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    This is pretty much me. Static electricity has been quite annoying today
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    Memes are proof that God loves us and is real. Meme on and Hakuna Matata.
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    The rooster is gonna be taking some time away from the forums. But I will return, when I’m ready. I want my special friends to know that I’m so happy and grateful to know you all, I’ll see you on my return. For now, farewell and god bless.
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    My lame attempt at a Maud Pie joke.
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    Good frosty morning Ponyville Please stay warm and safe out there!! Its back to work for me...lol Have an awesome day you guys
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    Oh today has been kinda nice actually, got a lot done around the house, got the room ready to be fixed this weekend, and also got my NAS server number 2 up and running, so I can store all this 4k video.. And now im rebuilding my Discord server to make it fit better with the theme it has going
  7. Fluttershy enjoying her new pajamas. Fluttershy and her butterfly friends. I like the flowers and ribbon in her mane.
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    I hate how colourful and immature games are now
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    Been playing Kingdom Hearts 3 on and off for the last few days. Without spoiling anything, this game is really alot of fun and was worth the long wait. It looks pretty, has a great soundtrack, gameplay is very smooth and exciting and the worlds are bigger then they have ever been. I am glad to have spend my money on it.
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    Alright, my friends! I got a exciting announcement! I have made a fanfic on the forms and it's already up! I hope you all like it and enjoy it!
  11. Happy to contribute this.... Just like a cat. It's impossible for her to stop being cute. Now I want to pet her more than any other furry thing.
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    Why do the characters from the Cars movies need windows and doors when there are no people in their universe?
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    I finished season 8. The show has come a long way. That's true with most shows.
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    By singing her healing incantation Rapunzel could pretty much make people she interacted with immortal. What I'm wondering is, if Rapunzel has a power that reverses aging why does she grow older?
  15. I wonder what game she's playing? And, if possible, maybe we can do multiplayer.
  16. @TBD, @Woohoo, @Miss H, @Tacodidra, @Mirage, @Frost Glider Most importantly my lovely Partner @AmarisNsane <3 Love you so much more than anything else.
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    Like a reward for my work, life is providing me with one of those blissful moments... I'm sat at my desk, brew in hand- The temperature is perfect. I'm casually browsing the forums with the soothing voice of Willie Nelson playing quietly in the background. Life is good! How's it going for all of you? Hope you stateside ponies aren't too cold! I hear it's getting pretty bad across the pond!
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  20. It is not socks make Her more cute - She makes socks more cute wearing them.
  21. Well, I believe it just depends on what the staff are trying to do with an episode: tell a great moral or an emotionally driven story or just have a fun, comedic ep.? Obviously some morals will be greater than others and some morals just won't click with you. For example, although I enjoyed "Sisterhooves Social", I can't really understand or appreciate the moral because I've never had any siblings, yet I love "Flight to the Finish" for how it addressses bullying and disabilities, two issues I struggle with. It all depends on how you look at it.
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    I really should invest in a AC adapter for my dslr camera. On the night of the lunar eclipse, I noticed how weak my batteries were in the freezing temps.
  23. Do you sometimes feel like the entire planet is one big mental asylum?
  24. Well, I finally got around to redrawing him. Here's the new version of Equestria Girls Sky Scraper! This is a major step up from the first version in my opinion. I'm planning on doing art of him and Lyra soon!
  25. The more I watch Fluttershy, the cuter she gets!!
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  27. I love Christmas, I cannot lie. Everything leading up to the big day just puts me in a good festive mood. I guess in terms of annual events.. Dublin Culture Night is an evening I'm particularly fond of. Basically, all of our cultural institutions and museums stay open after-hours once a night every year with free entry to them all. It's a great opportunity to take in almost every major aspect of Irish culture that you could imagine to do as a holiday-goer, and usually results in it being one of the busiest nights at my own place of employment.
  28. Surprisingly enough, perceptions on our mythologies and legends are often quite accurate. Also, yes, we do tend to have outrageously incomprehensible accents out in the bog lands.
  29. Aww, come on! I know you're quite fawn'd of them!
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    Well okay then, this episode could have been ended up a lot different
  32. It is, but I prefer the original (although in truth, I moved to the Legacy engine as it is better than the dos one)
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  35. Doom - the box is right next to her and the wall textures are pretty characteristic. Not a game I would expect Flutters to enjoy though, unless all the monsters are turned off (at which point it just becomes a puzzle solving maze) And yes it has a co-op
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    To all my fellow Midwest-dwelling pones, please stay safe. With the vortex moving in, high temperatures will be in the negatives, and lows could be lethal. In places like Chicago it’s supposedly going to be roughly -50 something degrees Fahrenheit, and I shudder to think of what Minnesota or Michigan will have to deal with... Bottom line, stay inside, don’t die, peace!
  37. In my opinion - definitely yes and for that reason exactly! It would be very good idea to show, at least a few times, royal sisters reacting a bit like cute small fillies: quarreling with each other about completely stupid, not-important details (like on the comic I posted yesterday), making crazy pranks to each other and of course, as you suggest, exactly in that way feeding each other with the levitating spoons. The witness could be then Cadance or maybe Alex - I'm sure that you will come up with the best suggestion. Definitely good idea to put among pages of "The Guardian" . The Blue Princess at the table.
  38. Yes. FIM may have slice of life, adventure, and character-driven conflicts, but it's still edutainment. The show WANTS kids to take 'em seriously and apply those lessons whenever possible.
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    Found this glorious guy at my local store, and of course some ponies too
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    RIP James Ingram who did such great songs
  41. @Venomous @Sparklefan1234 @Cyclone @TBD
  42. Don't worry about what others say. Watch the show. You have nothing to lose but a little time.