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    Hey everypony, I know that it's been a while, and umm...I just wanted to address something pretty major (as far as me on this website goes) and, well...here I go. Now, these past two years on this site have truly been something that I've treasured. I'm deeply thankful too each and every one of you who has supported my content in that time, really, I'm more grateful than you can ever imagine. However, there is something that has been gnawing away at me for about the past seven months, and I would like to put it to rest. For a long time now, my activity on the forums has been...spotty, infrequent, more akin to random spikes of energy than anything else. And every time that I have brought this phenomenon up in the past it's been me dodging around what's really happening and how I'm really feeling. With that in mind, and I don't want to make a big show out of this, I have decided that I will no longer visit this website as of April 30th, my birthday, this year. I don't want to go too into detail as to why this is, to be honest it's mostly on me, I think, but suffice to say that I haven't really been...feeling it for a while now. When I joined the forums back in January 2017 I was just some unintelligent, ignorant child, I was depressed out of my mind, I thought that the world owed me something, and this website was an escape and a support system. I've done a lot of growing in the past couple of years, and though I still have some ways to go, I'd like to think that I'm much better off now than I was back then, I've started to come into my own, and I've improved my confidence tenfold. That, in part, is largely thanks to all of you and this website/community as a whole. Again, I'm deeply grateful for what you've all given to me moving forwards in my life. But as my mental state improved, and as I've gotten older, the more posting here has seemed like more of a chore that I do out of necessity and because I want to see all of you guys, than something that I do for fun. I've outgrown it, it's lost it's sparkle, whatever you want to call it, I can't deny what I'm feeling. This forum was great before me, and it's been great without me. I don't really have a place here anymore, and you guys don't need me any longer. So...yeah...I hope that you can appreciate my decision, it wasn't easy to make, I'll try to post semi-frequently in the next two and a half months and who knows, maybe I'll give you all a look at the being behind the mask. I'll also probably return for a little bit whenever the show wraps up (presumably sometime in the next two years). Thank you for listening to me blathering on for 10 minutes, farewell and have a great day everypony! Not even going to spellcheck this one. That's how far I've come.
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    Fleur De Lis! I think there's a new pony I can add to my favorites.
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    Graceful Luna, divine beauty of the night, I am so grateful to have such a beautiful, kind and caring pony like you watching over and guarding my dreams. Angel of the night, Princess Luna, I’ll always love you!
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    Update, I finally got a chance to add the can lights tonight in her room, last step is finish painting the walls And with that..I wish you all a goodnight
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    Enchanting and hypnotizing Chrysalis, beautiful Queen of love, it doesn’t matter to me what everypony in the world thinks of you, I think you are more beautiful than anypony else. Queen Chrysalis, my heart is always yours! Take every ounce of love that you require, anything to see my Queen smile!
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    Goodnight everypony! Be sure to give your favorite pony a lot of hugs tonight!
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    Tea time... with Chrysalis!
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    Umm, my Queen, what in the name of Equestria are you doing?
  10. Boops @Alexshy @Treeglow Flicker @Tacodidra @Mellow Mane @Arc Flash @R.D.Dash and @Deae Rising Shine~
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    Good morning ponyville!! Looks like a wet and cold day out there, so bundle up and keep your hooves warm as no one likes cold hooves Have a awesome day you guys!
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    Who's that pony? I don't know what her name is and she looks very beautiful!
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    Luna altered celestia's scale
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    Good morning everypony. How's it going? The Tuesday has arrived. Even though I have no idea what's going on today for me, it's a mystery. Oh well, time for the Tuesday warding juice.
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    Would you guys be happy if we got a Kirin spin-off instead of G5?
  16. Goof alert! Above, we went from DasCapschen's 463,758 to Deae Rising Shine~'s 463,578! 463,764! =) That's just Shine's way of making certain we're paying attention! 8D
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    EA blames Battlefield V’s poor sales on the focus of the single-player as apposed to prioritising on a battle royal mode. EA...please stop killing, what used to be, a great game series. The single-player portion of Battlefield V was barely a campaign. I think there’s several other factors that caused the game to fail.
  18. Gabosor

    Gender Race

    WHAT??!! I just disconnect for a couple of days and WE 👀 almost win Great job @Deae Rising Shine~, @Rainbow Cloud, @TBD and @Dawnchaser! 45 btw
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    I so want this pillow to be me!
