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    This is pretty much me. Static electricity has been quite annoying today
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    Memes are proof that God loves us and is real. Meme on and Hakuna Matata.
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    The rooster is gonna be taking some time away from the forums. But I will return, when I’m ready. I want my special friends to know that I’m so happy and grateful to know you all, I’ll see you on my return. For now, farewell and god bless.
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    My lame attempt at a Maud Pie joke.
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    Good frosty morning Ponyville Please stay warm and safe out there!! Its back to work for me...lol Have an awesome day you guys
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    Oh today has been kinda nice actually, got a lot done around the house, got the room ready to be fixed this weekend, and also got my NAS server number 2 up and running, so I can store all this 4k video.. And now im rebuilding my Discord server to make it fit better with the theme it has going
  7. Fluttershy enjoying her new pajamas. Fluttershy and her butterfly friends. I like the flowers and ribbon in her mane.
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    I hate how colourful and immature games are now
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    Been playing Kingdom Hearts 3 on and off for the last few days. Without spoiling anything, this game is really alot of fun and was worth the long wait. It looks pretty, has a great soundtrack, gameplay is very smooth and exciting and the worlds are bigger then they have ever been. I am glad to have spend my money on it.
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    Alright, my friends! I got a exciting announcement! I have made a fanfic on the forms and it's already up! I hope you all like it and enjoy it!
  11. Happy to contribute this.... Just like a cat. It's impossible for her to stop being cute. Now I want to pet her more than any other furry thing.
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    Why do the characters from the Cars movies need windows and doors when there are no people in their universe?
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    I finished season 8. The show has come a long way. That's true with most shows.
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    By singing her healing incantation Rapunzel could pretty much make people she interacted with immortal. What I'm wondering is, if Rapunzel has a power that reverses aging why does she grow older?
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  16. I wonder what game she's playing? And, if possible, maybe we can do multiplayer.
  17. @TBD, @Woohoo, @Miss H, @Tacodidra, @Mirage, @Frost Glider Most importantly my lovely Partner @AmarisNsane <3 Love you so much more than anything else.
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    Like a reward for my work, life is providing me with one of those blissful moments... I'm sat at my desk, brew in hand- The temperature is perfect. I'm casually browsing the forums with the soothing voice of Willie Nelson playing quietly in the background. Life is good! How's it going for all of you? Hope you stateside ponies aren't too cold! I hear it's getting pretty bad across the pond!
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  21. It is not socks make Her more cute - She makes socks more cute wearing them.
  22. Well, I believe it just depends on what the staff are trying to do with an episode: tell a great moral or an emotionally driven story or just have a fun, comedic ep.? Obviously some morals will be greater than others and some morals just won't click with you. For example, although I enjoyed "Sisterhooves Social", I can't really understand or appreciate the moral because I've never had any siblings, yet I love "Flight to the Finish" for how it addressses bullying and disabilities, two issues I struggle with. It all depends on how you look at it.
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    I really should invest in a AC adapter for my dslr camera. On the night of the lunar eclipse, I noticed how weak my batteries were in the freezing temps.
  24. Do you sometimes feel like the entire planet is one big mental asylum?
  25. Well, I finally got around to redrawing him. Here's the new version of Equestria Girls Sky Scraper! This is a major step up from the first version in my opinion. I'm planning on doing art of him and Lyra soon!
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    Yikes it gonna get down to 29* in my area
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    The “World of Light” mode of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is quite possibly the least entertaining “story” mode I have ever seen. And yet the fighting mechanics and multiplayer and general combat are simultaneously some of the best the series offered so far.
  29. I love Christmas, I cannot lie. Everything leading up to the big day just puts me in a good festive mood. I guess in terms of annual events.. Dublin Culture Night is an evening I'm particularly fond of. Basically, all of our cultural institutions and museums stay open after-hours once a night every year with free entry to them all. It's a great opportunity to take in almost every major aspect of Irish culture that you could imagine to do as a holiday-goer, and usually results in it being one of the busiest nights at my own place of employment.
  30. Surprisingly enough, perceptions on our mythologies and legends are often quite accurate. Also, yes, we do tend to have outrageously incomprehensible accents out in the bog lands.
  31. Don't you start! Oof. That's a toughie. I have many songs and even genres that I really enjoy for different reasons; sometimes it just depends all on my mood. I suppose if I had to pick, however, one song that never fails to get a response out of me no matter the circumstance is Led Zepplin's 'Stairway To Heaven'. One of the greatest ever recorded.
