapes like these: Stay relaxed, and work fast, loose, and light, and erase a lot. Keep your marks extremely light. Once you have the proportions looking right, begin adding lines, still keeping it light, until you have it looking something like this: Then, begin to pick up the lines you like and harden them, and erase the rest. Refine until it looks like this: Only then should you begin adding color and finishing details. Keep at it. Best of luck!
  19. The base of the pony it's awesome , for me its just two things need to change: The eyes (I guess they need to be more large) and the ears (need to be more large too).
  20. "Very very early mornings. Um, less quality time together, royal meetings, walking around town to greet the citizens, listen to people complain about everything, long journeyed diplomatic friendship matters- Oh don't look at me like that, Twilight, you know it's all true." "Half of what you listed were regular before our marriage, Jack..." "Yeah but not this constant!"
  21. "Thankfully, not so. At least, not as badly as the other reasons behind our squabbles. Spike regular handles meals anyway when we're too busy with royal matters." "Hmhmhmhmhm, is that we're calling it now...?" "Jack, please not here..." "You're adorable when you blush." "Not at all! Those brains are part of the reason she has me wrapped around her little cute lavender hoof." "Though you do have a habit of unwrapping from said hoof when you feel like it." "In any case, I have an equal trait that makes up for my own lack of education. I excel more at wisdom." "I wish sometimes you wouldn't berate your own knowledge like that, Jack. You're not uneducated." "But I am unintelligent-" "No."
  22. They're pretty much characters that one would considered themselves attracted to - Waifus being female characters and husbandos being male. Different people handle it in different ways. Some like having a dakimakura of these characters, while some are just comfortable with the thought of it. Me? I don't have any, but I'm fine with individuals who do.
  23. Which of these accurately describes our Princess Luna at work?
  24. You've asked at just the right time! Pistachio is currently taking part in a "Future Fashion Focus" program for aspiring designers in Manehattan.
  25. My favorite pony is RAINBOW DASH!!!I As for why, it's her passion, enthusiasm, eagerness, speed, athleticism, aggression, confidence, looks, and flying ability. There might be more, but that's what I came up with after re-watching my YouTube video talking about my current obsession with this pony. All in all, I consider her a beautiful spirit who makes me happy.
  26. Waifus, at least how I see them are just female characters people are attracted to (Husbandos being the male version). All my experience is with the topic is in my own attractions to some characters that I listed in a recent blog post.
  27. It's vent directed by Jason Reitman, produced by Ivan Reitman, and in the same universe as the original two. It's going to be fantastic.
  28. A couple weeks ago, I picked up a vacuum tube tester at one of the antique stores near my work. Got it cheaper than I would have on Ebay and I was needing one too, since I was finishing up 2 radios at the time. (The tube in the pictures tested good) Also bought a capacitance meter, mainly to test new caps to confirm quality. I only test old ones for fun, as I replace them regardless. (The old capacitor in the picture has drifted in value considerably.) I'm hoping to get either an oscilloscope or signal tracer next.
  29. I thought of mentioning... those, but I've gotten used to them. Not as much as other masculine features that I wish I didn't have...
  30. Maybe some part of France just to practice talking in French. Also, I really just wanna try the food too.
  31. Standing there after the whistle was blown she gave a glare at Topaz "Shut up, the terms are agreeable and I decided to get the drop on my opponent. If you try to stop me again I'll kill you as well." she snarled at her before turning her attention to Arid Arid had landed on the ground in a heap after the sneak attack, making it back up to his hooves he moved his jaw around till a pop was heard "I suppose then the match has begun now...lady Topaz allow this to continue." hearing the threat made at Topaz he smiled at the Dragon "I'm your opponent, now then come." Team crimos had seen the sneak attack but did not even really react to it, some looking bored the griffin speaking up "I guess they fear us if they had to resort to a sneak attack." Rushing at Arid they began to hit each other with incredible speed. The longer the two were hitting each other the more it seemed their attacks were getting stronger, finally the dragon leaned back before coming down with a bone shattering headbutt to the top of Arid's head making him drop. The dragon began to chuckle moving back a few feet as Arid got up slowly "Time to die..." the dragon breathed in before firing off torrent blast of water and ice at Arid. The water was to soak the opponent as the ice cut and froze the target solid a cloud of vapor was around Arid. When it finally dissipated Arid was a solid chunk of ice "Love how he talked so big yet he couldnt even last a whole 5 minutes." she turned around starting to walk away Inside the ice block Arid's eyes moved suddenly looking at the dragon who was walking away, the ice beginning to crack. The ice finally shattered as Arid Breathed out a poof of Vapor "I should recharge this,,,I bet a dragon soul will give it a nice charge." he rushed towards the dragon who turned hearing the ice shattter before a hoof hit her in the throat then a kick to the left side. Before she could catch her breath Arid had her horns in his hooves twisting till her neck snapped cleanly in half. After the body hit the ground people could see a blue ball emerge from the dead dragon before flying into Arid's necklace
  32. They've concocted a perfect strategy, 2 male ghostbusters and 2 female ghostbusters. But the movie will probably be trash regardless of genders so yeah.
  33. One of my favorite game series ever. I've played all of the Solid games except for 5 and I've also played the NES version of Metal Gear and Peace Walker. People typically don't get into the games because of what they don't understand about them. They're about thinking outside of the box (no pun intended), both story-wise and gameplay-wise. Only if you're willing to think deeply about strategy, the game's world, and how everything ties in to the real world can you truly appreciate what they're trying to do.
  34. That's right. There's nothing sexist about Women taking longer than men to do their business. Sometimes, it's just the way things are.
  35. Like everyone said, women do tend to take a bit longer due to biological reasons and other factors like makeup or they have to take their small children in there with them or something. Also, I feel like there’s always a problem going on in restrooms that blocks them up (especially stalls without locks, how embarrassing).
  36. Consumption of plastic is incredible. Soon we are able to swim in it!
  37. I feel quite same way. Example my wide shoulders and "manly" torso makes me sometimes think I don't want to look like this. Maybe they are the parts I dislike most. Them makes me feel too masculine. Since my personality is far different to my outer appearance.
  38. Wait till the trailer drops, I'll guarantee that people will be upset over there being women included.
  39. I think everyone you talk to is going to have a different answer to this, because Waifus are so subjective with countless degrees of emotional (and for some, physical) intimacy. I can't say anything about the physical one (well, beyond snuggles anyhow). I also can't say "how" it works, and I wonder if it's a similar phenomenon to hypnosis. I've heard that nobody knows how hypnosis works, only that it does. And that's the fascinating thing I discovered about waifus. I was very resistant to the idea for a loooonng time. Over ten years. I was scared that it was my eventual fate, for a myriad of reasons. When I finally just let it happen, it was incredible how much happier I was. In some weird way, I'm more content than I ever have been in a relationship before, and I don't even do hardly any of the things that most would consider "the lifestyle." I've heard there are some people who take body pillows on dates and such. Nothing like that for me. But emotionally, I just feel safe. It'll take thousands upon thousands of years before we fully understand the human brain. And maybe it all boils down to nuances that science doesn't yet understand. But to me, sometimes the whole thing genuinely feels like magic. Got me wondering now if anyone is researching it. Psych studies? Has anyone written a book about the philosophy of it? No idea.
  40. Everything on Cartoon Network sucks. Adventure Time and whatever else is deemed 'good' or 'popular', included.