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    Thinking of giving beekeeping a try this year. I like the top bar hives. I'll have to build them soon so they are ready in the spring though.
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    Looks like it's that time again. Time to slip back into silence. Take care.
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    To think that before Disney bought Pixar, this was the original plan for it. Impressive this concept is, I think the one Pixar cooked up years later works much better.
  24. Dynamo nodded as Jade had given her thought on the inhaler. "The only thing that we can go off from is that his opponents move slower. Meaning his attacks and evasion tactics are much more keen. However, it's like what you and Tricis had said. That idea I gave is both inconclusive and a theory. We don't even know if it's plain air from said inhaler, or something else." He says, closing his eyes and sighing as he didn't know what to make of this. As Jade had asked him to lead as the Captain, Dynamo's eyes widened in surprise. A bead of sweat had trickled down the side of his face at the idea of being a leader. "M-Me? I-I don't know. I feel like there's someone else here, who's more fitting as a leader." He muttered, looking down at the ground with a sigh. "I want to say yes, but I guess I'm worried. I'm worried that I might make a mistake that would either cost us, or hurt us in the long run." He says, his heart pounding a mile a minute with worry. Dynamo jumped slightly as he remembered that Copper was with them. He looked behind him, raising his eyebrows in surprise at what Copper had said. He honestly shouldn't have been surprised to hear Copper say that to him. He recalled how they used to spar and come up with ideas on new techniques. "You were always the one to help me to be confident in myself. Even now, you reminded me of the good old days." He smiled in appreciation to his old friend's statement. He took a deep breath, before looking back at Jade with a look of determination. "If you truly believe that I can lead the team, then I'll do it. I'll make sure that all of us will be going to the finals." He says, looking to everyone in the room, before a thought came to mind. "I guess the only thing is who will be fighting who. Maybe they'll have a way of choosing, or something along those lines." He soon turned his attention to Tricis as he wondered what would happen now. "Since you will be training Jade. What kind of training should the rest of us be doing, Coach?"
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    "Incrediboy" barging in an ongoing bank robbery = *ultimate facepalm*
  26. Boops @DivineBlood1000, @Longhaul, @Tacodidra, @Arc Flash, @Sparklefan1234, @Lord Valtasar , @Rikifive, @Alexshy, @Phosphor, @Fluttershy Friend, @Leere
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    Wish me luck on overnight shifts, starting tonight I am a night owl, even though I don't wanna be.
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    Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear is Toy Story’s best villain. His misanthropy is deeply embedded, and copes with it by becoming bitter, manipulative, and dictatorial, taking it out on every toy and devolving Sunnyside into Toy Alcatraz. All under the delusion of Daisy abandoning them. Yes, his strawberry aroma’s inviting, but his threatening presence and villainy aren’t.
  29. Yay. *boops @DivineBlood1000 *
  30. little preview on something im workin on
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  32. I believe I have met Severus Snape before, He is a professor at Hogwarts who loves page 394. That is a possibility.
  33. 463745 When the forums can’t decide who ninja’d who
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    I wonder if The Incredibles was a double meaning: both for the family and overall film quality. The last time I tried to watch it fully, I got bored halfway and never finished. Watching it again and finishing it gives me a completely fresh perspective on this classic. Aside from the storytelling and character work, Pixar's best strength is creativity. Whether it's executed or not, they're not afraid to delve into unique concepts. The Incredibles is one of its mot unique. Set in a 1960's environment, it tackles the superhero genre by combining that with family simultaneously. Superheroes marry and have three kids. But due to growing bigotry of Supers and expensive lawsuits, the government mandates that every Super to hide in a "normal" environment. Many themes are sprinkled and tackled throughout, and the concept of assimilation's one of 'em. In addition to assimilation, the genocide of Supers by obsessed fan turned bad, Syndrome, has supreme stakes. Early in the film, Lucius and Bob wonder where every Super friend has gone since the program began. Initially, it sounded like some throwaway line, but when Mr. Incredible investigated Syndrome's crimes, suddenly it wasn't so light anymore. His friends vanished, all right. Forever. Syndrome's one of Disney's best villains. Returning from my last status: But that only short-changes his complexity. Great villains have plausible motivations, and as @Captain Clark explained to me, subtle touches add plenty. For example: He dropped an i-shaped bomb into the water where Mr. Incredible landed. Look at the shape of the