  32. While traveling through time and space. from one dimension to another dimension. Phasereale has been thinking about his new life and what he wants when he exits through time and space. Phasereale: Let's see. I want to make new friends. I want to attend to some fun activities like carnivals, festivals, concerts, parties, and all kinds of fun events! I also want to get a job to help out the community! I also want to get a marefriend and later on down the road, get married, and have our own children and live a great and joyful life!...… Oh, yeah! I also want to be known as well! After finishing saying his goals on what he wants to do in his new life. He started to remember his old country he used to live in. He remembered he had good and happy times, but their were times where their were bad and traumatic memories of events that happened in his old life in Acordia, Brewingwell. The good news is that he got saved by Slenderman at the last second before one of the demonic cult members that were chasing him. Almost fully breaking down the bacta tank glass that Phasereale was in and trying to be protected by the surrounding glass walls, in order to kill Phasereale when he was a kid. After Slenderman killed the demonic cultist member. He then took Phasereale to a dimension where demons live and who accept him for who he is. It was hard at first to get comfortable around other demons and monsters, because most of them he doesn't know and most of all.They are creepy, frightening, disturbing, sinister, menacing, and weird looking. Later on down the road. Phasereale got more comfortable around his kind, because he knows that he has to get used to the horrifying creatures around him. After remembering his past. Phasereale saw a light at the end of the portal and said to himself Phasereale: That must be the exit through this portal. Welp, time to make my exit! As he happily makes his exit through the portal. When Phasereale exited through the portal. The portal shot the blue maned and purple coat Pegasus in the air and tumbled to the grass in a hard landing. After, hitting the ground. Phasereale mustered the strength he can to get up off of the ground. While mustering the strength to get up from the ground while in pain. A pink maned and coat mare galloped over to Phasereale with a worried look on her face and asked Pinkie Pie: Hey, are you ok? As Phasereale stood on his four hoofs from getting up from the ground. He then told the pink mare saying Phasereale: Yeah, im ok. Thank you for asking. I just got into a hard landing. Pinkie Pie: Oh, alright! I'm very glad that you are ok! though you did struck a bad landing right their. Anyway, your welcome! Pinkie Pie said with a friendly smile on her face. When, Phasereale got up to face the pink mare. He saw how beautiful the pink mare is right in front of him. The mare's coat color matches her pink fluffy mane and tail color, which reminds him of cotton candy. As her, beautiful blue eyes remind him also of the blue sky in the clouds and for her cheery positive voice and smile. It fiils him with happiness and hope in his heart as it beats. Phasereale then snapped out of it after the pink mare asked Pinkie Pie: So, wants your name? As Pinkie Pie asked the blue maned and purple coat Pegasus's name. Phasereale then said to her. Phasereale: My name is Phasereale. Phasereale Cassandra. Pinkie Pie: Aaaauuuuu, I like your name! You have a unique name! The pink mare said with a friendly smile on her face. Phasereale: Thank you! I really appreciate the compliment miss? Phasereale paused after not learning the pink mare's name yet. Pinkie Pie: Huh......Oh! I almost forgot to introduce myself! My name is Pinkie Pie by the way! Also, your welcome again! Pinkie Pie said with a big smile on her face! Phasereale: Ooohh, I like your name too! It's a very beautiful, positive, and unique name! Pinkie Pie: Thank you, Phasereale! Phasereale: Your welcome, Pinkie! After Pinkie and Phasereale, introduced each other. Pinkie Pie then ask Pinkie Pie: So, hey! Do you want to go to Sugarcube Corner with me to hangout, talk, and eat some ice cream?!?! Phasereale: Sure thing! I do love ice cream! Pinkie Pie: Woohoo! We are going to have fun learning so much about EACH OTHER! Pinkie said in excitement to Phasereale's response to ice cream. Phasereale: Alright then! You can lead the way and i'll follow you! To be honest, I don't know where I am right now!?!? The 2 ponies then started trotting off to Sugarcube Corner for some ice cream and to get to know each other as friends. While walking, Phasereale did turn his and body a little bit to see if the portal is still their. When Phasereale, looked back to see if the portal is still their. The portal is not their anymore or no where to be found. Almost like if it vanished into thin air. Phasereale did wonder why Pinkie Pie didn't ask or question him about the portal as Phasereale turned his head back in the direction to where Pinkie Pie is taking him and continued his walk with her. At Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie Pie and Phasereale shared some laughter here and their about their childhoods and friends when they were young and what fun and cool things they did with them. Pinkie Pie also answered some of Phasereale's questions as well about the world he is in called Equestria. After answering Phasereale's questions. Pinkie Pie then Proceeded to say next after they both finished their laughter's together. Pinkie Pie: Well, anyway! I'm very glad that you met one of my friends Mrs Cake! Phasereale: Yeah! It's a honor to meet her! Pinkie Pie then asked Pinkie Pie: Hey, do you want to spend the night with me so that way you can find a place to live? Phasereale was about to answer Pinkie Pie's question until he was cut off by a mysterious and gentle voice right behind him Princess Celestia: I'm afraid your invitation will have to be declined Pinkie Pie The white alicorn says before the 2 ponies can turn their heads to the door of SugarCube