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    Looks like somepony found my thermal camera. I bet it took some Alicorn magic to lift it out of its case.
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    What if status updates are all connected and create a cohesive story?
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    RD: Come here, I'm gonna give you a big hug!
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    Used this as my avatar on discord for awhile. Hope you guys like it!
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    Hey folks, hope you are having a good week
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    Well, I must say I'm feeling about a million times better than I was yesterday.
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    I wonder if Princess Celestia is more powerful than Princess Luna or if they are equal in terms of ability.
  9. *Boops* @Sparklefan1234, @Mirage, @Gone Airbourne, @Flutterstep, @SolarFlare13, @Phosphor, @The Recherche, @Gabosor, @Lucky Bolt, @Tacodidra, @Snow le Canard, @Scarlett ChB, @R.D.Dash, @Rikifive, @TBD, @Mesme Rize, @Alexshy, @DashYoshi, @Wannabrony, @Leere, @Prospekt, @Duality, @Soren Peregrine, @Johnny1226, @Dark Qiviut, @ShinGojira, @TheRockARooster, @shyabetes3939 and @Jonny Music. Salutations my gorgeous equestrians, I hope that you're all having a splendid middle of the week! I'm still off of school, my throat isn't so bad, but my head is positively ringing. I'm probably going to attempt to ride this out for the rest of the week, I could just really use some rest and relaxation right now. Plus, it gives me more time to give your snoots all a good booping, which is a more than worthy trade if you ask me.
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    Here's a fun little promo for the upcoming F1 season!
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    Just Celestia... and nopony else!
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    Good morning all. The rooster is back.
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    Who else is hyped for the return of F1 this weekend? Go Ferrari!
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    Good morning everypony. How's it going? Continuing down my mini-marathon FiM Re-Watch, even though it really wasn't that long ago in the grand scheme of things, I had forgotten how many great episodes season 7 has. For some reason I thought a lot of these episodes were in season 6 or 8. Quite a few moments for the adults in this season too.
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    Hey every-pony ^^ how are we all doing today?
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    Would you all say I’m the biggest fan of Celestia, Luna and Chrysalis?
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    It doesn’t matter if it’s a sunrise or a sunset, Celestia’s beauty outmatches them all!
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    Good morning ponyville!!! Looks like a cool start to the day, but should be sunny all the way!! You all are beyond awesome!!!
  20. Is it IT Stuffs Fan Club? I see that you have fun guys, but at least add Fluttershy pictures from time to time, OK?
  21. No joke. That ad made me cancel my Direct TV. I rarely watched TV anymore, so I was thinking about canceling it anyway. While watching an episode of South Park, this came on and that's when I actually made the decision to save $60 per month.
  22. The actual answer is probably this Anyone remember? that happened
  23. Yeah, because the Emoji Movie was a good idea. Jesus christ. A meme dies when it's reposted to hell to the point where it doesn't become funny anymore. Pretty self-explainitory.
  24. Oh, why thank you Phosphor. It's mostly natural. I do find though that my mane loses just a bit of it's bright cheeriness when I'm plain exhausted all day. I don't really know how that works, but as long as I get plenty of sleep I haven't had to worry about it. Yay! Yes! Very yes! *hugs Twilight back* Thanks. Oh, he's told you things about me? *Eeep!* Only good things, I promise. Ok. Whew! How can you be a "less important" mayor? It still sounds pretty important to me. You're welcome Mr. Riki. *comes the rest of the way out from behind Lyra* I hope you have as much fun as he did when he was you. It's true, and he told me it was because he needed to spend less time on the forum. I don't think it worked though, he didn't spend any less time on here. You're welcome Rikifive. I agree! Totally is a great pony and a great friend too. I'm not so sure. Oh hush. After all the compliments you shower on us, at least accept some yourself. Now where was I? It is a promotion then? Yay! What's St. Patrick's Day? It's a human holiday. Mostly everyone celebrates by wearing green. Really? Why do they do that? Who's Patrick? Does he like green? Woah, easy there Nyx. I don't think it's necessarily because St. Patrick liked green. I think he's associated with the color green because of his use of the shamrock. Shamrock? What'd he do with shamrocks? I tell you what, I'll tell you all about it later. But for now, we should be answering our guests' questions first. Oh, woops! Well, I want to celebrate it. Do I just wear green? That's easy. Ooh! I think I'll go visit Rarity later and ask her to make me something green. This does sound pretty fun. I think I might join in as well. I don't have much that's green, but I think I have a green scarf I got a few years ago. Just a scarf? No that won't do. I think I'll go out and buy something for the occasion too? Wait, Lyra? What are you wearing? Ah, that's right. You two are in for a treat. This is one of Lyra's favorite holidays.
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    I’m back, everypony! I’m ready to continue sharing the joys of beautiful pony princesses with the world!
  26. Then imagine that being an animation ~ which I planned to show it as at specific points, but I assumed that would be an overkill. Nevertheless, the way I had it looked neater to me. Either way, is this how you wanted it to look like? I'm curious though, why do you need that exactly?
