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    Wherever I go, Celestia always follows!
  2. A little bit about me: Hello! My name is FluttershyWonders or you can call me by my IRL nickname Mjz. My username is a reference to one of my favorite fan-made animations and MLP official song called “Flutterwonder.” (Animation name- Flutterwonder [SFM]- By Ferexes.) My favorite pony is Fluttershy and I have a huge obsession with the ship “Fluttercord.” I am such a fanatic that I look at the small details and mannerisms of Fluttershy and Discord whenever they are around one another! (Seriously ask me anything about them) And of course I will always respect another ponys’ ships and opinions, as thats what this community is all about! I’m very excited to finally put myself in the public eye and meet all of you bronies and pegasisters out there! In addition to anypony attending this years’ Bronycon! I really don’t know what else to put here besides I am happy to be here and to be apart of such a beautiful community, thank you everypony for reading!
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