Corner. Pinkie Pie then shouted in excitement and said Pinkie Pie: *gasps* IT'S PRINCESS CELESTIA!!!!! Phasereale: Wait, Princess who? The white alicorn then next introduced herself to Phasereale Princess Celestia: Where are my manners. My name is Princess Celestia. What is your name my little pony? Phasereale: My name is Phasereale. Phasereale Cassandra, your highness. As Phasereale took a bow to her. Princess Celestia: Well, it's very nice to meet you Phasereale Cassandra. after introducing each other and Phasereale bowing to her and for being silent for a few seconds. Pinkie Pie then broke the silence by asking Pinkie Pie: Wait, Princess Celestia. Why won't you let him stay with me for the night? Princess Celestia then answers Pinkie Pie's question Princess Celestia: Well, because Pinkie Pie. You don't know this pony that very well just yet. I know you talked with him a lot today and got to know him, but still. You shouldn't invite a pony in your home without getting to know them more in order to trust them in your home. Pinkie Pie: Oh, ok! That makes sense and it's understandable! Princess Celestia then put on a friendly smile and turned to Phasereale and asked him a question Princess Celestia: Phasereale. Would you like it, if you would live with me and my little sister Princess Luna in our castle in Canterlot? Phasereale then responded to her question by saying Phasereale: Why yes your highness. I would love that Princess Celestia then asked Phasereale to stand beside her, so that they can teleport to the castle together. As Phasereale trotted over to stand beside her. Pinkie Pie then interrupted her spell by saying Pinkie Pie: WAIT! Pinkie Pie then galloped over to Phasereale to give him a big friendly hug with both hoofs and then whispered in his ear saying Pinkie Pie: *whispering to phasereale while hugging him* I'm gonna miss you! Phasereale: *Hugs back with both hoofs* I'm gonna miss you, too Pinkie Pie! Pinkie Pie then turned her head to Princess Celestia while hugging Phasereale and said to her Pinkie Pie: Please take care of him, Princess. Princess Celestia then replied to Pinkie Pie by saying Princess Celestia: He will be taken care of in good hooves by me and my sister Pinkie Pie, so we will take care of him for you. He will also be back here in Ponyville tomorrow to help you and your friends around the town! Pinkie Pie then jumped up in happiness and smiled big along with a squee *squee* and then said Pinkie Pie: I'll go to sleep right now! I can't wait to see you tomorrow, Phasereale! See ya! Before Phasereale can respond back to her. She zoomed up to her bedroom to get ready for bed Phasereale: I can't wait to see you tomorrow, too Pinkie Pie! See ya! Phasereale shouted for her upstairs. He then proceeded to go back and stand by Celestia's side to be teleported to the Castle in Canterlot and then She teleported Phasereale with her to her castle. Meanwhile, back in the demon realm. Lies within are 5 Cult members that are having a meeting about Phasereale Demon Voice 1: At last. Our little sinner of our beloved Prince is in Equestria now and he doesn't know that we are tracking him and his every movement. Our next move, Ladies and Gentlecolts is that we frame him now and ruin his reputaution in equestrian and get him excuted by the princess of equestria for a sacrifice of a new hero and element of harmony. You my friend. I need you to go and ruin his life in equestria Demon Voice 2: Your quest and mission shall be done, your majesty
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    Well okay then, this episode could have been ended up a lot different
  34. That feeling when you don't have any friends to hug.
  35. This is the most detailed draw i have ever made! I often listen iron Maiden, and Eddie is their mascot. He was the perfect character to turn into a pegasu because Eddie have a lot of differents forms, and no one before me have made he as pony or pegasu version: 3 days to draw and 50 minutes do colorize Using mouse, Photoshop, and Paint (I posted in my newgrounds profile too: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/paulo92921/eddie-the-pegasu This is a sketch that i was creating in paint, i was just messing and trying to represent Eddie, and it works! Here a pic of Eddie the Head for those who not have saw him:
  36. It is, but I prefer the original (although in truth, I moved to the Legacy engine as it is better than the dos one)
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    Ah what a nice and sunny morning-*see's that it is 0 degrees* Hmm....Fascinating.
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  39. *One knowing glance to each other.* "To be honest..." "Truth be told..." "We may have our squabbles..." "We may have our differences..." "But it's who we are now..." "That we think makes it work..." "So I wouldn't change a thing about perfection..." "Not a single thing about him..." "For the world/For the world."
  40. In my opinion - definitely yes and for that reason exactly! It would be very good idea to show, at least a few times, royal sisters reacting a bit like cute small fillies: quarreling with each other about completely stupid, not-important details (like on the comic I posted yesterday), making crazy pranks to each other and of course, as you suggest, exactly in that way feeding each other with the levitating spoons. The witness could be then Cadance or maybe Alex - I'm sure that you will come up with the best suggestion. Definitely good idea to put among pages of "The Guardian" . The Blue Princess at the table.
  41. Yes. FIM may have slice of life, adventure, and character-driven conflicts, but it's still edutainment. The show WANTS kids to take 'em seriously and apply those lessons whenever possible.
  42. One picture of Eric Cartman. Enjoy! Draw me a penguin!
  43. Another adorable Animeshy. Notice her cutie mark on the button?
  44. Don't worry about what others say. Watch the show. You have nothing to lose but a little time.