letter, including the bullet above the "i." All borrowed from Mr. Incredible's original super-suit. "I'm your biggest fan." His plan: to destroy every Super so that his inventions can be sold to the Ordinaries and they become Supers, too. Return to his plan. Why is he such a great villain? Because he's a character first. Rather than your generic threat, Syndrome's multi-layered. He's super-powerful and super-smart, but also super-insecure. He dwells on that faithful night, never forgets it, and uses it for his inventions and plan. When everyone becomes Super, he can really hide his inferiority complex, further established by the a-bomb subversion late in the film. Instead of blowing up the city, the rocket crash-lands a shuttle and activates his AI robot to tear it apart, with only he witty enough to defeat it. On top of that, he's extremely competent. Pay attention to his humor, monologuing, attention to detail, and extreme ability to com prepared. While he's no natural Super, his brain works overtime. In addition to studying superheroes, he equally studied supervillains, taking their greatest downfalls and solving them so he can one-up the hero's game. Ironic that two things led to his downfall: a brief monologue and his cape (foreshadowed by the darkly hilarious montage early on). Syndrome's foils, the Parrs/Incredibles, are some of Pixars's best characters (and perhaps best family). All five love each other, and despite Jack-Jack not having much character till later, everyone has an incredible balance of strengths and weaknesses. When they were forced to hid their identities, the Parr house was becoming more and more stressed out. Families don't always get along, and after Bob and Lucius nearly get caught, Helen and Bob get into a heated argument. We as an audience see what hiding's doing to them. Another little bit is after Helen, Violet, and Dash barely escape Syndrome's missiles. Minutes earlier, Elastigirl frantically orders Violet to activate her force field, but due to massive insecurities, she can't. That night, as Elastigirl was about to leave the cave to find Bob, Violet runs to her, expressing regret for letting everyone down. She assured that it wasn't her fault and that her force field will come when she needs it. Small but important, it influenced Violet's character development for the rest of the movie. There's a lot more to write about The Incredibles's mastery, such as the humor, Edna, action, and music score, but it's getting late here, so I'll end it. Altogether, it's a wonderful film, and I can't recommend it enough.
  35. *boops @Longhaul @Fluttershy Friend @Jade Fire @CypherHoof @Yoye Wolfgrel @Catpone Cerberus @Twilight Luna @Prospekt @TigerGeekGuy @R.D.Dash @Deae Rising Shine~ @Mirage @Valencia*
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    Alright, Everypony! I'm heading off to sleep now! Goodnight!
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    Syndrome's the personification of fan behavior gone bad. Whiny and entitled. But is he a stereotype? Not even close. His behavior doesn't come this "just because" nor is it one-tracked or a makeup of very single Super fan. As selfish as he was, he cared about doing good, but only became bad after he felt Mr. Incredible wronged him. Heck, Mr. Incredible admitted to this mistake and apologized, only for Syndrome to reject it under the guise of it being false. For a kid like him, that type of embarrassment can impact him for the future, and that's exactly what happened.
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  40. Yes! They both seem to be doing very well spreading the Magic of Friendship message throughout Equestria. I'm not sure. I haven't had something like that happen since, the Poison Joke incident.
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    Still don't get how Fluttershy ever got friends. Especially somepony as brash as Dash. (Think I made a topic here about that.) When you get like Flutters... you don't leave the house much. You have to be pushed into doing literally everything... its hard to see any experience as others constantly laughing at you... It... kind of hurts me to see the show just glance over this and just assume a relationship by just throwing the characters into one adventure & peril after the next. I've yet to learn from here how one STARTS a friendship...
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    Supers - showing off their superpowers = boredom at the Parr household.
  43. I suppose I drank too much of Zecora's potion. She should really think about putting better labels on her products, IMO.
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    There are two Pixar films I partly watched before quitting from disinterest: Finding Nemo and The Incredibles. I'm starting with The Incredibles. The on-screen aesthetics to start the film are, well, incredible. The definition, audio quality, and on-screen graphics are VERY old-school. Something you see back fifty, sixty years ago. Elastigirl sucker-punching the robber while she and Mr. I banter = literal LOL!
  45. Thankfully, the side effect from Zecora's medicine only lasted a few minutes.
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    Sweet Celestia, beautiful goddess of the sun. I’ll always love you, my divine angel princess!
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    I feel like Pinkie Pie right now ^w^