  27. I'm independent as I don't approve of either of the major political parties. I can't seem to ever find a candidate who isn't engaged in some combination of undermining people's civil liberties, running up the national debt or engaging in stupid overseas conflicts. And both parties do this all while real problems are ignored. Where are the politicians who are willing to address the War on Drugs, the massive prison population, our aforementioned mounting debts, our bizarre militaristic foreign policy, our broken health care system (I suppose Obama at least tried, but forcing us to purchase insurance from the health cartels that likely caused the problem in the first place on pain of fine isn't how you correct the situation), our hyper-paranoid War on Terror or any other problem that actually matter? Heck, even something as simple as reforming the TSA so I am not treated like a convicted felon whenever I want to board a plane would be nice. The actual platforms of both parties at present just seem to be filled with so much nothing. Not to call you out specifically but this level of Trump hatred is something I just don't understand. Trump isn't what I would consider to be a good president and many of his ideas like The Wall are absolutely asinine, but Trump has got absolutely nothing on George W. Bush when it comes horrible public policy. Bush brought us the War in Iraq, the USA Patriot Act, "Intensive Interrogations", NSA warrantless spying, extralegal drone strikes, the concept of an "enemy combatant", military tribunals via the Military Commissions Act, the No-Fly List, the TSA and probably another dozen things I have forgotten about. Remind me again what Trump has done that even remotely compares to this? Shitposting on Twitter? Honestly, the worst thing I can say about Trump is that he has run up the debt, something all of our recent Presidents have done.
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    Howdy folks! I am getting a games room/ Man-Cave! However `I need some design Inspirations, I'm hoping ya'll can help?
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    What kind of a job would a friendship degree get you?
  31. So the day program that I've been going to for a few years now is officially closing down come Friday and as such I've been collecting some of the art that I've made during that period. One of my favorite pieces is this flag that I created for a positivity banner a while back. I'm sure Fluttershy herself would be proud.
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    Here is We Got This Together from My Little Pony: The Movie (2017) on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here: http://www.patreon.com/jonnymusic
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    It's a harsh reality when you want to be sociable with people but are hesitant due to your fear of them hurting you. That is reality for you though.
  35. To ponies who have worse period of time now: The first wink: Please take into account that fortunately have not happened anything what could not be improved. The second wink: Most of the problems are usually temporary. Those ones are not an exception. The time will come when all those sad and tiring moments will be only a vague, distant memory. The third wink: Even in the center of sad events, when you think it can be only worse, can happen something what will make your life brighter. The fourth wink: Friendship "was invented" to go through life, a safer path, avoid the traps and feel the friend's shoulder supporting you carefully when you feel that you are not able to go further. True friend is always somewhere around you to help when you need it. "Summaring wink": So please don't worry at least too much! All will be good!
  36. Memes die after Pewdiepie reviews them, of course. The actual answer is that they generally die once everyone jumps on making them and the internet becomes saturated with it. You start finding more painfully unfunny versions and eventually everyone stops caring. There are a few ways to prolong the life of a meme through this. Make offensive versions of the meme that make the media write articles about how terrible it is. Expanded life span of at least a month guaranteed as everyone doubles down trying to troll each other. It should also be noted that there may be a way to kill memes off for good for all time. Just make pic related. I hypothesize that there is a decent chance such a movie could kill the very concept of a meme itself, at which point we will finally be free.
  37. Whew, another long day. Tell me about it. At least dodgeball was fun. Yeah... and then I got hit right in the beak! Ouch! I didn't know Ocellus had quite the throwing arm. She feels really, really bad about it. Maybe answering some questions might make you feel better. Does the "Ones-versary" play count? I don't think so, mainly because we were in the play. I don't think we ever saw a play or movie together. Do you have any suggestions, Silver? Silver? Where'd you go? GALLUS!!! *flys up holding a poster* Gallus, Hinny of the Hills is coming to Ponyville next month! We gotta go! Please, please please?! *sigh* Well, I did hear our professors rave about it when they saw it in Manehattan. Alright, we'll go. *gives Gallus a long kiss* You're the best... boyfriend... ever! *rubbing his beak* Ow! Still sore. Next question. Our Hearts and Hooves Day was pretty low-key. Nothing really special other than enjoying each other's company. *nuzzles Gallus* Don't forget to mention snuggling. Oh yeah, and lots of snuggling. To be honest, I really don't know. I know I'm going to be living in Silverstream's new place on Mount Aris, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do for work. What kind of a job would a friendship degree get me? Don't worry about it, Gallus. We'll cross that bridge when we get there. How about we talk about the fun things we could do in the future? You know, Silver, I'd like to see more of Equestria. Me too. I'd like to visit our other friends' homelands. Same here! I would like to list all the places we wanna visit, but it's getting late. Goodnight, Silver. I love you. I love you too, Gallus. Sleep tight.
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    Every time I change avatars I say that this is the last time I'll ever change it. But this time I really mean it (maybe)
  39. Abolish all political parties and install Apple Bloom as Supreme Leader! Joking aside: This pretty much sums up my feelings about both parties. I still vote for Republican candidates in federal elections, but I feel like I need to shower right after voting.
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    Happy birthday, my friend! May it be a fabulous one!
  42. @Cloudz Fair enough. To be honest I don't really have a preference. Both versions have their pros and cons I suppose. Though it looks like most prefer the fully filled version, so that's something I'll keep in mind in the future. Happy to hear that, you're welcome. c:
  43. Hugs @Tacodidra @Twilight Luna @Phosphor @PoisonClaw @Rikifive @Dynamo Pad @lyrabetes3939 @Arc Flash @Mellow Mane @Partialgeek514 @Lord Valtasar @PathfinderCS @R.D.Dash @Cash In @The Recherche @Lord Midnight Madness and @Deae Rising Shine~ Thank you all for being so awesome and friendly to me all the time!
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    All I can say is: Sphinx is freakin' adorable and cuddly!
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    I feel like Lyra is the only one that I love.
  46. Really, I think whether a meme will survive or not depends how quickly it spreads early on, and how easily it can be applied to any given situation. People can and will say that a meme has passed its 'use-by' date, but so long as someone, somewhere is still posting it, then it hasn't really died at all.
  47. One day to a week usually. Sometimes longer. And some memes are just immortal.
  48. @up Aww this is so adorable! *boops @R.D.Dash*
  49. I run away from them. But not in the way you think it might be. No, I run away Monty Python style.
  50. I was board, so I threw this together. Any other Fluttershy fans do programming?